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By Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist, bestselling author, mental health and mind expert. Whether you are struggling in your personal life or simply want to learn how to understand and use your mind to live your best life, this podcast will provide you with practical tips and tools to help you take back control over your mental, emotional, and physical health Follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for more mental health tips & strategies: @drcarolineleaf Website: Download my brain detox app:

  1. 1.
    The best diet & mind-management plan to heal autoimmune diseases (with Dr. Terry Wahls)11/23/2020
  2. 2.
    The mental & physical health benefits of circadian fasting + simple schedule tweaks that can boost your mood & reduce stress (with Dr. Amy Shah)11/20/2020
  3. 3.
    How Acupuncture Can Be an Effective Treatment for Depression & Anxiety + How Acupuncture Can Boost Your Immune System & What to Know Before You Go For the First Time (with Ann Cecil-Sterman)11/18/2020
  4. 4.
    How to deal with the death of a dream, tips for building self-confidence + the common mindset of the most success people (Interview with Ed Mylett)11/16/2020
  5. 5.
    How trauma causes inflammation & how to begin healing + orthorexia signs & solutions, & how to heal adrenal fatigue with Dr. Will Cole 11/13/2020
  6. 6.
    How meditation can heal childhood trauma, common meditation mistakes, how to find your right meditation style + the brain science behind mantras (with Emily Fletcher)11/10/2020
  7. 7.
    How a little ignorance & less choice can reduce anxiety, frustration and depression + How to Become a Better Decision Maker and Overcome Buyer's Remorse (with professor Barry Schwartz)11/06/2020
  8. 8.
    Overcoming imposter syndrome, the dangers of cognitive dissonance, how to handle the pain of criticism + how to take a leap of faith despite the fear of failure (with Seth Godin)11/04/2020
  1. 9.
    The new rules of aging well, common meds that shouldn't be common + the mental health benefits of micro movements with Dr. Frank Lipman 11/02/2020
  2. 10.
    What NOT to say when apologizing, how to strengthen your relationship “immune system” + common mistakes people make in relationships (with Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy) 10/30/2020
  3. 11.
    Simple strategies to help improve your child's attention, anxiety, mood, and behavior + the best foods to give your child for healthy brain development (with child psychologist Dr. Nicole Beurkens) 10/28/2020
  4. 12.
    How Lyme disease can affect your mental health + tips on how to find peace while living with the uncertainty & pain of a chronic health issue (with Jordan Younger) 10/26/2020
  5. 13.
    How These Mushrooms & Adaptogens Can Help Grow Brain Cells, Reduce Anxiety, and Fight off Depression (with Four Sigmatic Founder Tero Isokauppila)10/23/2020
  6. 14.
    How to train your mind to fight off anxiety, depression & viruses! (Interview with the legendary Wim Hof)10/21/2020
  7. 15.
    Why we need to change how we move, eat, sleep, and connect based on each season for optimal mental, brain, and physical health (Interview with Whole30 co-founder Dallas Hartwig)10/19/2020
  8. 16.
    Healing body dysmorphia & ending self-blame + trauma recovery strategies with Dr. Ebony Butler10/16/2020
  9. 17.
    Debunking the "normal" brain myth, how to make neurodiversity (ADD, dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia) your most valuable asset in school, work, and life + tips for parents with special needs children10/14/2020
  10. 18.
    Inside the mind of a psychopath + solving the nature vs. nurture debate when it comes to mental illness (Interview with Professor James Fallon)10/12/2020
  11. 19.
    The Mental Health Benefits of a Good Argument + Dispelling Common Myths That Could be Sabotaging Your Relationships (with Relationship Expert Monica Berg)10/09/2020
  12. 20.
    Schizophrenia: causes, cures, common myths + the true story of one family’s experience with 6 kids diagnosed with schizophrenia (with author Robert Kolker)10/07/2020
  13. 21.
    How sound therapy can reduce anxiety & heal chronic pain + the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine for mental & physical health (with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary)10/05/2020
  14. 22.
    How to find the root issue of your anxiety & depression + everything you need to know about tapering off medication (Interview with psychiatrists Dr. Ellen Vora)10/02/2020
  15. 23.
    How to use your thoughts to influence your gene expression for now and future generations + the five most widespread myths about the brain that may be limiting your potential (with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi)09/30/2020
  16. 24.
