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Your path to mastery in the fitness industry hosted by Barry and Shay Kostabi. This dynamic husband and wife duo distill years of experience as international coaches and consultants to educate, inspire and empower you through conversations with thought leaders, belief shifters, trailblazers, and masters in the fitness industry. Each episode is packed with actionable steps

and proven roadmaps to give you the edge you need to build a heart-led career or business in fitness that is a representation of who you are and serves the people you were meant to serve with confidence and competence. The journey to mastering your craft and building a sustainable, successful, life-long business & career in fitness starts here.

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How many tasks do you have when running your business? Too many to count? Do you ever feel like you could really use some help getting them all done in a day or week so that fewer important things slip through the cracks? Do you ever think to yourself, I can’t delegate this, because no one can do it like me?     Maybe you’ve spent a ton of time hiring help, only for them to leave- or for them to let you down- so you’re left doing all the work you wanted to offload in the first place!     You’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs WANT to be able to do everything, but often, when you attempt to do this you run into bigger problems.     Your growth is going to be stunted, because you’ll be stuck doing what’s at your capacity. You’ll risk seriously burning out by continually doing tasks that you’re not passionate about, and may even hate doing.     You won’t be able to give your clients- the people that matter most- the attention and care that they need and deserve. All of this can potentially kill your business!     If you feel this way- then you’re someone who could seriously benefit from having a VA- or virtual assistant. Imagine being able to free up an extra 15-20 hours a week- what would you do with that time?     Imagine not needing to pay that expensive videographer and editor to come in once in a while, not having to force creating creative content, not having to worry about payroll for employees, or the churn and burn from consistently having to on-board new staff?     What if you could simply focus on the aspects of your business that you love the most- the ones that caused you to get into this industry in the first place?     The only problem is, finding a VA is a difficult process- and where do you even get started?     That’s why we brought on our guest today- as a gym owner for over ten years himself, he went through the same struggles you are, and decided to create a solution for it- called VA’s for Gyms.     He has not only put in hours and hours into studying and understanding the process of finding the perfect VA- he’s assembled a team with complimentary skillsets that can help gym owners and managers get hours of more work done by being able to offload bookkeeping services, lead generation, social media management, and much more- for a low cost and little hassle.     Interested in learning how to hack productivity, and the art of delegation? Sign up for our FREE VIP Webinar to learn these two skills from Scott himself. To sign up and learn more, all you have to do is go to

Nov 27

54 min 57 sec

We love this conversation that you’re about to listen to, because we had the opportunity to speak to someone in the fitness industry who is running their business in a way that we believe is the future of fitness.   The current state of the industry is that most businesses are selling their service (their classes or training sessions) not recognizing that’s not what people are actually buying. People buy into your specific beliefs around why you train the way you train, and the type of results that you can provide them that will transform their life.   As a result, we see a lot of businesses hire the most popular trainers with large social media followings or followings from another studio. They let them teach whatever they want, or train however they want, because they believe that they’re just selling classes or training sessions- to anyone and everyone they can find.   Their marketing is very generalized, because they’re attempting to offer generic classes to as many people as possible. This puts these businesses in a position where they’re in a race to the bottom on price with their competitors who offer the same or similar workout, or compete to be the “shinier object” in any number of ways.   Listen to the contrast of what our guest describes today, and how they’ve built a completely different model where They set a schedule that their members must adhere to- so they can guarantee their results They create a powerful tight knit family within the group that goes through the program together They aren’t afraid to refund people and cut them out of the program if they drop off They have clear beliefs and values that they don’t waver from They take the time to train their staff on these beliefs. What matters to them the most is that everyone in the building believes in their approach They carefully select their staff to be sure that they have certain qualities Their trainers go through training for several months to ensure the quality of the experience for their members They ensure that everyone has deep empathy for the experience the members are going through- with one way being that everyone must go through the training program themselves.   In our opinion, this business has taken fitness back from being a commodity, and turned it into a transformational experience, and THIS is what we believe you must do if you want to be a fitness business of the future. We need to start creating bespoke transformative experiences based on clear beliefs and values. We hope this conversation today inspires you.

Nov 20

49 min 26 sec

Running a business is hard. As a creator or entrepreneur there are so many hats that you have to wear, and often a ton of different tasks that you have to manage.   Amidst what can feel like controlled chaos at times, it can be extremely difficult to be able to take an objective look at your operations and determine what it is that is causing the biggest problem, what could be made easier, or optimized.   That’s why in today’s episode, our guests are going to uncover the biggest problems small fitness business owners face and how to solve them to boost your bottom line. You’ll learn how to streamline business operations as they share:   How to run a quick health check on your business and track your performance. How to target your marketing, attract leads and boost your search rankings. How to increase member retention. How to use automation to provide more efficient and effective communication. How to build a viable digital offering. Attend the DREAM Summit and see Barry & Shay speak on creating an unforgettable member experience:   Use promo code 'Fitness Career Mastery' when you sign up for WellnessLiving

