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The idea, theme of the podcast is around creating the quality of being brave and bold in the everyday and showing up and taking imperfect action. The aim is to give you something tangible and inspiring that will support you in your journey and ignite your brave and creative brilliance.Episodes in this podcast will help you navigate everyday confidence, freedom and happiness so that you can own your every day and become the best version of yourself!

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When you feel like you are not seeing results and you need a girlfriend to pick you up...listen to this!In this episode, we chat about a relatable situation, one that most of us face, day-in and day-out and how we get through it. This is a pick-me-up reminder for when you are doubting yourself. Coz when that happens, it means you are distracted from your Why.We chat about:How to measure parameters for your goalsHow to define success for yourselfWhy your 'Why' is so important (Hint: it doesn't have to be a "Save the World"-kind of a thing!)How to keep going when you are not seeing resultsWhy it's ok to not see immediate results Feeling content and satisfied with your goals, your life and yourselfI'm cheering you on,Keep going!And Stay Unapologetically you!Love,Preya <3


Nov 30

15 min 19 sec

On a crazy rainy night, after a bazillion re-schedulings, we finally got to talk.....That's how this episode is brought to you!In this episode, we have with us: Sam Minter - entrepreneur, blogger and minimalist. She runs a blog called Sincerely Sam and talks about all things cozy living, beauty, decor with a "less is more" theme being the constant.Sam talks all about cozy living, how to create that safe space for yourself in your home and we discuss the tech aspects of blog, some fun stories (I love the one about how she got started, really!) and gaining traction.Sam's Website: sincerelysam.comFind and Follow Sam: @samyminter

Nov 23

38 min 38 sec

Ever felt like you're not smart enough. skinny enough. pretty enough. curvy enough. 'fill in the blank' enough?It is so easy to go down the rabbit hole of anxiety and stress in our world of "Not enough-ness".Ever looked at someone's Insta Stories and felt like everyone's doing so well and you're not? Or feeling like no matter how hard you try, you're not able to feel like you're doing enough?We all have. And we all do at some point, right?This episode is all about just that, all about how to stop feeling "not enough" and start feeling "good enough". It's a heart-to-heart conversation about our worthiness, completely unscripted and raw, because I remember feeling just that way a day before I recorded this episode.There's tips to battle the anxiety at the end and if you've ever felt this way and it's a IYKYK situation, you will absolutely connect with and love this episode!So, tune in for a raw, engaging conversation and some practical tips to battle a very-everyday-feeling.Love,Preya <3

Nov 16

22 min 1 sec

It can be tempting to sneak in some work or study in during these days of celebration or even just feel guilty for taking a break so that you're thinking about working while you are supposed to be living your life and enjoying to the fullest.I've been there and it can get overwhelming, but I wanna tell you that it's okay.So this festive season, this is your reminder to take a breather, to take a break, to join in to all of the celebrations, to enjoy the festive season of Diwali and live your life to the fullest!

Nov 6

12 min 17 sec

Today, I am talking in my sick in bed, granny voice (I promise it doesn't sound bad ;))and in this episode, I'm talking super passionately about some things that I am super passionate about. What's in it for you?An inspiring, feel-good story, some kick-ass motivation and the takeaways that you can note down and start working on in your everyday life!There's success stories, business talks, women supporting women and investing in women, money and investment talks and valuable takeaways, you'll love it.If you are passionate about any of these topics and you love them or you listen to this and love it or it makes you dream bigger, I would love to know - so, hit me up on @preyarana_ and let's start up this conversation!As always, Grateful for you <3Tune in and get ready to be inspired!

Oct 26

21 min 55 sec

In this episode, we chat about what it means to "Trust Yourself" and find contentment, comfort and acceptance in a wholesome life.We chat about the different components of developing trust in yourself and your intuition - in the smaller, everyday, practical aspects and the larger big picture situations.I give you some working tips and action steps for it and there's a short exercise at the end for you to take home that'll guide you in your journey.So, tune in for some fun, some honest conversations and some tangible action steps that'll help you strengthen your trust in yourself.You'll love it!Read the Show Notes here.

