The Up and Comers Show

By Thane Marcus Ringler

The Up and Comers Show is a podcast about the process of becoming. Our tagline is “learning how to live a good life” which we believe takes living with “intention in the tension” because life is inevitably filled tensions we must live within. Hosted by Thane Marcus Ringler, this show aims to unpack the stories of other inspiring up and comers in long-form interviews, share conversations with fellow peers on common issues we face in this phase of life, and provide concepts and ideas in shorter topical episodes that will help us live a purpose driven life of intentionality.

  1. 1.
    189: On Sabbatical
  2. 2.
    188: Fellowship Ft. Sean Hanson: Humble Swagger: A Conversation On Ministry, Masculinity, And Early Lessons From Running An Organization
  3. 3.
    187: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: Learnings From Marriage And Rhythms For Healthy Partnerships
  4. 4.
    186: Fellowship Ft. Austin Gray: Get Creative And Make It Work: An Entrepreneurial Conversation On Community, Sustainability, The Shame Cycle, And Doing Business For Good
  5. 5.
    185: John Eldredge: Guarding The Heart: Why Humans Prefer Denial, Practicing Self-Kindness, Asking God's Opinion, Being Protective Instead Of Defensive, And Knowing That Your Story Matters
  6. 6.
    184: Self-Kindness: How To Overcome Self-Sabotage
  7. 7.
    183: John Pierson: Who Are You Serving Today?: Why We Should Pursue Things We Enjoy, Striking A Balance In Our Lives, Valuing People Above Tasks, Learning Patience In The Process, And Embracing The Idea Of Change
  8. 8.
    182: Eric Wood: Serve Where You Are: A VP's Story Of Living Intentionally, Removing Barriers, Valuing And Including Others, Pursuing Faith As Relationship, And Overcoming Inequality
  1. 9.
    181: Riji Raja: Pairing Affirmations With Action: An Actor Who's On A Mission To Let You Know You Are Enough, No One Is Born Ready, And There Is A Purpose To Living
  2. 10.
    180: Fellowship Ft. Adam Setser: On The Importance Of Obstacles, Eating Humble Pie, The Art Of Leading From The Middle, Servant Leadership, And Being Motivated By Love
  3. 11.
    179: Couch Conversations with Evan Ryan Ringler: 2020 Reflections, Words Of The Year, Facing Anxiety, And Questions To Ponder For 2021
  4. 12.
    178: Goodbye 2020
  5. 13.
    177: Tyler Wilson: Helping People Fall In Love: How An Entrepreneur Overcame Adversity, Dyslexia, and More To Pioneer A New Market Niche in LA (Repost)
  6. 14.
    176: Rachel Kois: Being An Intentional Activist: An Entrepreneur's Vision For Changing Capitalism, Helping Others Buy Better Through Ethical And Impactful Shopping, And Embracing The Belief That You Can Make A Difference
  7. 15.
    175: Rikki Mendias: Hav A Sole: Purpose-Projects For Good, Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs, Holding The Faith In Dark Times, And Caring For Others One Pair Of Sneakers At A Time
  8. 16.
    174: Couch Conversations with Evan Ryan Ringler: You Are Worthy, Lessons From COVID-19, And Our Focus For The Holiday Season
  9. 17.
    173: Norris Williams: Making The Right Things Easy: A Cherry Farmer Who Leads From True Identity In Various Roles And Cultivates Leaders Of No Reputation
  10. 18.
    172: Abel James: A Renaissance Man: Reshaping The Argument Against Specialization And Striving For Holistic Balance As A Practice Of Life
  11. 19.
    171: Reminders For Unity In 2020 (And Beyond)
  12. 20.
    170: Deliece Hofen: A Force To Be Reckoned With: A Woman's Journey From Education To Foundation, What Her Experiences Of Pain Have Taught Her, And How Hope Is Always Possible
  13. 21.