Nov 13

41 min 51 sec

When building your business and brand, there are SO many essential steps you must take before even beginning to think about marketing. Things like bringing your own values and beliefs to the forefront- for instance, that you believe that fitness shouldn’t be about repetitive reps to target specific muscle groups, but a moment to experience deep embodiment through full body dynamic movement.   Our beliefs and values point toward the type of problem we’re best equipped to solve for the people we’re meant to serve. Once we understand this problem deeply, we’re able to craft brand messaging that tells a story about how what we offer can help our ideal client overcome their problem so they can experience the type of life the desire.   Only at that point does marketing come in, and there’s two pieces to it- marketing strategy, which is the story that we’re telling, the empathy we show toward the type of person we’re meant to serve, and authority as a guide with a proven plan to get them to where they want to go. Our marketing strategy is unlikely to change, and if it does, it happens slowly.   Marketing tactics on the other hand are the different ways we tell that story. These can take any shape- social media posts of all kinds, YouTube videos, webinars, blog posts, podcast episodes, etc. Once we get our marketing strategy clear, we have to keep trying different tactics to discover which is most effective at reaching the type of person we’re meant to serve.   That’s why in today’s episode, we’ve brought on a guest to introduce you to a brand new marketing tactic that you most likely haven’t tried, and most likely haven’t even thought of before- Pinterest. As you’ll learn by listening, it’s not a marketing tactic that everyone will gravitate toward. However, if you put in the time and do it right, and it’s the right medium for your audience, you can create a machine that provides you with a constant flow of new clients.

Nov 5

54 min 47 sec

One of the hopes that we through this podcast aside from providing you with high quality education to help you go further in your career, is to lead the way toward seeing positive changes develop in the fitness industry, so that it can become a more inclusive and welcoming place for people of all shapes and sizes, ages, genders, sexual orientation, and races.   Let’s be real. There’s no denying that the industry is structured to represent and serve predominantly white people. The bodies that are represented as the aspirational fitness ideal are slim, young, able-bodied, and white. Many of the largest fitness franchises are built in neighborhoods that are 70-80% white. We’ve heard countless BIPOC clients and trainers alike tell stories how they’ve struggled to get jobs at studios and gyms, or how they’ve felt uncomfortable going into fitness studios because their identity isn’t fully supported.   That’s why in this episode today, we’re going to be specifically talking about some of the micro-aggressions that we can all recognize and change to make our industry a more inclusive place for everyone- such as Digital Blackface, mis-steps in our music choices, mis-steps in marketing language, and more.

Oct 30

59 min 53 sec

We love the quote "Culture beats any marketing strategy. So much so that creating culture is your best strategy." -Seth Godin   We all understand that having a strong culture and strong community is important, but have a much harder time actually creating them.   We believe your culture can be defined as the extension of what it is that you believe- what you believe a fitness experience should be all about! For instance, that it should be welcoming, warm, and the workout should be more about the connection of your body and mind more than anything else... versus a belief that it should be raw, industrial, tough and designed to test you and force you to dig deep so you can discover the depths of your strength.   Your culture is so important to attract your ideal clients, and is the foundation that your community is built upon. "People who believe what we believe, come here and do what we do" is something you have to be able to say.   So few businesses truly commit to creating a culture to the point where it's palpable in their brand messaging, and the experience they provide. And because of that fact struggle to create a tight knit community where people know each other, feel supported by each other, and bonded to each other. Yet, together, culture and community are paramount to your business's success. That's why in our conversation with our guest today we'll discuss how to create culture and community, and why they are so vital to future proofing your business.

Oct 22

45 min 43 sec

Gone are the days of fitness as a commodity and a social status symbol where a studio could attract a strong member base with sold-out classes simply by having cutting edge equipment, luxury amenities and an “Instagram Wall.” The pandemic changed all of that. We’ve had to reevaluate our priorities as well as how we feel about ourselves and who we spend our time with. It’s become glaringly clear how important connection and community are to our physical health and mental well-being. Contrary to what most people think, we believe the Coronavirus didn’t just upend the fitness industry, but accelerated an evolution that was already beginning to take place. We’ve officially entered an era where access to literally thousands of fitness options are more readily available at our fingertips than ever before. As a result, the key differentiator of any fitness business has to do with the stories they share and the experiences that they provide. The fitness brands that are thriving today understand that creating unforgettable member experiences that make people feel seen and connect with them on a deeply emotional level is key to their success. If you don't have the right approach to the message you're sending in your marketing... it's going to cost you. You wind up selling the wrong thing, you position yourself in a way that confuses your clients, and your efforts to reach more people wind up hurting you. Listen to this episode to learn the five secrets of successful fitness entrepreneurs that will propel you into the future of the industry.  

Oct 8

1 hr 8 min

What we talk about with our guest in this episode is how certification… is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to educating yourself for your career. Your certification is only the beginning. It’s the bare minimum requirement to be able to say you’re competent enough to be employed... but you owe it to the people who you are in front of to invest in yourself- which is really an investment in them.   Because what we do should never be thought of as a hobby, or something we do on the side. We have people’s lives, bodies, and livelihood in the palms of our hands. And they are there because they believe that you can help them experience a higher quality of life. And you cannot let them down. You owe it to them to get educated on how to establish deep trust with them, and change their lives.

Aug 14

1 hr 1 min

Have you ever been asked to do a photo or video release shoot and been handed a lengthy release waiver with a lot of legalese- so much that you’re not even sure what’s appropriate & reasonable?   Too often we hear stories of fit pros, who, excited about an opportunity to work with a company, sign away the rights to the photos, workout videos, and their image for all uses, and for all time, without really understanding what they can and should do to ensure that they are being properly compensated for the usage, and that the usage supports them on their journey upward in the fitness industry and their career.   We decided to record this episode because we want to empower you as a fitness professional, creator or business owner to best make career decisions and know how to navigate conversations around recorded media and its usage.   That’s why we’ve brought back a legal expert we’ve had on the show several times in the past to share with you the mindset you need to cultivate when you’re presented with opportunities that involve recorded media. He’ll also teach what you should look out for and be aware of when signing release waivers for these projects… and ultimately how to step into a position of personal empowerment to defend your best interests… so you can engage in clear and communicative relationships with those you share your talent and likeness with.

