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A podcast on building resilient African entrepreneurs and businesses hosted by Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa and Mulumba Lwatula

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In this episode we talk to Ruvimbo Chikwava, Co-Founder & CEO of African Solutions Private Limited (AfriSol). Afrisol is a pan-African enterprise that enables the enhancement of nutrition levels plus wealth and employment creation amongst small-holder farmers with a bias towards women and the youth in Rwanda.We discuss Ruvimbo’s journey from working in a Big 4 audit firm to his previous role as a treasury and business development executive, and his latest role at AfriSol where he is helping small-holder farmers increase productivity, efficiency, and the quality of their produce. Ruvimbo speaks on the deepening sense of "conscious incompetence" in entrepreneurship as well as the unexpected joys and growth of learning from students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation class at the African Leadership University School of Business. We also explore why African entrepreneurs might be struggling with collaboration and how we need to commit to have all hands on deck with as many stakeholders as possible if we are to truly Scale Up Africa.Connect with Ruvimbo on the following platforms: LinkedIn | AfriSolConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Apr 30

1 hr 5 min

In this episode, we talk to Guidione Machava, an entrepreneur, designer and author from Mozambique. Guidione prides himself in being a community builder, is the host of the World Class Designer Podcast, and recently organised the World Class Designer Conference which drew speakers and attendees from a diverse pool of the world’s leading companies to exchange ideas, insights, and lessons with designers across the continent.In our chat, we discuss Guidione’s journey from studying economics to the design space. We discuss the great potential that Africa has for greater problem discovery that can lead to design of solutions that leverage the great talent on the opportunity whilst addressing the problems unique to the continent. Guidione also shares on how collaboration could help scale design in Africa and how at an individual level, the willingness to move to rooms where we may not be the brightest could show us even more possibilities.Connect with Guidione on the following platforms: LinkedIn | World Class Designer SchoolConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Apr 9

41 min 36 sec

Ojok Okello is a development manager, community organiser, and social entrepreneur who has been using his global experience and education to support a community development project in Okere, his father’s home village in Northern Uganda.The social entreprise, also known as Okere City, has organically grown to include several initiatives towards education, adult literacy, community sports, health, and the processing of shea butter to create a hub of social and economic activity that allows inhabitants to contribute to and shape the development of their community.In our chat, we discuss how it all started, the perpectives and beliefs that have powered Ojok’s resilience, and how he believes we could all contribute to the development of our communities.Connect with Ojok on the following platforms: @OjokOkello_ | Okere CityConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Apr 2

58 min 10 sec

Nyeji Chilembo is the Managing Partner of wCap. wCap is a business accelerator hub and private equity firm focused on women owned or led businesses. Nyeji and her partners started wCap to close the funding gap for African female entrepreneurs who were overlooked by financial systems but are building growth businesses for the future. We discuss how wCap supports female entrepreneurs to setup systems that position them to receive funding and Scale Up. As well, we unpack the abundant opportunities for business on the continent and the importance of setting personal goals and timelines to focus and carry you through difficult seasons, doubt, and discouragement.Connect with Nyeji on the following platforms: @NyejiC | LinkedIn | wCapConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Mar 26

35 min 5 sec

Claudine Moore is an award-winning US, UK, & African PR & Communications Leader and the founder of C. Moore Media International Public Relations. Aside from that, she also serves as an Adjunct Professor at New York University teaching Global Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing, and Strategic Communications Writing at the School of Professional Studies!In our chat we discuss a wide range of topics ranging from the 3 Ts of Communication amidst crisis and uncertainty, the Future is Female Mentorship Program—a PR & Communication Mentorship exclusively for African Female Founders and Entrepreneurs, and why it’s important for Africa to regain its rightful position in the world.Connect with Claudine on the following platforms: @Claudinemoore | LinkedIn | C. Moore MediaConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Mar 18

