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Butcher Bear

(iN)Sect Records label owner, Butcher Bear, interviews some of his close friends and artists he's known for awhile; in a rambling format, normally. in his backyard, in Austin, TX.

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This is the first episode of the iNSECT Records 'Mind Hive' podcast with my very special and first guest, Matt Sonzala. Matt is a wonderful person and always has stories for days. I got to sit down with him twice over the course of the Summer in the year 2017. Hope you enjoy us talking about touring, the Laughing Hyenas, going to shows and booking shows as kids, falling into a radio show, pissing off Atari Teenage Riot and being one of the central figures in connecting people in Houston's hip-hop community to the rest of the world.  - Butcher Bear


Oct 2019

1 hr 58 min