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Welcome to The Sovereign Collective Podcast where we provide you with Real, Raw Truth, for your self-empowerment. In this show, I, Sascha Kalivoda, explore all aspects of life that contribute to making a healthy, robust and well-adjusted human being. My mission is to bring wisdom back into the kitchen and in the home, and I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and unlearn most of it. I never censor here as I believe you are strong enough to hear both sides of a story and make up your own mind. In a time of censorship and dangerous government overreach, I challenge you to reconsider what you think know and open your mind to the fact that much of what you have learned in life may not actually be true. Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy learning from my guests as much as I do. For more about me, check out Episode 0.

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*Note: the blooper at the end was left in intentionally!!!!Sherry Strong is a driven woman on a mission to serve in this world.Currently she serves as the Alberta Provincial Director for Children's Health Defense Canada, she consults with clients on how to find health through their diet and lifestyle choices, she shares in the care of an infant born of a drug-addicted mother, and she just recently launched her own supplement line called Living Immunity.She has overcome her fair share of adversity over the last couple of years, and has now 'found her salvation in service', having left her career as a speaker on the worldwide speaking circuit behind (for now).In this valuable conversation, we get intoSherry's rocky road of the last couples years and the realization that changed her path to one that is much smoother and more rewardingThe philosophy behind her new supplement lineHer role in Children's Health Defense CanadaA philosophy that Sherry teaches that she refers to the 'consumption concept' - how would we live if we chose to live sustainably and not addicted to consumption?The story of her interview with a man who lost his very healthy 35 year-old wife from liver and kidney liver failure 5 weeks after her second jab, and how he was told that his wife was a secret alcoholic and that was the cause of her sicknessHow no healthy child has died of c0v!d, yet children continue to be targeted and how this can only make sense through the lens of a depopulation agendaThe corruptness of Canada's v@x injury reporting systemThe propaganda system that is our 'education' systemHow the silence is why this situation continues - silence is complicityNeed to find a community to move forward? Check out Life Force CanadaSherry's fundamental principles for a healthy mind and bodySherry's final message to humanity - an important question to ask yourselfand more!Sherry's Sweet Freedom Lifehttps://sweetfreedomlife.comLiving Immunity Supplement Linehttps://livingimmunity.comSherry's email addresssherry at sherrystrong dot comSherry's You Tube Channels's Health Defense Canadahttps://childrenshealthdefense.caCHD Canada Rumble Channel Force Canada - get involved! you concerned about the future of our children?The world needs more conscious parents. Get your online program chock full of interviews with world renowned experts here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Nov 14

1 hr 30 min

The topic today is circumcision, a procedure that many don't give much thought to, but one that is not only not necessary or beneficial, but harmful.This episode may be a little tough for some parents who have had this operation done to their children without investigating the facts prior to making such a life-changing and permanent decision for their voiceless child. This information is not meant to condemn, rather to enlighten people to prevent further unnecessary harm to our future boys and men.In this conversation with Harry Guiremand, Press Spokesman for Bloodstained Men, we learn how difficult it was for him to reconcile the discovery that his parents had, obviously without his consent, part of his vital anatomy brutally removed when he was an infant, though the values he grew up with in the household were in direct opposition to the willful act of imposing such a procedure on an innocent and vulnerable baby.I have touched on this topic before and will continue to do so as I feel that no parent has the right to make this decision for their child, and that had most parents known the true facts in advance, they would not have made this decision in the first place.I thank Harry for his passion and his vulnerability. If you listen to nothing else, then please tune in at least at 1hr:21 min:50 sec to hear his plea to future parents to be. We both ended up in tears.This is a very important interview that I hope you take the time to listen to, as at its core, this issue affects us all and the fabric of society as a whole.In this vital episode we get into:Harry's story of when he realized his parents had him circumcisedCircumcision rates around the worldHow the American Association of Pediatrics created a deceitful report on circumcision with no supporting evidence and has never retracted itWhy circumcision is a completely unethical procedureSome history around circumcisionThe fact that there are no guidelines or protocols for circumcising children - the doctors are free to cut as much or as little as they wantHow often there is no anaesthesia is used for the operation, or it is not used appropriately and other details of the processA description of the 'circumstraint' that is used to strap down and immobilize the boyThe work of Blood Stained MenThe many important functions of the foreskinHow if your baby 'slept' during the circumcision that this was actually an expression of shockHow the medical industry actually profits heftily from the use of the foreskin of babies without the consent or knowledge of the parentsHow the studies supporting the benefits of circumcision have been tweaked to represent benefits that do not really exist.and much morePlease share this very important episode. We can make a difference for future generations one family at a time.For more on Bloodstained Men: Men on Facebook: by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.: on Circumcision:Non-therapeutic male circumcision in infancy or childhood and risk of human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted infections: national cohort study in Denmark “… In this national cohort study spanning more than three decades of observation, non-therapeutic circumcision in infancy or childhood did not appear to provide protection against HIV or other STIs in males up to the age of 36 years. Rather, non-therapeutic circumcision was associated with higher STI rates overall, particularly for anogenital warts and syphilis.”—Circumcision and Risk of HIV Among Males From Ontario, Canada “We found that circumcision was not independently associated with the risk of acquiring HIV among males from Ontario, Canada. Our results are consistent with clinical guidelines that emphasize safe-sex practices and counselling over circumcision as an intervention to reduce the risk of HIV."—Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women: a survey-based, cross-sectional study in Denmark"Conclusions Circumcision was associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men and with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women, notably orgasm difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment. Thorough examination of these matters in areas where male circumcision is more common is warranted.”----------------------------------------------------------Are you concerned about the future of our children?The world needs more conscious parents. Get your online program chock full of interviews with world renowned experts here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Oct 20

