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In his interviews for the Sparkr Podcast, Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen unveils the mindsets, principles and world views of remarkable and inspiring people or organizations.

Learn what great leadership means, how to build high performance creative teams, how to navigate the world of business in todays rapidly changing environment or how to spot the trends that matter.

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Bertrand Piccard is an exceptional person. As adventurer, explorer and psychiatrist he flew around the world with the Orbiter 3 balloon which was the longest flight in human history and outcompeted famous billionaire Richard Branson when doing so. After breaking records with Orbiter 3, Bertrand Piccard set out to push the boundaries of the impossible again and after many years of perseverance and innovation, Piccard flew around the world in the first maned solar powered airplane known as Solar Impulse. Today he uses his influence and the Solar Impulse Foundation to collect more than 1000 profitable technologies who will contribute to a more sustainable future. In this inspiring and personal podcast conversation we dive deep into what Bertrand Piccard learnt about taking risks, about getting back up after failures, making hard decisions, shifting paradigms and moving the boundaries of the impossible. Also, the power of the mind and how to train it became a recurring theme during the conversation thanks to his experience as a psychiatrist and hypnosis specialist. Please enjoy this rich conversation which was recorded at the Swiss FinTech Awards Night 2021. The Swiss FinTech Awards are organized and made possible by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, Sparkr and many other partners and they award outstanding start-ups and influencers in the field of fintech.

Jul 8

50 min

In this special episode of the Sparkr Podcast, I set out to find practical self-management methods, productivity tips and other approaches that help me to reduce stress and to cope better with high demands. As Bruce Lee once said: «Don't wish for an easy life, wish for the ability to handle a difficult one.» Usually I'm in conversation with an exciting and exceptional person to unveil their mindsets, tactics and ideas. But this time it's just me sharing what I've learned when asking myself how I could handle a busy day in a better and more balanced way. 💡📝 You find all the tips and methods also in writing to revisit whenever you like on There you also find it all as a free PDF download in German. Please consider subscribing to the Sparkr Podcast and sharing this content with a friend or colleague if you think it could be of value to them. Thanks for listening and I hope this episode was a good investment of your time.

Mar 17

24 min 46 sec

Welcome back dear listeners to this next episode of the Sparkr Podcast where it is my pleasure to talk to bright and inspiring people about their mindsets and insights on important topics from the world of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation or leadership. This time I talked to Ulrike Pfreundt who's a smart and passionate ocean biologist turning social entrepreneur with a lot of insights to share in the area of sustainability, climate change and her specialty: coral reefs. With her young non-profit organization called rrreefs ( she uses a blend of science, art and interesting technologies with the goal to have a positive impact on the environment by saving the rapidly dying coral reefs on this planet. Until the 18 December 2020 you have the opportunity to support her cause by contributing to her crowdfunding campaign! Check out their website You'll be surprised to learn in this episode how crucial and how far the importance of coral reefs go or how Ulrike and her co-founder are using 3D printing technology to build artificial reefs with clay. Furthermore, we'll talk about how to deal with complexity, how to communicate complex topics - in science or anywhere for that matter, to what extend technological progress can help us with the challenge that is climate change and more. So please sit back and enjoy this conversation with Ulrike Pfreundt.

Dec 2020

1 hr 13 min

Die Zirkus-Dynastie Knie gehört seit über 200 Jahren zu den ältesten und führenden Zirkusunternehmen Europas. Seit fast 30 Jahren liegt das Unternehmen in den Händen der Zirkus-Ikone und Gast dieser Sparkr Podcast Episode: Fredy Knie. Fredy Knie wurde u.a. durch seine Pferdedressur weltbekannt und ist heute der Verwaltungsratspräsident der Schweizer National Zirkus AG. Als Vierjähriger stand er zum ersten mal in der Manege des Zirkus Knie und trat 2019 nach fast 70 Jahren zum letzten Mal vor Publikum auf. Sein Leben hat er den Tieren, der Familie, dem Zirkus und dessen Kunden gewidmet. Es ist ein Leben geprägt von Disziplin, Magie, Verantwortung und von der Leidenschaft für die Tiere, den Zirkus und das Familienunternehmen. Über diese Dinge und über seine Führungsphilisophie oder was er von der Pferdedressur für den Umgang mit Menschen gelernt hat, spreche ich mit Fredy Knie in dieser Episode des Sparkr Podcasts. Wenn dir der Podcast gefallen hat, kannst du diesen abonnieren und noch viele weitere spannende Gespräche anhören. Der Sparkr Podcast ist ein Angebot für Change Maker. Jede Episode enthüllt die Mindsets, Tipps und Lebenserfahrungen von herausragenden Persönlichkeiten zu Themen wie Leadership, Innovation, Technologie und anderen relevanten Zukunftsfragen. Weitere Folgen des Sparkr Podcasts und Hintergrundartikeln findest du auf: Und mehr über Sparkr - einem Sparring Partner für Unternehmen und Entscheidungsträger - findest du auf

