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ADHD IS OVER! is an eye-opening, perspective-shifting podcast for conscious parents - aimed at dispelling the typical myths of the current and incomplete narrative around this so-called 'disorder'. In order to provide parents with both sides of the narrative, we're questioning all aspects around ADHD with the help of scientific studies, logic, resonance, and with the contribution of internationally revered experts and public figures in the field such as Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker, Thom Hartmann, Marilyn Wedge, Dr. Thomas Armstrong, Dale Archer, Miki Agrawal and more...

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A FICTITIOUS DISEASE is an episode on how researching the 'father' of ADHD Dr. Leon Eisenberg deathbed statement "ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease" led me to Harvard professor Dr. Jerome Kagan (RIP 2021) and his critique on ADHD being an invention. Jerome Kagan was not only a tenured professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world; he was also considered one of the world’s best psychologists. In fact, his fellow academics ranked Kagan the 22nd most eminent psychologist of the 20th century. This ranking put the good professor ahead of Carl Jung (Yes – THAT Carl Jung), who was ranked 23rd. So, if anyone has earned the right to critique one of the most diagnosed mental health conditions in existence, it’s Jerome Kagan. And critique the condition, he did. Kagan didn’t believe that ADHD is a real condition. That’s right, Kagan’s position was that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a complete hoax. Needless to say, Kagan’s proclamation has ruffled a lot of feathers. Psychologists and other medical professionals have gone on the offensive, attempting to discredit Kagan’s statements. However, Kagan stands firm in his position. See and hear for yourself what Dr. Leon Eisenberg and Jerome Kagan think of ADHD as a mental disorder: For more information on our podcast, visit

Dec 1

32 min 22 sec

ADHD IS NOT EXIST? is an homage to a personal hero of mine, Dr. Richard Saul, MD. Dr. Saul was a pediatrician and neurologist who took a controversial stand on the common problem referred to as ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — in his 2014 book, “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth about Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.” Saul understood that his stand would be provocative, but his intent was not to deny the existence of symptoms or the problems children and some adults face — he described 20 in the book — but rather to put the focus on identifying and treating those with the symptoms, and not just lumping them under a black cloud called ADHD. “With over fifty years of experience,” Saul said in his book, “I’ve concluded that the only way to make long-term progress in eliminating a patient’s ADHD-related symptoms, is to find the cause of these symptoms.” Saul, 83, died of a heart attack Aug. 14 in his home in downtown Chicago. RIP Dr. Saul. You did great work to improve the future of our children! I promise you I will keep standing on your shoulders! Thank You! Much love, peace and eternal rest! To read the full article in the Chicago Tribune, visit: To order Dr. Saul's book "ADHD does not exist", go to: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Nov 29

17 min 14 sec

WHY NOT TO BLINDLY TRUST 'EXPERTS' is an eye-opening episode that includes an audio clip from the NIH's 3-day ADHD Consensus Panel discussion in November of 1998. Listen for yourself how our top level experts that expect us to trust them when it comes to ADHD - don't really know more than most of us do! Really! " independent diagnostic test for ADHD does not exist." - NIH "Finally, after years of clinical research and experience with ADHD, our knowledge about the cause or causes of ADHD remains largely speculative." - NIH To watch the clip we played during this episode, visit To watch the full documentary "Generation Rx" (2008), visit To download the 'International Consensus Statement on ADHD (2002)' visit To download 'A Critique of the International Consensus Statement on ADHD (2004)', go to For more information on this podcast, please go to

Nov 27

43 min 44 sec

WAKING UP FROM ADHD is a phrase borrowed from my guest Kurtis Mercer. Kurtis is an empowerment coach who aids in deep inner work for people who wish to free themselves from the victim mentality label of ADHD so that they can embody inner confidence, courage, and passion for their lives.   His diagnosis of ADHD at the age of seven caused him to struggle with personal identity for most of his life. This exasperated his mental illness leading him to abuse drugs and alcohol in his teens and mid 20's.   The lessons Kurtis learned from overcoming and conquering his mental illness have now equipped him at the age of thirty to help others call themselves “their own personal hero”.   Kurtis' unconventional methods of teaching personal growth & development have set him apart from the more traditional approach represented in the main stream.   He is proud to call himself a revolutionary, a black sheep & the youngest of his the family. Kurtis and I dove deep into the abyss of ADHD, medication, labels, mass hypnosis around the disorder and more... listen in for yourself to hear if you might be someone or know someone who is asleep around ADHD. Website: YouTube Channel: Subjectively offensive  (Spirituality, Mental Health) YouTube Channel : Subjectively offensive Entertainment ( video games) Telegram: Subjectively offensive HQ For more information on this podcast, please visit

Nov 25

1 hr 37 min

SWITCHING SCHOOLS is an episode inspired by one of our listeners - Danielle. We thank our listeners for inspiring us to do certain episodes n topics that we often touch upon through various other episodes. In this episode I am recounting our son's educational journey all the way from his first days at daycare to his current school. We switched schools 5 times and we were committed to find the right education style for our son to have the least amount friction with. We believe that when we remove as much friction as we have control over - and we have way more control than we believe in certain areas - that we help 'dissolve' our children's mental disorder symptoms... after all, symptoms are observed behaviors. And when we ask 'why' a child behaves a certain way, we can address what's really going on in the child's life instead of calling them disordered and making them the problem. Listen in for yourself and see if you resonate with any of the nuggets in this talk. For more information and/or to suggest a future topic, please visit

Nov 23

54 min 42 sec

THE POWER OF CERTAINTY is an episode with my dear friend, mentor, author and relationship coach Brett Jones. Brett is ultra passionate about being a stand for enduring and lasting relationships! My wife and I have taken his seminars in Australia and the US and we swear by his commitment to saving marriages! Brett is the Co-creator of the Relationship Warriors courses, an international organization that operates in the United States and Australia. He has shown many men and women a new communication Code and language that is appropriate for this decade. He’s assisted hundreds of couples to renew and re-store their relationships. That's the kind of man Brett is! Brett and I discussed the importance of being aware of the brainwashing that our CULTure does and how ADHD is used to pathologize children and label them with a mental disorder, instead of celebrating their uniqueness and their neuro-diversity. For more information on Brett's work, visit For more information on our podcast, please visit