1 hr 33 min

Amandha Vollmer is a person I love to interview and learn from. She is an intelligent and brave warrior who authentically cares about helping you maintain or regain good health, and empowers you to do so.Amandha has her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and is a Professional Holistic Practitioner. She is an author and a natural health product creator and dedicates her life to gathering and disseminating truth on many levels.For this episode, I ask you to be brave and open and to listen to this discussion before you judge the content. I ask you to acknowledge your social conditioning but to not let it limit you or block you from a potentially life-altering practice.What if your body is so refined and so wise that it contains its own medicine, for FREE, and is available wherever you go? What if this medicine could contain a potentially life-saving antidote to an anaphylactic response to a sting or bite? Wouldn't you want to know about this suppressed information? You never know when it may come in handy, or necessary.In this conversation with Amandha, we go deep into the ancient practice of Urine Therapy, or Shivambu, as its referred to in Ayurveda. I felt compelled to do this interview as this topic has been infiltrating my world through many sources lately, and to me, that is a key message to pay attention!This practice is not new. In fact, urine from different animals has been used medically for a long time. Why is ok to use pregnant mare urine for hormone replacement? Why can you buy cow urine capsules for longevity? Why is it gross to use your own, free, readily available urine?This interview is packed with gems, including:How to collect urine for internal and topical useWhy the morning urine is the most medicinalHow Amandha healed a scabies skin infection in her past by topical use of urine (the only remedy that helped her)What 'looping' isHow you can use urine homeopathicallyWhat urine actually is...filtered blood plasma, not the waste that you've been toldHow urine is 'excess' and not wasteHow the kidneys process the secondary filtrate of the blood after the liver has removed the wasteHow ingesting urine gives the body more 'information' so it can work more optimallyHow our systems are so refined that we contain the antidote to poisonous bites and stings in our own urine within 20 seconds!The story of how Amandha prevented fallout from a wasp sting with her daughter using urineHow urine is an elixir of youth and longevityThe contents of your urine, including stem cells, vitamins, minerals, pigments, hormones and much more (imagine that you just flush all that goodness down the toilet!)Amandha's recommendations around urine therapy and pharmaceutical drug use. Seek advice from an open-minded health professional if need be!How to age urine, its benefits and how to use itHow to use urine transdermally for wounds, tumors and moreWhy it always doesn't need to be your own in a pinchHow pregnancy is a time when you do NOT want to practice urine therapyOther benefits of urine therapy including restoring hair colour and growth, dealing with fungus and more!If you're open minded, I think you're really going to love this episode. Nature's pharmacy is available to you if you try it. It's hard at first, but gets easier very quickly. Who knows, it may save your life some day.As a friend of mine said to me recently:"If you're not willing to drink your own pee, you're not sick enough."I personally don't want to ever get that sick.Amandha's Store:'s Website:'s Book:'s Telegram Groups: Armstrong's book: Urine Therapy Resources: you concerned about the future of our children?The world needs more conscious parents. Get your online program chock full of interviews with world renowned experts here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Sep 22