Jul 2020

41 min 24 sec

Der Begriff der Resilienz stammt ursprünglich aus der Materialforschung. Übertragen auf den Menschen oder auf Organisationen kann Resilienz übersetzt werden mit der Fähigkeit, einem Druck oder einem Stress standhalten zu können, allfällige Schäden reparieren zu können oder von vornherein der übertriebenen Belastung vorzubeugen. Eine Koryphäe in der Resilienz Forschung ist Prof. Gregor Hasler – ein Psychiater, Psychotherapeuten und Neurowissenschafter, der gegenwärtig an der Universität Fribourg in der Schweiz forscht. Er ist auch der Autor des lesenswerten, informativen Buches ‘Resilienz: Der Wir-Faktor’ und der Gast dieser Sparkr Podcast Episode. Im Podcast sprechen wir über Resilienz und Stressquellen sowie hauptsächlich über Erkenntnisse aus der Forschung und Verhaltensempfehlungen für Privatpersonen und Arbeitgeber gleichermassen, um die Resilienz und Widerstandskraft zu stärken. Wenn Ihnen der Podcast gefallen hat, können Sie diesen abonnieren und noch viele weitere spannende Gespräche anhören. Die Haupterkenntnisse aus dem Gespräch sind als PDF Artikel kostenlos zum Download verfügbar: Weitere Folgen des Sparkr Podcasts finden Sie auf: Mehr zu Gregor Hasler finden Sie auf: Das Buch von Gregor Hasler 'Resilienz: Der Wir Faktor' finden Sie hier: Orell Füssli (Schweiz): Amazon (Deutschland):überwinden-Herausgegeben-ebook/dp/B078JF8SMY/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=213585LWI40VH&dchild=1&keywords=gregor+hasler+resilienz&qid=1587116400&sprefix=gregor+hasler%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-1

Apr 2020

1 hr 13 min

Globalization, automation, the rise of the gig economy... The way we work and what “work” itself means will change significantly in the years to come and remarkable transformations are up ahead. One person who’s been thinking about and studying the future of work for decades is Prof. Pamela Hinds, Co-Director of the Center on Work, Technology, and Organization (WTO) in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. Pamela studies the effect of technology on teams and collaboration. Most recently, Pamela has been looking at the changing nature of work in the face of emerging technologies, including the nature of coordination in open innovation. The Sparkr Podcast now presents a conversation with Pamela which dates back to 2017. Even though three years have passed since the conversation, Pamela’s insights and thoughts still hold value today. We talked about what “work” means today and how it’s changing in the future, why a strong sense of purpose is increasingly important, why she doesn’t like the concept of “best practices” or why it is crucial for executives and decision makers of all kinds to become more data literate. For more exciting conversations with leading minds in leadership, technology and innovation, please subscribe to the Sparkr Podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your favorite shows. You can find the blog post about this conversation (and many more interesting conversations) here:

Mar 2020

42 min 2 sec

Welcome back to this new episode of the Sparkr Podcast where I uncover the mindsets and tactics of exceptional people in innovation, technology and leadership. I had the opportunity to talk to Shailesh Prakash, Chief Information Officer of the Washington Post and one of the most influential minds in tech. The Post is a big institution in journalism – an industry with a huge tradition and importance for society. In 2013 Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, bought the Post and with that an exciting transformation was initiated: How do you successfully transform a traditional business (no matter which industry) into a forward looking digital power house? And how does it affect the future of journalism at The Washington Post? Shailesh has a lot of experience to share with you about all the implications of such a transformation – be it culture, mindset, metrics etc. And it seems to be working: The Washington Post is ranked as the 8th most innovative company in the world together with others like Amazon, Google or Apple – according to a list published by Fast Company. For more of these insightful conversations about innovation, digital transformation, change management, leadership and more please check out the other episodes of the Sparkr Podcast. Simply visit the website or consider subscribing to this show on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to your most favorite podcasts. Apple Podcast: Spotify: Sparkr Newsletter:

Jan 2020

1 hr 16 min

In dieser Episode des Sparkr Podcast, wo spannende Ideen zu Technologie, Innovation, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft diskutiert werden, spreche ich mit Thomas Ramge; einem viel beachteten, einflussreichen und preisgekrönten Technologie Journalisten und Author von Büchern wie "Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data". Mit ihm habe ich ein philosophisches Gespräch geführt über die Folgen von künstlicher Intelligenz und Big Data für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Wir haben u.a. diskutiert, welchen Einfluss die Technologien auf den Kapitalismus haben, auf die Organisations- und Funktionsweise von Firmen und wie wir als Gesellschaft über AI und Co. nachdenken sollten. Aus fundierten Gedankengängen hat Thomas auch konkrete Erkenntnisse für Firmen und Verantwortungsträger in der Gesellschaft abgeleitet wie beispielsweise eine progressive Data-Sharing-Pflicht für Unternehmen wie Google oder Facebook. Diese und viele weitere spannende Anregungen kannst du dir in dieser Episode des Sparkr Podcasts anhören und nachlesen auf Ich wünsche euch bei diesem Gespräch viele Impulse und Anregungen und natürlich, wie immer, viel Spass.

Jun 2019

1 hr 8 min

Jean-Claude Biver ist ein Phänomen. Kaum ein Unternehmer ist so charismatisch und energiegeladen wie er, der während vier Jahrzehnten die Schweizer Luxusuhrenindustrie massgeblich geprägt hat. Hublot oder Blancpain sind Beispiele führender Manufakturen und Marken, die Biver zu ihrer heutigen Stärke gebracht hat. Auch Marketing-Coups für Firmen wie Omega mit James Bond oder der berühmten "Moon Watch", mit der NASA Astronauten den Mond betreten haben, gehen auf Biver zurück. Zeitlebens hat er es verstanden, in der Uhrenindustrie Tradition und Innovation unter einen Hut zu bringen, starke Geschichten zu kreieren und umsatzstarke Firmen aufzubauen. Seine Leidenschaft hört aber nicht bei Uhren auf: Aus der Milch seiner Kühe, die auf einer Schweizer Alm leben, lässt er Käse-Delikatessen produzieren. Er ist ein unermüdlicher Schaffer und Bonvivant zugleich. Heute ist Jean-Claude Biver Chairman of the Board von Hublot und Zenith sowie nicht-exekutiver Präsident des Geschäftsbereich Uhren vom weltweiten Branchenführer der Luxusgüterindustrie LVMH, zu dem Marken wie Luis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon und viele mehr gehören. Mit seinen 70 Jahren (geb. 20.09.1949) übergibt Biver das Zepter und inspiriert die nächste Generation. In dieser Episode des Sparkr Podcasts schaut er auf 40 Jahre in der Schweizer Uhrenindustrie und auf sein spannendes Leben zurück und reflektiert, was wahrer Erfolg ist, echter Luxus, wie er seine Leidenschaft gefunden hat und wie ihn seine Lebensprinzipien aus seiner Zeit als Hippie bis heute prägen. Lassen Sie sich von Jean-Claude Biver Begeisterung für das Leben beim Hören dieser Sparkr Podcast Episode anstecken. Mehr Episoden des Sparkr Podcasts finden Sie auf

Mar 2019

34 min 56 sec

Welcome to this special episode of the Sparkr Podcast. It's the first edition of a new series called "Executive Briefings". In these briefings you learn everything you need to know about significant technologies, innovations and more. The first edition is dedicated to the 5G technology. 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile connectivity standard that will power your smartphone and entire economies in the near future. 5G will change everything and you should know about it. That's why Sparkr created this Executive Briefing. The Executive Briefing is a series of blog posts that you can find on The Executive Briefing on 5G is available here: Thanks for sharing and subscribing to the Sparkr Podcast as well as the Sparkr Newsletter. Get the newsletter here: With the Sparkr Newsletter you get carefully curated and relevant stories from the world of technology, innovation and its impact on society and business.