Nov 22

1 hr 3 min

THE MORE WE GIVE is a beautiful conversation with my new friend, Jacqueline Way. Jacqueline is a dedicated world changer! Her soul purpose is to inspire and educate the hearts and minds of people globally to create a happy, meaningful life. She expresses her purpose through her charitable organization 365give created and inspired by her son with a simple vision to “Change the World 1 give, 1 day at time.” She is a world-renowned keynote speaker with one of the most watch TEDx Talks “How to Be Happy Every Day – It Will Change the World” Every day she is committed to living the highest expression of who she is as a human being through her work and by touching the lives of others. Jacqueline also has 3 children on the spectrum and she has learned to give and give and give her presence and love to her children beyond what I myself could imagine. We talked about ADHD, FAS, the spectrum, mental disorders and more... listen in for yourself for some nuggets of Wisdom. Here is a link to Jacqueline's famous TED talk: To get in touch with Jacqueline directly: LinkedIn: Facebook: @365give Instagram: @do1giveday Twitter: Hashtags: #365give #do1give For more information on this podcast, please go to

Nov 19

58 min 7 sec

DEBUNKING THE SCIENCE BEHIND ADHD as a "Brain Disorder" is an episode in which I decided to read a letter from Dr. Albert Galves, Ph.D. & Dr. David D. Walker, Ph.D. to Dr. Rubenstein of The [ADHD] Brochure Project at the APA in 2003. Their letter is a description of the flaws in the scientific evidence that is used to support the belief that ADHD is a neuro-chemical disorder that is present from birth and that has nothing to do with inadequate nurturance during childhood, difficult family environments or oppressive and inhumane educational and community environments. It also describes the harm that is done by these beliefs and the treatment approaches based on them. Their letter, which is signed by members of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) and psychologist/members of the American Psychological Association, is a reply to a letter of March 17, 2002 which was sent by Dr. Alice Rubenstein to Dr. Albert Galves, a member of ICSPP. Dr. Rubenstein was the Director of The Brochure Project, a joint effort of Division 29 (Psychotherapy) of the APA and Celltech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to publish and distribute brochures on Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In a letter of February 16, 2002, Dr. Galves had expressed concerns about the following three statements that appear in the brochures: 1) “ADD/ADHD is generally considered a neuro-chemical disorder.” 2) “Most people with ADD/ADHD are born with the disorder, though it may not be recognized until adulthood.” 3) “ADHD is not caused by poor parenting, a difficult family environment, poor teaching or inadequate nutrition.” In her reply, Dr. Rubenstein included information and supporting references provided to her by Drs. Robert Resnick and Kallman Heller of Division 29. The letter that we link to below was drafted by Dr. Galves ( and Dr. David Walker ( of the ICSPP. To read the letter, visit Another source for the letter: A short blurb on Celltech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: For more information on our podcast, please visit

Nov 17

1 hr 23 min

LETTING THEM PLAY is a fun episode with Jai Lynn McPheron, an experienced mindfulness skills instructor, registered yoga teacher and Mindful Yoga Coach. Jai has over 1,500 hours of yoga teacher training. Besides yoga and mindfulness, Jai also has delved deeply into reiki, shamanic practices, trauma recovery studies, astrology and mindful music. Her mission is to hold space for others to heal through music, sound, perspectives, movements and meditation. I am excited to dive in and talk Trauma, Healing and ADHD with Jai. To find out more about Jai's work, please visit: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Nov 16

38 min 4 sec

CONNECTION VS. CORRECTION is a powerful episode with fellow ADHDer Aaron Huey, the founder of the Fire Mountain Residential treatment Center. Aaron has been working with children, teens, and parents for over 18 years. After ten years directing camps and empowerment programs around the world, Aaron opened Fire Mountain because he wanted to work with kids and families on a deeper level. Over the first few years of running programs like Teen Rites of Passage The Warrior Phoenix Challenge, and numerous cries for help from parents, Aaron realized the need to turn his efforts towards teens struggling with drugs, alcohol and the behaviors and issues related to addiction. An addict in recovery since 2000, he felt a calling to put together an expert team and open Fire Mountain. His mission is to awaken confidence and leadership. “It‘s not about being better, it‘s about giving up the struggle to be different from who you are.” Aaron’s formal educational background is in acting. He graduated from the top acting school in the US, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1990. His skills in comedy and drama make him an influential speaker and presenter, and a favorite among the kids. His confidence, compassion, and humor set the tone for deep healing, and fun. Aaron is also trained as an EMT, a Wilderness Survival Instructor and Martial Arts teacher, all of which he weaves into the Fire Mountain RTC curriculum. We chatted about ADHD, trauma, family history, education and more. For more information on Aaron and his work, please visit To listen to Aaron's podcast 'Beyond Risk and Back, visit To join Aaron's Facebook group 'Parenting Teens that Struggle', visit To get Aaron's app, visit For more information about our podcast, please go to

Nov 13

51 min 34 sec

IS ADHD A COPING MECHANISM is an episode inspired by our 6 year of research into ADHD and the realization that stressors in the environment have the biggest impact on a person's nervous system, therefore also their brain and ultimately their behaviors. Often, ADHDers are said to more likely become 'addicts'... but why? Because they have ADHD? But ADHD is a label for a set of symptoms that are based on observed behavior? So, therefore an addict becomes and addict because of the way their brain is connected. What caused a brain to become an addict brain? I believe it is a coping mechanism that helps a person escape their emotional burdens, their traumas, stress etc. Here is the definition of a coping mechanism according to "An adaptation to environmental stress that is based on conscious or unconscious choice and that enhances control over behavior or gives psychological comfort. Listen in and hear for yourself why I decided to explore this claim. I think there is something here worth exploring for science, medicine and psychology... but are they willing to? For more information on our podcast, please visit

Nov 7

25 min 34 sec

DOPAMINE, OXYTOCIN & MOTIVATION is an in-depth review of a 2014 NCBI/NLM/NIH online paper published by Dr. Tiffany M. Love, a researcher at the Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan. This article explored the connection between Oxytocin, Dopamine and Motivation. What if people with ADHD do not have low dopamine levels because they 'have ADHD'... but rather because the relationship between their Oxytocin and Dopamine is not in balance. What if ADHD is not due to having a 'chemical imbalance' in the brain? But rather due to an imbalance of certain chemicals, due to a lack of other chemicals? For more information on Dr. Tiffany M. Love's article, visit For more information on the 2010 Newsweek article on Oxytocin & Autism, visit For more information on the 'Refrigerator Parent' theory and Leo Kanner, check out For more information on this podcast, please visit