Oct 19

24 min

In this episode, we chat with Paripsa Pandya about all things Freelancing, Time Management, The Real way to Build a Network of people that matters and her recent endeavours.The @beingkhanabadosh * @unipads.in is going on now!To participate in Paripsa's "Impact Drive At 25", reach out to her @beingkhanabadosh or me @preyrana_ .Be a part of this beautiful movement!

Oct 3

57 min 20 sec

Ever find yourself procrastinating on the things that you want/ need to do? And then end up wanting to go back in time and not waste all the time that you wasted?Me too!In this episode, we talk about the stories and cycles of procrastination in the everyday that all of us deal with and we discuss the 10 simple steps to liberation from this cycle ;)This step-by-step guide will help you get out of a "phase" of procrastination if you are in one and it'll boost your productivity if you're already doing alright!So tune in for some chuckles and laughs, some relatable stories and a tangible step-by-step guide to beat procrastination and become a productivity ninja!

Sep 15

31 min 37 sec

In this episode, we sat down and talked to Dr. Shreya and Dr. Preenon, who started and have grown a Food Blog called @doctorofgastronomy, which now has over 14,000 followers. They started the blog 2 years ago and they have an engaged audience that is growing leaps and bounds. We talk all about how they balance running the blog with taxing and forever ongoing medical education and work, their tips on growing and starting a blog for beginners, the challenges in the beginning and all things collaboration, networking and consistency.So, tune in for high-yield tangible tips on starting a blog and some fun, entertaining conversations on balancing your education or day-job with a side hustle!You're gonna love this one!Follow them @doctorofgastronomy and send them so much love <3

Aug 26

43 min 13 sec

Ever feel like you have multiple ideas and can't choose one to start with? Or feeling confused about whether an opportunity or idea is worth exploring?Then, here's the perfect guide for you.Calling all my Multipassionate peeps...I know how it feels to be confused about a idea or opportunity in front of you. So, this is a simple system that will help you get through to the answer with clarity every single time.You will learn about how to get clear about you idea and plan, how to use different lenses to evaluate multiple ideas and how to get your thoughts clear as you approach a problem like this.This will help you speed right into action mode to start that thing, do the work and enter into that competition. Or not.So, tune in for tangible action steps and the pro forma for evaluating the tasks at hand and as usual, a relatable story to tie it all in together!Relevant links:The Finding Inspiration episode I mentioned.The Willpower and Discipline episode here.Come hang out on the 'gram:@preyarana_@unapologeticallyyou.podcast

Aug 11

16 min 30 sec

In this episode, you'll learn:What our Normals look likeWhat it really takes to UplevelHow you can get to your next levelWhat you need to do to become braver, bolder and so much more confident with yourselfTune in for a relatable and a little embarrassing personal story with some tangible nuggets and some food for thought so that you can uplevel your work, life and relationships!Connect on the 'gram:@preyarana_@unapologeticallyyou.podcast

Aug 3

11 min 48 sec

In this episode, we chat with Aayushi Dholakia, an International Beauty Pageant winner who has her own Podcast and has her own Fashion Label!Today you'll learn:What the journey in Beauty Pageants really looks like - The TruthWhat it takes to win What can hold you back from winning and how to combat itHow social media influence can play a great role in connectionHow Passion and Ambition are not negative words and what they can do for you!How enjoying what you do is the Key!All in all, amazing conversation...so tune in for an insider view on how beauty pageants work, some fun stories and some inspiration for you everyday!Connect with our guest:Aayushi Dholakia:Instagram: @aayushidholakia_Find her new Fashion Label: @ardorbyaayushiConnect with the host:Preya Rana:Instagram: preyarana_Website: www.heyitspreya.com

Jul 29

24 min 17 sec

In this episode, we talk about the two questions that you really need to be asking yourself every.single.day and then, there's a short, sweet and eye-opening exercise for you that you'll love!We chat about:Being a better decision-maker in the everyday micro-decisionsWhy it's so important to reframe your thoughtsWhere is the grass really greener?When and How to learn to reframeHow to begin when you don't really believe in the ideaHow you can take full responsibility now and make the changes you needSo, tune in for, a relatable story, possibly an "Aha" moment (a girl can hope!) and some very tangible tips, steps and questions you can follow through that will transform the way you think!