Jul 30

45 min 38 sec

Most fitness professionals who are struggling to make sales, generate conversions, and get real traction in terms of the growth of their business are actually struggling with (often unbeknownst to them) making the necessary connection with their potential clients because they’re not “speaking their language”.   In this episode we’ll break down exactly what that means, and how you can begin to take action on making it happen.

Jul 16

36 min 45 sec

What does it take to become successful in the fitness industry?  When we with our clients, we’re often met with surprise when we tell them that it doesn’t have to do with a specific marketing tactics or the stylishness of the brand aesthetic, how popular their instructors are or how many followers they have on social.   We believe - what we know - is that the one thing that drives the success of a business lies deep beneath the surface, and it’s not easy to measure, which is why it’s nearly always overlooked- it’s your PURPOSE. And it shows up in every part of your business. If you don’t know what you’re purpose is…  that’s also apparent in every part of your business.    Your purpose drives and motivates you towards the change you want to see in the world. It informs everything you do. It’s what keeps you on track, helps you make the right decisions for your business, guides your hiring process, provides your team with a clear direction, informs what products or services you create, and how you market them, who you want to collaborate with… the list goes on… Think of your purpose as the riverbanks or guard rails to your career. And even if you create a new business, teach a new type of class, or make a huge pivot- that purpose never changes.   The best part is, when you’re really in tune with your purpose, you reduce the symptoms of imposter syndrome, because you’re so focused and connected with what you believe in, that nothing else matters   In this episode, we’re going to speak with our guests about how YOU can discover your purpose too.

Jul 2

35 min 46 sec

We’re now entering an era in the fitness industry that is ripe with potential. As the world is opening up after the COVID-19 pandemic, you now have a unique opportunity as a business owner, creator, or entrepreneur to relaunch your business and re-establish yourself in the marketplace.   How can you improve upon what you were doing before? How do you implement those changes? Even if you’re in the future from this episode's release and you’re not coming out of a pandemic, don’t let that stop you from revisiting what your business is all about, and how you can make it better so that you can not only reach the goals and desired lifestyle you want, but also have the impact you want to have on your clients.   It takes tapping into your WHY... but also re-establishing your VALUES. Knowing your STRENGTHS. Fitness is only becoming more popular and accessible to more people around the world. So if you want to stand out from competitors and stake out your corner of the market, it’s going to involve making a true connection with the right types of clients.   In order to do so, you MUST first know yourself and how you’re showing up to help these people better thrive and enjoy a higher quality of life. This will act as the guard rails for your brand and business, so that every decision you make in your business is propelling you in the right direction.

Jun 18

48 min 31 sec

When we think about an incredible fitness experience, it can be difficult to put our finger on what it is that makes it so special and life-changing.   One might say that it feels like you have limitless strength, that it feels effortless, that it’s like you’re IN the playlist, or that you feel a palpable connection to others in the room without looking at them or speaking to them. That the instructor is so inspirational and like the conductor of an orchestra.   It’s likely this kind of fitness experience that caused you to want to become a fitness instructor or open your own studio in the first place. Maybe an experience like that changed your life, and you want to provide that to other people.   You’ll learn in this episode, there are profound changes that happen at a neurochemical level that can actually change the way a person relates to their own thoughts, emotions, and environment.   It’s our mission at Fitness Career Mastery to teach fitness professionals how to consistently create this environment in their classes.   We call it Flow State, and there is a science behind how to create it. If you want to learn how it’s done and why we believe it’s so critically important for you to learn how to do, then keep listening.

May 22

1 hr 13 min

Over the last year, Shay and I have shifted a huge amount of Fitness Career Mastery’s business towards helping fitness professionals transition online and find success in what can seem like a crowded space.   We’ve looked into every piece of technology that you could possibly use in order to determine the simplest and most powerful and professional tools to help you create a high quality digital class experience for your clients.   Of all the platforms that we’ve toured and tried, there’s been one’s that’s stood apart- UScreen. If you’re not familiar with the features of UScreen, you’ll learn a lot in this conversation today with the founder.   The other benefit of having him on the show with us today is that as the leader of the UScreen team, he has his finger on the pulse as to what’s coming next in the digital fitness space, which he’s going to share with us in this episode.   So press play to learn a lot of valuable information in this episode on how you can take your digital offering to the next level.

May 8

27 min 44 sec

There ARE so many similarities between how you coach your clients, and ultimately how you have to coach yourself when you become an entrepreneur!   But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, because if you think about how you likely coach many of your clients- sometimes you’re more of a therapist than a trainer- you’re training their mindset and mental health just as much as you’re training their body.   It’s the same with entrepreneurship. You can learn who your ideal client is, and powerful marketing and sales strategies to show them that you’re the guide that they need, but if you don’t maintain the right mindset while you’re operating your business, it’s near impossible to see results.   Press play now to learn how to leverage the fact that you are already a coach… learn how to coach yourself… and ultimately master your mindset as you ride the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

Apr 23

51 min 11 sec

Have you built your website homepage based off of a proven strategy? Or based on what you THINK your potential customers want to see?   When it comes to your website homepage design, this is THE PLACE where people come to learn more about you, engage with you further, and hopefully purchase a product or service from you.   But in a day and age where people skim rather than read, you have less than 20 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors and educate them on what you’re all about, and how you can help them with their unique problem.    It’s a REALLY challenging thing to master! And that’s exactly why in this episode we break down what you can do to make your homepage stand out to your ideal client, and stand apart from your competitors.   It comes down to demonstrating that you understand your ideal client, and provide them with tremendous value that they're looking for when they discover you.