Nov 5

54 min 59 sec

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is a wonderful episode with author Ann Hince. At age 19, Ann woke up one morning to find her mother dead in her bathroom.  Twenty years later the tears from that trauma were still just under the surface. Over the years, Ann found a simple technique that helped her release these emotions - but she went further and can now put her awareness inside her body - what she calls Insight, or inward-sight. Ann has found that seeking out our truth, what we truly feel, and accepting those feelings, is the key to inner peace. Ann is the author of the book ‘A Pathway to Insight’, which details her journey and breaks down the steps she took to attain what she calls Insight, or the ability to see within the body. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares her journey, explains the connection between the physical and the spiritual, and posts videos of how to change the pressing issues of our time. For more information on Ann's work, please visit: www. For more information on this podcast, go to

Oct 29

42 min 1 sec

DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER is an intimate conversation with an inspiring, young mental health advocate! The host of the Dissociative Identity Disorder Podcast “The Bag System”, Melissa C. Water has been an advocate for mental health and Tourette syndrome since 2007. She creates related content on her YouTube channel, has appeared on documentary television, national radio, and as a speaker at national conferences. On her podcast ‘The Bag System”, Melissa speaks of her experience with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or what was once known as multiple or split personality disorder. Her journey is in getting to know as well as finding a fondness for her multiple identities, also known as “Headmates”, or alternate personalities. In her early twenties before being diagnosed with DID, she was misdiagnosed with ADHD and put on medication. For more information on Melissa: The Bag System Podcast Https:// Multiplied By One: App for DID Https:// The Bag System YouTube Https:// For more information on our podcast, please visit

Oct 13

53 min 51 sec

THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE is an intimate conversation with NYT bestselling author Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk about the connection between ADHD & Trauma and about the importance of helping our children co-regulate within their environment. A psychiatrist by training, Dr. Van Der Kolk has been a pioneer in trauma research for decades now and leads the Trauma Research Foundation. His 2014 book “The Body Keeps the Score,” quickly became a bestseller. And although the book was first released seven years ago, it currently sits at No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list. Bessel van der Kolk MD spends his career studying how children and adults adapt to traumatic experiences, and he has translated emerging findings from neuroscience and attachment research to develop & study a range of treatments for traumatic stress in children and adults. He has focused on studying treatments that stabilize physiology, increase executive functioning and help traumatized individuals to feel fully alert to the present. This has included an National Institute of Mental Health funded study on EMDR and a National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine funded study of yoga, and, in recent years, the study of neurofeedback to investigate whether attentional and perceptual systems - and the neural tracks responsible for them - can be altered by changing EEG patterns. For more information on Dr. Van der Kolk's work, visit For more information on this podcast, please visit

Sep 12

30 min 19 sec

WHY FULL SURRENDER IS KEY is an episode in which I share a recent breakthrough with surrendering to life. What is 'surrender', according to Merriam Webster: "To yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand." During our 7 years of research, I had never fully surrendered to life. Therefore, the results me and my family had achieved were really good... but not great and definitely short of amazing! Yet since I've had this breakthrough, my own happiness and that of my wife and my children has increased noticeably. Why did I not see it? What was I waiting for? What was I thinking? But more importantly... Why is surrender so important when it comes to having children with ADHD? What can you do to surrender to this so-called disorder, the diagnosis and even your child's most despised behaviors? Listen in and hear for yourself why surrender is so important on your family's journey to uncover what ADHD is for you. For more information on this podcast, please visit

Aug 12

19 min 3 sec

WOMEN & ADHD is an episode with Katy Weber. Katy is a holistic health coach, an ADHD advocate and an author. She is also the host of the "Women & ADHD" podcast and she wrote the book "Worth It: A Journey to Food & Body Freedom. " Katy and I talked about ADHD & Women, getting diagnosed, meds vs. no meds, strategies for living a fulfilled life and more... For more information on Katy's work and her podcast, please visit and For more information on this podcast, please visit

Aug 5

1 hr 12 min

THE CHRONICALLY THREATENED is an eye-opening episode with the creator of the Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges. In this episode, Dr. Porges and I talked about how the Polyvagal Theory relates to ADHD and why there is nothing 'wrong' with children who have been diagnosed with these so-called mental disorders (ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression etc.). What if all these children were simply dealing with a nervous system that's locked in 'threat mode', due to chronically occurring traumatic events occurring in their environments. Now, when parents hear words such as threats or trauma, they typically only think of actual threats such as violence, divorce, abuse etc. But as Dr. Porges explains, for a highly sensitive child not much is needed to lock their nervous system while in threat mode... Listen in and hear for yourself to see if you can relate to what Dr. Porges shares around ADHD and his Polyvagal Theory. Stephen W. Porges, PhD, is Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University, where he is the founding director of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium within the Kinsey Institute.  He holds the position of Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina and Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Maryland.  Dr. Porges served as president of both the Society for Psychophysiological Research and the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences and is a former recipient of a National Institute of Mental Health Research Scientist Development Award.  He has published approximately 300 peer reviewed scientific papers across several disciplines including anesthesiology, biomedical engineering, critical care medicine, ergonomics, exercise physiology, gerontology, neurology, neuroscience, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, psychometrics, space medicine, and substance abuse. His research has been cited in approximately 40,000 peer review publications. In 1994 Dr. Porges proposed the Polyvagal Theory, a theory that links the evolution of the mammalian autonomic nervous system to social behavior and emphasizes the importance of physiological state in the expression of behavioral problems and psychiatric disorders. The theory is leading to innovative treatments based on insights into the mechanisms mediating symptoms observed in several behavioral, psychiatric, and physical disorders. He is the author of The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation (Norton, 2011), The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe (Norton, 2017),co-editor of Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory: The Emergence of Polyvagal-Informed Therapies (Norton, 2018), and Polyvagal Safety (Norton, expected 2021). Dr. Porges is also the creator of a music-based intervention, the Safe and Sound Protocol™, which currently is used by more than 2000 therapists to improve spontaneous social engagement, to reduce hearing sensitivities, and to improve language processing, state regulation, and spontaneous social engagement. For more information on Dr. Stephen W. Porges, please visit For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jul 31

