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Growth to Freedom™ - Transform Your Life, Business, and Relationships with Clarity, Confidence, and Direction

By Dan Kuschell

Freedom only happens when you are driven by purpose. As one of my friends Joe Polish of Genius Network says: “… if you want a breakthrough, you’ve got to break something…” The Growth to Freedom™ Show helps you transform your life in business and in relationships. It’s a fresh mix of strategy, resources, and entertainment that guides you to create the personal and business breakthroughs you need. Your success and freedom will only grow to the extent you do, and The Growth to Freedom™ Show will help you find clarity, confidence, and direction. Two weeks after my son was born in 2007, I found myself in a hospital for four days with a serious heart problem. The fact is, I had let my health go to the extent that my body gave out. It was a major wakeup call. That experience opened a new door of awareness for me. I came to realize that if I wanted something different, I needed to do something different. If I wanted something better, I needed to do it better. We’re living at one of the most exciting times in history and I believe you can have freedom on your terms. You can have it all, if you’re willing to take the necessary steps. It’s not easy. I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes and I want to help you avoid those on your own journey. This show was born as part of my process and was inspired by Joe Polish, Genius Network, and many mentors I’m fortunate to call friends. It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you’ve been: It only matters that you want to grow. Whatever your definition of success, I will challenge, guide, and connect you to some of the best leaders and experts in the world today. Now is your time - you deserve it! The catalyst for greatness is inside of you, and it starts now with Growth to Freedom! Insights and strategy from experts like - T Harv Eker, Craig Ballantyne, Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach, Genius Network Joe Polish, and more (what about that?) - these aren’t the experts I have interviewed, however excerpts from their ideas.

  1. 1.
    What Trumps Strategy And Ideas with Dan Kuschell [Podcast 207]02/18/2019
  2. 2.
    Building And Growing A Community Of Raving Fans with Jonathan Cronstedt [Podcast 206]02/11/2019
  3. 3.
    Performance-Based Marketing with Derek Champagne [Podcast 205]02/04/2019
  4. 4.
    Selling To Serve: The Sales Whisperer, Wes Schaeffer [Podcast 204]01/28/2019
  5. 5.
    Selling Is Serving: Unlock The Power Of A Transformational Message with Michelle Kopper [Podcast 203]01/21/2019
  6. 6.
    How To Stretch Your Comfort Zone And Have A Bigger Impact with Dr. Andy Molinksy [Podcast 202]01/14/2019
  7. 7.
    How To Create Systems To Run Your Business - Without Stress And Chaos with Josh Fonger [Podcast 201]01/07/2019
  8. 8.
    Your 2019 Focus Multiplier: A NEW Approach For Goal Achievement And Big Breakthroughs [Podcast 200]12/31/2018
  1. 9.
    10X Growth Drivers And Building An Exit Strategy with Steve Little [Podcast 199]12/24/2018
  2. 10.
    Serve First While Building Your Dream Business with Jim Palmer [Podcast 198]12/17/2018
  3. 11.
    Make More Money, Experience More Joy, Succeed With Ease with Roberta Ross [PODCAST 197]12/10/2018
  4. 12.
    Funnelytics: How Data Makes You More Money with Mikael Dia [PODCAST 196]12/03/2018
  5. 13.
    How Facial Expressions Help You Connect And Create More Clients with Alan Stevens [Podcast 195]11/26/2018
  6. 14.
    Bluefishing: Making Things Happen with Steve Sims [PODCAST 194]11/19/2018
  7. 15.
    Global Impact And Why It's Okay To Want What You Want with Adrian Walker [PODCAST 193]11/12/2018
  8. 16.
    How to Grow Your Business With Less Stress [Podcast 192]11/05/2018
  9. 17.
    The Fast Path To Grow: Buying A Business with Chris Yates [PODCAST 191]10/29/2018
  10. 18.
    Lead And Grow Rich: Leadership Starts At Home with Christie Garcia [PODCAST 190]10/22/2018
  11. 19.