    169: Thane Marcus Academy: Evan Interviews Thane About His Two Online Courses For Growing Self-Awareness And Developing Discipline
  14. 22.
    168: Fellowship ft. Josh Oakes: Unconventional Paths, How To Interview Well, Transitioning From College To Career, And Being The Best You
  15. 23.
    167: Rick Sessinghaus: The Power Of Full Commitment: A Coach’s Journey Into Enhancing Others’ Performance Through The Ultimate Mind Game Of Golf
  16. 24.
    166: Couch Conversations with Evan Ryan Ringler: On Politics And Our Current Cultural Moment
  17. 25.
    165: Mark Shapiro: The Power Of Authenticity: Journeying From Corporate America To Tech Startup, An Entrepreneur’s Mission To Drop LoveBombs Of Possibility
  18. 26.
    164: Fellowship Ft. Christopher Cook: On Podcasting, Going Through Dark Seasons, And The Truth We Preach To Ourselves
  19. 27.
    163: What Role Do I Have To Play
  20. 28.
    162: Ben Courson: Flirting With Darkness: Hope For Depression, Pursuing Your Purpose, And Being Unabashedly Yourself
  21. 29.
    161: Rovina Valashiya: Being The Only Is A Strength: A Woman’s Accelerated Journey Through Entrepreneurship And The Corporate Ladder
  22. 30.
    160: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: On Vulnerability And Ev’s New Endeavor
  23. 31.
    159: Krista Boyer: Retail For The People: Stories Of Perseverance From A Seasoned Entrepreneur Reinventing Local Businesses For The Better
  24. 32.
    158: Sam Collier: Expanding Your Box: The Power Of Belief, Knowing Yourself, Mentorship, And Discovering Purpose Through A Greater Story
  25. 33.
    157: How We Change
  26. 34.
    156: Jamie Winship: Living An Unconflicted Life: Stories Of Radical Faith In Unleashing True Identity
  27. 35.
    155: George Towers: Communicating For Change: How To Be A Helpful Contrarian, Noticing More, Maybe Being Wrong, And Living In The Nuance
  28. 36.
    154: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: What We Are Learning, Questions We Are Asking, And New Habits We Are Instilling
  29. 37.
    153: Jeff Sheldon: Keep Showing Up: Stories Of Small-Scale Growth From A Designer By Trade And An Entrepreneur By Accident
  30. 38.
    152: Being Helpful: 3 Suggestions For Entering The Conversation On Race, Justice, And Unity
  31. 39.
    151: Unity Ft. Barry Moore: Exploring Conversations On Race In America; This Cultural Moment, Not Choosing Sides, And Living In Freedom Instead Of Bondage
  32. 40.
    150: Unity Ft. Josh Goertzen: Exploring Conversations On Race In America, Being A Better Neighbor, Considering The Other, And How Distance Breeds Indifference
  33. 41.
    149: Entering The Conversation
  34. 42.
    148: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: On “Being Informed,” Depression, And Open-Mindedness
  35. 43.
    147: Fellowship Ft. James Bowie: A Conversation On Awareness, Humility, Questions, Rhythms, Lamenting, And The Power Of An Open Door Policy
  36. 44.
    146: Podcasting Essentials To Start Your Own Show
  37. 45.
    145: Chandler Bolt: How Books Change Lives: A College-Dropout’s Journey To Becoming A Business Leader
  38. 46.
    144: Cody Burkhart (Rd.2): Neuroscience And Behavior: A Conversation On Growing Good Humans, Patterns, Situational Awareness, Significance, And Antifragility
  39. 47.
    143: Discipline: Beauty Found In Self-Control
  40. 48.
    142: Fellowship ft. Evan Ryan Ringler: A Conversation On Marriage And Facing Change Together
  41. 49.
    141: Ken Chen: DJ Sleeper On Rewriting The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Creating Timeless Work, And Living With Heightened Senses
  42. 50.
    140: COVID: Necessary Reminders For Change

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