1 hr 3 min

ADHD MEDS: SAFE & EFFECTIVE? is an episode that analyzes the process that parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD will have to go through... to trust or not to trust? And where does our trust come from? And is it blind trust in external sources or authentic, internal trust that comes from our internal guidance system? And what does 'safe' actually mean? And are they telling the truth? What does 'effective' mean? And effective for what? And for what not? These are all questions I wanted to address with this episode. Listen in and see for yourself where your own trust comes from, whether it's to take a Covid vaccine or an ADHD Drug... you have to come up with some form of trust before you throw your hat over the fence... For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jul 29

33 min 39 sec

I'M NOT BROKEN. I'M UNFOLDING. is a new episode that explores the notion that if we'd let our children unfold instead of trying to mold them into who we think they should become... we'd have happier children, happier families and ultimately happier communities. Inspired by the song 'Unfolding' by Luca Fogale, this deep rant is intended to connect with parents' core and create resonance to shift their perspectives around this so-called disorder. For more information on Luca Fogale, visit 'Unfolding' music video: 'Unfolding' lyrics: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jul 24

47 min 5 sec

WHY DEFEND ADHD? is a powerful rant on why society has been fighting hard to keep this disorder, its label, its system and its current so-called top experts in place. We desperately need an overhaul on this matter, yet common folks who've been diagnosed and labeled are defending their own condition with tooth and nails. How come? Is it really empowering to defend a mental disorder that's based on observed behaviors? Or would it be more empowering perhaps to denounce the disorder and dig deeper to see why those behaviors show up in the first place? Well, you might be thinking... "I have those behaviors because I have ADHD." But that is not scientifically possible since ADHD was invented as a disorder by humans and your behaviors could not possibly be caused by such a made up disorder. Sure, the struggles are real, but they are due to the friction between an individual and their environment... so, the only power we got is to change the environment to further soothe a person and have them dissolve their ADHD symptoms. Don't think it's possible? Well, listen in on this episode and see for yourself if you're part of the problem or the solution. For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jul 18

53 min 53 sec

IF ONLY WE KNEW! is a powerful episode about the story of Jyle, a young Australian man who got diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager. His parents Vanessa and Troy who I interviewed for this episode were told by 'experts' to medicate their son with stimulant drugs. Not knowing about the possible negative side effects of Ritalin and only having their son's best interest in mind, they decided to put Jyle on Ritalin. Jyle soon became terribly addicted to Ritalin after thinking that it was the answer to all of his struggles ... he became a focused superman and someone that was 'acceptable' in social circles and at school. After 4 years of substance abuse and self sabotage, Jyle was no longer like himself and he was extremely unhappy. After Ritalin came other drugs and eventually alcohol, all in the attempt to stay 'powerful' and 'accepted'... Today, Jyle is in rehab to shake his addiction to alcohol and drugs, planning a successful career as a music producer and artists. We know Jyle will turn his life around, there is no doubt. He has the most supportive parents who will guide him to success. But the struggle that the family has been through due to the disruption that Jyle's dependency on Ritalin has created has lost valuable time and energy that they will never get back. When experts use the words 'safe & effective', please don't take their word for it. Remember, cigarettes used to be advertised by doctors and hailed as safe & effective... please do your own research and look at both sides! Here is a link to an article of Berkley professor and researcher Nadine Lambert, outlining her 27 year study on the long term effects on Ritalin - these results were not well received by the 'pro-med' side: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jul 17

54 min 5 sec

EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED is an episode with school psychologist Laura Reber, the founder of the online tutoring site Progress Parade. Laura graduated valedictorian with a Bachelor's in Psychology from Truman State University and earned her Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) from Illinois State University. She has been working as a school psychologist for over a decade. At her company Progress Parade, her and her tutors provide 1:1 online tutoring with hand-picked specialists for students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning challenges, autism and more. Laura closely works with a team of school psychologists and specialized teachers to create personalized approaches for homework support, academic intervention, homeschooling, unschooling, and more. With her teams of tutors, she has successfully supported over 1000 students in turning learning challenges into life changing achievements. During this episode I was super excited to talk to a school psychologist to get a closer look at how children who are challenged to pay attention in the classroom are quickly singled out and considered to have ADHD... Listen in and hear for yourself what goes on at most schools when it comes to disorders and disabilities. For more information on Progress Parade and on how Laura and her team could support your child, visit Progress Parade on Facebook A relevant recent blog from Progress Parade: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jun 30

58 min 55 sec

THE DAY HAS COME is a deep reflection on why things are shifting around this antiquated view of children's behaviors that we label as ADHD. More and more people are waking up and trusting their intuition. There is more than meets the eye and these so-called 'experts' on ADHD are starting to loose their grip... especially when they try to shut down the debates. Medicine and Science are supposed to continue in looking for the truth, not shut down debates by extremely credible sources. But guess what... the day has come! The tipping point is near. Listen in and hear for yourself and let it all resonate. After all, great things have always happened after a great shift. For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jun 27

26 min 56 sec

PUTTING THE CHILD BACK IN CHILDHOOD is an interview with Carl Honoré, a bestselling author, broadcaster and the global voice of the 'Slow Movement'. His two main-stage TED Talks have racked up millions of views. Could it be that the immense pressures we’ve been putting on our children to ‘succeed in life’ are often the cause for mental disorders like ADHD? Could it be that simply slowing down in life and putting more value on calm, focus, energy, connection, purpose creativity and pleasure could make the symptoms of ADHD dissolve over time? Well, those are exactly the kinds of questions Carl and I discussed during this recording. Carl’s first book, 'In Praise of Slow', chronicles the global trend toward putting on the brakes in everything from work to food to parenting. The Financial Times said it is “to the Slow Movement what 'Das Kapital' is to communism.” Carl’s second book, Under Pressure explores how to raise and educate children in a fast world and was hailed by Time as a “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.” Carl’s third book, 'The Slow Fix', explores how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life, from health and relationships to business and politics, without falling for superficial, short-term quick fixes. Carl’s latest book, 'Bolder: Making The Most Of Our Longer Lives', explores aging – how we can do it better and feel better about doing it. It’s also a spirited manifesto against ageism. Published in 35 languages, his books have landed on bestseller lists in many countries. In Praise of Slow was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and the inaugural choice for the Huffington Post Book Club. It also featured in a British TV sitcom, Argentina’s version of Big Brother and a TV commercial for the Motorola tablet. Under Pressure was shortlisted for the Writers’ Trust Award, the top prize for non-fiction in Canada. Bolder was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and a Reader’s Digest (UK) Book of the Month. Carl fronted a series for BBC Radio 4 called The Slow Coach in which he helped frazzled, over-scheduled people slow down. He also presented a television show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC 1. Carl is an advisor to Jack Media, which makes messaging apps, and sits on the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York City. Carl lives in London. While researching his first book on slowness he was slapped with a speeding ticket... For more information on Carl and his work, please visit For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jun 25