    The Connection Effect with Gordie Bufton [PODCAST 189]10/15/2018
  12. 20.
    Military Vet Shows How To Become A Media Mogul And Build Your Bigger Future with Colin Wayne [PODCAST 188]10/08/2018
  13. 21.
    How to Build a Powerful Family and Business with the Ride or Die Mindset [Podcast 187]10/01/2018
  14. 22.
    $10 Million Dollar Webinar Secrets Revealed with Joel Erway [PODCAST 186]09/24/2018
  15. 23.
    Finding True Growth: Less Pain, More Gain with Joey Atlas [PODCAST 185]09/17/2018
  16. 24.
    Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth, And Happiness with Akshay Nanavati [PODCAST 184]09/10/2018
  17. 25.
    Mental Toughness and Peak Performance with Olympic Champion Adam Kreek [PODCAST 183]09/03/2018
  18. 26.
    Simplify Getting More Clients (Interview with Chris Harder) [PODCAST 182]08/27/2018
  19. 27.
    How To Help Your Clients Get Breakthroughs [PODCAST 181]08/20/2018
  20. 28.
    Six Questions You Must Answer To Get Your Clients To Buy From You [PODCAST 180]08/13/2018
  21. 29.
    Building Your Company To Sell It For A High Profitable Exchange with David Barnett [PODCAST 179]08/06/2018
  22. 30.
    Unconventional Approaches to Dealing With Crisis at Home and in the Workplace [PODCAST 178]07/30/2018
  23. 31.
    The Entrepreneur's Gift & Five Things for Growth [PODCAST 177]07/23/2018
  24. 32.
    Using Direct Response Marketing to Generate Even More Profitability with Dean Edelson [PODCAST 176]07/16/2018
  25. 33.
    Tailoring Paranormal Research For Modern Audiences With Dan Baldwin [PODCAST 175]07/09/2018
  26. 34.
    How To Overcome Obstacles With Clarity And Peace Of Mind [PODCAST 174]07/02/2018
  27. 35.
    Getting More Clients For Consultants And Coaches With Dov Gordon [PODCAST 173]06/25/2018
  28. 36.
    Amplify Your Success with Melanie Benson [PODCAST 172]06/18/2018
  29. 37.
    The Mindset Zone: Creating A Ripple Effect For Businesses with Ana Melikian [PODCAST 171]06/11/2018
  30. 38.
    Scalable Income Possibilities With Justin Devonshire [PODCAST 170]06/04/2018
  31. 39.
    Culture Of Opportunity With Mark Monchek [PODCAST 169]05/28/2018
  32. 40.
    The Five-Step Blueprint: Creating Your Signature Offer to Attract Your Ideal Clients [PODCAST 168]05/21/2018
  33. 41.
    Achieving Your Seven-Figure Breakthrough With The BOTE Method [PODCAST 167]05/14/2018
  34. 42.
    How to Effectively Use Reverse Prospecting to Grow Your Business, Get Greater Clarity, and Increase Your Reach with Steve Gordon [PODCAST 166]05/07/2018
  35. 43.
    Want More Clients? Start Using the Application Model! [PODCAST 165]04/30/2018
  36. 44.
    How To Develop Your Business Model Framework Using the Five P Method and More! [PODCAST 164]04/23/2018
  37. 45.
    Discover the Key to Leadership Accountability, How to Bring Clarity into the Workplace, and Host More Effective Meetings with Jon Goldman [PODCAST 163]04/16/2018
  38. 46.
    How to Build a Healthy Business Partnership, Grow and Scale Your Business, and Thrive as a Working Parent with Kim England and Lisha Crytzer [PODCAST 162]04/09/2018
  39. 47.
    How to Build and Implement a Predictable Client Pipeline, Increase Your Reach, and Simplify Your Message with Joey Atlas [PODCAST 161]04/02/2018
  40. 48.
    Learn How to Deliver Results, Focus on Transformation, and Stand Out from the Crowd using the Client Accelerator Method with Jimmy Harding [PODCAST 160]03/26/2018
  41. 49.
