Remain Faithful

By Hannah Herring

The Bible is genuinely one of the most wonderful things we have the privilege of experiencing in this lifetime. Think about it; a written and articulate account of the contents of the Lord’s heart, available to us by way of His love for His people. God has swung the door to who He is wide open, and we are free to march right in! The Bible reveals the character of God piece by piece, story by story. It is a living document that never ceases in applying to our lives, providing eternal salvation, and supplying us access to the Father. However, in order for the Bible to be alive, it needs a heartbeat. From Genesis to Revelation, God never fails to keep his covenants and promises. The Lord continually reveals Himself to be unwaveringly faithful in all that He does, and this irrefutable quality is one of the defining marks of the Lord’s goodness. This unrelenting faithfulness is the backbone of the scriptures, linking everything together in tandem to create the most complete and beautiful picture of the Lord’s redemptive plan for humanity. The evidence of the Lord’s faithfulness is consistent, dependable, steadfast, and stable—just like a heartbeat. Therefore, it can be said that the faithfulness of the Lord is the heartbeat of the Bible, and if faithfulness is God’s heartbeat, it should be ours as well. Out of this logic, the Remain Faithful podcast was born. Remain Faithful is a podcast designed to meet two core needs essential for walking consistently with the Lord: knowledge and encouragement. The purpose of this show is to provide biblically sound teachings to support you in your walk with Christ, as well as grow your understanding of the faith. My hope is that you will find this podcast life-giving, insightful, educational, and loving. From my heart to yours,-Hannah Herring

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