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Your life is a message God wants to communicate to the world. The Kindling FIre podcast is designed to help you live out that message.

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My friends & I are starting a Missions Sending organization in honor of the Life & Legacy of Caleb Bell! It is called Caleb Would Go! Christopher Lorenz and Parker Thurman join me on the podcast were we discuss - What is Caleb Would Go? - More about Mimi (his wife) & 3 young sons - What is the 180 Skate House ministry? - What is the upcoming surf contest/fundraiser - Shaka Gnar? - How can you be apart? To give, to join us go to Https://

Nov 22

29 min 43 sec

Jamie Winship is the co-founder of @identityexchange. He developed a unique process called the Identity Method. This process of identity transformation is key to resolving inner conflict and acquiring new levels of learning and creativity. His unconventional efforts to bring societal and racial reconciliation led him to Indonesia, Jordon, Iraq, Palestine, Israel and back to the US after 27 years overseas. On this podcast we discuss - Hearing the Voice of God in everyday life & in extreme circumstances - What it means to walk in a false identity - What it means to walk in our true identity created by God - How our true identity is unstoppable To find out more and find their resources please go to :

Nov 15

1 hr 31 min

Kathy Mangum @heycrazykat (co-host of Married & Having Fun Podcast & my Wife) and I @troy__mangum take listeners' questions n Marriage. We cover 1- How to align sexual expectation in marriage 2-Does a woman really want her husband to pursue her, delight in her & fight for her/them? 3- How to plan/shape adventure together- how important is that And other topics For more on Married and Having Fun go to: For more on Kindling Fire w/ Troy go to: Https:// Kathy Mangum @heycrazykat (co-host of Married & Having Fun Podcast & my Wife) and I @troy__mangum take listeners questions n Marriage. We cover 1- How to align sexual expectation in marriage 2-Does a woman really want her husband to pursue her, delight in her & fight for her/them? 3- How to plan/shape adventure together- how important is that And other topics For more on Married and Having Fun go to: For more on Kindling Fire w/ Troy go to: Https://

Nov 8

37 min 15 sec

he First Nations Version of the New Testament release date was Aug 2021. I speak with the lead translator- Terry Wildman of the Ojibwe & Yaqui tribes. He is also the director of spiritual growth and leadership developer for Native Intervarsity & founder of Rain Ministries. On this podcast we discuss 1- What inspired the start of a new translation for First Nations tribes? 2- What First Nations beliefs align with Biblical teaching? 3- What First Nations ceremonies align with Bible Teaching? Here is John 3:16-17 from the First Nations Version (FNV) “The Great Spirit loves this world of human beings so deeply he gave us his Son—the only Son who fully represents him. All who trust in him and his way will not come to a bad end, but will have the life of the world to come that never fades—full of beauty and harmony. Creator did not send his Son to decide against the people of this world, but to set them free from the worthless ways of the world.” For more information on the First Nations Version New Testament and Terry Wildman go to:

Nov 1

57 min 24 sec

Jim Ramos, founder of Men in the Arena community @meninthearena and I discuss the following on this episode * Following God disrupts & sometimes destroys your life * Following God involves great risk & great rewards * How to pass on to your children wisdom from Scripture & your life Pick up a free copy of ‘Tell Them’ for Dads @ Https://

Oct 25

34 min 33 sec

Matt Canlis is an Anglican priest in Washington state who is the subject of the documentary GodSpeed the pace of being known. Also author of Backyard Pilgrim- 40 days at Godspeed In this episode we discuss * What is meant by “the pace of being known” the subject of Godspeed documentary? * What was it about his American perspective that needed to be changed? * What was Eugene Peterson-his mentor & teacher (author of the Message Bible) trying to teach him? For more please go to

Oct 18

47 min 13 sec

Seth Dahl @sethdahl was a long-time children’s pastor at Bethel in Redding Ca. Now he is ministering in Texas with Seth Dahl Ministries. In this episode, we talk about Spirit-Led Parenting. > How to apply discipline while removing punishment > How to maintain your connection with your children > How to listen to the Holy Spirit as a Parent in your parenting decisions For more on Seth please go to: Follow on Instagram @sethdahl