Apr 5

49 min 50 sec

Niche development can be really scary! If your thought process goes something like this… “if I make myself appealing to more people, and market myself to a larger audience, then I’ll wind up getting more clients!” ...unfortunately, this strategy simply doesn’t work.   As a fitness professional, it’s essential that you build a reputation for being the BEST at one particular thing. Not only will it help you gain more clients through clear messaging, but like you'll hear our guest say...   ...If you have the reputation at being the best at something, you are widely assumed to be far better than average at everything else.   In this episode we’ll break down how you can begin to hone in on that special group of people that you are uniquely equipped to serve in order to become a sought-after expert.

Mar 20

41 min 48 sec

Almost exactly 1 year ago, in March of 2020, COVID changed the world overnight. It forced the majority of creators and business owners in our industry to move online, with rapid speed accelerating us down a path, we believe, the fitness industry was already on.   Unfortunately as the landscape grew more competitive, it also accelerated something else growing steadily in the fitness landscape - the proliferation of misinformation. Coaches simply observing and copying experts (or often times influencers posing as experts) and proclaiming themselves to be experts as well without really understanding the benefits and contraindications of what they were passing on.   If you want to be truly successful in this industry and change people’s lives, it’s essential that you invest in yourself and your business. That means educating yourself. Not just in terms of fitness certifications, but in business practices so that you are truly showing up and serving your ideal client in the best possible way. It’s also vitally important to take the time to really deeply understand the people that you’re serving.   In today’s episode, we talk about how it’s essential that you don’t get wrapped up in the hype, the noise, and the competition, and instead…. Take a breath… settle down… and then dig deep.   It might not seem like it in your echo chamber of what you see online, but the most popular trainers are the ones that yes, have a magnetic personality; but they’re also the ones that know their stuff deliver an unforgettable experience for their people.   They’ve taken the time to educate and UPSKILL themselves on safe and effective programming, how to build a business based on the pain points of their ideal client, how to speak to this unique client on an emotional level, all which is what it takes to truly change people’s lives.

Mar 7

51 min 22 sec

If we’ve learned anything from building Fitness Career Mastery, it’s that being successful in business has nearly everything to do with MINDSET.  In this episode, we tackle topics like how to discover who you’re meant to serve, and the fear that you feel around the topic of niching down & serving what you perceive as a small pond of potential clients. We also address that little voice in your head that wants to shut you down when things get tough, and tries to convince you that you don’t actually want this thing that you actually really really want!

Feb 19

47 min 30 sec

If you weren’t already actively improving upon diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business, it’s likely that the Black Lives Matter movement and the violence inflicted on black communities and individuals that rose to the forefront of our cultural awareness in 2020 may have prompted you to take stronger action and actively contribute to eradicating white supremacy and bias against people of color, as well as bias towards queer, trans, disabled, undocumented people, people with records, women, and all lives along the gender spectrum. We at Fitness Career Mastery have committed ourselves to this mission, and want to put you in an empowered position to do the same. As educators, we naturally believe this begins with more knowledge and awareness. This is exactly why we’ve brought an incredible educator and coach onto the show today to teach you some simple ways that you can take action to build diversity, equity, and inclusion into your business. If not purely for the belief in equality, then also for what our guest today shares. Companies with greater racial, ethic, and gender diversity experience greater creativity, are better at problem solving, show increased employee engagement and retention, a strengthened reputation, and even greater profitability.

Feb 6

37 min 35 sec

A beast lurks in the fitness industry, terrifying those in its wake… It’s marketing, and the reason it’s so scary is simply because we don’t know enough about it, and it’s not our fault! We’ve never been taught how to market ourselves since our main focus has just been teaching classes and training clients. It’s no wonder that it’s the #1 thing that members who request to join the Fitness Career Mastery Community say they struggle with.   We recognize that in 2021, strong knowledge in marketing and confidence in your ability to do it well is going to be essential- that’s why in this episode we invited on a guest that’s going to de-claw the beast of marketing, so by the end you’ll feel like you’re riding high on your steed, banners blustering in the wind, ready to rally your tribe around your life-changing experiences because you know how to tackle marketing!   But at the end of the day, you’re not selling a class or a program. Don’t get us wrong… it’s ESSENTIAL that you build a product for your ideal client that solves their pain point, the #1 reason they buy into it because of who YOU are. So you’ll also hear our guest share why developing a PERSONAL BRAND is so important for marketing, along with ways to market your personal brand, and how to lean into your edge- you know- what makes you… you! Those things that make you special and unique, that no one else can replicate.      

