Career Strategies for Women that Work

JJ DiGeronimo

Many professional women aspire to advance their careers. Yet, many encounter common obstacles when navigating the landscape both at work and at home.

From corporate cultures to internal chatter, high impact women are often searching for proven and actionable strategies to make their goals a reality.

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What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What stories are you holding on to? What stories do you need to let go of? In this week’s episode of Career Episodes for Women That Work, I share some strategies to analyze the stories you’re telling yourself. As the stories in your mind directly impact the joy in your life.  Take time to dive into your stories to enhance your professional and personal journey.3 Steps to Owning your StoriesAs women, we tend to weigh our stories against different opportunities and different outcomes. And sometimes these stories really put us in a standstill. But here are three things I’ve learned that will help you identify whether or not your stories are serving you or preventing you from taking a leap in the direction you desire.Take a listen:10:00 – #1: Track your stories11:10 – #2: Assess your stories11:45 – #3: Create interception toolsCheck out the show notes and podcast club questions at: 

Nov 18

14 min 33 sec

Have you thought about being on a board of directors? Or want to expand your impact and join another board? Being on a board is an excellent way to enhance your leadership skills, share your knowledge, and advance something that's important to you. And you shouldn’t wait until you retire or have more experience to do so! In this week’s episode of Career Episodes for Women That Work, I'm going to discuss some of the ways that you can position yourself for a board seat and why you should do it now.Free chapter: the chapter, I presented women with these five questions: How did you get invited to the board?Did you need a sponsor or someone to nominate you?How did you join this board? How does the board help you in your career goals?What lessons have you learned?   

Nov 4

14 min 12 sec

Have you lost your spark? Are you feeling depleted?  Are you making time to tap into your fuel stations? In this week's episode of Career Episodes for Women That Work, I'm discussing what and how to tap into your fuel stations. For many of us, we have to shift our energy to gain momentum to leap toward what inspires and excites us at work and in life. Do you know what's filling you up? Join me as I share ways to make sure you're filling yourself up, finding things that energize you, and making sure you're filling your bucket.   7:58 –Do you know where your fuel stations are. 8:56 – Have your fuel stations changed? 10:00 – Are you sidestepping the things that are important to you? 11:44 – What are the gifts you overlook?Show notes and links: We need more women at more tables, sharing more of their gifts in the office, their lives, and their communities. So be sure to share this with women that need it because we need all of us to elevate the frequency of the planet. Be sure you connect with me on Linkedin or Instagram – @JJDigeronimo – I'd love to cheer you on and help you further tap into your fuel stations! 

Oct 21

16 min 27 sec

Who do you turn to for advice when you think about your life decisions, goals, and passions? Who is in your circle of influence? What energy are they sharing with you? The people in your inner circle can significantly influence your goals and next steps.  They can even determine how you feel about your life decisions impacting your career and beyond.In this week's episode of Career Strategies for Women That Work, we're diving into who is supporting and influencing you, your goals, and your decisions. Plus, we will gain some insight into how you're reciprocating energy back into your professional and personal sphere of influence.Free worksheet and show notes: am looking forward to hearing how this resonates for you!


Oct 7

19 min 37 sec

Is being a perfectionist a compliment?   I used to think being coined as a perfectionist was a compliment. Now, I see that perfectionism is more about protecting myself and doing what I could to avoid criticism or negative comments. In this week's Career Strategies for Women That Work episode, I explore why people lean towards perfectionism and how it is holding us back from leaping into our full potential.  We will identify the signs that might be holding you back and review some steps to leap into more self-fulfillment and freedom.Check out the show notes:

Sep 23

19 min 39 sec

There is a difference between working on your career and working in your career. So many women who I talk to are busy working on their to-do lists, working through their calendars… and, oftentimes it takes real discipline to step back and say, Where am I driving myself? Where am I taking my career? And where am I, in regards to my goals?These questions should guide you in working on your career and working in your career. This dual path is so if you want to have a greater impact in your career. And in this week's Career Strategies for Women That Work episode, I’m sharing why you need to be working in this dual path and how to make it happen.Shownotes and Worksheet:

Sep 9

16 min 17 sec

Collecting your noes has been an instrumental aspect of my work and my alignment in business today. I find that so many of us are so eager to always get a “yes” that we sometimes back out of anything that may not get us that answer. We fear getting the “no” – “No, we’re not interested,” “No, you’re not qualified,” “No, it won’t work right now.” You know then noes I’m talking about! They zing you where it hurts and bring up those awful feelings of fear, abandonment, low self-worth, and self-doubt. And they’re enough to stop you from taking a chance.But today, I'm going to give you five reasons you should ask anyway. In fact, I’m going to turn things on their head and encourage you to collect your noes. Why, you ask? They give you great perspective and they give you a way to ensure that what you're asking for you really, really want. So, here are five reasons to rack up those noes as you run towards what matters most to you at work and in life. Join me now.

Jul 1

20 min 15 sec

Is it time to renegotiate your salary or ask for a raise?It can be intimidating – so be sure you are prepared. There are some very specific steps you can take to position yourself for these critical conversations. Here’s something to keep in mind before you jump into the episode: There are more things you can ask for beyond a wage increase; things like more time off, leaving the office early, paying for additional daycare, investing in some enhancements to your existing office equipment, or even office upgrades. You can use these strategies, not just to ask for additional money, but as ways to make your work experience more enjoyable too.So, let’s try and get that wage gap a little smaller, shall we? As you plan for these conversations, I encourage you to think about your approach. Because, if you're going to ask for a raise or extra compensation, you need to have a plan.  In this episode, I will share 10 specific steps that will help you feel prepared and confident for having these critical conversations. Download Handout for this Episode at▪        4:15 → Step 1▪        5:05 →  Step 2▪        6:05 → Step 3▪        7:35 → Step 4▪        14:08 → Step 5 ▪        15:04 → Step 6▪        16:20 → Step 7▪        17:39 → Step 8▪        20:25 → Step 9▪        23:07 → Step 10Quotes from the episode:“If you are going to ask for a raise, you need to have a plan.”“You CAN ask for other things outside of money.”“Understand how much runway you need and who you need to ask.”

Jun 16

26 min 32 sec

Are any of your gifts, [aka talents], still buried? Buried beneath our inner voice, our schedule, how we treat ourselves, what we say yes to, and what we think is possible.So many of us lose ourselves in our schedule, to-do list, and even our goals, leaving us wondering why our days feel empty or unfilling.Your buried gifts could be a differentiator, change agent, or catalysts for some miraculous energy, impact, and influence.  As you listen to this episode think about what gifts you may have and where you may be able to tap into them more throughout your day, week, or month. Remember, we do not shine when our gifts are buried!When we use our gifts, the world becomes more enlightened! Now is the time to make your talents a priority!  Show notes:


Jun 2

17 min 26 sec

3 overlooked career tools that have been incredibly insightful : Human Design, Enneagrams, and Birth Charts.  With these, I have uncovered exciting insight into my life’s work! With five types of Human Design, nine types of Enneagram, and then the wisdom of the solar landscape of Birth Charts, I have cultivated a new level of understanding of my gifts and work.These energy-based tools have given me additional awareness into who I am, what I have to offer, how I show up in the world, and how to reach my next level of impact. If you have untapped talents in the workplace or life, these tools could help you create new levels of awareness and even pathways to elevate your frequency, energy exchanges, and impact.   Be sure to check out the show notes, as I have included links to some of my favorite teachers: * For A Free 30 minute session on How Birth Charts Provide Career Insights, register in the show notes.*

May 19

16 min 31 sec

As busy women with goals and deadlines, unlocking your inspiration is not always easy – especially when you add in demanding schedules and responsibilities. Sure we can grab a coffee or meet up with friends, which can bring us slivers of joy, but how do you shift to a higher level of energy or inspiration? In this week's Career Strategies for Women That Work episode, I'm sharing five techniques to help you find inspiration and joy. With years of exploring, I share some of the shifts I have made over the last few years to energetically inspire myself into a higher energy band (aka frequency).  Even with a busy schedule, It is possible to find more fulfillment and joy each day.Visit for for links, resources, and highlights!