56 min 26 sec

BACK TO NORMAL: WHY ORDINARY CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR IS MISTAKEN FOR ADHD is hot off our podcast episode press! My guest is Dr. Enrico Gnaulati, a clinical psychologist based in Pasadena, California, and Affiliate Professor of Psychology at Seattle University. His work has been featured on Spectrum News, Al Jazeera America, China Global Television Network, KPCC Los Angeles, KPFK, Los Angeles, KPBS, San Diego, WBUR, Boston, KPFA Berkeley, and online at the Atlantic, Salon, and Psychology Today, as well as reviewed in the Huffington Post, The Australian, and the New Yorker. He is a blogger for Mad in America, a nationally recognized reformer of mental health practice and policy and the author of the books Back to Normal: Why Ordinary Childhood Behavior is Mistaken for ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Saving Talk Therapy: How Health Insurers, Big Pharma, and Slanted Science are Ruining Good Mental Health Care and Emotion-Regulating Play Therapy with ADHD Children: Staying with Playing   Dr. Gnaulati has established himself as a leading ethical voice in the area of quality mental health care, having raised serious issues with so-called evidence-based treatments in Psychology. Naturally, I was very excited and curious because Dr. Gnaulati and I talked about why ordinary childhood behaviors are mistaken for ADHD? Really. Why? Listen in and hear for yourself... could it be that we are sold a load of horse manure when it comes the causes of ADHD? For more information on Dr. Gnaulati, his work and his books, please visit For more information on our podcast, please visit

Jun 16

1 hr 6 min

BOYS ADRIFT: WHY ADHD IS DEFINITELY OVERDIAGNOSED is a powerful episode with Dr. Leonard Sax, author of 'Boys Adrift', 'Girls on the Edge', 'Why Gender matters' and 'The Collapse of parenting'. We talked about the reasons for the overdiagnosis of children with ADHD and about the type of medications that have harmful longterm effects on children's motivation center in the brain (nucleus accumbens). Most experts are not aware of the studies that clearly show that children medicated with methamphetamines (Adderall, Dexedrine, Focalin) show a higher lack of motivation in the long term than children medicated with methylphenidates such as Concerta, Focalin or Quillivant. Oh, and we also talked about the financial ties that many ADHD experts have to pharmaceutical companies, especially institutions such as Harvard Medical School... I think you'll like this episode very much so! Dr. Sax earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from MIT, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in five semesters at the age of 19. He then went on to the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned both his PhD in psychology, and his MD. Next he did a 3-year residency in family practice at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster Pennsylvania. In 1990, he established a family practice in Montgomery County Maryland, just outside Washington DC. He provided care for children and adults in Montgomery County for more than 18 years. He took a 5-year sabbatical, 2008 to 2013, to devote himself full-time to visiting schools and communities, and to writing. He returned to clinical practice in 2013 near his home in Chester County, Pennsylvania, while continuing to lead workshops and give keynotes based on his visits to more than 460 communities over the past 20 years.   Dr. Sax has led workshops and given keynotes not only all across North America – from California to Nova Scotia and from Alaska to Florida – but also in Australia, Bermuda, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland. For more information on Dr. Sax and his work, please visit 'Boys Adrift' on Amazon: For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jun 11

1 hr 5 min

WHY NOT TO USE ADHD AS AN EXCUSE is an episode that looks at the notion that some people use having ADHD as an excuse to explain why they fall short of being a well-functioning person... "Oh, it's my ADHD [that had me be late, forget my homework, etc.]. Parents often make excuses for their children when in public. Why could this be not only not useful, but also harmful for the future of a child's self esteem and self worth... Listen in and hear for yourself why what we're saying definitely has some legs... For more information on this podcast, please visit

Jun 1

46 min 2 sec

YOUR CHILD'S BRAIN IS NOT A FERRARI ENGINE is an episode that dissects the silly and surface level metaphors that parents hear over and over again, attempting to explain to them what their [ADHD] child's brain is like. We call BS on this. Here is a link to the site of the creator of such metaphor, Dr. Hallowell'. Even though he might mean well with this metaphor, it's doing more harm than good. Don't believe it? Listen in and hear for your self. For more information on this podcast, please visit

May 31

36 min 57 sec

THE DISORDER FORMERLY KNOW AS... is an episode that not only explains that our movement's name is a declaration - much like the declaration of independence was - but that it's 110% possible that in 5-10 years, ADHD will be over! What do I mean by that? Well, listen in for yourself to see what I tell people who confront us by saying "ADHD is not over and it will never be over", or "You don't know what you're talking about..." It is very common that mental disorders changed names over time. ADHD is a good example of that. In 1902, British pediatrician Sir George Still described these symptoms as “an abnormal defect of moral control in children”. He found that some affected children could not control their behavior the way a typical child would, but they were still intelligent. The APA issued the first “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM) in 1952. This manual listed all of the recognized mental disorders. It also included known causes, risk factors, and treatments for each condition. Doctors still use an updated version today. The APA did not recognize ADHD in the first edition. A second DSM was published in 1968. This edition included "hyperkinetic impulse disorder" for the first time. The APA released a third edition of the DSM (DSM-III) in 1980. They changed the name of the disorder from "hyperkinetic impulse disorder" to "attention deficit disorder" (ADD). Scientists believed hyperactivity was not a common symptom of the disorder. This listing created two subtypes of ADD: ADD with hyperactivity, and ADD without hyperactivity. As you can tell, several versions of what we now know as ADHD were at some point in history 'over'... so, it's totally possible that ADHD will be over soon. We give it 5-10 years max! Source: For more information on our podcast, please visit