    Discover Leadership that Works, Lessons Learned from Failure, and the Necessity of Listening with Joshua Spodek [PODCAST 159]03/19/2018
  42. 50.
    Discover the Value of Learning from Failure, Why Purpose Drives Excellence, and Strategies to Succeed as a High Performer with Adam Kreek [PODCAST 158]03/12/2018
  43. 51.
    Discover How to Deal with Disappointment and Express Your Feelings Constructively with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 157]03/05/2018
  44. 52.
    Discover the #1 Principle For Building A Foundation For Success & more with Dr. Cristy Lopez! [PODCAST 156]02/26/2018
  45. 53.
    How To Create Clarity, Let the Authentic You Shine Through, and Enjoy the Alignment of Life and Work with Jared Nichols [PODCAST 155]02/19/2018
  46. 54.
    Discover the Perspective of a Futurist, What to Expect from Today’s Current Trends, and the Significance of Collaboration with Jared Nichols [PODCAST 154]02/12/2018
  47. 55.
    How to Connect with Your Target Audience and Leverage Strategic Thinking with Gabriella Mirabelli [PODCAST 153]02/05/2018
  48. 56.
    How to Work with Millennials, Unlock their Potential, and Build a Thriving Work Environment with Javier Montes [PODCAST 152]01/30/2018
  49. 57.
    Discover the Webinar Interview Method and How to Increase Your Influence! [PODCAST 151]01/23/2018
  50. 58.
    Discover the Ultimate Hiring Blueprint and the TWO Crucial Hires that Can Transform Your Company [PODCAST 150]01/15/2018
  51. 59.
    The Million Dollar One-Person Business with Elaine Pofeldt [PODCAST 149]01/08/2018
  52. 60.
    Keys to Communicating and Setting Personal Boundaries, Embracing Assertiveness, and Enjoying Healthy Relationships with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 148]01/01/2018
  53. 61.
    Learn How to Create Healthy Boundaries, Remove Chaos, and Embrace Freedom with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 147]12/25/2017
  54. 62.
    How to Work with Family Members in a Sustainable Way, Find a “Right Fit” when Hiring, and more with Amy Bruske [PODCAST 146]12/18/2017
  55. 63.
    Use Your Time Effectively, Play to Your Strengths, and Create a Collaborative Workplace with Amy Bruske [PODCAST 145]12/11/2017
  56. 64.
    [One Question] Helping Businesses Get Results with Jim Edwards Founder of Funnel Scripts12/05/2017
  57. 65.
    Company Values and Multiplication by Subtraction with Shannon Waller [PODCAST 144]12/04/2017
  58. 66.
    What it Takes to Reach Your Ideal Clients and Push Through Adversity with Jaime Jay [PODCAST 143]11/27/2017
  59. 67.
    How to Achieve Business Breakthroughs, Avoid Common Mistakes, and Learn Valuable Lessons from Sports with Jaime Jay [PODCAST 142]11/20/2017
  60. 68.
    How to Build a Virtual Team, Improve Your Efficiency, and Increase Your Profit Margin with Joe Kashurba [PODCAST 141]11/13/2017
  61. 69.
    Steps to Expand Your Business Growth by 10X, Turn the Corner on Failure, and Deliver Value to Your Clients with Joe Kashurba [PODCAST 140]11/06/2017
  62. 70.
    How to Dismantle Black and White Thinking, Understand the Control Fallacy, and Leave the Blame Game Behind with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 139]10/30/2017
  63. 71.
    Overcoming Cognitive Distortions and Focusing on Accurate Thinking with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 138]10/23/2017
  64. 72.
    How to Implement Effective Advertising, Target the Right Audience, and Build Momentum with Adrienne Richardson [PODCAST 137]10/16/2017
  65. 73.
    Simplify Your Business TODAY, Do what you LOVE, and Discover Your Genius Zone with Richard Phu [PODCAST 136]10/09/2017
  66. 74.
    Increase Your Sales, Effectively Engage with Clients, and Establish Connections that Will Last! [PODCAST 135]10/02/2017
  67. 75.