    How to unwire addiction & toxic habits from our brains, why focusing on “willpower” is ineffective and counterproductive + tips on how to help someone without enabling them (with Dr. Amy Johnson) 09/28/2020
  17. 25.
    How to Turn Social Anxiety into Your Greatest Asset, The Benefits of Being an Introvert + Tips for Reducing Burnout & Workplace Anxiety (Interview with Morra Aarons-Mele)09/25/2020
  18. 26.
    The difference between courageous vulnerability and wound-based oversharing + the #1 relationship killer according to human connection specialist Mark Groves09/23/2020
  19. 27.
    The best things to do to keep your mind & brain healthy & prevent neurodegeneration (Interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen) 09/21/2020
  20. 28.
    Detergents, Dish Soaps, and Depression: How Cleaning Products Are Messing Up Your Mental Health (Interview with Marilee Nelson from Branch Basics)09/18/2020
  21. 29.
    How Neurofeedback & Brain Maps Can Help Treat Depression, Anxiety, Addiction & PTSD (Interview with Dr. Andrew Hill)09/16/2020
  22. 30.
    How Tapping Can Significantly Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Physical Pain + How to Get Started with Tapping & the Science Behind the Method (with Tapping Solution Founder Nick Ortner)09/14/2020
  23. 31.
    What Mentally Strong People DON’T Do + Simple Strategies to Take Back Control of Your Mental Wellbeing (Interview with Psychotherapist Amy Morin)09/11/2020
  24. 32.
    What to do when wellness trends are harming, not helping, your mental health + The mental health benefits of being open-minded & curious (Interview with mindbodygreen founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob)09/09/2020
  25. 33.
    Signs someone may be self-harming & how you can help + What to do if you, or someone you know is suicidal (Interview with therapist Kati Morton)09/07/2020
  26. 34.
    Navigating Life as An Empath + Tips to End the Toxic People-Pleasing Cycle & How to Find the Right Therapist (with psychotherapist Meghan Watson)09/04/2020
  27. 35.
    How to Overcome Emotional & Compulsive Eating + Tips on How to Help Someone with an Eating Disorder Find Freedom with Food (with Certified Eating Psychology Coach Jessi Jean)09/02/2020
  28. 36.
    Navigating common money mistakes that may be messing up your mental health + tips on healing your financial and mental health with financial expert Rachel Cruze 08/31/2020
  29. 37.
    How clutter could be a sign of a major mental health issue + Tips on how to conquer the clutter and help a hoarder (with Social Worker Elaine Birchall)08/28/2020
  30. 38.
    How heat, light & sweat can improve your mental health (Interview with Connie Zack, Sunlighten Sauna founder)08/26/2020
  31. 39.
    How to Go from Emotionally Fragile to Emotionally Agile with Harvard Psychologist Dr. Susan David08/24/2020
  32. 40.
    How Thinking Bad Can Be Good for Your Mental Health + Why We Tend to Remember the Negative More Than Positive (with Science Writer John Tierney & Research Psychologist Roy F. Baumeister)08/21/2020
  33. 41.
    How to unsubscribe from toxic thinking with Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Sasha Heinz08/19/2020
  34. 42.
    How To Help Your Anxious Child + Tip For Raising Mentally Strong Children (Interview With Child Psychologist Dr. Tina Bryson)08/17/2020
  35. 43.
    How Anxiety Could Be a Sign of an Untreated Head Injury + Tips on How to Heal Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries with Dr. Kabran Chapek08/14/2020
  36. 44.
    Why People Join Cults, the Difference Between Sociopaths and Psychopaths + Tips On Healing from Abusive Relationships with Therapist Rachel Bernstein08/12/2020
  37. 45.
    Managing Your Mental Health When Living with a Chronic Illness or Disability + How to Turn Any Challenge into an Opportunity (With Adam Bremen, Keto Krisp Founder)08/10/2020
  38. 46.
    Healthy Venting vs. Emotional Dumping, Common Cognitive Errors That Cause Anxiety + Signs of Psychological Invalidation (Interview with Neuropsychologist Nawal Mustafa)08/07/2020
  39. 47.
    The Dangers of Toxic Positivity, Signs of Gaslighting + Tips on What NOT to Say to Someone Who is Grieving with Therapist Whitney Hawkins Goodman08/05/2020
  40. 48.
    How to End the Pandemic of Poor Mindsets + The Best Tips For Dealing with Criticism and Failure from Tom Bilyeu08/03/2020
  41. 49.
    Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma + Tips from a Front-Line Psychologist on How to Manage Secondary Trauma & Compassion Fatigue07/30/2020
  42. 50.
    A Conversation with Bishop T.D. Jakes on Mental Health, Spirituality & Racism + How He Deals with Anxiety07/26/2020
  43. 51.
    Overcoming Codependency, Addiction, Guilt and Shame + tips on dealing with loneliness with Therapist Amanda White07/23/2020
  44. 52.
    Can Micro-Dosing Psychedelics Help Improve Mental Health? How to Safely Micro-Dose + Common Psychedelic Myths Debunked (with Paul Austin, Founder of Thirdwave)07/20/2020
  45. 53.
    Attachment Theory: How to Find Your Style, Why It’s Important, and How It Can Improve Any Relationship with Psychotherapist Thais Gibson07/16/2020
  46. 54.
    How to Use Conflict to Improve Relationships + Tips on Dealing with Divorce (Interview with Relationship Expert and Therapist Vienna Pharaon)07/13/2020
  47. 55.
    Finding Self-Acceptance in the Social Media Age + Signs of a Narcissist & How to Deal with Narcissistic People with Award-Winning Journalist Lacey Johnson07/09/2020
  48. 56.
    Tips & Techniques for Highly Sensitive People and Parents + What NOT to Say to a Highly Sensitive Person, and the Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive (with Dr. Elaine Aron)07/06/2020
  49. 57.
    Navigating Narcissistic Relationships, Why We Are So Interested in Stories About Psychopaths + How the Culture of Entitlement is Making the Pandemic Worse with Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula07/02/2020
  50. 58.
    Healing childhood trauma + tips on dealing with compassion fatigue with Dr. Nicole LePera06/28/2020
  51. 59.
    Healing Racial and Generational Trauma + How to Support Black Mental Health with Dr. Nicole Cammack and Dr. Danielle Busby06/25/2020
  52. 60.
    Overcoming Toxic Masculinity & the Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health + Advice on How to Raise Emotionally Resilient Sons & Vital Relationship Advice for Men with Therapist John Kim06/21/2020
  53. 61.
    High Functioning Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions + How to Silence Your Inner Critic, Overcome Perfectionism and People-pleasing, and Avoid Burnout with Therapist Nancy Jane Smith06/18/2020
  54. 62.
    How Difficult Conversations Boost Mental & Brain Health + Tips on How to Have Difficult Conversations Correctly and Effectively (with life coach Yeamah Logan)06/14/2020
  55. 63.
    How to Deal with Loss & Grief & How Unresolved Grief Could be Causing Anxiety Problems + Tips on How to Help Your Children Deal with Loss & Grief with Grief Expert & Therapist Claire Bidwell Smith06/11/2020
  56. 64.
    CLEANING UP THE MENTAL MESS with Dr. Caroline Leaf (Trailer)06/08/2020
  57. 65.
    Mental Health, Motherhood, & Racism + how our education system is racist & what we can do about it06/07/2020
  58. 66.
    How to begin unwiring racism from our brains and society: a conversation with my two African American sons-in-law06/04/2020
  59. 67.
    How to Set Boundaries During Quarantine with Dr. Henry Cloud + How to Deal with the Guilt that May Come from Setting Boundaries05/31/2020
  60. 68.
    Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen on ending bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression + his top tips for keeping your brain young and healthy! 05/28/2020
  61. 69.
    How to test your stress levels using your urine pH + how to heal hormonal imbalances that may be making you moody and anxious (with Dr. Anna Cabeca OB-GYN and hormone expert)05/24/2020
  62. 70.
    How to Protect Your Mental Health When Fighting Injustices and Standing Up Against the “Boy’s Club” + Tips on How to Deal with the Loss of a Tribe and Stability with Jen Hatmaker05/21/2020
  63. 71.
    How to Learn Faster, Memorize Anything, and Upgrade Your Brain to Become Limitless with Top Brain Coach Jim Kwik05/17/2020
  64. 72.
    How Fiber Can Improve Your Mental and Brain Health + Tips on Boosting Gut Health and Overcoming Food Sensitivities with GI Specialist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz05/14/2020
  65. 73.
    Why Depression, Anxiety, and Alzheimer’s are More Common in Women + How to Protect Women’s Brains from Aging and Disease with Dr. Lisa Mosconi05/10/2020
  66. 74.
