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A climate tax on food could help make our food system more sustainable, but how do farmers feel about it? Lottie Bingham spoke with Stuart Roberts, Farmer and Deputy President of the UK National Farmers Union, to see what the farming community think about implementing a climate tax on food.Read more about climate taxes on food at by Lottie Bingham.Find FoodUnfolded on: the National Farmers Union:

Jan 24

14 min 12 sec

In 2020, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change released a report containing recommendations for a tax on foods based on their environmental impact. Lottie Bingham speaks with Dr Marco Springmann, a senior researcher in population health at Oxford University, to learn more about what a climate tax on food would mean for our food habits, and the environment.Podcast by Lottie Bingham.Find FoodUnfolded

Jan 23

16 min 55 sec

Are you eating real wasabi? Or just green-dyed horseradish? How do you tell the difference? And how is real wasabi grown? Dr Janet Colston, founder of the Functional Plant Company in Scotland, explains it all.Podcast by Annabel Slater. Find FoodUnfolded the Functional Plant Company at:

Jan 20

8 min 36 sec

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted the red meat industry in the UK? Lottie Bingham spoke with John Royal, a chief livestock advisor of the UK's National Farmers Union of the beef and lamb sectors to understand more.Find FoodUnfolded the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers:

Dec 2020

17 min

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted farmers and their crop production? But more importantly, what's being done to mitigate the impact? We spoke with Thomas Engel from John Deere's European Innovation Centre in Germany to explore what technologies have helped farmers stabilise their food production against the coronavirus crisis.

May 2020

14 min 30 sec

The coronavirus quarantines have impacted people all around the world, as well as our food system. Listen in to our four part Coronavirus Series to learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns on our farmers and food supply system. In this episode, we spoke with Peter Alvis, Chairman of the UK’s Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers to discuss how the coronavirus crisis has impacted the dairy industry.Find us the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers: by EIT

May 2020

11 min 44 sec

Are your eggs from free-range or caged hens? Why do egg farms use cages? Should all egg farms be free-range? What would be the most ethical purchasing decision? We explore all this in this podcast episode with Dr Victoria Sandilands a poultry behaviour expert from Scotland's Rural College.

Mar 2020

11 min 44 sec

Ever wonder how lab grown meat is grown? Neil Stevens joins this episode of the FoodUnfolded Podcast to share the ins and outs of cultured meat.

Mar 2020

12 min 27 sec

Join us on a journey into space and discover the technologies that help us grow food in outer space. We talk with NASA researcher and plant physiologist Ray Wheeler about bioregenerative system in space and how close we are to farming on Mars.Background Sound Credits:NASA and Tessa Elieff: us

Feb 2020

13 min 3 sec

Can you grow your own vegetables if you live in the Arctic? Join us on our cold journey to the Svalbard islands, where we join Polar Permaculture to see how they grow vegetables in one of the world's coldest towns: Longyearbyen. To learn more about permaculture in the Arctic, you can read our article at You can find the Polar Permaculture online ( and on Facebook (@polarpermaculture).

Dec 2019

9 min 11 sec

Ever wonder how your rice is made? Join us on our journey to Singapore, where we join the Ground Up Initiative (an eco-conscious community campus) to see how they grow rice in their small rice paddy field. To learn more about how rice is grown in asia, you can read our article at You can find the Ground Up Initiative online ( and on Instagram (@groundupinitiative).

Aug 2019

8 min 25 sec

Aquaponics grows herbs and vegetables without soil through a close-looped system, where fish, bacteria and plants are able to mutually benefit while providing for each other.Join us on our journey to Singapore, where Lee Kim Seng from National University of Singapore shows and explains how he maintains his aquaponics system. To learn more about aquaponics, you can read our article at

Jul 2019

8 min 40 sec