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Angie Ringler

A paralegal turned hippie soap maker, ends up founding an eco-conscious business called Waste Free Products, dedicated to reducing single-use plastic from the planet by making 100% plastic-free, zero-waste household & body care products without the harsh chemicals.

Join me, your redheaded Grateful Dead loving fan, every week as I talk with people who live an impactful life each day, inspire people and causes a ripple effect on the planet.

The Grateful Redhead
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This week I am joined by Jeff Wozer, Inspirational speaker & stand-up comedian. We had an eye-opening discussion about Digital balance and how it's not about throwing away electronic devices, but it's about throwing away our lives to constant online distress. Jeff provided great strategies to get off screens, head outdoors, and pursue experiences with nature. Jeff beautifully explains how this simple yet effective trick can people love the planet more and want to work for the planet to try to sustain and protect it.

Nov 2

45 min 36 sec

Rockin’ Eco Hero - Steve Trash is an award winning performer! He’s been awarded the DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution – NATIONAL CONSERVATION AWARD, the 2017 – BEST ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CURRICULUM WINNER by EEAA, and the 2011 – ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD. He’s also a founding board member of the national Keep America Beautiful affiliate - KEEP THE SHOALS BEAUTIFUL. I really had an amazing conversation and felt so grateful that he joined me on my show and was able to show me some intense magic tricks.

Oct 4

32 min 20 sec

I have a very organic conversation with Erica Boucher, a sustainable travel yogi who lives sustainably, teaches yoga and runs a comprehensive rehabilitation program for homeless adults. Follow her on Instagram:

Sep 7

43 min 34 sec

I was thrilled to have a conversation with Bernie Moro, a 90 years old worm farmer. When she discovered that Australia was able to reduce down the amount of organic waste going to their landfills by 65% in just four years from 1996 to the year 2000, she thought, "why can't we do that here in United States?" She went over to Australia back in 2002 and got tutored by a doctors of microbiology about vermicultures. She brought back her knowledge to the United States and started Our Vital Earth Worm Farm.

Aug 12

37 min 36 sec

In this episode I talk to Elsbeth Callaghan from The Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast and we discuss all kinds of low waste things, how she ended up starting her podcast, and how she stays motivated and keeps trying new things in her low waste journey in order make a difference in the long-term and sustain that energy.Visit her website: her YouTube channel: her on Instagram:

Jul 4

29 min 58 sec

And in the midst of that conversation, somehow we brought up cloth diapering and how she's a pretty lazy parent and has somehow conquered and really become successful with cloth diapering. I guess I'm still thinking old school that people are using pins out there. I gotta be honest with you. So join me as I welcome back Amanda Hackett from Bona Fide Green Goods and discuss about eco diapering. Follow them @bonafidegreengoods 

Jun 18

19 min 5 sec

My conversation with Nick is about why he decided to break free from the rat race and consumerist lifestyle to build a simpler life for himself. After travelling in a minivan for a year, he realized that a minimalist, simple life was right for him. So he and his girlfriend Maëla, decided to buy some land, build a tiny log cabin from the timber on that land and live more harmoniously with nature.

Jun 3

31 min 36 sec

After my life changing experience with homeopathic medicine, I had to interview the doctor who gave me such clarity. He graciously agreed.

May 17

39 min 56 sec

Have you ever shared a great thought or idea with your colleagues, friends, or family only to be met with the sound of crickets? Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you do not feel like you are heard? Are you feeling disconnected by our current social distancing and remote working environments? This epsiode is a must listen for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively.

Apr 30

44 min 36 sec

A partnership born in Concord, NH, they took a common desire for sustainability and made the decision to purchase an existing 14 years old business to make sure they could keep educating the people of their community then reach a larger online audience about the importance of living an eco-lifestyle. Their adorable brick and mortar store in New Hampshire is just the beginning. Follow them @bonafidegreengoods

Apr 17

27 min 14 sec

This recording raw and emotional. Tears are shed. Jimmy Lynch, the founder of Leashless Atlanta, goes beyond training dogs. He connects those experiencing physical and emotional trauma with therapy dogs and shares a few powerful stories about how it can and does improve the quality of life for the humans and the dogs.