    How to Heal From Trauma, Signs of Secondary Trauma, and How EMDR can Help with Trauma Recovery and PTSD with Therapist and Trauma Expert Alyssa Mancao05/07/2020
  67. 75.
    How the Fungi in Your Gut Can Affect Your Mental Health + Simple Tips on How to Heal Your Gut Microbiome with Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum05/03/2020
  68. 76.
    How to take back control of your genes AND the secrets to aging in reverse with Harvard geneticist David Sinclair, Ph.D04/30/2020
  69. 77.
    Interview with John Maxwell on the neuroscience of leadership + tips on how to lead during a crisis, and why we need to fail more04/26/2020
  70. 78.
    How to deal with productivity anxiety during the pandemic + Tips on how to get more things done in less time with productivity expert David Allen04/23/2020
  71. 79.
    What do do when neither outside nor home is safe during the pandemic + tips on navigating difficult & strained relationships during quarantine with therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab04/19/2020
  72. 80.
    Interview with "Iceman" Wim Hof on How to Train Your Mind to Overcome Any Challenge + The Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers & How to Use Your Breathe to Reduce Anxiety and Stress04/16/2020
  73. 81.
    Episode #150: How Perfectionism Can Lead to Depression and Anxiety + Tips on How to Stop the Toxic Perfectionism Cycle (Interview with Psychologist Dr. Margaret Rutherford)04/12/2020
  74. 82.
    Episode #149: Interview with Dan Buettner on critical life lessons from the world's healthiest, happiest, and oldest communities + How to Exercise, Eat, and Manage Your Mind to Increase Longevity04/09/2020
  75. 83.
    Episode #148: How to Deal with the Pain of Uncertainty and Insecurity During the Current Crisis + More Tips and Mental Health Strategies to Help You Find Peace During the Pandemic04/06/2020
  76. 84.
    Episode #147: Why Everyone Should See a Therapist, How to Find One, and Options If Money and Location Is an Issue + Tips on how to deal with Racism with Therapist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford04/02/2020
  77. 85.
    Episode #146: Why Having a Vision for Your Business Can Save You Hours of Stress and Anxiety + Tips on How to Craft an Effective and Sustainable Vision with Businessman Michael Hyatt03/31/2020
  78. 86.
    Episode #145: COVID-19 Ultimate Guide: Truths, misinformation, symptoms, possible vaccines, why social distancing, and more with epidemiologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz03/29/2020
  79. 87.
    Episode #144: Parenting During the Pandemic + Tips on How to Help Your Children Deal with Changes in Routines, Missed Milestones, & Anxiety (Interview with Child Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Hershberg)03/26/2020
  80. 88.
    Episode #143: Interview with Dr. David And Austin Perlmutter on Why We Make Poor Decisions + Tips to Overcome the Desire of Instant Gratification & Technology Addiction, and How to Clean Our Brains03/24/2020
  81. 89.
    Episode 142: Strategies to Manage Your Money and Reduce Financial Anxiety During This Crisis + Tips on How to Save, Budget, and Plan for a Recession and a Layoff with Chris Hogan03/22/2020
  82. 90.
    Episode #141: How Hidden Toxins in Your Home Could be Contributing to Anxiety + Simple Lifestyle Tweaks and Changes that Will Boost Your Mood & Improve Your Physical Well-Being with Max Lugavere03/20/2020
  83. 91.
    Episode #140: Panic attack audio guide03/18/2020
  84. 92.
    Episode #139: How to correctly use movement and exercise to defeat depression and loneliness, reduce worry, and eliminate anxiety with Dr. Kelly McGonigal03/16/2020
  85. 93.
    Episode #138: How to protect your mental & physical health during the Coronavirus pandemic + Tips to reduce anxiety, stress, and worry, PLUS what foods and herbs boost your immune system!03/14/2020
  86. 94.
    Episode #137: Simple Steps to Become Stress-Resilient & More Thick-Skinned + Tips On How to Help Your Children Develop Their Stress Tolerance with Bestselling Author Neil Pasricha03/12/2020
  87. 95.
    Episode #136: Interview with Melissa Urban (Whole30 Co-Founder) on Addiction Recovery, Healing from Sexual Abuse, Dealing with Divorce, and Why She Started Whole3003/08/2020
  88. 96.
    Episode #135: The Anti-Anxiety Diet, how to heal hormonal imbalances and recover from adrenal fatigue, nature's prozac, what supplements you should be taking and more with RD Ali Miller03/05/2020
  89. 97.