Oct 11

41 min 52 sec

Mars Hill, Masculinity and Ministry is my commentary on pastoral overreach, controlling churches, ineffective men’s ministries, fear & sex, masculine roles, Christian slander?, misapplication of scripture, and many other topics. I draw from personal experience and respond to topics discussed on the rise & fall of Mars Hill podcast by @ct_mag If you want to continue the conversation….DM me on Instagram @troy__mangum

Oct 4

35 min 10 sec

Failure can be the doorway to a new life. Larry Hagner of @thedadedge founded his movement from the darkest point in his life. On this episode we cover - How we expect to know if never trained? - How Larry turned tragedy into Dad Edge movement For more on Dad Edge go to: @thedadedge

Sep 27

51 min 59 sec

Pablo Ceron is the founding president of Wild Sons. In this episode we discuss - Fighting for your brothers/ friends - Testimonies of power of brotherhood in a man’s life - Recovering your Heart within the brotherhood WILDSONS is a community of men living from a full heart, pursuing a life of passion, adventure, and freedom, walking intimately with God on a journey to become the men that we were created to be. For more on Pablo go to:

Sep 20

34 min 47 sec

Ask God for creative ideas to expand his kingdom on earth in radical ways. That is what Matt Peterson did when he created Hydrating Humanity- a missions/ relief organization that provides clean water for east Africa. Matt is also lead pastor at Awake Church in Winston-Salem NC, married 23 years, with 5 boys. In this podcast we discussed: - How God entrust men to take action vs. just doing it Himself - How God partners with us to expand his Kingdom - The radical God story behind Hydrating Humanity For more on Matt go to:

Sep 13

36 min 3 sec

The primal path is the journey a boy takes into manhood. Jon Tyson @jontyson- writer, church thought leader, & pastor has provided a roadmap toward masculinity that fathers and mentors can use On this podcast we discuss - How previous books on topic fell short of providing a laid out multi-year path for boys to come into Godly masculinity - How tapping into ancestral & spiritual family history can be a powerful for young men - How to move from general training on manhood to specifics based on your sacred story with God Jon just released a book helping men initiate their sons called: “The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character” For more information go to: Https://

Sep 7

37 min 39 sec

Jeff Zaugg of @dadawesome podcast talks about how to tell God idea from a good idea. On this episode we discuss - Signs to know it’s a God idea - What is Fathers of the Fatherless 100 mile race? - Why giving to others is more life giving than self-help? For more on the Fathers for the Fatherless 100 Mile ride IG: @fathersforthefatherless For more on DadAwesome podcast IG: @dadawesome

Aug 30

35 min 5 sec

Fist bump Fridays with Tim Ferrara of @discerning_dad & everyday discernment podcast. He and I talk about social media ministry. He is a large following on Tik-Tok & Instagram. We discuss what he has learned and pitfalls to avoid on reaching people through Tik-Tok, Instagram, Books and Podcasts. Great discussion for those who want to minister to others via social media. For more on Tim follow him @discerning_dad

Aug 25

34 min 6 sec

Are you a Man who lives in the moment or a boy who fears his future? On this episode, I help men - Surrender the detach and prepare mindset - Learn how to leverage faith to enter into the moment - I discuss the (In the Now vs. Not Present) Self-Test - Rest vs Anxiety - Assurance vs Uncertainty - Sure footedness vs. teetering on the edge - Peace vs Stress - Joy vs Worry - Laughter vs Watch your back or over your shoulder

Aug 23

19 min 1 sec

Dan Zehner is the founder of Anthem of the Adventurer men’s ministry. He is living proof, even though you work in a beige cubicle you don’t have to live a beige life! On this podcast episode we discuss: -The 3 types of adventures men need -What are the essential components a man needs to master during the warrior stage of masculine growth? -What steps can men take to start to live a more adventurous life? For more information go to:

Aug 16

44 min 28 sec

Mike Yarbrough is the founder of Wolf & Iron as well as Rustic & Main. He is a one the leading voices today helping men heed the high call of manful living. In this podcast we discuss: - His latest book- Tending the Fire- Ignite your heart and live life as a Man - How to live deliberately - How to live courageously For more on Mike please go to: Https:// Https://

