A Tale of Two Brothers Cinema

William Robertson Hume

Discussions in film and in life.

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It's ostensibly about Vampires, but in another way it's about the reunification of Europe. Orange County and The Portrait of a Lady on Fire are the first two movies in our TFG Grand Prix. It's Nat Faxon vs. Chevy Chase in Orange County. And The Baby vs. The Row Men in Portrait of a Lady on Fire.


Jan 22

1 hr 3 min

One of Nick's Favourite Characters. The This F'n guy in a movie. Usually a character actor spot often unnecessary sub-antagonist who is the Karen of all our lives.


Jan 4

27 min 44 sec

We centrally discuss the influence of David Lynch as we pick apart and try to solve the mystery of Twin Peaks.

Oct 2020

1 hr 12 min

We discuss the last film I loved to have come out, whether it is feminist, does it really matter, and does it hold up? We also discuss given this week's  San Francisco yellow smog covering the various parallel's to Modern day America as we look back on everything this film touches and its influences.

Sep 2020

1 hr 11 min

Initially this episode was supposed to be about Steven Spielberg's The Lost World. Instead that bookends the episode while Nick shares his experience of being drugged at a bar and the personal fallout.

Jul 2020

59 min 42 sec

Discussion of BASEBALL and the Kevin Costner baseball trilogy: Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, For Love of the Game Sports Corruption Sports movies The Filmmaking climate


May 2020

1 hr 41 min