52 min 57 sec

Simunza Muyangana is a Co-founder and the Director of entrepreneurship at BongoHive. BongoHive is Zambia’s first Innovation and Technology hub which works with great minds to build viable solutions that change the world. In this episode, Simunza shares his journey into the tech space, what has kept him going and you have to find out the superpower he wants to share with African entrepreneurs! He explains why it’s critical to be able to have earnest conversations with your business partners and shares tips on how businesses can stay attuned to their customers to get insights on how to continue serving and solving even amidst uncertainty and crisis.Connect with Simunza on the following platforms: @simunza | LinkedIn | BongoHiveConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Mar 12

59 min 4 sec

Janice Sambaza is the Managing Director of Ivhu Advisors, a transaction advisory and enterprise development support firm based in South Africa. Janice is also a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at wCap which provides fund management and advisory services to women-led businesses in Zambia. In our conversatiion, we discuss the leadership lessons Janice picked up in her corporate career journey that fueled her passion and propelled her to setup Ivhu Advisors and wCap. We also touch on the use of the principles of Ubuntu in business, bridging the gender parity gap, and Janice's drive to change the African narrative through equipping and transforming businesses on the continent.Connect with Janice on the following platforms: LinkedIn | Ivhu Advisors | wCap Connect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Mar 5

35 min 47 sec

Saray Khumalo is an award winning Mountaineer who provides world-class Transformational Coaching to entrepreneurs, executives, business professionals, and sales teams all over the world.In our chat, we discuss the leadership lessons from her extensive corporate career that applied in the mountains and the ones she took from the mountains to business strategy and transformation coaching. She shares on the importance of planning for success just as much as we would for any other risks or failure and why we need to ensure equality in education on the continent.Listen to this episode on: Apple Podcasts | Buzzsprout | Google Podcasts | SpotifyConnect with Saray on the following platforms: @saraykhumalo | Instagram | Website Connect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Feb 26

36 min 26 sec

Chilu Lemba is a Zambian-born and South Africa–based radio and television presenter, voice over artist, author, and musician.In this episode, we explore his evolution from actor, presenter to musician, author, television host, to being one of Africa’s most widely heard voices! Chilu shares how making the right decisions and paying attention to the small details kept him grounded in his journey from the early days to working with big brands like CNN, DStv, and the Africa Cup of Nations.Connect with Chilu on the following platforms: @chilulemba | Instagram | Website Connect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Feb 19

50 min 17 sec

Natasha Chiumya is the Managing Partner at Folotiya and Chiumya, a specialist law firm focusing on meeting the corporate and commercial legal requirements for doing business in Zambia. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Diaspora Connect, a business that is providing a safe and reliable way for Zambians in the diaspora to buy property back home.In this episode we discuss how entrepreneurial spirit, having great people around you, and living below your means are more than just buzzwords if you seek to build a resilient business. Natasha also shares more on her journey over the last 14 years building up Folotiya and Chiumya and more recently Diaspora Connect.Connect with Natasha on the following platforms: @chiumya_natasha | Instagram | Diaspora Connect | Folotiya & ChiumyaConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Feb 12

42 min 21 sec

This week we are talking about the journey of Scale Up Africa and where we would like to go in the next season and beyond!Thank you so much to the Scale Up Africa community for the amazing support we have received thus far! It has been a really magical journey and we keep wondering why we didn’t start the show much earlier. The learning and gems of wisdom shared by our guests have been nothing short of phenomenal and we salute the continent’s entrepreneurs.We look forward to more wonderful conversations, a great guest lineup, and can't wait to see you all with Scale Up Africa merchandise!Listen to this episode on: Apple Podcasts | Buzzsprout | Google Podcasts | SpotifyConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jul 2020

31 min 31 sec

Kitawa Wemo, the founder of MAMA Ventures, an impact venture builder in Nairobi, Kenya talks to us about how she helps startups build sustainable and impactful businesses.We discuss the path that led her from her undergrad studies in environmental health to building startup ecosystems and what she has learnt about successful startups. We also discuss the various options for getting support for your startup outside of hiring fulltime staff, the pertinent questions to ask potential co-founders, and the challenge of holding people accountable when partnerships are started on loosely defined terms.Kitawa also shares how she works with different organisations within the startup ecosystem to drive innovation, motivate responsible leadership, and connect business performance to impact.Listen to this episode on: Apple Podcasts | Buzzsprout | Google Podcasts | SpotifyConnect with Kitawa on the following platforms: @kikiwemo | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jul 2020