    Bizarre Lessons Learned through Failure and 3 Ways to Make More Money! [PODCAST 134]09/25/2017
  68. 76.
    How to Generate Sales Leads, Craft a Compelling Offer, and Deliver Value with Jeremy Ellens [PODCAST 133]09/18/2017
  69. 77.
    Tools and Tips for Making Relationships Work with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 132]09/11/2017
  70. 78.
    How to Establish, Cultivate, and Prioritize Meaningful Relationships with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 131]09/04/2017
  71. 79.
    How to Build a Dream Come True Solution and Craft an Irresistible Offer [PODCAST 130]08/25/2017
  72. 80.
    The Client Multiplier Method: Increase your Sales Leads TODAY! [PODCAST 129]08/21/2017
  73. 81.
    Discover the Power to Get Things Done, Advance Momentum, and Experience Transformation with Christopher Cooper [PODCAST 128]08/14/2017
  74. 82.
    Identifying and Overcoming Addiction with Susan Peirce Thompson [PODCAST 127]08/07/2017
  75. 83.
    Discover the KEY to Building Rapport and Connecting with Influencers with Esther Kiss [PODCAST 126]07/31/2017
  76. 84.
    Learn How to Leverage Publicity to YOUR Advantage with Esther Kiss [PODCAST 125]07/24/2017
  77. 85.
    Discover an Unorthodox Way to Bootstrap a New Company and Leverage the Collaborative Process with Stephanie Frank [PODCAST 124]07/17/2017
  78. 86.
    How to Create a Movement and Expand Your Reach with Stephanie Frank [PODCAST 123]07/10/2017
  79. 87.
    Discover a Content Marketing Plan that WORKS, Tools to Connect with Your Audience, and How to Leverage Success with Joe Pulizzi [PODCAST 122]07/03/2017
  80. 88.
    Learn about the Power of Asking the Right Questions, How to Connect with Your Peers, and Build Momentum in Your Life with Joseph Varghese [PODCAST 121]06/26/2017
  81. 89.
    Unlock the Secret to tell a GREAT story, the Power of the Four Part Joke Formula, and Why Words Matter with Kevin Rogers [PODCAST 120]06/19/2017
  82. 90.
    Learn How to Deal with Anxiety, Discover Your FLOW State, and Get Back into the Driver’s Seat of YOUR Life with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 119]06/12/2017
  83. 91.
    Discover The Power of Labeling, How to Master NO, and Why YOU Should Never Split the Difference with Chris Voss [PODCAST 118]06/05/2017
  84. 92.
    How To Live a Life of Significance and Meaning, Develop a Heart of Generosity and Gratitude, and Reach Your Full Potential with Aaron Walker [PODCAST 117]05/29/2017
  85. 93.
    How to Create YOUR Consumer Awareness Guide, Position Yourself with Increased Credibility, and Transform Your Business [PODCAST 116]05/22/2017
  86. 94.
    Discover the Simple Story Framework, Identify your PATH, and Connect with People in a Genuine Way [PODCAST 115]05/15/2017
  87. 95.
    Unlock the 7 Step Method to Powerful Presentation, Avoid Public Speaking Mistakes, and Connect with your Audience [PODCAST 114]05/08/2017
  88. 96.
    Discover The BEST Blueprint for Success, Keys To Get Inside Your Client’s Mindset, and Tools for Exponential Growth [PODCAST 113]05/01/2017
  89. 97.
    The Power of Emotions, Elevating Your Mindset and Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs with Jason Treu‎ [PODCAST 112]04/24/2017
  90. 98.
    Discover the Truth, Unlock Your Potential, and You Are the One with Kute Blackson [PODCAST 111]04/17/2017
  91. 99.
    Discover Your Untapped Potential, Keys to Lasting Transformation, and Why Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson [PODCAST 110]04/10/2017
  92. 100.
    How to Simplify Complexity, Discover Your Superpowers, and Cultivate Growth with Jeff Moore [PODCAST 109]04/03/2017
  93. 101.