May 22

32 min 8 sec

HEALING ADHD : IT'S AN INSIDE JOB is an exploration of why outsourcing the healing of mental disorders is not effective. The only way to truly 'heal' the ADHD behaviors of our children is to look inside... inside the family, inside the parents, and inside our children's world. Only when we turn inward can we truly bring wholesomeness to our children. As a matter of fact, it's the only responsible thing to do. Outsourcing the healing is literally 'irresponsible'... as in 'not responding powerfully and with sovereignty to the situation. Listen in and hear for yourself what there is to do, should you want to truly heal your child's behaviors as a result of the friction in her or his environment. For more information on this podcast, please visit

May 19

48 min 56 sec

DAD ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER is a very powerful episode with Dr. Peter Breggin MD, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former Consultant at the National Institute of Mental Health who has been called “The Conscience of Psychiatry” for his many decades of successful efforts to reform the mental health field. His work provides the foundation for modern criticism of psychiatric diagnoses and drugs and leads the way in promoting more caring and effective therapies. His research and educational projects have brought about major changes in the FDA-approved ‘Full Prescribing Information' or labels for dozens of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs. He continues to educate the public and professions about the tragic psychiatric drugging of America’s children. Dr. Breggin has authored dozens of scientific articles and more than twenty books, including “The Ritalin Fact Book”, “Talking back to Ritalin” and the bestseller Toxic Psychiatry. As a medical-legal expert, Dr. Breggin has unprecedented and unique knowledge about how the pharmaceutical industry too often commits fraud in researching and marketing psychiatric drugs. Most recently, Dr. Breggin has turned his attention to the misuse of the science surrounding COVID-19 and its origins in what he calls "global predators."  Dr. Breggin and his wife Ginger R. Breggin have written a new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey. For more information on Dr. Peter Breggin MD, please visit For more information on SPAC!, visit

May 4

1 hr 27 min

YOU CANNOT 'HAVE' ADHD is a powerful episode with Sami Timimi, a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the National Health Service in Lincolnshire and a Visiting Professor of Child Psychiatry and Mental Health Improvement at the University of Lincoln, in the UK. Sami writes from a critical psychiatry perspective on topics relating to mental health and childhood and has published over a hundred and thirty articles and tens of chapters on many subjects including childhood, therapy, mental health services, and culture. He has authored 6 books including 'Naughty Boys: Anti-Social Behaviour', 'ADHD and the Role of Culture' co-edited 4 books including, with Jonathan Leo, 'Rethinking ADHD: From Brain to Culture'. His latest book, Insane Medicine: How the Mental Health Industry Creates Damaging Treatment Traps and How You Can Escape Them, is available in serialized form on the Mad in America website as well as for purchase on Amazon. In 2004, Sami Timimi spearheaded and co-endorsed the creation of “A Critique of the International Consensus Statement on ADHD, essentially the rebuttal of such statement lead by Russell Barkley.
 For more information on Sami Timimi, please visit His books: To read the 'International Consensus Statement on ADHD', please visit For Sami Timimi and his team's rebuttal on the above consensus, please visit For more information on this podcast and the movement, please visit

Apr 29

1 hr 24 min

THE DIAGNOSIS SURVIVAL GUIDE is an in-depth episode on how parents can at first 'survive' the initial [ADHD] diagnosis of their child, especially if they're open-minded enough to not jump into camp 'coping' right away. It takes an emotionally intelligent parent to sit with the impact, feel the emotions and then start doing the type of research that includes both sides of the debate. Listen in for your self and if you like the episode, feel free to share it with a friend or family member that might need to hear this at this time in their lives... For more information on this podcast, please visit For more info on our support partner, visit

Apr 24

1 hr 4 min

ADHD & ADDICTION is a short episode around the myth that [unmedicated] children with ADHD will most likely end up 'self-medicating later in life... that is simply not true and there are loads of studies and scientific evidence out there that refutes those claims. Yet parents are still told so. Why? Addicts are not addicts because they're addicts. People with ADHD don't have ADHD because of ADHD. Curious? Listen in and hear for yourself what's so around ADHD & Addiction. For more information on our podcast, please visit

Apr 20

26 min 35 sec

MIND HEALTH 360 is the latest episode with my guest Kirkland Newman - an Anglo-American journalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who specializes in integrative mental health.  Kirkland founded and runs the successful integrative mental health website, MindHealth360, which provides free information and resources on integrative mental health and functional medicine psychiatry to those suffering from mental health issues, their friends, their families, and to health practitioners worldwide. 

She also founded and hosts The MindHealth360 Show, which interviews leading integrative mental health practitioners from around the world.  In this episode, Kirkland and I will discuss what ADHD actually is, her own family’s experience with ADHD, some of the myths surrounding ADHD, the most effective alternative treatments currently available, and what parents can do to steer away from the medication centric narrative around ADHD. For more information on Kirkland Newman and MindHealth360, please visit For more information on our podcast, go to For more info on our support partner, visit

Apr 19

1 hr 8 min

COMPULSORY COMPLIANCE DISORDER is an in-depth exploration of what we are essentially doing to our children by 'sedating' them into compliance with our school systems, our labels, and medication. We think we got it figured out and that by labeling our children with mental disorders such as ADHD, we're doing them a favor... we oughta really rethink this outdated approach to symptoms. If we don't change the course of this 'mental health' epidemic, we'll be in for a rude awakening. Listen in and see for yourself if you agree or disagree. Contact us if you'd like to suggest a topic for our podcast, a guest or simply if you wanna chat about ADHD. We're here for you! For more information on our movement, please visit For more information on our support partner Boku Superfood, please visit

Apr 14

52 min 48 sec

THERE IS NO ADHD GENE is an episode with my guest Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. A stem cell biologist, the bestselling author of “The Biology of Belief” and a recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, Dr. Lipton has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as a keynote presenter for national and international conferences. Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating through the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by genes, predicted one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. This is especially of interest to our ADHD movement since the field of epigenetics essentially proves that ADHD is not a so-called ‘genetic disorder’ and that nobody is predetermined to have it and in the worst-case scenario simply predisposed to it. But the power is with our minds and our ability to change our environments to better serve our individual human life experiences. Listen in to hear my conversation with the world's most passionate biologist I know, Dr. Bruce Lipton!! If you're into splitting atoms around ADHD and genes, I promise you that this is your episode! For more information on Bruce Lipton and his work, visit For more information on our podcast and our movement, please visit For more info on our support partner Boku superfood, please visit