49 min 5 sec

In this episode we chat to Edwin Tambara who is the Director of External Affairs with the African Wildlife Foundation in Washington, D.C. Growing up in Domboshawa in Zimbabwe, Edwin learnt early on how much human life and activity depends on natural resources as well as the negative impact of a growing human population on limited natural resources. In our chat, Edwin makes the connection between conservation and the everyday struggles of power cuts and water rations to the bigger picture of how nature is currently subsidising government and household spending. Edwin also shares what he now knows about why Africans should take the lead on conservation conversations—given our development trajectory. We also discuss the increasing need for entrepreneurs to pay attention to and identify the abundant opportunities within the business of conservation.Connect with Edwin on the following platforms: @emtambara | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jul 2020

33 min 41 sec

In this episode we chat to Heba Elhanafy, an urban planner, researcher, and developer who has worked on city issues in Egypt and various countries across the MENA region.We talk about her shift from architecture to urban planning in pursuit of her mission to make cities more sustainable places for people to live. She shares what she now knows about making a difference and the greater need for design thinking in how we build and develop cities and communities. Heba also talks to us about charter cities and how they could enhance people’s living standards, fuel economic growth, and ultimately help their communities navigate crises such as COVID19—through improved governance.Connect with Heba on the following platforms: @hebaelhanafi | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jul 2020

34 min 26 sec

In this episode, we chat with Terence Chambati of Huchi Capital in Kampala, Uganda.Terence spent more than two decades in the marketing and advertising space and was a Creative Director of an advertising agency when he saw an opportunity to do great branding for honey. He faced challenges in finding data around the industry but that spurred him all the more to contribute and get involved.Five years down the line, he is bringing his comms A-game leveraging technology, data analytics, and the Internet of Bees to harness and conserve the sweet returns of the Honey Bee.In our chat, he shares the great need and urgency to bring innovation and business acumen into the conservation space, the importance of collaboration, and tapping into one’s networks to multiply impact BEYOND TOMORROW.Connect with Terence on the following platforms: @TCwamambo | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jul 2020

37 min 16 sec

In this episode we chat to Inutu Zaloumis, the owner and Managing Director of Pam Golding Zambia.Inutu’s love for real estate began with a dinner table offer she thought entailed simply collecting rentals from a few tenants which turned out to be managing a portfolio of 52 residential and commercial properties! In stepping up to that challenge, she inevitably said yes to an experience that over the years has evolved to encompass all things real estate from managing, renovating, valuing, and developing properties. This journey even led her to a year-long project of commercialising Kenya's Two Rivers Development which is the biggest mixed use development in sub-Saharan Africa. outside of South Africa.In our chat, Inutu shares what powered her boldness to continue stepping up to challenges, the importance of intently listening and emerging from every project wiser. and the need to become a learning machine if you are to build a business that will scale.Connect with Inutu on the following platforms: @Inutuzaloumis1 | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jun 2020

1 hr 3 min

On this week’s episode we chat to the BongoHive Founders Lukonga Lindunda, Silumesii Maboshe, and Simunza Muyangana. Having recently celebrated 9 years of BongoHive, we held the space for them to reflect on the journey so far. We talk all things growth, partnerships, and imagining the future. They share earlier challenges and how they navigated them as well as the personal and shared beliefs that have sustained them. We also discuss what they now know about startups that scale to change the world and why partnerships are the norm for successful businesses.Connect with BongoHive on the following platforms: @bongohive | Instagram | WebsiteConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jun 2020

1 hr 25 min

This week we chat to Tsitsi Mutendi who is a Family Business Expert, Co-founder of African Family Firms, Montessori Educationist and African Mastermind Communities Creator. Tsitsi has started and run businesses across several industries from fashion, media, and now education and family businesses. In our chat with her we talked about what the common streak is in such diverse ventures, what keeps her going, and why she is so passionate about family businesses. Her convictions and perspectives about family businesses highly tempted us to steer the whole conversation in that direction but her story as a solo entrepreneur also has many insights so we reserved the deeper dive into family businesses for a later episode with her business partner, Nike.Connect with Tsitsi on the following platforms: @TsitsiMutendi | Instagram | LinkedInConnect with Scale Up Africa: @scaleupafricaco | Instagram | Website