May 5

19 min 16 sec

How relevant are you where you want to have more impact next? This may seem like a silly question at some level; I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, I’ve been doing this for five, 10, 15 years, I’d say I’m relevant and have few gaps” But what about your next?  What professional gaps exist?During crossroads in my career, the question of relevance has often appeared when others may not have known of my experience, knowledge, expertise, or even training. I specifically remember a time in my career when I thought many saw me as a key contributor, an obvious choice for the next promotion, but when I let others around me know I was ready for that next opportunity, I was politely asked to stay focused on my current role instead. I was taken aback and confused, and wasn’t willing to leave it at that, so I did some investigation. I was kindly told things such as, “Do you really think you’re ready for this new role?, or, “I don’t think that makes sense for you right now.” I realized my colleagues didn’t see me as relevant!If you have aspirations to take your career to the next level or expand your impact by managing more people or even getting on a board, it’s very possible that you have to mind your professional gaps. In this week’s Career Strategies for Women That Work, I’m sharing why and how to be aware of where you may have to create more relevance based on what you want and where you want to have more impact next.Check out the show notes:

Apr 21

17 min 3 sec

Self-doubts are not comfortable topics, as they often make us feel insecure and alone, and, as I figured out, they directly impacted our actions at work and in life.  Whether you're afraid of failure or you're afraid of success, or of letting other people down, or even over-promising—self-doubt peppers all of us and can influence our decisions, even if we don’t realize it.   In today's episode, I will share not only how to recognize it but also how to manage your self-doubts using the tools I’ve found to sidestep that annoying voice and accelerate into your next move. Show notes and fear chart can be found at  So let's dive into those thoughts, how we manage them, and how we can use them as tools to find a bigger purpose! These techniques allow us to leap over self-doubt into confidence that creates action and movement in the direction we desire.

Apr 7

18 min 38 sec

If you desire to move something forward or get promoted or start something from scratch, you likely need a sponsor in addition to a mentor! So how do you find and align with your sponsors? (And what the heck is a sponsor?)In this week’s episode, I’m sharing specific actions you can start taking now—especially if you have goals you're looking to achieve in the next 12, 24, or 36 months. Yes, hard work can get you most of the way there, but there are often meetings, discussions, rankings, and decisions that you're not privy to, which is why you need a sponsor. So jump into this quick, efficient, 20-minute episode: Why Women Need Mentors & Sponsors at Work and be sure to download the worksheet with specific actions to find and align with your future sponsors: 

Mar 25

20 min 13 sec

It is hard to create time and space to reflect on where you have been, appreciate where you are, and make plans for where you want to have an impact next. This podcast includes five strategies to define what solo trip is best for you based on where you are in your career and life journey!  With personal stories of my solo trips, as well as women that have attended the overnight retreat, Together We Seek, you are sure to find some nuggets you can use to sidestep the many things that hold us back which can be, but not limited to our fears, guilt and busy schedule.For show notes visit:

Mar 10

17 min 24 sec

Strategically Sharing Your Accomplishments is Not Bragging! As research has shown that women use twice as many words on their resume as men, but only a third of the detail. If you marry this fact with another -- that men are often assessed on what is possible, where women are assessed on what they have already accomplished -- you can see why it becomes incredibly challenging for women to get to that next level of impact in the workplace. This podcast is packed with action-based strategies to identify and share your accomplishments with practical and tactical tips you can start today!  Be sure to download the worksheet in the show notes to share your professional accomplishments, especially when you want to open doors, make connections and pave the path for you next level of impact.

