The Diff: A Podcast from Meta Open Source

Joel Marcey

Hosted by Joel Marcey, a staff developer advocate on the Meta Open Source team, The Diff showcases the program, the projects and the people that drives the team's mission of building community through open source technology.

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On this episode of The Diff recorded Wednesday, May 6th 2020, Joel catches up with Cami Williams, a developer advocate and colleague on the Facebook open source team. Cami and Joel play, I ask question, you ask a question and we talked about some really interesting topics. Find out how Cami became popular on social media, our thoughts around diversity in the world of advocacy and technology, the one programming language to have if you are stranded on an island, and hear some admissions about reality TV shows. Also there is a big surprise at the end regarding the podcast itself. Facebook Open Source Facebook Open Source YouTube Channel Facebook Twitter Account Official Harry Potter House Quiz

May 2020

56 min 34 sec

On this episode of The Diff, Joel talks Libra with Eric Nakagawa. Libra's mission is to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that powers billions of people. Eric is the head of open source for Calibra, who is building a wallet for Libra. Eric describes how Libra works, how validator nodes work, what parts of Libra are open sourced, the difference between Libra and Calibra, and much more. Find out more, including the transcript at

Nov 2019

1 hr 3 min

On this special episode of The Diff, Instagram software engineer Kathryn Middleton, and React Native engineering manager, Kevin Gozali, join Joel on our final live broadcast from the F8 2019 conference to discuss the current state of React and React Native. Learn why React Hooks is such a big deal, how React and React Native cooperate on roadmaps, and about some of the exciting new features for both. Also, we talk about the shift in focus for React Native on open source. F8 class on React Hooks F8 session on React, Relay, GraphQL F8 session on React Native, ComponentKit, Litho

May 2019

12 min 3 sec

On this special F8 2019 episode of The Diff, Rongrong Zhong and Greg Leclercq, engineers on the Facebook Presto team, join Joel on another live broadcast from San Jose to discuss Presto, Facebook's distributed SQL Query Engine. Learn what Presto is, why Presto was developed and where Presto is going in terms of open source and the community. Also, we talk about how you can know if Presto is right for your data needs and how you would go about starting to learn it. F8 class on Presto

May 2019

15 min

On this special F8 2019 episode of The Diff, Lisa Roach and John Reese, software engineers at Facebook, join Joel on our first live broadcast to discuss the role of Python at Facebook. Understand why Python is a core language at Facebook, why we are so involved in the Python community and learn about some of our recent Python-based open source projects, including Bowler. And just before both Lisa and John head to PyCon, we learn about some of the cool things happening in Python lately. F8 Session on Python F8 Class on Pyre

May 2019

18 min 34 sec

On this episode of The Diff, Joel talks React and React Native with Dan Abramov and Tom Occhino. Find out how React grew to become one of the most popular projects at Facebook and on GitHub, and how we manage such a growing and vibrant community. Learn what drove the development of React Native from the React architecture. And how Redux started out as a project developed outside of Facebook only to now be used in core projects within the company.

Mar 2019

57 min 26 sec

On this episode of The Diff, Joel talks to Jordan, the creator of React, our most popular open source project, and the creator of Reason, a programming language cousin of JavaScript based on OCaml. Learn about why React was born, the need for another programming language, and how both of these projects have impacted development both inside and outside of Facebook. Also Joel finds out the real name of Reason's package manager.

Mar 2019

44 min 10 sec

On this episode of The Diff, Dan and Lee, two of the creators of GraphQL, join Joel to discuss this query language that helps you deal with data. Learn how GraphQL was born from a need to make Facebook's mobile news feed more compelling. We answer how GraphQL compares to REST, and we talk about GraphQL's move to the Linux Foundation. Joel also gets excited when he hears that Dan runs a GraphQL-based project for soccer statistics.

Mar 2019

48 min 56 sec

On our inaugural episode of The Diff, Joel talks to Christine and Eric, open source developer advocates at Facebook. Learn about why we named the podcast “The Diff”, our definition of developer advocacy, how we launch projects, and why Facebook is involved in open source. You will also discover the relationship between Eric and triangles, and so much more.

Mar 2019

58 min 16 sec

Developer advocate Joel Marcey announces The Diff, a new podcast from Facebook Open Source.

Feb 2019

41 sec