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Dr. Okojie explores a variety of topics in the world of wellness.

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Dr O talks about the health of bodybuilding and the aesthetics thereof.

Mar 22

8 min 36 sec

Dr O talks about Methylene Blue (methylthioninium chloride) as a supplement to slow down cognitive decline and aging.

Feb 22

9 min 53 sec

Dr O does a livestream and talks about NAD, anti-aging, intermittent fasting, and what chemicals are involved.

Feb 14

27 min 37 sec

As we age, the level of hormones change in our body. Testosterone, in particular, affects both men and women and everything from mood to sex drive to weight and fat placement.

Jan 10

12 min 40 sec

Dr O addresses plateauing, i.e. not seeing any more noticeable gains from your workout and how to overcome it.

Aug 2020

4 min 25 sec

Dr Okojie talks about the importance of Vitamin C in the diet and its beneficial effects.

Jul 2020

5 min 21 sec

Dr Bernadette Smith, LPC in Texas. Dr O and Dr Smith talk about the current protests and riots that have come up around George Floyd. Dr Smith talks about counseling in the African American community and the stigma surrounding seeking help to heal. She talks about the trauma surrounding current events, stress, anxiety, and how to heal from it. She talks about standing up for others, the problem of police brutality, how some people feel stuck, and how to make a difference in the world. Dr O and Dr Smith discuss racial bias, historical oppression, and growing up in a different time. "It's okay to turn off social media, it's okay to take time for yourself, it's okay to be sad, it's okay to grieve." Aspen Counseling Website:

Jun 2020

58 min 8 sec

In this episode, Dr O talks about the importance of rest and the difference between sleep and rest. He outlines three steps that will help you train your body to get a better night's sleep and how good rest will improve many parts of your life.

May 2020

8 min 18 sec

Dr O goes into depth about Vitamin D, how it affects the immune system, how it interacts with other vitamins, and how it relates to the current crisis of Covid-19. The sun is the best source of it, however, depending on your skin color and in which climate you live it may not be possible to get it exclusively from the sun. There are different ways to supplement it and he talks about dosage and dosage consistency. W: IG: @therealmovementismedicine

Apr 2020

8 min 15 sec

No, there wasn't a podcast last Sunday and there won't be one this. Dr. O talks a little about quarantine and why we haven't made a podcast. In the meantime, Dr O will be posting exclusively on Instragram with tips on exercises you can do at home. @therealmovementismedicine

Apr 2020

1 min 46 sec

In this episode, Dr O and Jeff Grimm cover a wide range of topics: coronavirus (Covid-19), benefits of Vitamin C, healing properties of mushrooms, cancer, the importance of vitamin D, hydration, how to boost your immune system, importance of sleep, stress, the aging process and how to slow it, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (N.A.D), weight loss, growth hormone, fasting (including intermittent fasting), ketones and ketosis, eating vegan, research on a plant-based diet. Jeff Grimm (NP-C, MSN, BSN, FAARM, ABAARM) is a nurse practitioner and board-certified in functional medicine. You can find him these places: W: Bio Lounge PDX ( FB: I: @bioloungepdx

Mar 2020

50 min 51 sec

Dr O's guest this week is Dr Heather Friedman, a naturopath from Portland (OR) who specializes in aesthetic medicine, aging therapy, and naturopathic medicine. They talk about different procedures for looking youthful and go in-depth about available treatments such as fillers, botox, micro-needling, and diet. Dr Heather talks about ways to stay healthy and different therapies, diet deficiencies, and how to treat them. She gives examples from her own practice and dos and donts. Dr O gives an update on the Covid-19 from two doctors' perspectives and the two doctors take listener questions from social media. You can find Dr Heather Friedman on Instagram (@drheatherfriedman) and on the web at

Mar 2020

1 hr 3 min

Returning guest Morissa Pawl-Frederico talks with Dr O about footwear, protein sources, vitamin D, "seasonal affective disorder," vitamin D, and how movement and stretching can help your mood.

Mar 2020

52 min 12 sec

Dr Okojie with guest Dr Morissa Pawl-Frederico discusses the current covid-19 outbreak, how to get motivated to eat well, how our emotions may trigger what we want to eat and how what we eat shows what emotions we're feeling. He also discusses veganism with Dr Morissa Pawl.


Feb 2020

56 min 23 sec

3 common fasts that you can incorporate into your life

Dec 2019

13 min 13 sec

Quick tip on portion control

Oct 2019

2 min