1 hr 53 min

In this episode I have a fabulous conversation with my good friend, the wise and beautiful Katharina Kunz. Katharina is a personal trainer and comprehensive health coach, and has come through many versions of herself to attain the confidence and freedom she now feels in her body, and in her life in general.And if you watch the video, from what you can see, you would wonder how she could ever possibly have any body freedom concerns. But body shame does not discriminate and does not care what you look like. What it does do is take up space in your mind and focus, and takes away from you fully living your purposeful life.Katharina has been a personal trainer for 25 years and has impacted many lives. And now she has just launched her Body Freedom program to help you attain more freedom in all areas of your life.In this interview we learn:Katharina's experience of not being free in her body in her 20s and how that led to dis-ease in her bodyHow her 20 minute workouts 3 times per week have been way more effective than long sessions in the gym ever wereHow if ignoring the cyclical nature of women can impede health goalsHow 'devotion' over 'discipline' may serve you betterHow her ritual of 're-perspectiving' at the end of each workout with her clients helps her clients to get lasting, life-changing results and teach them how to bring the energy of their workout into their current dayThe guts of her Body Freedom membership programKatharina's invitation to bring ritual into your lifeHow her 'comprehensive health coaching' can lead to gains in all areas of her clients' livesAnd more!This was a truly inspiring and heartfelt conversation. I know you're going to enjoy it, and if you do, please share with your community!Katharina's website: Katharina and put 'Sovereign Collective' in the subject line to get a link to access her Alignment Scale Workshop for FREE:'s Body Freedom Membership Program: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your online program chock full of interviews with world renowned experts here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Sep 14

57 min 51 sec

In this second of a 2-part interview with Naomi, we continue the discussion on the benefits of self-directed learning and go into more benefits of such a way of raising our children, and some advice for parents as well.In this interview, Naomi touches on:Common traits of children, teens and adults who have lived a life of self-directed learning (hint, these are very strong traits!)How emotional resilience can be cultivated when one grows up in a free environmentHow these traits are not common in society todayThe power of emotional resilienceThe flow in the life of the self-directed learnerAdvice for a parent who is resistant to homeschooling or who has a preconceived idea of what education needs to look likeThe importance of letting go of the need to impress others through our childrenHow Naomi can help you improve the relationship with your extended family if they disagree with your choice of parenting styleNaomi's thoughts on the future if we do not change the way we are raising and educating our children, given the current world situationWhy Naomi feels that the MOST important thing for our children is for them to remain rooted in themselves"Expose, don't impose." ~ Naomi AldortPlease share these 2 very important interviews. Our children are waiting for us to step up!Naomi's website:www.naomialdort.comwww.authenticparent.comNaomi's workshops: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your online program chock full of interviews with world renowned experts here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Sep 1

44 min 34 sec

I always get so much out of my interviews with Naomi Aldort. The degree of respect she has for children makes her stand out among other educators, counsellors, parenting coaches, etc. She has undying faith in the natural unrolling of development and learning that occurs in children as they grow and mature if we simply let them be and allow them to choose.Naomi is a world-renowned parenting guide, speaker, workshop leader and author. She has travelled the world inspiring parents to truly 'see' their children and help them navigate their parenting journey to one of ease and peace.In this first part of our 2-part interview we focus on educating our children - what it really is and how it may not need be what you have always thought it should be.I guarantee this interview will cause you to look at how you parent and inspire you to question what education truly is. And I know you will appreciate the respect that Naomi brings to her approach to education and parenting in general.Even if you don't have kids, or your children have already gone through school, I think you'll get a lot out of this interview.In part one of this interview, we get into various topics, including:A list of what children 'learn' in school...and I don't mean the curriculum, but rather the unfortunate side effects and how they impact the development of children and their self- and world-viewsHow to mitigate these side effects and advocate for your child if you are in a position where you must put your child in schoolHow school is actually disrespectful of your child and dishonours their right and need to express their true selves and individualityHow the school system has impacted your parentingHow most alternative forms of school are rooted in an authoritarian modelDemocratic schools explainedThe ease of learning when the material is introduced at the appropriate ageThe importance of the child of devising their own methods of learningWhy you should not worry if your child is a late reader, and how learning to read a bit later can be beneficialNaomi's approach to when your child wants lessons, classes, etc.The question of teaching math and reading to your child, and of course, the big question of socialization if your child is not attending schoolNaomi's approach to birthdays"Every time you intervene, you ruin God's plan."~ Naomi AldortFor more on Naomi's work and to book a session with her:www.naomialdort.comwww.authenticparent.comNaomi's book: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Aug 29