Mar 29

37 min 20 sec

Nicole Roberston loves fashion but dislikes the adverse affects clothes manufacturing has on our planet. She decided to do something positive about the negatives she learned. Nicole founded to allow us to SWAP the clothes we've fallen out of love with for the clothes we want to wear now. She developed an easy three step system. 1. Send them your clothes. 2. Get points for your clothes. 3. Start swapping. You spend your points and get new-to-you clothes of equal value. Learn about her journey and how you can change the way you buy and wear clothes. Follow her @swapsociety

Mar 11

54 min 21 sec

This week we are joined by Stephanie Cochrane, founder and owner of The Waste Less Shop in Manhattan Beach, CA. The Waste Less Shop was started from her natural love for our planet. Stephanie grew up in rural northern Nevada and by the age of 25 travelled to 30 countries, mostly to climb mountains. Her trek to the highest mountain on the planet, to swimming with sea turtles in Indonesia, snorkeling corral reefs in the South Pacific, and seeing our footprint negatively impacting those places hit her hard. She was overwhelmed with the most beautiful scenery she'd ever seen and seeing it strewn with trash affected her emotionally. All of these moments would bring The Waste Less Shop to life. Follow her @thewastelessshop

Feb 25

38 min

The Street Team Movement brings support to our friends without homes by providing showers, laundry services, storage services, and remedial aid. The movement started in Orlando, Florida, and now has a vending machine program with a duplicatable plan for any city. Learn more to how to get your city involved or sponsor a vending machine.Follow them @orlandomovement 

Feb 4

30 min 47 sec

This week, my guest is Dr. Kimberly Besuden. My goal was to learn more about what I could do to keep myself healthy against Covid-19. Dr. Besuden shares her professional knowledge and doesn't geek out to hard, sharing what we can all do to protect ourselves by what we eat. Our fun, informative, and sometimes funny talk wraps up to 4 important tips that are easy to follow.

Jan 16

43 min 36 sec

This week, my guest is Tara LaSalle, a marine biologist. She founded Green Me Locally, an international directory to connect consumers with green businesses. Her passion project is the Mission Plastic Project to help businesses rethink their packaging and lead them to sustainable options. The goal is to stop the waste that ends up in our oceans by stopping it at the source. Connect with her @greenmelocally

Dec 2020

31 min 41 sec

I have a star-struck moment when Callee agrees to be on my show. Callee founded Bestowed Essential and The Hippie Haven store & podcast. Based in South Dakota, she talks to me about her journey to sustainability, the power of reading books, and what it's like to start a zero-waste store. She is a multi-faceted hippie leading a team of people to reach their goals. Follow Callee @bestowedessentials

Nov 2020

40 min 54 sec

Eco-mama, the author of the Vegan Zero Waste Cookbook and owner of the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online store, talks to me about her awesome cookbook, which we use regularly in my house; and shares good advice for reducing waste during the gift-giving holidays. Follow her @tinyyellowbungalow

Nov 2020

31 min

This week, my guest is Stephanie Bosco aka The Superfood Goddess talks about the link between food and mental health and the importance of knowing how to connect the two. Stephanie shines her bright light on an important topic. She is beautiful inside and out. Follow her on Instagram @thesuperfoodgoddess

Nov 2020

1 hr

This week, my guest is Trevor Banerjee. Founder of the Freedom Switch, my business coach, and friend. Trevor has been advising eco-conscious businesses for many years, expanding to meet the needs of his clients into a full-service agency for vegan start-ups. Find out more about why helping eco-conscious business is important to him but how it helps bring these much-needed businesses into existence.Follow Trevor Banerjee on Instagram: @trevorbanerjeeFollow Trevor's Vegan Startup Launch Agency on Instagram: @the.freedom.switch

Nov 2020

1 hr 1 min

Visit to learn more.

Oct 2020

52 sec