    Episode #133: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Defeat Self-Doubt, Boost Your Self-Confidence, and Deal with Past Hurt and Rejection with master coach Kara Loewentheil02/27/2020
  90. 98.
    Episode #132: How to recover from disordered eating + tips on overcoming guilt, shame, and perfectionism with therapist Megan Bruneau02/23/2020
  91. 99.
    Episode #131: What to eat & what not to eat for optimal mental and brain health according to nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede02/20/2020
  92. 100.
    Episode #130: Interview with happiness expert Gretchen Rubin on strategies for managing day-to-day anxiety + Myths about happiness, and tips to help you get more reading done02/17/2020
  93. 101.
    Episode #129: Interview with Dr. Steven Gundry on tips to keep your brain and body healthy as you age & prevent neurodegenerative diseases, the #1 danger in the American diet and more02/13/2020
  94. 102.
    Episode #128: Interview with Dr. Frank Lipman on how to cure seasonal affective disorder + dangerous wellness trends & simple tips to quickly boost mental and physical health02/09/2020
  95. 103.
    Episode #127: How to become indistractable & raise indistractable children + tips on how to correctly manage technology to improve mental health02/06/2020
  96. 104.
    Episode #126: The downside of mental health labels, how to overcome toxic thinking habits + tips to help children deal with anxiety and become more stress resilient02/03/2020
  97. 105.
    Episode #125: An unconventional but highly effective method to overcoming addiction + tips on how to help someone else struggling with an addiction, why abstinence is ineffective with Dr. Adi Jaffe01/30/2020
  98. 106.
    Episode #124: 6 Simple & effective tips to help you stop overthinking and overanalyzing01/27/2020
  99. 107.
    Episode #123: Decoding the mindsets of the most successful people: why some people succeed and others don’t + how we are doing self-help all wrong (with Jordan Harbinger)01/23/2020
  100. 108.
    Episode #122: 8 Tips to help you become comfortable with uncertainty & use it to your advantage01/21/2020
  101. 109.
    Episode #121: Interview with with Dr. Henry Cloud on how to know when (& how) to say NO + How to set and enforce boundaries in relationships and with children, how to deal with narcissists, and more01/16/2020
  102. 110.
    Episode #120: Struggling to stick to your New Years Resolutions? Listen to this episode! Tips to help you make sustainable changes, deal with set backs, and manage pivots!01/13/2020
  103. 111.
    Episode #119: 6 Steps to Stop Self-Sabotage, how to Identify the triggers to self-sabotage that are unique to you + tips to deal with loss and grief with Dr. Judy Ho01/09/2020
  104. 112.
    Episode #118: How to not let toxic people or words mess up your mental health and keep you stuck01/06/2020
  105. 113.
    Episode #117: Interview with Dr. Will Cole on how inflammation can mess up our mental health, how to reduce inflammation, what lab tests you need done, dangerous wellness fads and more01/03/2020
  106. 114.
    Episode #116: Why defining your value off productivity is ruining your mental health + 3 simple tips to help you maximize time off and recover from burnout12/30/2019
  107. 115.
    Episode #115: Why we often fail to achieve our goals & how to make changes sustainable and more attainable + tips to deal with the mental and physical pain of failure12/24/2019
  108. 116.
    Episode #114: How artificial light can cause anxiety & depression + tips to help protect your mental and physical health from adverse artificial light exposure12/19/2019
  109. 117.
    Episode #113: How to make stress work for you and not against you + quantum physics, epigenetic and more12/15/2019
  110. 118.
    Episode #112: My daily mental and physical self-care routine to boost cognition, mood, and energy + how to manage your mental health while traveling, tips to deal with jet lag12/12/2019
  111. 119.
    Episode #111: How CBD can help improve your mental health and reduce anxiety + CBD and children, how to take CBD safely, and more12/09/2019
  112. 120.
    Episode #110: 4 Steps to change a toxic thinking habit into a healthy new neural network12/05/2019
  113. 121.
    Episode #109: How EMDR Therapy can help with PTSD, trauma, panic attacks, and anxiety + how to help a teen who is suicidal, how to strengthen your child's stress resilience levels and more12/01/2019
  114. 122.
    Episode #108: How to protect your mental health in this current political climate + Tips to successfully navigate difficult conversations at family gatherings during the holidays11/25/2019
  115. 123.
    Episode #107: How to use technology & temperature to solve sleeping problems + more tips to help improve sleep fitness and quality, what happens in our brain when don’t sleep enough and more!11/20/2019
  116. 124.