    Proven Tools to Hire and Recruit Team Members, Reduce Complexity, and Scale Your Company [PODCAST 108]03/27/2017
  94. 102.
    How to create a Marketing Calendar, Follow a Business Blueprint, and Implement Top Marketing Strategies [PODCAST 107]03/20/2017
  95. 103.
    Learn How To Utilize Traffic Generation Tools, Scale Your Business, and Overcome Inconsistency with Chris Evans [PODCAST 106]03/13/2017
  96. 104.
    How to Become a Conscious Entrepreneur, Change Your Mindset, and Achieve Simplicity in Your Business with J. V. Crum III [PODCAST 105]03/06/2017
  97. 105.
    Get on the Track to Financial Freedom, Simplify Your Investments, and Gain Independence with Jeff Rose [PODCAST 104]02/27/2017
  98. 106.
    How to Build a Fiercely Loyal Company Culture, Find Power in Vulnerability, and Demonstrate Authenticity with Dov Baron [PODCAST 103]02/20/2017
  99. 107.
    Using the Five P Process to Create Momentum, Freedom, and Progress [PODCAST 102]02/13/2017
  100. 108.
    How to Create Momentum, The Five P Process, and Serving your Clients with Excellence [PODCAST 101]02/06/2017
  101. 109.
    Maximize Your Business Through The Law of Reciprocity, Active Appreciation, Relational Capital, and More, with Kevin Thompson [PODCAST 100]01/30/2017
  102. 110.
    Build A Website Sales Funnel And Use Education Based Marketing To Optimize and Maximize Your Business with John Lagoudakis [PODCAST 99]01/23/2017
  103. 111.
    Direct Response Marketing, Why The List Outweighs the Copy, and The Advertising Solution, with Brian Kurtz and Craig Simpson [PODCAST 98]01/16/2017
  104. 112.
    Scaling Your Business, Strategies For Maximum Business Growth, Building Your Business Playbook, And Creating An Annual Marketing Calendar [PODCAST 97]01/09/2017
  105. 113.
    Why Following Your Passion Is A Mistake, Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work & How You Can Create A Bigger Future [PODCAST 96]01/03/2017
  106. 114.
    Maximize Potential, Slow Down For Greater Success, And How To Live In Growth and Freedom, with Ken Foster [PODCAST 95]12/26/2016
  107. 115.
    Create Rapid Growth in Your Business, Find Your Unique Focus, Become a Master at Sales, and more with Matthew Pollard [PODCAST 94]12/19/2016
  108. 116.
    Design Your Life, The 4 Legged Stool for Success, and Excellence with Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins [PODCAST 93]12/12/2016
  109. 117.
    Create Repeat Business and Loyal Customers By Delivering the WOW Factor, with John Dwyer [PODCAST 92]12/05/2016
  110. 118.
    Increase Your Personal Safety, Protect Your Identity, and Safeguard Your Home with Retired CIA Officer Jason Hanson [PODCAST 91]11/28/2016
  111. 119.
    How The Customer Experience Journey Can Increase Sales, Create Raving Fans, and Set Your Company Apart with Jason Friedman [PODCAST 90]11/21/2016
  112. 120.
    Mistakes Smart People Make, 4 Stages of Learning, Get Rid of Your Head Trash, and More With Noah St. John [PODCAST 89]11/14/2016
  113. 121.
    Building Authority, Super Credibility, and Expert Status Through Public Speaking With Joel Weldon: [PODCAST 88]11/07/2016
  114. 122.
    Tony Horton: Do Your Best and Forget The Rest - How YOU Can Truly Be Your Very Best [PODCAST 87]10/31/2016
  115. 123.
    Conflict Resolution Strategies, The Moving Future Tool, and the Power of the DOS Conversation [PODCAST 86]10/24/2016
  116. 124.
    Exponential Growth in Business and Life, 6 Key Business Areas, The Wealth Formula and More [PODCAST 85]10/17/2016
  117. 125.