Jul 20

21 min 30 sec

In this episode, we talk about the One thing theory, which is one of the simplest and most effective hacks in the list of methods in  a "How to be more productive" guide.This is the hack that works for when you need to work but you are not motivated, it works for when you need to get back into a routine and get something done and it even works if you are already doing great but wouldn't mind a boost!So tune in for a very relatable-situation story and one of the best productivity hacks and tips to make massive progress that there is out there.

Jul 13

12 min 11 sec

In this episode I sit down and and chat with Richa Awasthi; a solo traveller, art lover, professional baker, cookbook author and so much more.We talk about:Richa's cookbook and healthy + tasty eatingSolo travelling experiences + How to start travelling soloRicha's top tips for solo travellingLiving life to the fullestWhy and how to be Unapologetically You!The fact that if I had a private jet, we'd both be on our way to Sydney on her university campus ;)But, for real, it's a great conversation with tips and hacks and some philosophy and some life-changing nuggets of thought in here.So, tune in for an awesome conversation, some tangible hacks and some nuggets of wisdom that you'll love!Website: www.heyitspreya.com/the-podcastSocials: www.instagram.com/unapologeticallyyou.podcastHang out on Instagram:Richa: www.instagram.com/berrytales_eatscapePreya: www.instagram.com/preyarana_

Jul 6

40 min 25 sec

Ever feel like you are waiting around for your "Eureka" moment and for that creative or motivating spark to work or get started?Well...here's the guide that will teach you to stop waiting around.In this short , yet power-packed episode, we chat about:Finding inspiration in the everydayStaying consistent and adopting a method that works for you Tips to remain motivatedAdopting a sustainable lifestyle and incorporating creative practice and workflows in everyday lifeSome game-changing tips on how to find inspirationSo, tune in for some amazing little and very tangible nuggets in this quick and value-filled episode that you can begin working on and implementing the moment you are done listening to this episode!

Jun 22

13 min 22 sec

Struggling with willpower and control in your everyday life and looking for some simple but effective hacks for it?Then, this episode is perfect for you!In this episode,  we chat about about what willpower and discipline mean in the context of our everyday life, I tell you some stories and give you tangible steps and hacks that you can use to have better and more control, willpower and discipline.So, tune in for some power-packed effective tips and a motivating chat that you will love!

Jun 15

20 min 11 sec

Ever found yourself procrastinating or delaying progress by sitting in the Resistance or waiting till everything is Perfect or you are Ready?Then, this episode is just the kick in the butt that you need.In this episode, I'll give you the key to making massive progress faster and reaching your goals faster.So, tune in for some amazing advice and motivation to go out there and get started FASTER!

Jun 8

9 min 24 sec

You want to do all these incredible things and accomplish these massive goals, but not sure where to start or take action from? I got your back!In this episode, we discuss what it looks like to be overwhelmed and in a state of inaction or action paralysis. And then, I give you the roadmap to escaping the cycle and taking action towards your goals NOW! So, tune in for a Step-by-Step Guide and a gentle nudge to take Action right now!

May 17

18 min

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be "Unapologetically You".  We chat briefly about the "Why" behind this podcast and "What" value I hope to deliver with it.You'll get the guide to being Brave, Bold and Beautifully You(as the episode name suggests;))And the, we'll do an exercise together to feel more connected and inspired.So, listen in for a relatable story and some kick-ass inspiration!Love,Preya

May 12

16 min 16 sec