The Epic Dad Podcast

By Jason McCleery

Welcome to The Epic Dad podcast. I'm your host Jason McCleery and I'm here to help you create better relationships, better health and an all-around amazing life. Each week, I feature interviews with experts to deliver inspiration, motivation, tools and tricks to create the life you love. The Epic Dad Podcast is here to help you to become your best self, as a parent, spouse and an all-around epic human being. If you want to remove yourself from the drift, and start taking intentional steps to become the Epic Dad you always wanted to be, then this podcast is for you.

  1. 1.
    EDP 037: What to Know About Adolescence and Substance Abuse w/ Richard Capriola
  2. 2.
    EDP 036 Getting Your Teens Ready for College w/ Emma B. Perez
  3. 3.
    EDP 035: Having Conversations That Matter w/ Dan Faill
  4. 4.
    EDP 034: What I Learned From My Dad
  5. 5.
    EDP 033: The Complete Man w/ Purdeep Sangha
  6. 6.
    EDP 032: 80/80 Marriage w/ Nate Klemp
  7. 7.
    EDP 031: Managing Your Family Finances w/ Armond Croom
  8. 8.
    EDP 030: How to Be a Kick Ass Husband w/ Matthew P. Hoffman

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