Jun 2020

48 min 38 sec

In Episode 6, we chat to Manji Cheto who is the Vice President, Learner Experience & Growth at uLesson‬ in Nigeria. We discuss how being mission driven has had a cross-cutting impact on personal decisions like leaving a job at the London Stock Exchange Group to join the leadership team of a start-up in Nigeria.We also dive into Manji's work at uLesson, an organisation that leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for African students.Drawing on her insights and expertise from her advisory work, Manji talks about how and why it is critical for any business that plans to scale and thrive on the continent to always keep an eye on macro level risks around political and economic trends that could impact their businesses.Connect with Manji on the following platforms: Twitter | uLesson | LinkedInConnect with Scale Up Africa: Twitter | Instagram | Website

Jun 2020

47 min 31 sec

Happy Africa Day! Episode 5 is a special feature on how we celebrated #AfricaDay2020 at the Scale Up Africa Podcast. We discussed the history of the day and the possibilities of how entrepreneurs can be part of #Agenda2063 to create #TheAfricaWeWant.We also celebrate the great response and showcase the brilliant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and professionals we profiled on our #PushingToScale campaign. It was a true testament to the fact that we can create the Africa We Want – it will just take all of us recognising and committing to give purpose to whatever role we play and play like we know that it makes a difference.Connect with Scale Up Africa: Twitter | Instagram | Website

May 2020

15 min 13 sec

In a recently published article, Jito Kayumba, a venture capitalist and partner at Kukula Capital in Lusaka, Zambia called for more local participation in the economy to curb capital flight and drive economic sustainability and growth. We sat down with him to discuss his idea ecosystem building through specialisation, skills, and capital. Jito shares the principles that have driven his personal growth as well as that of Kukula as we talk about the role of African entrepreneurs and businesses in helping to improve the livelihoods of people across the continent.Oh yes, we also talk about #DripUniversity, Jito's vehicle for offering mentorship and financial literacy lessons to his legion of followers on social media.Connect with Jito on the following platforms:Twitter: Up Africa links:Twitter:

May 2020

52 min 6 sec

In this episode we sat down with Brian Mataruka to discuss all things growth and flipping the script as an African professional or entrepreneur. Brian is a partner at a leading law firm in Harare, Zimbabwe and has business interests in construction and agripreneurship. Brian talks about work ethic, attitude, networks, and daring to take risks. Coming from a practising lawyer who hired medical doctors and started a sanitising business in response to COVID-19, you can trust that Brian has some great stories about flipping the script.Connect with Brian on the following platforms:LinkedIn: Up Africa links:Twitter:

May 2020

49 min 44 sec

Maker. Builder. Communicator.Chidi Afulezi describes himself as, “A battle tested product scientist, consultant and creative entrepreneur. Building products. Building product people. Building up Africa’s creative and cultural density.“We sat down for a chat with Chidi to discuss what the African entrepreneurship landscape looks like currently and what it will take to Scale Up Africa now and beyond the current crisis.Get more of Chidi’s work here:Website: Up Africa links:Twitter:

Apr 2020

56 min 54 sec

Introducing Scale Up Africa, a podcast about building resilient African entrepreneurs and businesses with your hosts, Tafadzwa Sasa and Mulumba Lwatula.The Scale Up Africa Podcast is a platform that brings together Africa’s finest entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers to share their experiences, perspectives, and advice on what it will take to scale up start-ups and SMEs that will solve some of Africa’s biggest challenges. We believe that some of the biggest economic players within the African Century will be businesses founded and led by pan-African entrepreneurs who are not just passionate about Africa but are committed to transform their industries and change lives. Yet, that mission can become a feat in itself given the realities of Doing Business in Africa, so our guests will tackle the different dynamics and offer real life practical ideas and solutions that you can easily implement to create different results and Scale Up!Scale Up Africa links:Twitter: 

Apr 2020

9 min 52 sec