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Build editor Anna Hayes is joined by Nylex product manager Alyce Rigby to discuss various water conservation methods, and offers some tips on how homeowners can start to make a difference.

Oct 21

21 min 15 sec editor Anna Hayes is joined by Service Today founder Zak Saboune who discusses the importance of weather-proofing your home, coming into the winter months.

May 3

22 min 50 sec

For many Australians, the motivation for buying a home this year will change from what it once was. COVID has taught us that home is our safe haven and is associated with family and comfort now more than ever. The pandemic has highlighted what functionality in the home people really need. Buyers Agent Michelle May joined the show to discuss the trends and movements in this area.

Feb 11

24 min 37 sec

Build editor Anna Hayes talks to Greenwall Company founder Mark Paul about the options available to people who want to add some greenery to their  homes and yards. With wellness becoming a huge topic in 2020, bringing the outdoors is even more of a focus for people now...

Nov 2020

21 min 26 sec

Build editor Anna Hayes speaks to Dominique Grubisa about planning your home renovation.  Dominique is the founder of the DG Institute and, here, she talks through the Dos and Don'ts of a home build/renovation project, shares some of her experiences, and explains how the Home Builder scheme can assist you on your projects.For more information, log on to:  To connect with Dominique, check out:

Oct 2020

23 min 37 sec

In the latest episode of the podcast, editor Anna Hayes speaks to Arky Elston of the Sapien group about how to save money and still get the best out of your home in terms of energy consumption.

Aug 2020

20 min 53 sec

In this first episode of the Build podcast, editor Anna Hayes talks to Sustainability officer Belinda Evans from Port Philip City Council about their efforts to encourage simple sustainability upgrades around the home.For more information, log on to or

May 2020

16 min 35 sec

Welcome to the podcast, where host, Anna Hayes, talks all about the latest in home renovations across Australia.Make sure you 

Apr 2020

48 sec