    Episode #106: Interview with Dr. Josh Axe: Can Keto improve your mental health? + The best essential oils for brain health, foods to eat to improve brain & gut health, leaky gut syndrome and more11/17/2019
  117. 125.
    Episode #105: How to recognize the early signs of depression and how to recover from depression + tips to help someone else who may be struggling with depression11/13/2019
  118. 126.
    Episode #104: Mental health tips for entrepreneurs + how to turn failures and weaknesses into a thriving career and life with serial entrepreneur Mark Metry11/10/2019
  119. 127.
    Episode #103: 3 Mental Self-Care Habits of the Happiest People11/06/2019
  120. 128.
    Episode #102: My secret to keeping my brain and body toxin-free + how I manage my mental health and avoid burnout10/30/2019
  121. 129.
    Episode #101: 5 Reasons why swearing can be good for your mental health!10/23/2019
  122. 130.
    Episode #100: A cup of tea a day to keep the anxiety away! How tea can boost mental and brain health with special guest Simon Cheng, CEO & founder of Pique Tea10/16/2019
  123. 131.
    Episode #99: When a Mental Crisis Results in Jail or Hospitalization + What we should all know about the mental health legal system, How it is failing, and what we can do about it10/09/2019
  124. 132.
    Episode #98: Why do we keep making wrong decisions? + Tips to help you become an expert decision maker10/02/2019
  125. 133.
    Episode #97: The one secret to guarantee better sleep + more bonus tips to help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep09/25/2019
  126. 134.
    Episode #96: The influence of genetics, how to stop toxic thinking, how to form healthy habits, the beauty of failure, and more (Interview on the Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast)09/20/2019
  127. 135.
    Episode #95: Is the self-help industry contributing to the loneliness epidemic? + Tips to help overcome, or help someone else overcome, loneliness and isolation09/11/2019
  128. 136.
    Podcast #94: How to repair & boost gut microbiome health to boost mental health + Tips to improve overall digestion, reduce bloating, and more!09/04/2019
  129. 137.
    Episode #93: How to deal with a panic attack in the moment + tips to prevent panic attacks in the future08/28/2019
  130. 138.
    Episode #91: How red light therapy can improve mental & brain health, help with sleep issues, reduce brain damage from traumatic brain injuries and so much more!08/14/2019
  131. 139.
    Episode #90: 3 Simple nutrition tips to boost brain & mental health AND improve memory & cognition08/07/2019
  132. 140.
    Episode #89: How to NOT let toxic people, words, or situations affect your mental health07/31/2019
  133. 141.
    Episode #88: “Healing begins with feeling” Interview with Lori Volkman on why we need to feel and embrace our pain and suffering & how to deal with trauma07/24/2019
  134. 142.
    Episode #87: What is Alzheimer's? + Tips to prevent it & how to help someone who has Alzheimer's07/17/2019
  135. 143.
    Episode #86: 4 tips to help drastically reduce anxiety in your life07/10/2019
  136. 144.
    Episode #85: How to recognize the early signs of burnout + tips to prevent and overcome mental burnout07/03/2019
  137. 145.
    Episode #84: 8 Simple steps to build up your stress resilience06/26/2019
  138. 146.
    Episode #83: Why we need to argue more, the mental health benefits of arguing + tips to argue correctly and resolve issues fast06/19/2019
  139. 147.
    Episode #82: 4 Mental Strategies to Help You Turn Your Worst Day or Week Around06/12/2019
  140. 148.
    Episode #81: How to deal with difficult people and how to help them + tips to protect your own mental health while dealing with difficult people06/05/2019
  141. 149.
    Episode #80: 5 MORE Simple and Effective Mental Self-Care Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life and Boost Brain Health PART 205/29/2019
  142. 150.
    Episode #79: 10 Simple & Effective Mental Self-Care Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Reduce Anxiety (Part 1)05/23/2019
  143. 151.
    Episode #78: How to deal with performance anxiety + tips to overcome mental blocks05/15/2019
  144. 152.
    Episode #77: Why do we keep making the same mistakes? + How to stop bad habits05/08/2019
  145. 153.
    Episode #76: What is social anxiety and how do we stop it?05/01/2019
  146. 154.
    Episode #75: Are you a people pleaser?+ Why it's dangerous and how to stop04/24/2019
  147. 155.
