The Aha Moment

Rohit Jayakaran & Moiz Sitabkhan

A fun podcast for all things digital. We break down digital jargons and try to make sense of whats going on in the world of digital marketing, web, design & UX, customer experience and tech. Hopefully, at the end of every episode, we try to find our Aha Moment!

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We always tell people how to create amazing and great customer experiences for digital, we thought let's talk about how to master the art of appalling customer experiences!  Just to make it clear, this is exactly what you should NOT be doing with your digital experiences.

Dec 2020

32 min 48 sec

Digital is like a Symphony. For an effective online marketing plan to work, one must understand that there needs to be a plan on all aspects of digital to play in harmony. It's like conducting a symphony where not one thing also can create a masterpiece. 

Nov 2020

32 min 41 sec