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Making the right career choices has become far too complicated. At Productboard, we believe in 100% transparency, which is why we’re giving you a sneak peek into life at our company from the amazing people who make it what it is. On this podcast, we share honest views and experiences about life as a Productboarder, the work we do, and what excites and inspires us. We talk about what makes us tick, the challenges we’re thrilled to solve, the opportunities we’re pursuing, and so much more. We are on a mission to build products that matter, together.

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What is product-led growth, and is it true that your product growth team can become your new GTM team?In our tenth episode, we catch up with Japna Sethi, Product Growth Leader at Productboard, to discuss the impact of product growth to unlock revenue, what product-led growth really means, and what people often get wrong about product growth and product design. Japna shares what it takes to be a successful growth manager and why having an MVP mindset is essential for you to succeed in the long run. Hint, it’s not for the faint of heart or those who don’t cope well with setbacks. So if you’re someone who’s up for a challenge, then listen to this wide-ranging conversation with Japna Sethi, and together let’s dive into the core value of product growth. Interested in joining our growing team? Well, we’re hiring across the board! Check out our careers page for the latest vacancies. We’d love to hear from you!

Jun 2

39 min 35 sec

Customers are the lifeblood of every successful business – and no more so than in the subscription economy, where the pressure is on to deliver value at every step. In our ninth episode, we catch up with Taylor McGuire, Customer Success Leader at Productboard, to discuss his sabbatical in South Africa, the critical role that customer success plays, how to build an effective CS team at scale, and the exciting opportunities our own CS team has as Productboard continues to grow. Spoiler alert - stick around for his fabulous definition of CS that even your grandma would understand.Interested in joining our growing team? Well, we’re hiring across the board! Check out our careers page for the latest vacancies. We’d love to hear from you!

Apr 8

40 min 29 sec

In our eighth episode, we sit down with Martin Pelán, also known as Rewo, to discuss his transition from product design to the role of brand and communication designer, where he played a central role in our recent brand refresh. Rewo also talks about his passion outside of work: building and playing computer games.References: Sine the GameJoin us at Productboard as a Product Designer 🚀

Jan 4

19 min 13 sec

In our seventh episode, Martin discusses his journey to product management, dives deep into his current role as Lead Product Manager, and gives the lowdown on the upcoming features he’s working on. There are also some handy book tips for any product managers out there.

Nov 2020

21 min 16 sec

In our sixth episode, Lu as our People Operations Generalist talks about our onboarding process and perks. Also, how productboard allow her to do a community project for elderly people.

Nov 2019

17 min 21 sec

In our fifth episode, Tony talks about his role in productboard. About his participation in many initiatives to make productboard better as a product and as a company. Also, we briefly talk about Cypress, which is a tool for test automation.

Oct 2019

12 min 32 sec

In our fourth episode, Ashley talks about how she moved from New York to Prague. How she met Geda and be hired to productboard for Customer Success and after a few months, she moved to the Event Manager role.Also, Ashley will provide a little sneak peek about our annual productboard offsite.

May 2019

15 min 14 sec

In our third episode, Jakub talks about his current role and his focus for Developer Experience (DX) in productboard. He's using tools like Danger JS, GitHub bots or custom lint rules. Also, he's leading our open-source initiative under productboard labs.Jakub's GitHub: labs: JS:

May 2019

17 min 24 sec

In our second episode, Terka talks about her time as the people ops lead at productboard. Terka's goal is to make sure our hiring candidates have a great experience. But that's not all! She also works with the developer community to make sure they know and are excited by productboard.

Apr 2019

11 min 53 sec

In our first episode, Maurice talks about his first few weeks as a front-end developer at productboard. He also talks about why he moved from the Netherlands to enjoy the beautiful mountains in the Czech Republic and how we got his job while interviewing in a taxi cab in India!Here you can read about his first four weeks at productboard:

Apr 2019

14 min 14 sec