    An Exit Strategy Approach To Building A Business, Value Drivers For Maximum Growth, and Game Changing Strategies for Your Business with Kevin Waldron [PODCAST 84]10/10/2016
  118. 126.
    Increase Your Financial Literacy, the Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset with Justin Krane [PODCAST 83]10/03/2016
  119. 127.
    Networking Power, The Ben Franklin Effect, and How to Double Your Business with Itzik Amiel [PODCAST 82]09/26/2016
  120. 128.
    Body Language For Success and Building Trust Automatically With Body Language Expert Renate Mousseux [PODCAST 81]09/19/2016
  121. 129.
    Be the Best You Can Be, Turn Failure Into Opportunity, and Strategies For Greater Productivity with Marc Mawhinney the Coach’s Coach [PODCAST 80]09/12/2016
  122. 130.
    The Truth About Work Life Balance, The CEO’s Mindset, and Building a Better You with Vinnie Fisher [PODCAST 79]09/05/2016
  123. 131.
    The Power of Social Capital, Building Wealth, and The Missing Link Between Wealth and Happiness, with Tony Rose [PODCAST 78]08/29/2016
  124. 132.
    The Importance of Entrepreneurs, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, and Why There’s Nothing Wrong With You with Alex Charfen [PODCAST 77]08/22/2016
  125. 133.
    Self Directed IRA Services to Maximize Your Investments, Entrepreneurship,and The Importance and Power of Relationship Capital with Theresa Fette [PODCAST 76]08/15/2016
  126. 134.
    Create An Effective Exit Strategy For Your Business, Work IN, Not ON Your Business, And How To Begin With The End In Mind with Randy Long [PODCAST 75]08/08/2016
  127. 135.
    Making Connections that Leverage Your Network to Become Useful, Resourceful, Powerful, with Judy Robinett [PODCAST 74]08/01/2016
  128. 136.
    The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Position Your Business for Maximum Exponential Growth [PODCAST 73]07/25/2016
  129. 137.
    Turn Frustrations Into Opportunities, Identify and Destroy the Obstacles to Your Success, and Learn How to Use The Commitment Mindset Maximizer from Strategic Coach [PODCAST 72]07/18/2016
  130. 138.
    Make Your Life A Masterpiece, The Perfect Day Formula, and Overcoming Anxiety and Stress, with Craig Ballantyne [PODCAST 71]07/11/2016
  131. 139.
    Mortgaging the Pain, the Myth of No Pain, No Gain and Living Your Best Life Now [PODCAST 70]07/04/2016
  132. 140.
    How To Double or Triple Your Sales and The ELF Sales Method [PODCAST 69]06/27/2016
  133. 141.
    Playing Full Out VS Hiding Out, Discovering What’s Holding You Back, and What You Do VS How You Do It [PODCAST 68]06/20/2016
  134. 142.
    Mindfulness, Living in the Present, and Acceptance VS Settling. Change Your Mindset and Change Your Future with Dr Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 67]06/13/2016
  135. 143.
    Detachment versus Disconnection, Living in the Present, and more with Dr Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 66]06/06/2016
  136. 144.
    Influence, Insecurity, and Clarity on Who You Are with Jordan Harbinger [PODCAST 65]05/30/2016
  137. 145.
    Tony Grebmeier on the Power of Community, Accountability on Personal Reinvention and Leading a Successful Inc. 500 Business [PODCAST 64]05/23/2016
  138. 146.
    The Myths of Leadership, How To Empower the 80/20 rule, and Taking Consistent Action Until You Win, with David Shriner-Cahn [PODCAST 63]05/16/2016
  139. 147.
    Passive Income VS Scaling, Productizing Underutilized Assets, and the Power of Community with David Shriner-Cahn [PODCAST 62]05/09/2016
  140. 148.
    What’s the 1 Thing? (The Power of Coaching & Questions) [PODCAST 61]05/02/2016
  141. 149.
    3 Steps to Make Your Life a Masterpiece, Why It’s Not Crowded At The Top, and Playing to Win... [PODCAST 60]04/25/2016
  142. 150.