Aug 9

34 min 10 sec

Fist Bump Fridays are back with Dad Up Podcast I talk with host Bryan Ward We discuss: - How he continued his role as a Dad after his kids grew up & left the house - The best advice he has for Dad after interviewing 100 dads - How to live without regret at a Dad For more on Dad Up go check out his Instagram @daduppodcast

Aug 6

23 min 3 sec

All creatives need inspiration. All sons and daughters of God are creative in some capacity. Allen Arnold has a calling to help creatives co-create with God. Allen is the executive producer and director of content at Wild at Heart with John Eldredge. In this episode: We discuss his 3rd book Waves of Creativity We discuss how God called him to help Creatives We discuss comparisons, keeping a whole healthy heart as a creative For more on Allen please go to:

Aug 2

34 min 24 sec

Welcome back Justin McRoberts- Artist, Author, Singer-Songwriter, Church Planter. We talk about his latest book- It is what you make of it On show we discuss: How to Change Mindset- it is what it is What to do when you feel powerless How to position ourselves to receive God’s help For more please got to Justin’s website:

Jul 26

21 min 59 sec

Taylor Jensen is a pastor out of San Diego and formally a missionary with YWAM. Ministering the gospel in over 20 nations including North Korea, Cambodia, Columbia and more. In this episode we talked about: How to keep your fire burning at home How to continue to take risks for the gospel in familiar places How important a revival minded community is to fruitfulness For articles that help keep your spiritual fire burning go to:

Jul 19

31 min 9 sec

Brian Brennt's last podcast, he passed away Nov. 2021. Brian Brennt is one of the key founders of Circuit Riders a radical revivalist movement among young adults out of Huntington Beach California. Nick his son joined us as well for this awesome conversation. They both are a part of leadership for the Send stadium gatherings. Circuit Riders’ mission is to save the lost, revive the saved, and reach them all. For years they have been sending revivalists to college campuses all across the US & various international locations. In this episode we discussed: The culture of empowerment Jesus modeled How to care for people in ministry and not “use them” New flat leadership models vs. hierarchy ministry models How to build trust between the generations For more on the amazing work God is doing go to:

Jul 12

30 min 16 sec

Interview with Troy Mangum about the new book: Fatherhood Faceplants before a live audience The podcast host was Jeremy Robertson- Lead Pastor of Vertical Life Church. In this episode we discuss: -The hardest part of writing the book personally -What is meant by Children Inherent the land their Father's possess? -What impact the book has had on my marriage and family? -How victory in Jesus sometimes starts with our own defeat. Find Fatherhood Faceplants Book on Amazon: Video & Audio done by Stephen Alexander Photography For more on Vertical Life Church For projects Troy is involved in:

Jun 28

55 min 43 sec

God’s power rides on the back of your weakness, not your strengths. In this show I layout a theology of weakness as seen in Paul’s life We go through so many scriptures Matt 18:3-4- no one can enter into God’s kingdom unless they enter in as a child Phil 3:7-8- Paul considered all his accomplishments and reputation as rubbish, why? 2 Corth. 12:8-10- God said his power is made perfect in our weaknesses Rev 3:17- Do we not know we are weak? We say we are in need of nothing 1 Corth. 1:26- God uses the weak things of the world Ps 102:23- In the course of my life, God broke my strength Pick up Fatherhood Faceplants book today on Amazon

May 24

31 min

I discuss the 4 stages of masculinity taught by the Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe. I also share a vision of Jesus I had while exploring my Native American tribal roots. I am apart of Lumber Tribe of North Carolina. For more on kindling fire go to: Instagram: troy__mangum

May 17

16 min 21 sec

I share 3 things to avoid when you are trying to hear God correctly. And 2 ways to increase your ability to hear God accurately. What to avoid to 1. Emotionally Charged circumstances 2. When you want something so bad 3. When you are unaware of your Motives What helps to improve your ability to hear God 1. Let scripture reveal your motives 2. Seek out many advisors on your “word from the Lord’ For more on the Kindling Fire go to For more about Fatherhood Faceplants book go to: For more about Hocoka go to:

May 10

23 min 12 sec

I’m returning to the Kindling Fire Podcast. Last time I was with you was August 2020. I have a lot to catch everybody up on starting with ….drum roll!!!! > Fatherhood Faceplants Book is coming out this summer (stay tuned for date) > Why did I leave the Kindling Fire? > What is this Hocoka Men thing? > What is Be True Threads? > Changes to Instagram coming > So much to share….glad to be back For more on what I have going on go to https;//

May 3

16 min 20 sec

Every man must go on a quest, a sojourn, a pilgrim to get his questions answered. When he completes his journey he returns home transformed, empowered and ready to engage as a new man. On this podcast I discuss >Why men need a quest? >Men in movies & Bible Characters that went on Quest >How certain podcast episodes were apart of my Quest >Latest updates on book- Fatherhood Faceplants for more go to:

Aug 2020

31 min 29 sec

Matt Tommey is an Artist, Mentor, Author and Speaker. On this podcast we discuss > How to walk with God through Transitions > Why God has us go through Transitions > How God goes before us to prepare a place for us on the other side of Transitions Listen to Episode 56- Created to Thrive - Matt Tommey to learn more about thriving in your creative Christian walk, vocation and calling. For more on Matt please go to: and

Aug 2020

34 min 55 sec

On this podcast I share various Scriptures about Joy and Happy Holiness. I believe there is a season of Joy coming in your life. Listen and be blessed. If you are needing a Joy intervention check out our Spotify Playlist Rejoice - The Kindling Fire Blessings Troy

Jul 2020

24 min 13 sec

In this episode, I go through four attributes of the Father heart of God. I share funny quirky stories from 30 years of walking Father God. 1. Loving correction is evidence of belonging 2. Encouragement to be more like he made me 3. Loving the boy 4. God trust me!? For more info go to:

Jun 2020

35 min 7 sec

Jay Payleitner is author of thirty books covering family, dads, men, and christian growth. Long time radio producer for Josh McDowell (14yrs), Chuck Colson, TobyMac, Bible League and National Center for Fathering programs. On today’s podcast, Jay & I discussed: > The hidden gem of the Prayer of Agur found in Prov. 30: 8-9 > How God has a sweet spot for each person > How we cannot do “ALL” things in Christ, as we incorrectly interpret that scripture For more information on Jay please go to:

Jun 2020

34 min 18 sec

Repent and live!- Ezek 18:32 Repentance gets a bad rap. Repentance is the door way to freedom, life and joy. This week I go through five areas we all need to repent of 1- Pride 2- Anger 3- Partial Obedience 4- Stubbornness 5- Giving ourselves over to lesser things I share plenty of scriptures and stories to help you experience abundant life through the doorway of repentance. For more on The Kindling Fire

May 2020

33 min 27 sec

Morgan Snyder is founder of Become Good Soil Intensive and Podcast. He is the author of Becoming a King And he is one of the key members of the Ransomed Heart ministry team. During this rich conversation we cover: > How Apprenticeship is the patten of becoming a King > How there is a upside down kingdom process to becoming a King > How to become a man whom God can entrust with His power To buy Becoming a King book To found out more about Become Good Soil

May 2020

47 min 46 sec

A men’s ministry round table hosted by Rob Billingham of Resolute Men. Rob interviews four gentlemen from various men’s ministries and men’s organizations to challenge and encourage men to rise above adversity and to live out their God given purpose. Ezra 10:4 Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it.” Topic covered: Men need accountability and community. Your purpose is not in what you do but who you are. Get up and fulfill your God given destiny. How to find out more on the various Men’s ministries Host/Rob Billingham- Resolute Men IG @resolute_men Jarrett Samuels- The Pursuit of Manliness IG @pursuemanliness Mitch London- Just add Wilderness IG @justaddwilderness Cory Huddleston- Wisdom and Grit IG @wisdomandgrit Troy Magnum-The Kindling Fire Podcast @thekindlingfire

