Gaudeamus | Podcast Curious Ears

By Gaudeamus | Podcast Curious Ears

The way we listen to music is highly determined by our predominant musical exposure during our youth. Tuning system, rhythm, form, timbre, ornaments, are all unconsciously assimilated, shaping how we will pay attention when listening. The adult ear misses many of the subtleties of radically new musical input. Whether that is flamenco, opera, Carnatic music, Javanese gamelan, spectralism: the first times we really listen, our attention is reluctant to engage. For curious ears this is an attractive challenge. Their intuition tells them: there must be something precious behind that first layer of sound I can barely follow. What’s more: listening skills are contagious! That day you witnessed your friend crying with an opera aria; or attended a wedding where everybody clapped and danced flamenco; or joined an Arabic concert where most of the public would sigh in a thrill at certain turns of the voice. The podcast series Curious Ears, initiated by Dutch international festival Gaudeamus Muziekweek, explores how experienced listeners can convey their sensorial background, passion and joy to a new listener. Let’s get technical, but personal; cognitive, yet intuitive. A friend is sharing their musical intimacy with us. Enjoy.

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