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Ethical digital marketing tips for bloggers, content creators and email list builders. Featuring copywriting advice, traffic generation strategies, and conversion optimisation techniques. Plus, the latest news from the marketing world that you need to know about.

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This is how to drive traffic to affiliate links for free. What you’ll learn today: Why Amazon is so powerful Find out what people want Reverse engineer successful pages Quick Kindle books that drive traffic 

Feb 3

41 min 6 sec

Choosing the right affiliate offers to promote can be like a minefield. So today you’re going to learn how to get it right, the first time.

Dec 2020

27 min 52 sec

Finding the right affiliate offers to promote can be a minefield. So today you’re going to learn how to get it right, the first time.

Dec 2020

14 min 20 sec

Yes, it's possible. And I will show you how, but there is something that separates the people who succeed from the ones who don’t.

Dec 2020

15 min 4 sec

You know, every day I get a bunch of emails from people asking me to look at their websites and tell them where they’re doing wrong. But let’s face it. Most people who start a business fail.

Dec 2020

7 min 33 sec

Here are three online communities that you can use to promote your business and drive traffic to your website for free.

Dec 2020

6 min 37 sec

Press releases can drive traffic to your website, increase media coverage, and improve your search engine position, but only if you use them the right way. Today you’ll learn how to use a website that will put your press release in front of more than 200,000 website visitors, for free.

Dec 2020

13 min 18 sec

This is a top secret traffic hack that the greedy guru's will NEVER share with you. Today I'm going to teach you a brand new way to get organic traffic from Quora.

Nov 2020

7 min 42 sec

If someone like Bill Gates promised to give you the secret to making residual income online, becoming rich, you’d sit up and pay attention, right?  Well, it might sound a little weird, but I promise you this works. 

Nov 2020

12 min 35 sec

With so much bad information out there, and marketing videos that are filled with nothing but hype, I want to tell you THE TRUTH about making money online. This is what those shady guru’s will never tell you. Because if YOU knew this, you wouldn't buy their rehashed coaching packages. So I want to make sure you don’t waste your money, or your time on any of that junk. And anyway, everything you need to know is already on Youtube for free. Get the £42,000 Blueprint:

Sep 2020

14 min 36 sec

This is really difficult to talk about. But I need to speak from the heart today. Some of you know that over the last year, I’ve been dealing with a couple of personal tragedies. And mixed up with all the devastation and loss, I have found a silver lining. I’ve also discovered some valuable lessons. And I want to share one of those with you. You see, you guys have got me through some of the most painful times in my life, and I’m just about ready to talk about it now. But more importantly, I’m able to say thank you. 

Aug 2020

21 min 53 sec

Here’s a free traffic source that gets over 30 MILLION visits every month. This is a stealthy way to use it for traffic generation. And I’ll also show you a powerful way to get do-follow backlinks. In fact, I’ll show you 3 easy ways to get targeted traffic for free. But first, let’s take a look at the metrics, so you can decide for yourself if this is the right method for your website and for your business.

Aug 2020

19 min 4 sec

One of my subscribers asked me a VERY important question and I want to share it with you because I think you need to know the answer too. This is a really good lesson about getting traffic, growing an online business, and making passive income through affiliate marketing. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, because this is something everybody needs to learn. He asked me what I think the best traffic method for affiliate marketing is. #affiliatemarketing #passiveincome #websitetraffic

Aug 2020

18 min 30 sec

This is the truth about making passive income online. Here’s what those greedy-guru’s will never tell you. But first, let me ask you something. Does this sound familiar to you? You like the idea of passive income because… you’ve heard it’s possible to quit your job, fire your boss, only work the hours you choose, and make as much money as you like. You’ve been told amazing stories about people who make passive income online, but it’s just never clicked into place for you, and now you’re feeling frustrated or confused by the whole thing. And you’re not getting the results you deserve.

Aug 2020

15 min 31 sec

Get organic traffic FASTER than any SEO strategy: This is how you can drive organic traffic to your website, for free, by using SEO for Google Images.