Feb 2019

16 min 46 sec

For this latest episode of the Sparkr Podcast I had the opportunity to spend time with Ian Charles Stewart – serial-entrepreneur, investor, photographer, Olympic athlete, art enthusiast and most famously co-founder of the leading tech and innovation magazine WIRED. In our conversation we talked about how he’s been learning new skills and approaching new projects, what his decision-making framework looks like and what he learnt about China while living there for about ten years. We also talked about how business is transforming due to technology and what old economy players need to incorporate to make the jump on the new wave of the next digital economy. And much much more. For more please visit:

Jan 2019

1 hr 31 min

“Having ideas is the best thing humans do”, says Horacio “Chacho” Puebla. Chacho is the Chief Creative Director of LOLA – a creative and strategically driven advertising agency with a Latin spirit and global reach. Their clients include top brands such as Burger King, Magnum, Rexona and new kids on the block like 9Gag. As a part of the MullenLoewe agency network LOLA has been winning dozens of awards for their creative work all over the world. Most notably, over the last couple of years, they have been awarded so many Lions from the festival in Cannes that you could repopulate the North of Africa with these noble wild cats. Chacho is a creative pro and it was a great pleasure to sit down with him and chat about creativity and most importantly, how to hire, build and enable creative teams to generate new ideas every day. Learning what it takes to establish a creative power house is crucial in today’s world and the future where new ideas and concepts need to be thought off at an ever-faster pace. Therefore, I am especially thrilled to bring to you this episode of the Sparkr Podcast where it is my goal to uncover mindsets and tactics of people who are great at what they do and make their experience applicable for everybody. Let’s dive right in and talk about creativity. For more please visit:

Dec 2018

1 hr

In this entertaining and insightful episode of the Sparkr Podcast we talk about the power of stories, why they are crucial for your organization and personal life, how you craft a great, persuasive vision and much much more. This episode will inspire you as a professional and as an individual because we are all happier and more successful if we get our storytelling right. Please join me for this conversation with Jennifer Greenwood who's been perfecting and applying her storytelling and design thinking skills for over a decade. Most recently, she was a manager at Apple, where she amplified Apple's culture across its 450+ retail stores in 18+ countries. Today she turns ideas into stories that matter for clients everywhere with the means of mindful communication and storytelling. Learn more about Jennifer, Sparkr and the podcast on In his interviews for the Sparkr Podcast, Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen unveils the mindsets, principles and world views of remarkable and inspiring people and organizations from all walks of life. Other episodes of this podcast cover topics such as the culture and mindsets inside Facebook and why they are the most important performance hack for the company (episode #2 at Facebook) or how you can train exponential thinking and approach risk (episode #4 with unicorn investor).

Aug 2018

1 hr 36 min

In the age of Google and other powerful search tools, finding the right answer becomes increasingly easy. What grows as a challenge on the other hand, is asking the right questions to cut through the abundance, the noise, the BS and actually move the needle – be it as an innovative entrepreneur, as a CEO, strategist, team leader or personal friend. Asking the right questions is at the core of Sparkr's various business activities ( This Sparkr Podcast is really valuable for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of building a team, a company and that are looking for investors. If you are an entrepreneur or want to go down that path, take your time to listen to the complete conversation because it uncovers many insights on how to approach and work with investors, the importance of open, sometimes tough conversations as well as the importance of reflecting on your goals and character. In this conversation you get insights from a longtime investor and founder of one of the largest and oldest venture capital firms in Europe. For this episode of the Sparkr Podcast I initially set out to learn more about the art of asking the right questions. For that I met with successful and thoughtful investor Florian Schweitzer who started young as an entrepreneur and along the way founded b-to-v – a venture capital firm managing about EUR 330m in institutional funds, partner funds and direct investments of private investors. B-to-v’s portfolio included hits such as Facebook or Xing and now features companies like Volocopter, Sum Up or Outfittery. As our conversation for the Sparkr Podcast evolved, it turned out that the chat we had was actually not only about asking the right questions but also about being present, seeing behind the curtain of people’s motivations as well as the importance of intuition, trust, relationships and passion. That’s why eventually I decided to title this Sparkr Podcast episode “Why every Business is People Business - The Importance of Listening, Being Present, Intuition, Passion, Trust and Relationships”. Learn more about Florian and b-to-v here: *** The Sparkr Podcast If you've liked this format, make sure to check out the other available episodes of the Sparkr Podcast which unveil the mindsets and tactics of great minds in business, innovation and leadership. Listen to more episodes of the Sparkr Podcast on