Jan 4

55 min 40 sec

You might be one of those fit pros out there that wants nothing more than to go digital and start offering workouts or a program online, and be able to experience all the benefits of success…  like reaching clients well beyond your local community, or having a deeper impact on your clients lives, having the freedom to be able to set your own hours and work from wherever you want in the world, and also potentially make a lot more money! Nailing the ins and outs of launching a successful online business can be daunting. Plus, it seems like everyone and their mom is offering workouts online right now. Or maybe you’ve already launched your digital fitness business but you’re not quite hitting the mark the way you’d like, just yet. Maybe the tech is SUPER overwhelming, or it just feels like it will take forever to get to a point where you feel like you’ve earned your place in the digital fitness arena. So, how do you compete with everybody and their mom online? If any of these thoughts have been running through your head, we guarantee that you’re gonna walk away from this episode with all those fears and limiting beliefs totally wiped away, because the truth is, that if you want to create a digital offering, the only thing that’s stopping you from finding the same success that so many others have, is your own mindset. If you’re looking for some serious inspiration on how to make that pivot, then this is the episode for you.

Dec 2020

1 hr 3 min

The number one question on the minds of most fitness professionals these days is “how do I stand out online and carve out a space for myself?” Which is why in this episode, we’ve brought on an incredibly inspirational guest to show you what it takes to do just that. As you’ll hear her say in the episode, the COVID pandemic only accelerated the direction the fitness industry was already going, and now is the time to take your career in your own hands. The greatest reward of doing so being that you’ll have the opportunity to serve people that truly need your help, on a global scale. We’ll talk about some common pitfalls that trainers stumble upon when making the switch to online, and ultimately what it takes to stand apart from the completion and find success. 

Nov 2020

50 min 47 sec

The Fitness Career Mastery Podcast is BACK!!! Coronavirus has hit the fitness industry hard. We’ve seen so many studios close- big and small, and fitness professionals pivot to join a competitive landscape online. It’s a scary time for the industry, but it’s simultaneously one that is FULL of opportunity for you. The problem is, we have seen fit pros make the same three big mistakes when making the transition to online coaching that results in them simply getting lost in the noise. In this episode, we share the solutions to these three pitfalls and reveal the incredible unused superpower that fit pros like you have in online space that giant brands like Peloton, the Mirror, and Playbook actually CAN'T compete with. At the end of the episode we'll be sharing something really special that we've never done before.

Oct 2020

40 min 43 sec

In this episode we feature a question that came up in the Fitness Career Mastery Community and quickly caught fire. It's also been a question that we've heard some up repeatedly, all over the world. When studio owners call mandatory meetings or trainings- what do they legally owe their employees or independent contractors for their time? To answer this question be bring back the expert of law in the fitness industry, Cory Sterling, who takes a deep dive into the rights of studio owners, and how fitness professionals can empower themselves. View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: A reminder of the difference between IC's and Employees Legality behind unpaid mandatory meetings Legality behind unpaid mandatory trainings   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: The Yoga Law Book Conscious Counsel COVID Mini- Course  

Jul 2020

43 min 14 sec

A career in fitness is incredibly fulfilling. You have the ability to change people’s lives! Not just their bodies, but their emotional state, mental state, level of personal empowerment, their habits, and more. But it’s hard to have a deep and meaningful impact when we’re not in touch with what makes us special. As our guest says, before you decide where the bus is going- who is driving the bus? In this episode we talk about a number of things that help you find your unique gift- and how to magnify it. We talk about how to create your own inner GPS. What are the core values that you wake up with and guide you every day? We also talk about developing a completion mindset- where it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not- just whether you complete what you set out to do. Why it’s important to surround yourself with the conditions you intend to manifest. The importance of ritual to help get you where you want to go. How to tap into your natural creative genius- meaning you find where you excel, rather than trying to be someone else- essentially how to become truly authentic and act with integrity in a way that makes you magnetic. And finally, practices that can help you get into a state flow- whether that’s mediation, affirmation, visualization, inspiration, etc.

Jul 2020

52 min 15 sec

Times are tough, and the landscape of the fitness industry's future seems to always be changing. But by combining your business’ financials with the right expertise, you can make informed, data-driven decisions about how to reopen your studio successfully. In this episode, we speak with a wizard of financials in the fitness industry, who will teach you how to get your finger on the pulse of your studio's financials by asking five critical questions. The answers will ensure not only your business's survival, but also allow it to come out stronger on the other side. We also discuss the three biggest mistakes that studios make when it comes to their business's financial health, and why they matter so much.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: • 5 questions that business owners need to get a handle on to survive the crisis and come out the other side even stronger • The 3 biggest mistakes that studio owners are making when it comes to their business’s financial health and why those mistakes matter  

Jun 2020

51 min 45 sec

In today’s episode, we brought back Billy Polson, who we’ve had on the show twice before because on his incredible actionable insights and tips into running a business- and he is a pro, having not only run DIAKADI fitness in San Francisco for 16 years, but winning best gym/ trainers for all but one of those years. Despite so much success, Billy was hit hard by the impact of the COVID related shutdown, and he shares some of the struggles and emotions that he’s faced as a result, that I think you will certainly be able to relate to. But he also shares how after one of his lowest moments, when hearing that the shutdown for small studios was going to continue for another two months, grieved the news, but then rose to the occasion in a very unique way to form a coalition with other studios (even competitors) in his community to petition their case to the local government to open earlier with other small businesses. He also shares insights into reopening that he recommends, and learned while having conversations with other studios in his coalition. View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: How Billy formed a coalition with other local businesses to work with their local government Why it's vitally important to be in touch with your clients pain points now more than ever Inspiration to adopt a mindset of patience and empathy   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: How to Prepare Your Fitness Business for a Post-Quarantine Reopening COVID Reopening Safety Video COVID Protocols Manual