Apr 10

1 hr 14 min

PRISONERS OF ADHD is a damn powerful espisode with Fritzi Horstman - a fellow ADHDer and the Founder and Executive Director of CPP, the Compassion Prison Project . CPP is an organization dedicated to bringing compassion, childhood trauma awareness and creative inspiration to all men and women living and working in prisons. With 95% of the incarcerated men and women eventually returning home, Fritzi believes it is imperative that we address the chronic mental health issues in prison with common sense, compassion and urgency. In 2020 Fritzi directed “Step Inside the Circle” at California State Prison – Los Angeles County with 235 incarcerated men.  The video has reached nearly 3 million views worldwide and has attracted over 900 volunteers to CPP.   Fritzi and the team at CPP are currently creating a 6-part series entitled “Trauma Talks” to be distributed to prisons in the US and abroad. Fritzi produced HBO’s “The Defiant Ones” directed by Allen Hughes which has garnered several awards including a Grammy for Best Music Film. Her first feature, “Take A Number,” which she wrote, produced, and directed, debuted at the Slamdance film festival and premiered on HBO.  For more information about Fritzi Horstman and CCP, please visit Watch the film "Step inside the Circle" Books mentioned: 'The Presence Process' - Michael Brown (available on Amazon) 'The Body keeps the score' - Bessel van der Kolk (available on Amazon) For more information on this podcast, please visit For more information on our support partner, please visit

Apr 7

58 min 34 sec

YOUR PRESENCE IS EVERYTHING is a powerful and enlightening conversation with Author, speaker and consultant Jim Shiels. Jim is the co-founder of board meetings international, a company that specializes in parent/child retreats, using a combination of experiential education and fun activities, like surfing and other oceanfront adventures to teach vital life lessons not taught in schools. Jim's book, 'The Family Board Meeting' was ranked as a number 1 parenting Kindle book on Amazon and in this episode, Jim shared some key concepts from his work, including why Family Board meetings matter, the effects they have on our children, the difference between paying attention to a child versus giving a child our full presence and Jim and I discussed the possible reason why so many entrepreneurs have been diagnosed with ADHD. Diagnosed during his childhood with ADHD and a brief and destructive experience with stimulant medication, Jim has since embraced his superpower and he thinks that we're all unique and most of us entrepreneurs are just not made to sit still at a desk and follow orders. Hence, we create our own businesses and thrive that way. But entrepreneurs often struggle with allocating enough time to spend with their families. We talked about the concept of 'paying attention', spending scheduled quality time with each child once every quarter. Listen in and hear for yourself some nuggets of wisdom that Jim shared with me! For more information on Jim, his work and his book 'The Family Board Meeting', visit For more information on our movement, please visit For more information on our support partner, please visit

Apr 5

54 min 48 sec

HOW [NOT] TO ADHD is an exposé on how many experts out there in the 'Coping Camp' cherry-pick studies to suit their own agendas. Furthermore, many slogans and terms have been loosely thrown around by experts & activists alike. In this episode, we explore the saying "People with ADHD have a harder time with rejections", as well as "People with ADHD are more likely to end up doing drugs, get in trouble and even end up in jail - because of their ADHD." When we dig deeper into these type of statements, we quickly see that it's all none sense and not really addressing what's going on in the lives of these children (or adults). It's not the ADHD, its the friction in their lives that cause them to show traits that will quickly get labeled and diagnosed as a 'disorder'. For more information on this podcast, visit For more information on our support partner, please go to

Mar 23

1 hr

PARENTING: THE CAUSE AND THE CURE is a powerful rant on the importance of parenting. ADHD is not genetic in the sense that it is predetermined. One can be predisposed to the traits of ADHD, but the study of epigenetics clearly shows that the environment is 100% responsible for turning on or off someone's genes. Hence, parenting is the most powerful force when consciously done to turn on or off those genes. Sure, education, nutrition, heavy metals, video game exposure, sleep etc. all play a part in the environment of a child. But no part of that environment is as important as parenting. Even though pharmaceutical companies have coined and pushed the expression: "ADHD is not due to bad parenting", we are big believers that while it's not due to 'bad' parenting, it's definitely due to 'unconscious parenting'. Letting parents off the hook by telling them that there is nothing they can do about ADHD and that they had nothing to do with it is simply supporting the idea of 'irresponsible parents' who fall victims to the interests of powerful groups who benefit from making children dependent on stimulant drugs or other external therapies and coping strategies, ultimately sentencing them to a 'disordered life.' Listen in and hear for yourself what parents can do to dissolve their children's ADHD traits (aka behaviors) that are essentially direct reactions to a child's struggles with their environment. The struggles are real. The [disempowering] label doesn't have to be! For more information on this movement, please visit For more information on our support partner, please visit

Mar 22

46 min 33 sec

WHERE HAVE ALL THE NORMAL CHILDREN GONE is an exploration of the term 'normal' and a look into the pathological craze of destroying the context around a normal childhood... The following is a select list of just a few of hundreds of thousands of books out there, attempting to label kids as 'not normal' or 'different': -The Virtual Child: The Terrifying Truth About What Technology is doing to Children by Cris Rowan -The Angry Child by Tim Murphy -The Bipolar Child by Dimitry Papolos -The Highly-Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron -The Challenging Child by Stanley Greenspan -The Strong-Willed Child by James Dobson -The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Seigel -The Hurried Child by David Elkind -The Defiant Child by Russell Barkley (Barfley, like David Stein used to say) -The Misunderstood Child by Larry Silver -The Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurchinka -The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz -The Explosive Child by Ross Greene -The Silenced Child by Claudia Gold Why are we doing this to our children? What benefits do we gain from doing this? If it's not the parents and families, who is supposed to be gaining these benefits? We know for sure that it's not the children. And if it's not the children, then who??? Listen in and hear for yourself what is happening out there in the world of labeling our children! For more information on this movement, please visit For more information on our support partner, please visit

