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Rev. John Lukomski and “Special Guests” join host Gary Duncan for light-hearted conversation and entertaining exploration of Scripture.

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Once again, Gary Duncan talks with Dr. Martin Luther about his sermon on the Gospel of John. What is the second surprising thing that God does for those of us who break His commandments. And what is it that Jesus calls us?

Nov 8

11 min 3 sec

We continue our discussion on Luther’s sermon on the Gospel of John. Gary Duncan talks with Dr. Martin Luther about how God chooses us and what is the first thing God does if we break His commandment.

Nov 1

13 min 7 sec

Gary Speaks with Martin Luther about his sermons on the Gospel of John. Are they applicable today? Listen to find out.

Oct 25

11 min 34 sec

Gary continues his discussion with Dr. Luke. Our discussion is focused on the unjust steward. What is the point of this parable? Listen and hear Dr. Luke's explanation of this parable.

Oct 18

13 min 22 sec

On this episode Gary talks with Dr. Luke and he gives us some financial advice. Including Luke 16, the end of verse 13. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” We also talk about Jesus' parable of the unjust manager.

Oct 4

12 min 26 sec

On this episode Gary talks with Professor Lukomski of the B.U.R.P. about his latest invention. What is the new iBibled. Listen to find out. 

Sep 27

12 min 38 sec

We conclude our discussion with St. Peter this week about the feeding of the five thousand and Christ's meaning of this miracle. 

Sep 20

12 min 51 sec

St. Peter is back again this week with more details the feeding of the five thousand and Christ's meaning of this miracle.

Sep 13

13 min 15 sec

Gary continues to talk with St. Peter about the  account of feeding the 5 thousand in the Gospel according to St. John. What was the meaning of this miracle? What was Christ trying to teach? 

Sep 6

10 min 29 sec

Gary talks with St. Peter about the account of feeding the five thousand found in the Gospel according to St. John. 

Aug 30

12 min 32 sec

Gary connects with professor Lukomski and they talk about the latest biblical technology. It is always an enjoyable and strange conversation when professor Lukomski joins us. Listen to discover the latest invention from B.U.R.P.

Aug 16

9 min 52 sec

Gary and Saint Peter conclude their discussion about the Canaanite woman--a woman,  Jesus said, had great faith. However, he also called her a dog. What is that all about? Listen to find out. 

Aug 9

12 min 36 sec

Gary and St. Peter continue their discussion about why Jesus called Peter a man of little faith but called the Canaanite woman a woman of great faith. Why the distinction?

Aug 2

11 min 55 sec

We welcome back one of our regular guests as we reconnect with St. Peter. This week we talk about when St. Peter tried to walk on water to Jesus but sunk. Jesus said to Peter "You are of little faith." What did he mean by that?

Jul 26

13 min

Gary has a fun chat with Professor Lukomski. The discussion was around new products available for Christmas giving from the Biblical Understanding Research Project (B.U.R.P). 

Jul 12

14 min 37 sec

Gary concludes his discussion with Titus regarding the requirements and qualifications of a pastor.  We’ll look at Titus chapters two and three.

Jul 5

9 min 34 sec

Gary continues his talk with Titus about the qualifications for becoming a pastor.

Jun 28

11 min 46 sec

Gary talks with Titus about the Epistle to Titus from Paul.

Jun 21

9 min 34 sec

Gary concludes his discussion of the Herods of scripture with “The Bible History Answer Man”.  

Jun 14

12 min 56 sec

Gary continues his discussion with “The Bible History Answer Man” with the focus on Herod Antipas and the imprisonment and beheading of John the Baptist.

Jun 7

12 min 27 sec

Gary introduces “The Bible History Answer Man” and discusses the Herods of Scripture.

May 31

10 min 47 sec

Gary's discussion with St. Peter regarding John chapter 21 concludes with the answer to the question, "What is the significance to the 153 fish?"

May 24

16 min 7 sec

Gary's discussion continues with St. Peter.  This time they discussing John chapter 21.

May 17

10 min 27 sec

Our discussion continues about the restorative words to Peter from Jesus.

May 10

12 min 32 sec

Gary continues his discussion with St. Peter regarding St. John's account of the restorative words of Jesus to Peter. 

May 3

13 min 27 sec

St. Peter discuses with Gary the Easter account according St. John and Jesus' restorative words to Peter.

Apr 26

13 min 47 sec

Gary and Peter continue their discussion on a key Easter story from the Gospel of John.

Apr 19

16 min 28 sec

Gary talks with St. Peter about Easter and the accounts from the Gospel of John.

Apr 12

10 min 21 sec

Gary talks with St. Peter about his discussion during lent with the rich young man. Hear Peter's thoughts on what the rich young man had said. 

Apr 5

8 min 49 sec

Gary concludes his discussion with the rich young man and there is a surprise ending. In this episode, we discuss Christ's words “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Mar 29

12 min 38 sec

This week as Gary continues to talk to the rich young man of the Bible our conversation is on the words of Jesus from the cross “It is finished.”

Mar 22

12 min 29 sec

Gary continues his conversation with the rich young man of the Bible regarding what he saw and heard when Christ was crucified on the cross. In this episode, they talk about the words “My God, My God, why hath Thou forsaken me?”

Mar 15

12 min 12 sec

Gary continues his conversation with the rich young man of the Bible. This week, as we continue to discuss Jesus' last words on the cross, we talk about “I thirst.”

Mar 8

11 min 9 sec

Gary continues his conversation with the rich young man. This week we talk about Christ’s words “Forgive them for they do not know what they do” as we began a discussion of the seven last words of Christ on the cross.

Mar 1

11 min 41 sec

Gary has a conversation with the rich young man. Hear his perspective on the Christ’s passion.

Feb 22

12 min 32 sec

Gary continues his discussion with St. Peter regarding Mary Magdalene.

Feb 15

10 min 37 sec

Gary is excited about his upcoming conversation with Mary Magdalene. Listen and learn about Mary of Magdala and the important role she played in Scripture. 

Feb 8

9 min 53 sec

Gary talks with Dr. Luke again this week as they continue their discussion on Jesus' baptism. 

Feb 1

10 min 28 sec

 Gary continues his discussion with Dr. Luke about the baptism of Jesus. 

Jan 25

9 min 48 sec

Gary talks to a surprise guest “Dr. Luke" about the baptism of Jesus.

Jan 18

10 min 30 sec

Gary Talks with Joseph as he wraps up conversation on the Christmas story. 

Jan 11

11 min 47 sec

Gary continues his discussion with Joseph about the Christmas story.

Dec 2020

11 min 25 sec

Joseph and Gary talk about what it means to be the husband and head of the household. 

Dec 2020

11 min 30 sec

Gary continues his discussion with Joseph. Was Joseph a righteous man?

Dec 2020

11 min 14 sec

This week Pastor Lukomski has arranged for a visit with Joseph regarding his thoughts about abandoning Mary.

Nov 2020

12 min 44 sec

St. Peter from the Hook and Crook come back to continue our discussion about when Jesus hid.

Nov 2020

10 min 25 sec

St. Peter from the Hook and Crook visits to talk with us about Christ saying He is I AM. 

Nov 2020

11 min 1 sec

Martin Luther continues his discussion on the Lutheran difference.

Nov 2020

10 min 8 sec

Martin Luther continues his discussion with Gary on the Lutheran difference.

Nov 2020

7 min 59 sec

Martin Luther discusses with Gary the Lutheran difference. 

Oct 2020

8 min 15 sec