1 hr 14 min

About 20 years ago Beth Martens learned that even through death she would not escape pursuing her purpose. And in shifting her awareness around a key archetype that was severely out of alignment, she literally went from dying to living almost overnight. It wasn't any cancer treatment, it wasn't the diet, it wasn't any medical intervention, it was her AWARENESS and decision to change that brought her back to the land of the living.Fast forward many years and Beth now shares her work with the world through her book, her coaching, her coaching certification summit, her podcast and more.In this episode we learn of Beth's fascinating story of surrendering to death, only to be brought back to life. We also learn of her almost spontaneous healing form a relapse that occurred simply by recognizing and adjusting her awareness around one of her primary archetypes.We also get into Beth's view of what archetypes are and how working from this lens can simplify the overcoming of your challenges and help you get on your purposeful path.Through her work with archetypes and the core programs that people generally operate from (see also Lestor Levenson and the Release Technique for more about these core programs), Beth works with people to help them find their path of purpose.Her book title really says it all: Journey - A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of MeaninglessnessAre you ready to stop treading water in a sea of meaninglessness? If so, order her book here: learn about all of Beth Martens's work: Freedom Law Summit:, but I didn't manage to get this episode out to share the early bird link to Beth's upcoming course in September, but here is the link to register: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Aug 11

1 hr 20 min

Women! This one is for you!Are you feeling run down and tired and not in the best shape of your life?Are you feeling that you have a purpose while in this body in this lifetime, but you just don't have the energy to fully activate and fulfill that purpose?Like I said, this interview is for you. Michale Hartte is passionate about helping women improve their health so that they can better show up for themselves and their families.Michale has a bachelor's degree in Applied Science with a specialty in Nutrition form Ontario's Edison Institute of Nutrition. She is a Registered Nutrition Therapist, a Chartered Herbalist, and a Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner. On top of that, she has worked with legends like Bob Proctor, creating the nutritional plan in his book, The Science of Perfect Weight - A new way of thinking, eating, and living to achieve your perfect weight.I personally feel that it is time for the feminine to rise...but how can we do that if we are tired, out of shape and have a head full of fog? That's where Michale's group coaching program comes in. She is passionate about helping you find and become your best self.Here are just some of the things we get into in this interview:The story of how at a young age Michale's body was ageing before its time and how she reversed it allMichale's fundamental pillars in her approach to health and wellnessHow if you feel crappy during a detox, this is a detox gone badThe key binder she recommends to her clients to ensure the toxins released by the body are caught for removalHow she is trained to see where you are holding your toxins and how to get them outHow her program provides you with a template for a daily routine so that you can create new habits and how it is a 'done for you' program customized for youHer recommendations around intermittent fasting depending on whether a woman is menstruating or notHow her program will help you break the pattern of exercising more and eating less to get guaranteed resultsThe form of exercise women need to embrace to ensure the building of muscle, a well modulated immune system, healthy blood sugar levels, strong bones and resilience into old ageThe amount of exercise Michale puts into maintaining her lean body (she is ripped, and it takes less time than you think!)How chronic cardio may be ageing youHow Michale reversed her osteoporosisHow food signals different hormonal cascades in the body and how your choices may be working against youThe importance of good quality sleep to efficiently burn fatWhy snacking all day is not the fat burning wayHow her plan helps you tap into your body's wisdom as to how much you need to eatHow she solves the problems around good nutrition even if you think you are too busy for itWhy group coaching is a key aspect of her programThis interview was glitchy and I even lost Michale for a few seconds, (which I decided to not edit out), but the information and Michale's message is clear.How to find Michale:Instagram: is gearing up for another group of 10 women looking to be their best selves this June! To learn more about that, take advantage of Michale's free offer to see if her program is a good fit for you:Book your NO-pressure 30 min call find out what's NOT working for you for help with next steps to get there.At the end of the call, Michale will map out the best strategy for you to get started right away with more clarity & confidence.Book now, spots are limited and will fill fast!Michale's Calendar*Only book if you're looking for support to get you there more quickly.--------------------------------------Are you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me: support at sovereigncollective dot org