May 2020

1 hr 17 min

RePost Episode 42 (2018) Alive & Awake- John Eldredge shares stories of men who are alive and awake as a result of their journey toward wholeheartedness. In this podcast we discuss -The books He has written that are critical to a man’s journey toward wholeheartedness- - Wild at Heart, - Fathered by God - Waking the Dead. -We discuss what Jesus meant in John 14:30 ‘He (the prince of this world) has nothing in me’ -We end the discussion on the sobering cost of being a king entrusted with a kingdom. Photo of Avi Mangum (at SouthPoint, Hawaii- southern most tip of the U.S.) Photo taken by Rayn Mangum ===== For more on John, his ministry, his books, audio teachings, and conferences go to === For more on the kindling fire

Apr 2020

37 min 40 sec

Justin Camp is the founder of @wireformen devotional and author of the upcoming book- Odyssey. He is a Kindling Fire favorite as a 3rd time guest. Here is what I wrote about Justin’s latest book- Odyssey -“We have lost our sense of wonder. We have become cynics and skeptics. We work to achieve, yet hope eludes us. Loneliness is everywhere, and love slips through our hands. Justin Camp’s Odyssey will restore awe and wonder in your life. His book will help you find a God who is mysterious, wonderful, personable, and inviting. Using real-life stories from one of man’s greatest feats, space travel, Justin invites you into the yet to be discovered adventures that are available to us, with our awesome God” On this podcast we explore 1. The urge for adventure that God put in every man 2. The need to leave home, to hit the road, to pilgrimage 3. The courage of Astronauts he profiles in his book Odyssey 4. The return home from adventure to give back Odyssey releases May 1st, 2020 at all major book outlets. If you pre-oder you get his first book Invention as a eBook for free, you get Odyssey as audio book for free and you get the 1st three chapters of Odyssey as a ebook. Go here to pre-order.

Apr 2020

38 min 29 sec

There is a coming revival. Mark my words. On this show I go through the prophetic history in last 10-20 years that point to the epic days we are living in with COVID-19 and what is about to happen. Using scripture and recent prophetic voices I share the following 1. How should we understand COVID-19 biblically/ prophetically 2. How has God prepared the Body of Christ for this very hour 3. How Church and Ministry will look different coming out of COVID-19 Music: Recorded live at YWAM-Kona- Missionary Anthem Pic: Sunrise- Boulder Colorado @tbonemangum Here are links to many of the prophetic words I highlight on the show The Shaking: ========= David Wilkerson: Chuck Pierce: Dutch Sheets: Bob Jones: ARMY of EVANGELIST ================= Kim Clement: Bob Jones: New Model of CHURCH =================== Francis Chan: Cities of Refuge: Bob Jones: Barn Burners: Brian Francis Hume: Go to for more

Apr 2020

36 min 52 sec

My wife and I talk about my steps to overcome phone addiction. On this episode we discuss - How did I know I was a phone addict? - Steps I'm taking to overcome my phone addiction. - Pitfalls for creatives that lead to phone addiction - Does the Bible say anything about Phone Addiction? - Parents causing phone wounds on their young children Be apart of helping a rural Ethiopia community during this Pandemic by buying coffee from in April.

Apr 2020

25 min 48 sec

My wife -Kathy Mangum and her friend- JC Bailey have started a new podcast for women called Married & Having Fun On this show we chat about 1. Why they changed the name from Married & Having Sex 2. How Women’s body image can affect the bedroom 3. We discuss "Buy that Lingerie" recent podcast episode. Go follow their instagram @marriedandhavingfun Listen to podcast on Spotify and soon to be Apple Podcast, & Google Play

Mar 2020

19 min 43 sec

REPOSTING SHOW 44. I teach on Isaiah 58:12 as it relates to gender. >Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins (Gender Identity) >Your people will raise up the age-old foundations; (Godly Masculinity) >And you will be called the repairer of the breach, (Providing Protection) > The restorer of the streets in which to dwell. (Providing Provision) For more information go to

Mar 2020

15 min 57 sec

John Eldredge and I talk about his latest book- Get your life back- Everyday practices for a world gone mad. In this podcast we talk about: > The power of volition, we are not victims of the age > The low bar of a 1 min. pause > How to be kind to your soul > What does union with God look like Go to for more on John.