Feb 24

25 min 4 sec

In this podcast I share some common self-induced boundaries that may be taking away from your momentum and impact at work. Handling specific situations, or certain people with more self-awareness and self-confidence can help you re-gain your power, brighten your career path and your potential.Be sure to check out the group based questions in the show notes to organize related discussions for Women's groups, ERGs, and Women in Leadership, small group discussions.   Full Show Notes at: (04:29): Self-Induced Boundaries and the TED Talk example(07:25): Re-directing Professional Opportunities(10:10): Real life example of succumbing to masculine energy in the  workplace(13:46): Being the “Yes” person in the office

Feb 10

16 min 23 sec

What can you do beyond delivering great results in your current role?  In this podcast, I share five steps to help you accelerate and align with your next level of impact: promotion, nomination, board position, or beyond.   By incorporating these strategies into your week, you will make certain your accomplishments are known and noticed by the right people.   Cultivating relationships that can speak informatively on your behalf when the opportunity is right is often vital to accelerating your career goals. Listen in to learn these five steps!Show Notes: 

Jan 27

18 min

At some point, all women have questioned their value. It has been labeled imposter syndrome, a self-sabotaging condition that can hold us back from reaching our full potential. This podcast, Leaping from Impostor Syndrome to More Self-Efficacy, includes career and life strategies. Stay tuned to the end, where I include five practical steps toward increasing your self-efficacy.  A quick peek: I encourage you to think about what you are saying to yourself, especially as it relates to your goals. Are you convincing yourself? Are you not ready, or are you pushing through even though you are afraid?  Some women and men believe they are pretending to be something they are not, or that their career is a coincidence and not due to their own capabilities. This podcast gives you five easy and realistic steps to help you move away from imposter syndrome to more self-efficacy. The great news, self-efficacy can be learned. Since self-efficacy is learned, the more stretching, the faster it will grow. Move from the imposter syndrome and imposter phenomenon to more self-efficacy using the five steps shared in this podcast!Listen to learn how to start increasing your self-efficacy today.For all the show notes, visit:

Jan 13

21 min 4 sec

What are your yeses? How many of your yeses align with your goals?  Do you say yes too often at work and in life? Are there things on your schedule that doesn't belong?  Join me as I share specific strategies to align your time with your goals because you can accelerate your goals by what you say yes to today? This podcast could be a launching pad for your next!  To get the most out of this episode, jump over and download the 4-page worksheet now: In addition to the awesome worksheet, this podcast will review tools and techniques you can use this week to align with your next level of impact! With more clarity on what you are focused on now and what you hope to do next, you can start the year with more focus.  This podcast will share methods that allow you to find space in your schedule to add new commitments that align with your next impact. Focusing on the right things right now is so empowering.  Be sure to download the worksheet:'s get started! 

Dec 2020

30 min 19 sec

It is no surprise that women are tired, overworked, and even burned out! If you are looking for tools, practices, and insights to move from feeling depleted to a place of momentum, take a listen to this podcast for strategies to help with self-talk, alignment, and gratitude.  For all the show notes, visit: Here are just a few of the 15 self-reflection questions included:  What am I learning? What do I need to pay attention to more often? What are the things I need to let go of soon?Check out all the self-reflecting questions in the show notes:  To leap in the direction you desire or move beyond where you are today, you must start within. And I only know this because I have had to start there too. I appreciate you joining me here, and I look forward to joining you again next time, JJLinks 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S. are suffering from burnout, Published Thu, December 3 202010:42 AM EST Updated Thu, December 3 202011:33 AM EST, Megan Leonhardt @MEGAN_LEONHARDT:  Burnout Prevention and Treatment, Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A., Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., and Lawrence Robinson:,unable%20to%20meet%20constant%20demandsA special thank you to KiwiCo for sponsoring today's episode - Use this Link for 50% off your first month of any lineOne of my Favorite Books this year: Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence – February 1, 2017, by Emily Bennington: Notes: 

Dec 2020

18 min 2 sec

This new podcast, Career Strategies for Women, is for women who want the inside track to make their goals a reality!   If you are looking for proven steps to secure your next position, a board seat, or advice to sidestep common career pitfalls for women, you are in the right place, so hit subscribe now!With over 20 years in the tech industry and the founder of Tech Savvy Women, I am no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of moving from entry-level position to leadership. I have stumbled and had to start again and again. Through these steps and the years of research for my two award-winning books for women in business, I have documented and now share specific actions to align with your next.    And if you are like me, you want real steps, resources, and guides to put these strategies into action - each show will have show notes and often downloads that you can use.  Subscribe now and then Let's Connect on LinkedIn:

Dec 2020

1 min 54 sec