The Journey To Inner Freedom

By Briant & Jaldhara

In 'The Journey to Inner Freedom' we, Briant & Jaldhara, take you on our personal and professional journey to Inner Freedom. What do we encounter with our clients in this journey and how do we make this journey ourselves?Behind the scenes we are currently working on a big project for this podcast. Right now you can enjoy all the episode that are already available. In February 2021 you'll be able to enjoy tons of new and exciting episodes on this podcast channel.

  1. 1.
    38. X-mas Inner Child Meditation
  2. 2.
    37. Emotional First Aid X-MAS BUBBLE
  3. 3.
    36. To Know What You Need When You Need It
  4. 4.
    35. Lessons Learned
  5. 5.
    34. What Is Alignment Really?
  6. 6.
    33. Tying Up Loose Ends
  7. 7.
    32. What Is Training Your Human Muscle?
  8. 8.
    31. Disconnect From Drama

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