Jun 2020

54 min 13 sec

Talking about the law just got fun. In this episode we welcome a special guest who has an amazing ability to explain seemingly complicated legal concepts in terms that we can all understand so that we’re empowered and equipped with knowledge to take care of ourselves and our businesses. We just love his message that when it comes to law, it’s about relationships, and the best way to protect yourself from lawsuits is to communicate openly and honestly about what your expectations are of the other party, and what they can expect from you. Today we talk about some common areas that many fit pros and studio owners are facing in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: The necessary adjustments you need to make to your liability waivers How to keep your clients happy while simultaneously protecting your business Can studio owners enforce that their instructors don’t offer competing online offerings   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: The Yoga Law Book The post FCM127: Post-COVID Legal Essentials for the Fitness Industry with Cory Sterling appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

50 min 24 sec

Throughout quarantine, we’ve been so focused on our safety and physical health, and the health of our businesses, that our mental health has most likely taken a bit of a back seat. You might now find yourself struggling with feelings of inadequacy from not being able to handle or produce as much as you used to. Or perhaps you’re completely overwhelmed and anxious over not knowing where to direct your focus- which only causes further paralysis and overwhelm. Maybe you’re just feeling burnt out and unmotivated altogether … or some strange cocktail of all of the above. If we’re going to show up to give the gift of fitness and serve our communities, then we have to be sure that we fill ourselves up first, and that’s exactly what this episode is designed to help you do. Once you learn a few tools to help you manage your mental health and navigate uncertainty – perhaps you can find a way to help your clients do the same, because we are all in this together. View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What you can do about the overwhelm that you’re feeling How to manage burnout Thoughts on how we can help better serve the mental state of our clients   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Free Self Love Course The post FCM126: Navigating Uncertainty and Managing Mental Health with Bianca Rodriguez appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

58 min 39 sec

What does the Food Network (the 24 television channel that teaches you recipes and how to cook) have in common with your online workout videos? As it turns out, a lot! People don’t tune into the Food Network to watch cooks make food. It’s the amazing personalities that the hosts have that make you feel like they’re there in your kitchen- telling you a story about they learned their years ago from their grandmother. It’s really no different with your online workouts. Shouting numbers to the camera from across the room​ as you count down lunge reps isn’t enough to keep people engaged, truly enjoy your workout, and want to come back again. In this podcast episode you’ll learn how to go from being just ok to masterful on camera- and spoiler alert– it has nothing to do with the push-up, the squat, or the Russian twist. That’s the equivalent of the recipe that you can find anywhere online. You’ll learn about how it’s the delivery that makes the difference, and what you can begin to change today to make people fall in love with your workouts on camera.​​   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes:   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What we need to know about what’s different about teaching on-camera compared to teaching in person Some of the biggest mistakes that on-camera trainers make that kill the vibe Things that you see on-camera trainers try to “hide” about themselves because they feel it won’t go over well with their audience when it’s actually the opposite. The best things on-camera trainers do to be relatable and make people want to work out with them   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: OK To Masterful On Camera Online Course The post FCM125: How to Go From OK to Masterful on Camera with Mason Bendewald appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

58 min 18 sec

In this episode we discuss some important things that you’re going to want to consider before opening your doors again coming out of Quarantine due to COVID 19. We’ve been watching closely, doing research, listening to your thoughts, answering your questions and concerns, and as a result, we’ve come up with a list of tips, suggestions, and ideas that you may want to implement as you prepare to get back to business.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: Things you may not have thought of when it comes to re-opening your studio Creative ways to take care of your clients’ physical and mental health What a post-COVID studio experience could look like   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Drip Accessories Tiem MarianaTek   The Art of Coaching and Cueing Online Course   Learn to Livestream Online Course The post FCM124: Taking a Critical Look at Your Reopening Strategy appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

59 min 25 sec

We need leaders in the fitness industry right now. We’re hearing scary statistics that up to 40% of studios will not re-open coming out of quarantine, and with how important fitness is to the physical and mental health of our communities, this is incredibly disheartening news. For many it’s come as a result of not knowing how to pivot or respond to being required to shut our doors. Perhaps you are one of them. The question you must ask yourself is how are you leading your community through this time and providing stability? Our clients have been in a state where they’re freaking out because there is a vastly changing landscape out there and they’re being told their dollars matter and need to be conserved, but at the same time, they’re in a position where their mental and physical health has never mattered more. To step into the role of a leader we need to realize that this is more than about fitness now. You are their sanity, there to give them hope and positivity. Focus on that more than the physical. In this episode we hear from two shining leaders in the industry who literally put on imaginary viking armor and stepped into the unknown knowing that their guiding light was the knowledge that what they have to offer is of value, and the love they have for their clients. Ultimately we learn that their greatest secret- a positive attitude and problem-solver mindset. This pandemic has rocked all of our businesses but there will always be unexpected setbacks, and we hope that this episode serves as inspiration for how we can approach the uncertain when it comes knocking.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What Gymnazo did to pivot 400 members online without a single cancelation How they found three additional revenue streams that they never would have thought to create Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your service   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Gymnazo COVID Playbook The post FCM123: How to Step Up as a Leader for Your Community With Michael and Paden Hughes appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