Feb 2018

49 min 12 sec

If you are innovating, working with start-ups or are generally open minded regarding the evolution of business practices, I am sure you’re familiar with the idea of ‘ecosystems’. Sooner or later digitalization transforms every industry as well as its customer expectations; and ecosystems can be a great strategy to face that change and make the most of it. In this episode of the Sparkr Podcast it was my pleasure to talk to Dr. Bernhard Lingens from the Institute of Technology Management and the Helvetia Innovation Lab at University St. Gallen in Switzerland – a leading business and management school. Bernhard and his team are conducting research as well as industry collaborations in the context of business model innovations in ecosystems. We talked about the strengths, benefits and risks of ecosystems, why they matter, how organizations can tap into the potential of ecosystems to increase revenue, enter new markets and more. If you want to build an ecosystem yourself, check out Sparkr's ecosystem services here: Learn more about Bernhard and the Helvetia Innovation Lab here: And if you wish to listen to more episodes of the Sparkr Podcast check out:

Dec 2017

56 min 51 sec

Daniel Gutenberg has an amazing track record as a business angel and investor. He invested early in Facebook or super-hot start-ups like Israel's Mobileye which got acquired by Intel for over $ 15bn earlier this year. Daniel Gutenberg can say with confidence that he is specialized in unicorns since has more than 10 of them in his portfolio.   In this episode of the Sparkr Podcast we talk about how he assesses risks and opportunities, the mindset of a contrarian, what investing has to do with surfing (Gutenberg was a surf instructor in Hawaii), what's the future of education and much, much more. Enjoy! Get more on

Nov 2017

1 hr 6 min

Die Swisscom unterhält im Silicon Valley einen Outpost, um neuste Trends zu erkennen und Brücken über den Atlantik zu bauen. Im Sparkr Podcast erzählt Lukas Peter, Chef des Outposts, was zum Erfolgsrezept des Silicon Valley gehört und worauf es ankommt, damit auch Schweizer KMU in der digitalen Welt erfolgreiche sein können. Wir reden über Innovation und Disruption durch Technologien, welche Mindsets und Firmenkulturen Erfolg versprechen und vor allem wie die Umsetzung einer neuen Idee in der digitalen Welt auch wirklich gelingt. Der Sparkr Podcast ist eine Gesprächsreihe mit ausserordentlichen Persönlichkeiten und Organisationen, um von ihnen zu erfahren, was sie erfolgreich macht und wie sie die Welt sehen. Dazu gehören z.B. ein Gespräch über die positive Firmenkultur von Facebook oder eine Unterhaltung über Führungsphilosophien mit der Trainerlegende Ottmar Hitzfeld. Jede Episode bringt neue Einblicke, Denkansätze und Inspirationen. Mehr zu Sparkr und dem Podcast gibt es unter

Sep 2017

52 min 27 sec

With Facebook being one of the most powerful and valuable companies today, this episode of the Sparkr Podcast examines the values, principles and performance hacks which are essential to the company's success and how it moves forward into the future. I had the great pleasure to talk to Timo Pelz from Facebook about the company's culture and mindsets that empower employees to do their best work and feel good while doing so. Get an inside view into Facebook's operating system with this episode of the Sparkr Podcast. Future episodes of this podcast will cover topics such as the power of storytelling in marketing or how design thinking improves collaboration (episode #4 with former Apple manager) or how you can train exponential thinking and approach risk (episode #5 with unicorn investor). In his interviews for the Sparkr Podcast, Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen unveils the mindsets, principles and world views of remarkable and inspiring people and organizations from all walks of life. Learn more about Sparkr and the podcast on

Aug 2017

27 min 4 sec

Ottmar Hitzfeld ist die Fussballlegende schlechthin im deutschsprachigen Raum. Als Fussballspieler und Trainer hat er unzählige Erfolge gefeiert aber auch bis heute unvergessene Niederlagen erlitten. Im Sparkr Podcast erzählt Ottmar Hitzfeld was er in seiner 40-jährigen Karriere gelernt hat. Wir reden über seine Führungsphilosophie, die ihm zahlreiche Pokale eingebracht hat, wie er grossartige Teams formte, wie er gute Entscheidungen trifft aber auch was zu tun ist, wenn man als Mannschaft schmerzliche Niederlagen erleidet. Wir reden über Integrität, Vertrauen, Authentizität und darüber wie man erfolgreich Kritik übt - keine einfache Aufgabe, wenn deine Gegenüber Oliver Kahn, Lothar Matthäus oder Stefan Effenberg heissen. Im Sparkr Podcast bin ich im Gespräch mit ausserordentlichen und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten, um von Ihnen zu erfahren, welche Mindsets und Prinzipien zum Erfolg führen. Mehr zu Sparkr und dem Podcast gibt es unter

Apr 2017

32 min 30 sec