Mar 2020

15 min 4 sec

Take this to the next level with this free guide: Today you're going to learn how to build an affiliate marketing funnel. Use this powerful sales funnel template to build your own affiliate marketing business that generates passive income all year round.  Learn from my newbie mistakes: 0:24 The missing ingredient: 2:35 Would you like me to make a video about choosing offers?: 4:10 Affiliate marketing funnel overview: 4:35 The only 2 pages you need: 4: 56 The secret equation that creates profit: 5:11 It starts with the right traffic: 6:16 3 elements of profitable content: 7:20 1 asset you need for longterm profit: 8:46 The single page to convert strangers into customers: 9:25 How to make sure your email list stays profitable: 9:56 How to get affiliate sales immediately: 11:08 The simple trick to increasing conversions: 12:38 The email sequence that's proven to get sales: 14:52 How to guarantee you generate profit month after month: 18:33 Build a passive income machine: 22:28 You'll see the affiliate marketing funnel overview, so you can see the big picture and it's more simple thank you think. You'll learn about the only 2 pages you really need to make, so you can start making affiliate profit quickly. Discover the secret equation that creates profit and when you do this, affiliate sales will happen automatically I'll tell you about the number 1 mistakes all affiliate marketing newbies make and if stop doing this you'll start making money. We'll discuss traffic generation and you'll learn how to get a traffic strategy that's proven to work with this affiliate marketing funnel. You'll learn the right way to use content and the 3 things your content needs to do so you can profit from it. You'll see what the number 1 asset is, and why you need for longterm profit. This is so you can build a sustainable business that continues to grow. You'll learn how to use a single page to convert strangers into customers so you can make money from the moment you launch. And how to make sure your email list stays profitable so you're only emailing real people who are ready to buy. You'll discover the simple trick to increasing sales immediately, so you give customers a reason to buy now. Use the email sequence that's proven to get sales so you know exactly what to email and when. And then you'll know how to virtually guarantee to generate profit month after month, so you make a comfortable lifestyle for years to come with this affiliate marketing funnel.  RELATED: ▶ Affiliate Marketing Traffic Source: Get Free Traffic To Your Affiliate Links & CPA Offers ▶ Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for Free in Under 30 Minutes ▶ 7 Million Visitors: Free Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketers ▶ Affiliate Marketing Course: Make Passive Income Without a Website ▶ Blog:

Mar 2020

23 min 4 sec

This social media marketing strategy helped my reach grow by 508% in less than a week. ➡️ New traffic methods: Today you will learn: The best way to profit from social media How to play the algorithms The social media posting schedule to start with Social media tools I personally use to automate posting Real life examples of people crushing it on social media To how quickly boost your reach & engagement The right way to use hashtags To profit on social media you need to be aware of these 3 things: Research Authentic voice Nurturing Let's go through them in more detail: Research: Know your audience Demographics (what they buy) Psychographics (why they buy it) Authentic voice to start a conversation Common ground; problems, fears, hopes, aspirations Nurturing to build trust & “friendship” Takes time; stories, education, inspiration Balance info & entertainment with sales messages 95% content vs 5% sales message If you want to boost engagement FAST.. Buy advertising Otherwise you need to play the algorithms How to play the algorithms: How Facebook ranks content in your News Feed: Inventory - what content is available to followers Signals - content age, who posted it, your circumstance Predictions - your previous actions / engagement Relevancy score - all content is assigned a score You need content that provokes a reaction Avoid baiting, e.g. “Type INFO to know more...” Link to external pages that load fast Facebook Live gets the highest engagement level How Twitter ranks Tweets on your timeline: The Tweet; recency, media type, overall engagement The author and strength of your connection to them Tweets you’ve engaged with in the past Repost your best performing Tweets How Instagram ranks images on your feed: Interest - posts it thinks you’ll like Timeliness - recent posts rank higher Relationship - accounts that have previous interactions Frequency - fresh posts since last visit Following - shows images from a wide range of accounts Usage - images decrease in relevancy down the feed Hashtags are hugely important on Instagram Create a posting schedule with: Buffer (starts at $15) Hootsuite (starts at $45) Tailwind (starts at $10) Post at least 3X daily Not everyone will see your content #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing __________ RELATED: ▶ Get Traffic With This Social Media Marketing Strategy (part 1) ▶ Free Traffic with Social Media Marketing ▶ Free Tool Gets You Traffic From Social Media ▶ Grow Your Social Media Following ▶ Blog:

Aug 2019

22 min 55 sec

Yes, they are evil. Article spinners are one of my pet peeves, here's why. 