    Episode #74: Is overthinking messing up your mental health? + Tips to help you stop overthinking & overanalyzing04/17/2019
  148. 156.
    Episode #73: 5 Steps to Identify & Eliminate the Root of Anxiety (and other mental ill-health issues)04/08/2019
  149. 157.
    Episode #72: How to correctly deal with disappointment and failure04/01/2019
  150. 158.
    Episode #71: Why is change so hard? + Tips to help train your brain to deal with, and love, change + how to know when change is good & worth the effort03/19/2019
  151. 159.
    Episode #70: Why do we hate Mondays? + Tips to help you mentally prepare for a busy week & avoid burnout03/11/2019
  152. 160.
    Episode #69: Why do we forget things? Is it normal to forget? + 5 Steps to improve your memory and why correct learning can improve your mental health03/06/2019
  153. 161.
    Episode #68: Why mindfulness is not enough + 5 steps to overcoming a mental health crisis02/26/2019
  154. 162.
    Episode #67: How to Stop the Shame Spiral02/19/2019
  155. 163.
    Episode #66: The Left Brain/Right Brain Lie + Debunking Other Popular Brain Myths02/11/2019
  156. 164.
    Episode #65: Why do we remember the negative more than the positive? Plus 5 Tips to help you stop negative thinking habits!02/04/2019
  157. 165.
    Episode #64: How to help teenagers and young children deal with identity issues01/28/2019
  158. 166.
    Episode #63: How to use your Discomfort Zones to Regulate your Thinking and Improve Your Mental Health01/21/2019
  159. 167.
    Episode #62: Debunking the IQ and Personality Profile Myth01/14/2019
  160. 168.
    Episode #61: Why the Current Mental Health System is Failing to Help People01/07/2019
  161. 169.
    Episode #60: The First Step to Improving Your Mental Health12/31/2018
  162. 170.
    Episode #59: Redefining Anxiety - It is not a disorder but rather a signal12/24/2018
  163. 171.
    Episode #58: How to Build Your Brain to Improve Your Mental Health12/18/2018
  164. 172.
    Episode #57: Is OCD a disease? And can it be managed?12/10/2018
  165. 173.
    Episode #56: Do Positive Affirmations Work?11/26/2018
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    Episode #55: Let's talk about Quantum Physics11/19/2018
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    Episode #54: How to Deal with Anger and Toxic People11/12/2018
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    Episode #53: The Dangers of "Christianese"11/05/2018
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    Episode #52: What is the Mind-Brain Connection?10/29/2018
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    Episode #51: Dealing with Guilt as a Parent10/22/2018
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    Episode #50: Is Social Media Making us Depressed?10/15/2018
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    Episode #49: Freaking Out in the Love Zone10/08/2018
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    Episode #48: 5 Tips to Help Children with Anxiety10/01/2018
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    Podcast Episode #47: Interview with Althea Van Wyk09/03/2018
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    Episode #46: Interview with Rusty Labuschagne Part 208/27/2018
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    Episode #45: Interview with Rusty Labuschagne Part 108/20/2018
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    Episode #44: Mindsets for Success Part 6: The Healthy Stress, Expectancy, Willpower, and Spiritual Mindsets08/15/2018
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    Episode #43: Mindsets for Success Part 5: The Community and Support Mindsets08/07/2018
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    Episode #42: Mindsets for Success Part 4: The Time, Possible, and Gratitude Mindsets07/30/2018
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    Episode #41: Mindsets for Success Part 3: The Controlled Emotions, Forgiveness, and Happiness Mindsets07/24/2018
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    Episode #40: Mindsets for Success Part 2: The Controlled Thinking and Words Mindsets07/15/2018
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    Episode #37: The Dangers of Psychotropic Medications (with Dr. Peter Breggin)06/26/2018
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    Episode #36: Suicide: How we can help ourselves AND other's find healing06/18/2018
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    Episode #34: PCOS- What is it and how do we treat it?05/28/2018
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    Episode #33: Forgiveness and the mind-body connection with Dr. David Levy Part 205/21/2018
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    Episode #32: Faith, Forgiveness, and the Mind with Dr. David Levy05/14/2018
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    Episode #31: Understanding Children and their Hormones with Dr. Irinel Stanciu05/07/2018
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    Episode #30: 6 More Tips to THINK better, EAT better, and LIVE better!04/30/2018
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    Episode #29: 6 Tips to THINK better, EAT better, and LIVE better!04/23/2018

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