56 min 43 sec

In 2017 Patrick Aiken and Anna Rumbach completed a research study in Brisbane, Australia which found that 44-70% of group fitness instructors report some degree of acute or chronic voice changes since joining the fitness industry. And this should come as no surprise! As they pointed out, we as fitness professionals must perform in a very complex and unique environment compared to most occupational voice users. We must simultaneously use our voice and exercise, as well as compete with loud music, fans, or poor acoustics- sometimes no microphone. It’s time to change the culture surrounding vocal education and training in the fitness industry- not just for the health of our voices, but for the betterment of our clients. As our guest today illustrates, your voice is the way that you connect with the people around you. It’s through the way you use your voice that people take in what you say and connect with you on a very fundamental, deep, life-changing, level. It’s our authentic expression of who we are And the better you understand how your voice works, the more empowered you are to take control of it. Listen through today’s episode to learn information that won’t just save your career, but it will catapult you forward. How you use your voice is extremely important in a studio setting, but if you’ve now created on online offering, how you use your voice on camera is of the utmost importance to keep your clients engaged on the other side of the screen. The good news is that the body already knows how to produce voice in a healthy way- we just have to get out of its way.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes: What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What we must understand about our voice to deliver a better workout experience The three part system of the voice Vocal exercises and hacks to maintain excellent vocal health   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Keeping the Voice Fit in the Group Fitness Industry: A Qualitative Study to Determine What Instructors Want in a Voice Education Program The post FCM122: Understanding the Power of Your Voice with Jordan Scholl appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

May 2020

1 hr 3 min

Music Licensing has always been a hot topic in the fitness industry, but now it’s essential to understand since so many of us have moved to the digital space to create online content online for our members and followers. We’ve heard SO many questions like, why are my workouts getting interrupted or deleted from my social media channels? Why does everything I post get flagged for copy-write infringement? How come some people get caught, while others seem to slip through the cracks? I just want to play my Spotify playlist – why are these record publishers so greedy? This episode with Aaron Green of is a valuable resource to help you understand the “invisible hand” behind the music licensing process – whether you want to ensure you have the right licenses in place for when your studio opens or teaching live classes or you’re really series about creating a virtual platform and offering your workouts online. View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes:   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What music licenses does my studio need vs. my online classes? Why your classes are getting flagged for removal Solutions to ensure you can play the best music possible   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Learn to Livestream Online Course ASCAP   BMI   SESAC The post FCM121: Music Licensing 101 with Aaron Green from Easy Song Licensing appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Apr 2020

1 hr 5 min

In this episode, enjoy an enlightening conversation with Susan Rothman on a topic that can be so muddled for studio owners. This episode is PACKED with information on how to structure your package options that best serve our market, clientele, and bottom line, while keeping it simple for our clients, front desk, and instructors to understand. We also talk about pricing and sales processes; how to sell based on value, rather than on price; in what way you should be looking at your competition; and how to set yourself apart. We talk about how you should train your team to have sales conversations and focus conversations away from being just about price, to about the value of our classes and the best way to serve our clients in order to help them meet their goals. We talk about the impact of ClassPass on our businesses, what we should be mindful of, and the boundaries to set with these kinds of relationships. Lastly we talk about how to structure the perfect intro offer for clients to lead them perfectly into a longer term commitment that is right for them.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes:   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: Strategy behind your packages and pricing that truly serve your bottom line The components of a successful intro offer Elements of a powerful sales process   EMAIL US to receive your COMPLIMENTARY copy of “Overcoming Common Client Objections”  SET UP your complimentary call with Barry to learn about Experience Coordinator Training   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: FCM Experience Coordinator Training (email for more info) What’s Next With Susan (podcast)   The post FCM120: Learning Strategy Behind Your Package Options and Prices with Susan Rothman appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Mar 2020

1 hr

  Biologically, we’re wired to always seek safety. When a brand new client steps into our studios or fitness classes- there can be so many unknowns, it doesn’t always feel like a safe zone. On top of that, they’re expected to take themselves out of their comfort zone and into a state of vulnerability- the complete opposite of safety! The more that we can make our clients feel safe when they come into class, the more likely they are to get the most out of their workout, and in turn, come back more often. In this episode, we speak with our guest about how our genes can either have a good expression or bad expression based on the environment we’re in. We see this in identical twins- how despite the exact same genetic code, they can have completely different expressions and therefore different body types and personalities as they develop. The experience we provide as fitness professionals should go well beyond telling people how to exercise effectively and what food to eat. We must create an environment where their good genes can switch on and express themselves- this happens through personalization: by getting to know them and understand them a little better, this informs how we speak to them, how to motivate them, which classes to suggest they take and what time of day. This can expand all the way out to how they are marketed to. When we accomplish this the best version of themselves can literally be expressed via their genes. By giving our clients minds and bodies what they need, it allows them to feel like they’re in the right place- and sometimes that effect is more powerful than the class itself.   View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes:   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: The science behind why an quality experience is so important How our genetic expression affects the kind of experience we need How to properly read our clients and provide them with a personalized experience   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: The Five Love Languages ph360 shaefit (application for fitness) The FCM Community The post FCM119: The Science Behind the Benefits of a Personalized Experience with Emma Masters appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Mar 2020