Mar 2020

43 min 43 sec

I tackle the following 10 questions from listeners on this podcast. In 2mins or less. 1. If I could recommend only 5 books to Men, what are they and why? 2. Can God make a rock so big that he cannot lift? 3. How can I keep my vision after i have lost work? 4. How can I keep from believing God is killing my babies after having 2 children die from SIDS? 5. How can I become a 2 Tim 2:2 man? 6. How do I make time for bible reading and what impact has that had on me and my family? 7. Are we in the end times? 8. Is the corona virus a sign of the end times? 9. Why do Christians go through financial difficulties? photo by: For more info on the kindling fire go to:

Mar 2020

25 min 29 sec

Dave Guinn is assoc. pastor at Focus Church, Life Coach, missionary with Stand Out Ministries and my friend. In this podcast we discuss the KEY to Effectiveness 1. Jesus modeled a patter of Rest then Invest 2. How to stop striving. How to practice being still in God’s presence & listening prayer 3. In God you can do less and achieve more. To find out more about David go to:

Mar 2020

44 min 11 sec

Jerry Banman is a health coach and life coach. Everything flows out of identity. In this episode: 1. We discuss how will power does not work when identity is broken 2. How identity is shaped and it ’s implications on our behaviors 3. What an identity intervention is To get started on a identity intervention for FREE go to: To find out more about jerry: ==== To support Fatherhood Faceplants kickstarter book campaign go here:

Feb 2020

32 min 38 sec

I share 3 spiritual practices that has gotten me closer to God in 2020. 1. Asking God for a word / theme / scripture for the Year 2. Listening Prayer to direct where to read in Bible 3. Soaking prayer with a focus on God’s face vs His hand My 2020 has gotten off to an amazing start incorporating these spiritual practices into my life every morning. === Pre-purchase my Fatherhood Faceplants book through Kickstarter. I need to raise $4500 by Feb 28 to publish Go here to pre-order book or invest more:

Feb 2020

20 min 18 sec

Darren Wilson is CEO of WP Films He has directed provocative documentaries Holy Ghost, Furious Love, Finger of God, Father of Lights, Holy Ghost Reborn, multiple TV shows and more. He has authored multiple books including Filming God , God Adventures, and his upcoming book “Finding the God you don’t want to find” In this episode we discuss 1. Making the most dangerous movie to date- The God Man 2. His journey to discover God as a loving father in his filming of Father of Lights 3. How God moved him from a bored English professor to the God adventure of Filmmaking for God 
For more on Darren’s Flims you can jump into his streaming service: Or go to his website. SUPPORT FATHERHOOD FACEPLANTS kickstarter here:

Feb 2020

30 min 20 sec

Justin Hunt is the CEO of WhiteWhale Pictures. He has directed many award winning documentaries to include Absent (about fatherlessness featuring Metallica lead singer, John Eldredge & Richard Rohr), American Meth, Addicted to Porn- chasing the cardboard butterfly, and more. In this episode we discuss 1. How you can learn to take a leap of faith with no plan B 2. How to overcome fear that plague’s doers and creatives 3. Why he created Absent and Addicted to Porn documentaries 4. How to change the world with your God given gifts For more on Justin’s films go to:

Feb 2020

35 min 56 sec

Brett Murray is the Chief Encouraging Offering (CEO) and Founder of SafeHeart International a non-profit that tackles bullying & domestic violence in Australia. He is the founder of blood brothers a men’s ministry. He is a Surf Movie writer, director, producer. He is author of multiple books with is most recent book Game Plan. In this wisdom packed episode we discuss: 1. How surrender leads to victory we could gain no other way 2. How Brett got to a point where he was going to lose his family or lose his life 3. The vicious cycle of pride - guilt- shame- isolation- fix it alone- making no progress For more on Brett go to For Brett’s latest book ‘Game Plan’ go to:

Jan 2020

40 min 29 sec

Gain Clarity- Kurt Wuerfele Kurt Wuerfele started Life Pass Coaching, that specializes in professional coaching, visoneering, and energy leadership development. He is also a long time dear friend. On this episode we discuss 1. What to do when you make the wrong turn (and it’s huge) 2. How to gain clarity in any circumstance 3. How God guides us to our highest and most cherished dreams If you are inserted in working with Kurt check out:

Jan 2020

38 min 17 sec