    Busy VS Productive, What Makes a For True Productivity, and How To Choose the Most Productive Thing in Every Moment with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 59]04/18/2016
  143. 151.
    Boundaries and Barriers, Personal Power in Relationships, Overcoming Relational Barriers with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 58]04/11/2016
  144. 152.
    Optimize Your Personal Performance, Increase Your Internal Game, and Develop An Invincible Mindset, with the Iceman, Wim Hof [PODCAST 57]04/04/2016
  145. 153.
    How to build a New Media platform, What is Your What, The Rule of 1000, and Influencer Marketing with Steve Olsher [PODCAST 56]03/28/2016
  146. 154.
    The Simple, 15 Minute Process That Will Generate More Leads, More Sales, and More Profits. [PODCAST 55]03/18/2016
  147. 155.
    Lead and Grow Rich, Become a State Inducer, and Leading Yourself and Your Company to Greater Success [PODCAST 54]03/14/2016
  148. 156.
    Building a Secondary Income, Fundraising for Schools, and Changing the Future with Matt Miller [PODCAST 53]03/07/2016
  149. 157.
    Eric Walrabenstein: How to Connect with Influencers, Add Value, Improve Productivity, and Better Box for your Best Life Ever [PODCAST 52]02/29/2016
  150. 158.
    Doubling Profits, Doubling Productivity, and Building Confidence Through the Power Of Afformations, with Noah St. John [PODCAST 51]02/22/2016
  151. 159.
    Noah St. John: Afformations, Power Habits, and 10,000 Small Business Owners Doubling Their Performance and Profits [PODCAST 50]02/15/2016
  152. 160.
    The Power of Lifebook, How to Maximize the 12 Key Categories of Your Life, and 4 Key Questions for Transformation [PODCAST 49]02/08/2016
  153. 161.
    The Future is Now: A.I., Robotics, the Abundance Mindset, Peter Diamandis, Abundance 360 and more [PODCAST 48]02/01/2016
  154. 162.
    How to Turn Writing Into a Career, Minimize Failure In Business, And Write Copy That Sells, with Ben Settle [PODCAST 47]01/25/2016
  155. 163.
    Wealth without Wall Street, The Big Short, and Creating Financial Freedom with Little Known Real Estate Strategies with Robert San Luis [PODCAST 46]01/18/2016
  156. 164.
    Find Your Unique Offering, Make More Sales, Hire the Right People and more with Coach Michael Burt [PODCAST 45]01/11/2016
  157. 165.
    Setting Yourself Up for a 10X Growth Year, Personally and in Your Business PLUS: Business Success Through Getting Into Your Customer’s Head [PODCAST 44]01/04/2016
  158. 166.
    How to make your message an Amazon Bestseller, the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle, and Balancing Business and Family, with my kids Kira and Kyler, and Ric and Liz Thompson [PODCAST 43]12/29/2015
  159. 167.
    How you can have 10X the effectiveness, success, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your business and personal life. [PODCAST 42]12/21/2015
  160. 168.
    Recalibrating Your Money Mindset, Thinking Like Millionaires Think, and Why You SHOULD Become Wealthy, With T. Harv Eker [PODCAST 41]12/14/2015
  161. 169.
    Steve Sims on Connecting With High Profile People, Being Truly Authentic, and How “Thoughtful Trumps Expensive,” Every Time [PODCAST 40]12/07/2015
  162. 170.
    Mark Winters on Friction Free Business Relationships, Visionary & Integrator Leadership Types, and the Power of the Right Business Combinations [PODCAST 39]11/30/2015
  163. 171.
    Dan Kuschell: Celebrating Veterans, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Gratitude, & The Genius Network Annual Event [PODCAST 38]11/23/2015
  164. 172.
    Dr. Cristy Lopez: Building Relationship Capital and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse with Relationships with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 37]11/16/2015
  165. 173.
    Jim Sheils - Relationships, 3 Steps to Connection, and the Board Meeting Method - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell Episode [PODCAST 36]11/11/2015
  166. 174.