Mar 21

35 min 37 sec

FREE TO LEARN is a radically insightful conversation with Peter Gray, an American psychology researcher, and scholar. Peter is a research professor of psychology at Boston College and the author of an introductory psychology textbook. He is known for his book 'Free to Learn' (translated into 18 languages) and his work on the interaction between education and play, and his evolutionary perspective on psychology theory. Peter sat down with us to discuss the history of education, its flaws, the power of child-led education and the importance of nurturing our children and to see play as their main way to learn and develop. Could it be that ADHD is a result of a 'too rigid' and outdated conveyor-belt, one-size-fits-all, starved-of-play type of learning environment? ADHD sure did not exist prior to western society's [industrial revolution era] classrooms... Listen in and hear for yourself! We promise you tons of wisdom nuggets! For more information on our podcast, please visit For more information on our supporting partner, please visit

Mar 14

1 hr 18 min

NO MORE PITY PARTIES IN VICTIMHOOD is an exploration of why people with ADHD aren't yet fed up with being labeled as 'disordered', 'less than normal', 'doomed for life' etc. Prior to 1973 being homosexual was considered a disorder according to the DSM... it wasn't until this minority stood up and revolted against being labeled with such non-sense. So, how come the ADHD community is just fine being labeled with a disorder when in fact it's not? What needs to happen for people sto stand up and grab the bullhorn from the American Psychiatric Association that's been promoting this one-sided and incomplete narrative? What it's going to take is actually fairly simple. Not easy, but simple... listen in and judge for yourself. For more information on this podcast, please visit For more information on our support partner Boku Superfood, please visit their site at

Mar 7

1 hr 9 min

SAY IT AIN'T SO is a short rant about my frustration with these so-called distinguished and award-winning experts who simply refuse to look under the hood when it comes to the real causes of ADHD. Children are the check engine lights of their families and experts repeatedly refuse to see what's actually going on in their environments and most of the time simply want parents to slap a band-aid on these much deeper wounds... it's the equivalent of putting a piece of masking tape over the check engine light, pretending that the engine of the car is now fine because you can't see the light anymore... For more information on this podcast and our documentary "ADHD IS OVER!" please visit For more information on our support partner Boku Superfood, please visit

Mar 3

21 min 57 sec

ADRIAN TURNED OUT is the heart-wrenching, thrilling and ultimately wonderful and happy-ending story of entrepreneur Adrian. He told me his story from a brutal and messy divorce when he was 5, all the way to anger, drugs, run-ins with the law, arson, jail time and more... in just 1 hour we get to witness the damage that an imbalanced and traumatic upbringing can have on a child that's diagnosed with ADHD and medicated. It's been debunked over and over that children with ADHD when not medicated will self-medicate later in life. That's simply BS. In Adrian's case as in the case of so many countless others we've interviewed, it is becoming more and more clear to us that giving a young child stimulant drugs (schedule 2) creates a gateway for them to do more drugs later in life. Listen in and judge for yourself. Get ready for lots of excitement, heart-brake, vulnerability, passion, and love! For more information on this podcast, please visit For more information on our support partner, visit

Mar 1

1 hr 16 min

COPING IS HOPING is an exploration of how human beings cannot Cope and Thrive at the same time. But if we don't wanna just cope and hope that life will work out for ourselves or our children, then what do we need to do in order to thrive as individuals and as families. Listen in on this nuanced rant around coping, hoping, and thriving and see for yourself where you stand. For more information on our support partner, please visit For more info on our podcast and documentary, please visit

Feb 27

1 hr 56 min

MEN WHERE ART THOU? is a beautiful episode with Rafia Morgan on the importance of a healthy masculine role model in families so [ADHD] children can grow up feeling safe and protected and thrive. Since 1977, Rafia has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work and has been working as a spiritual therapist and teacher. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1971 he recognized a need to move away from social and political action and focus on meditation and inner exploration. In 1978 he met his spiritual master, Osho, and spent many years in his presence. He had the honor of being part of a small group of people that traveled the world with Osho for one year. During this time and after he worked as Osho’s personal photographer. His work is a synthesis of many years of spiritual and therapeutic practice and is characterized by his enthusiasm, compassionate love of people, humor, knowledge of personality and essence as well as his training in trauma resolution. He has training in many therapeutic approaches including Postural Integration, Bio-Energetics, Reichian Character Analysis, and breathwork, Primal, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, and the Diamond Logos Essence work of Faisal Muqquadam. He is a creator of many processes in the Osho therapy world such as the Inner Man Inner Woman work, the Osho Tantra Intensive, the Path of Love, and the Osho Therapist Training. For more information on Rafia's work, visit For more information on our project, visit Visit our supporting partner Boku Superfood at

Feb 24

47 min 33 sec

CARING IS ATTENTION is a beautiful episode with Dr. Stephen Cowan, MD FAAP. Dr. Cowan specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and recurrent pediatric problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Tourette's syndrome, Asthma and Allergies, Digestive Disorders, and other inflammatory disorders. Dr. Cowan completed his pediatric training at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in NY in 1987 and went on to complete a 2-year fellowship in Child Development at the Developmental Disabilities Center at Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is board-certified in Pediatrics, a long-standing fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics, and serves on the AAP committee of Developmental Disabilities. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family/Community Medicine at NY Medical College and has lectured internationally on the holistic management of chronic problems in children. He is certified in Medical Acupuncture and is a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Cowan is a long-time student of Chinese medicine, studying with Efrem Korngold OMD and Stephen Aung MD. He has been a member of the Autism Research Institute's Defeat Autism Now organization. Dr. Cowan is a co-founder and advisory board member of the Holistic Pediatric Association and serves on the advisory boards of the Integrative Healthcare Symposium, TCM World Foundation, Holistic Pediatric Alliance, and Epidemic Answers. He is co-founder and medical director of the non-profit organization Tournesol Kids, which empowers children through online education, workshops, and community outreach. Dr. Cowan is the author of Fire Child, Water Child: How understanding the Five Types of ADHD Can Help You Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Attention. In 1991 Dr. Cowan co-founded Riverside Pediatrics, in Croton, NY where for over 20 years he incorporated alternative therapies in the treatment of common childhood disorders. Seeking to expand his developmental practice, Dr. Cowan founded The Westchester Center for Holistic Families in Mt. Kisco, NY, where he now offers holistic pediatric and developmental consultations and treatments. Dr. Cowan sees patients at Tournseol Wellness in Manhattan. His consultations are designed to offer time with each patient and their family, offering nutritional and biomedical interventions, acupuncture, biofeedback, and meditation. For more information on Dr. Cowan's work, please visit For more information on this podcast, please visit For more information on our supporting partner Boku Superfood, please visit

Feb 19

1 hr 34 min