54 min 1 sec

  We’re all in the fitness industry to change people’s lives. and to change people’s lives we have to get them to come to our studio. What we may not think about all that often is that our customer journey begins long before they walk through the doors to the studio. What this means is that the capabilities of our website and ease of our booking software has a lot to do with the first impression that our potential future clients receive. If it’s too much of a hassle, challenging, or uninformative, they may decide that coming in is  not worth all the effort. In this episode Shay speaks with Shannon Tracey (an old friend of ours from our early careers) who shares key insights like this one from her time in the industry- most recently spend as the VP of business development for Mariana Tek, the new premium business management software for the boutique fitness industry, that has been taking the industry by storm. In this episode you’ll learn more business success secrets that will help you remove any unintentional roadblocks to acquiring and retaining your clients, and you’ll learn some of the amazing things that Mariana Tek has integrated into their software, that not only help you ensure that you are providing the best possible customer experience from beginning to end but also that the process of client management is made simple and easy to use for you, your front desk team, and even your instructors.    View links to all the episodes we mentioned in the Show Notes:   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: Simple secrets to an incredible client experience How Mariana Tek differs from its competitors Awesome Mariana Tek features that take your client experience to the next level   References in the Episode & Additional Resources: Flywheel Sports The FCM Community The post FCM118: How to Ensure an Exceptional Client Experience with Shannon Tracey of Mariana Tek appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Feb 2020

39 min 3 sec

In this special two part series, we decided to switch things around, and give you the opportunity to hear our answers to questions from our experience as international master trainers and having consulted for fitness businesses all over the world. For these episodes we brought on Jessica Sandow- an instructor in Oakland California, and our […] The post FCM117: Real Life Insights into Being a Fitness Professional (Part 2) appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Feb 2020

39 min 28 sec

In this special two part series, we decided to switch things around, and give you the opportunity to hear our answers to questions from our experience as international master trainers and having consulted for fitness businesses all over the world. For these episodes we brought on Jessica Sandow- an instructor in Oakland California, and our […] The post FCM116: Real Life Insights into Being a Fitness Professional (Part 1) appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Feb 2020

41 min 12 sec

There’s a lot of competition out there! But do you know who it is? Can you name your top two competitors? What are the other choices in your market for your clients? What are your strengths and superpowers? How are you unique in the presentation of your product and services? HOW are you presenting those? […] The post FCM115: 4 Steps for Fitness Entrepreneurs to Get Ahead of the Competition with Billy Polson appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Feb 2020

52 min 2 sec

In this episode we continue our conversation with Stanford University health psychologist Kelly McGonigal as we explore what we love most about fitness- music, and the way it feels when the right song comes on at the right time. Listen to this episode to learn the science behind what we already intuitively know and feel […] The post FCM114: Understanding the Psychological Effects of Music in Fitness with Kelly McGonigal appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Feb 2020

36 min 44 sec

The work we do as fitness professionals transcends physical health and entertaining people. It has a deep impact on the lives of our clients. We all know the feeling you get when you’re moving with other people, and suddenly your sense of self expands, in a way that both makes you feel more connected with […] The post FCM113: Why Synchronized Movement Creates Connection & How to Harness the Effect with Kelly McGonigal appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Jan 2020

50 min 25 sec

We’re now living in an age where digital fitness solutions are growing like apps, YouTube videos, and companies like Peloton, The Mirror, and Tonal. Fitness is also becoming more popular, with more brick and mortar locations entering the market. It’s getting competitive out there. BUT the one sustainable competitive advantage that a studio has compared […] The post FCM112: What Building a Strong Community Can Do For Your Business with Ntiedo Etuk appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Jan 2020

1 hr 1 min

Recently in the FCM community we asked what your biggest success was from last year, and so many of your answers had to do with taking a big leap of faith towards your goals. As we enter this new year and decade, I’m sure you feel the desire to make huge leaps forward in your […] The post FCM111: Rethinking Productivity- Making the Complex Simple with Scott Hopson appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Jan 2020

57 min 57 sec

As we enter a new year and decade, it’s natural to not only go into a state of reflection over the last year (and decade) and also start thinking ahead to all the things you want to do differently and accomplish moving forward. Sometimes those to-do lists can get so long that we wind up […] The post FCM110: The Art of Integration with Lindsey Rainwater appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Jan 2020

55 min 37 sec

In this fascinating conversation with a frankly, brilliant studio owner we talk about how he has created a completely automated, data driven, personalized experience in his studio that his clients cannot possibly replicate at home. Listen as he talks about how everything, from the workout, to the coaching, to the followup email sequences are personalized […] The post FCM109: Secrets of a Data-Driven Experience with Reynaldo Reyna appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Dec 2019

44 min 8 sec

According to our guest today, you’ve got your 1.0 concepts. They’re the ones with the green AstroTurf and the blue stripe on the wall. You’ve got your 2.0 concepts which are very clean and modern but resemble all the other boutique concepts out there. And then you have your 10.0 concepts- the ones that take […] The post FCM108: The Future of Studio Design with Cuoco Black appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Dec 2019

56 min 53 sec

Just like people know that they should be getting into fitness for their health and well-being, many also know that they should be working on getting more organized with their finances, but both are harder than they seem. Physical and financial fitness are the same in the sense that it’s not easy to build good […] The post FCM107: Five Tax Tips for a Financially Fit Year End with Shannon Weinstein appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Dec 2019

29 min

It’s a fear that lurks in the back of the minds of personal trainers, online trainers, group fitness instructors, and studio owners all over the world- what if there’s an incident in our training sessions or classes and someone approaches us with a lawsuit. What is that process like? How can we ensure that we […] The post FCM106: How to Ensure You’re Best Protected from Lawsuits with Danielle Stead appeared first on Fitness Career Mastery.

Nov 2019

1 hr 2 min