    Sean Terry: Creating Wealth with Real Estate, Rituals for Mastery, and the Flip to Freedom Method with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 35]11/02/2015
  167. 175.
    Joshua Shafran: The Profit Prophet - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell Episode [PODCAST 34]10/26/2015
  168. 176.
    Jimmy Harding: Rapid Business Breakthroughs & Leveraging the Freedom Economy with Dan Kuschell - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell Episode [PODCAST 33]10/19/2015
  169. 177.
    Dr. Cristy Lopez: Mastery 2.0 & Your Playbook for Personal Power with Dan Kuschell - Growth To Freedom Episode [PODCAST 32]10/12/2015
  170. 178.
    Disrupting The Status Quo, Game Changers Like David Berg of Arrowhead Health Centers, And The Prophet Profit Joshua Shafran - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell Episode [PODCAST 31]10/05/2015
  171. 179.
    David Long: Built to Lead, R.E.W.A.R.D.S. for the Top 10% and more with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 30]09/28/2015
  172. 180.
    Greg Rollett: How to Build Your Legend, Getting What You Want, and Ambitious with Dan Kuschell - I Love Marketing With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 29]09/21/2015
  173. 181.
    Trusted Advisors, Tragedy, Significance, and Relationship Capital With Aaron Walker - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 28]09/14/2015
  174. 182.
    Dr. Cristy Lopez: Accelerators to Handle Adversity, Loss, and Failure for More Growth, Freedom, and Mastery - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 27]09/07/2015
  175. 183.
    Dr. Cristy Lopez: Wired for Success, Failure, and Breakthroughs with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 26]08/31/2015
  176. 184.
    Brian Tracy: Leadership, Victory, and The Strategy for Greater Success in Your Business and Life on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 25]08/24/2015
  177. 185.
    The Science of Skill, Rituals, Automating your Business, and Lifetime Client Value with Dan Faggella and Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 24]08/17/2015
  178. 186.
    Productivity & How to Grow a Successful Business with Eelco De Boer - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 23]08/10/2015
  179. 187.
    Emotional Mastery Part 2: Needs and the Primary Forces for Decision and Shifting Behavior - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 22]08/03/2015
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    7 Steps to Emotional Fitness, Emotional Mastery and Creating What You Want - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 21]07/27/2015
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    Seeds of Greatness, Rituals for Better Living, and Wisdom from Over 350 Interviews - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 20]07/20/2015
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    Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want, Team Building, and More - Dan Kuschell Interviews Shannon Waller of Strategic Coach - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 19]07/13/2015
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    Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Hiring with David Jensen - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 18]07/06/2015
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    Creating Positioning by Giving Forward, Creating SuperFans, and the Power of Mindset, Mentors, and Meditation with Rick Bern - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 17]06/29/2015
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    NLP, The Easy Conversation Technique, Fearless Wealth, and Celebrating Dads with RC Peck - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 16]06/22/2015
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    Celebrate your Superpowers, Turn your Flaws into Strengths and The ADD Entrepreneur with Best-selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Matt Curry - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 15]06/15/2015
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    Servant Leadership and How to Overcome Obstacles with Dr. Jeremy Weisz - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 14]06/08/2015
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    Vision, Values, and Your Genius Playbook - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 13]06/01/2015
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    Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Selling, How to Stand Out and Create Value for Others with John Ruhlin - Growth To Freedom With Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 12]05/25/2015
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    How to Connect, Collaborate, and Network with VIP's, Celebrities, and the Media with John Corcoran [PODCAST 11]05/18/2015
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    Rapid Growth Breakthroughs and The Power of the 5 M’s: Mindset, Model, Marketing, Management and Mentoring | Interview with Jimmy Harding on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 10]05/11/2015
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    How to Recalibrate, Recalculate, and Transform your Business and Personal Financial Blueprint! The FIT Financial Formula Part 2: Dr. Cristy Lopez - Phil Mutrie and the Expert Formula - Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 09]05/04/2015

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