Mar 2018

3 min 19 sec

Big name bloggers are encouraging us to adopt this strategy, to help boost organic traffic to our blogs.  I'm going to give you a 5 step checklist you can use to make sure it's done the right way. 

Mar 2018

5 min 13 sec

A couple of days ago I received an email from someone who's experiencing refunders for the first time. Here is my advice to him. 

Mar 2018

8 min 47 sec

New data from Backlinko have revealed key points that all websites should consider if they want to rank high in Google Voice Search Results Pages.  However, HubSpot does not agree with all of their findings. Here we go through both points of view, to help you make sense of things, so you can optimise your website for Google Voice Search. 

Mar 2018

6 min 39 sec

Does this mean the end of social media? Absolutely not, but usage may have peaked.  What does this mean for your website? 

Mar 2018

4 min 33 sec

Today I'm going to talk about how Benny Hsu made $100k passive income in 5 months, through drop shipping T-shirts.  I'm also going to give you some new ideas you can use on your own t-shirts. 

Mar 2018

3 min 14 sec

Here are 7 free and essential blogging tools. Today's podcast is inspired by a question posted on Facebook group which asks what are the essential tools for blogging. So once you've got the basics out of the way, what else do you need? I don't count things like domain name and hosting in this, because every serious blogger should have those fundamentals, instead of relying on free hosting. Why should you avoid free hosting? Because you don't have any control over your blog. If you fall out of favour, or break terms of service (people usually don't even know they have until its too late), then your website is always going to be at risk. If you have both of those sorted out, then use the 7 free tools I mention to improve your blog.

Mar 2018

10 min 42 sec

Nobody likes being sold to, so here's a 7-step action plan that you can use straight away to increase your sales. 

Mar 2018

8 min 3 sec

Should you start a podcast? Will that bring extra people to your brand? I'm gonna show you some of the very early results that I've received since I've started podcasting.

Mar 2018

7 min 3 sec

For the last 100 days I've been uploading a new video to Youtube every day.  Today we look at the results, see if it was worthwhile, and figure out where to go from here. 

Mar 2018

8 min 9 sec

The first details of Facebook's Broadcast Composer are emerging. Here's what to expect from Facebook in the near future. 

Mar 2018

4 min 52 sec

Today I'm going to share a content marketing strategy you can use to get more website traffic, for the longterm.  Its content syndication, done right. 

Mar 2018

6 min 19 sec

In today's podcast I attempt to share 6 sales page conversion hacks in 90 seconds. Okay, I probably went over the 90 seconds. Anyway, these hacks can be used for your squeeze pages, opt-in forms, email campaigns, and sales pages.

Mar 2018

2 min 49 sec

In this episode I cover the strategy the Guardian used to grow their Instagram following to over 800,000 followers. Within less than one year, the increased the following by 57%, here's how they did it. 

Feb 2018

4 min 30 sec

Today Google has announced the launch of a new service called AMP Stories, that allow publishers to present their content in more engaging ways. 

Feb 2018

3 min 35 sec

Guarantees will boost your sales, no question.  But a lot of copywriters struggle with writing an engaging guarantee that speaks directly to their prospects concerns and objections. Here's how to write one that will boost your conversion rate. 

Feb 2018

7 min 25 sec

I have never revealed this traffic method before, plus tips to improve your overall website marketing.

Dec 2017

15 min 1 sec

What can you learn about creating a strong and profitable online business, from three of the greatest entrepreneurs in history, whose combined personal wealth, is well over a 100 billion dollars? Well, we’re going to find out and you’ll get some fresh ideas, motivation, and inspiration that you can use to move your business forward, especially if you’re thinking about creating and selling digital information products. This will show you how to find your passion, so you can build a business that you love and a brand that you can be proud of.

Jun 2017

18 min 43 sec

Today we’re going to look at what kind of content you should be using in your sales funnels, especially if you’re blogging or creating content of some kind.

May 2017

18 min 34 sec

Today I’m going to show you how I get millions of people to read my blog posts, and how you can do it too.

May 2017

20 min 17 sec