Jun 2

1 hr 12 min

I always get so excited talking about homeopathy! What a powerful, elegant, cost-effective and biologically effective way to treat yourself and your family!I have been using homeopathy for a long time and know first hand how effective it is, and how readily our children respond to treatment if they require it. There really is no need to fill your medicine cabinet with toxic creams, pills and syrups.If you have never delved into the world of homeopathy, the time is now! It is an essential part of bringing wisdom back into the home - a major mission of mine.Mette Mitchell is a mother who was so impacted by the power of homeopathy when having her daughter treated that it changed the whole course of her professional career. From a past life as an interior designer jetting around the world, she is now a licensed homeopath from Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London, and holds a bachelor of science from Middlesex University in homeopathy.She has a particular interest in getting homeopathy out into families as a supplement to allopathic medicines, and facilitates many courses on how and when to use homeopathy at home. In this episode, we get into:An update on the Children's Health Defense chapter here in Alberta and what CHD is and stands forThe story of Mette's premature daughter which led her to question conventional medicineHow detoxing her daughter of her early injections with homeopathy led her to becoming a homeopath herselfAn overview of homeopathyHow the potency of homeopathic remedies workWhen to use higher potencyWhen to take your problems to a homeopath rather than self-prescribingThe remedy to take if you are vomiting and can't stopThe basics of prescribing homeopathy at homeThe remedy for yellow snotWhat happens if one administers the wrong remedyHow homeopathy works in the body and how it speeds up healingThe remedy for a hangoverHow one study shows how homeopathy was effective in treating prostate cancer in rats (see link below)How to access pre-made kits to stock your home pharmacyInfo on how to become a part of Mette's Home Prescriber's Club - an amazing resource and value, I HIGHLY recommend you do this (see link below)Key remedies to have on handThe most common remedy for symptomology of the current situation (I don't want to say the words here)How Cuba has a history of effectively treating their people with homeopathy and their current use of homeopathy in treating their vulnerable population in these times of 2020/21The origins of homeopathyThe growing pain remedyI know you are going to love this interview. It is enlightening and empowering and gives you easy to access tools to put your mind at rest when it comes to treating family emergencies and acute symptoms. For more information, please see these links:Mette's website: become a member of the Home Prescriber's Club: cancer study in rats:Jonas et al. 2006 Integr Cancer Ther: Male rats were injected with MAT-LyLu (prostate tumor) cells and exposed to severalhomeopathic remedies's Health Defense you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me:

May 20

1 hr 18 min

When I heard Dr. Tommy John interview Dr. Cassie Huckaby, I knew I had to get her on the show. She has wisdom beyond her years and sees her patients a whole beings, capable of healing fully and completely.Dr. Huckaby grew up in West Texas and always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Chemistry from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and also completed her pre-med coursework with plans of attending allopathic medical school soon after graduation. During college Cassie's health gradually plummeted without any answers from conventional medicine and she was given no options for healing. With a twist of fate, however, she discovered Integrative Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine eventually found her. Her health, path and life was forever changed and I have been completely consumed with passion and respect for the most beautiful, honest and life-giving medicine I have found.Dr. Huckaby holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. During her studies there, she healed from multiple autoimmune conditions, vaccine injury and mold illness through drastically changing and reconstructing my lifestyle, and utilizing and living the medicine I was studying. Cassie knows how hopeless it can feel when seemingly no one has the answers to your health problems. However, she found truth and solutions on the natural health path and she brings this humbling experience into her practice with each of her patients. She deeply believes in you, in humanity and in the mysteries of the human body and this existence.If you have given up hope, if you don't know where to turn, Dr. Huckaby may be the answer you are looking for. To learn more about Dr. Cassie Huckaby and her clinic, Grit Natural Medicine, please go here: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me:

May 10

1 hr 35 min

I have now had the great privilege of interviewing the wonderful Laura Uplinger twice - the first time being for my program Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide (which you can find, where Laura talks about the power of conscious conception and the events that go into forming our world and self views before and after we are born.In this interview we touch on some of the darkest aspects of human behaviour that his coming more to light in our current, uncertain times...that concerning the harm and trafficking of children.Laura is an educator and life-long student in the field of conscious pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal parenting. For over 30 years she has promoted prenatal and perinatal education, conducting workshops and speaking at symposiums, forums and conferences in Europe, North America and South America.Laura deeply believes in the power of humanity to overcome, to know itself, to do good on this planet. Yet, she is deeply aware of the darkness among us and the harm that is coming to millions of innocent children.What is it that allows for a human to harm another? To abuse another? To take advantage of a being much smaller and less powerful than oneself? Laura shares her thoughts and ideas on these tough questions, which are rooted in the deep wisdom she has gained over many years of studying, learning and lecturing on the impact of our pre- and perinatal conditions that shape who we become.The mother-child bond is a powerful force, and it has been manipulated historically to shape humanity. The importance of this bond is no secret, yet the impact of the quality of our earliest beginnings is not material that is taught and shared with the masses. Instead, those in power use it to their advantage to gain the power they seek over individuals and societies.The world is facing dark times to be sure, but Laura's over-arching message is one of trust and belief in the power of humanity to overcome, for truth to be revealed, for the individual to step into their true selves and fulfill their ultimate purpose.It is up to each and every one of us to go within, to recognize and feel what is really true. The children of the earth and the future of humanity literally depends on it.To learn more about Laura: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me:

Mar 30

1 hr 27 min

Dr. Bob Dickson has been fighting for the rights of Calgarians to have access to unmedicated drinking water for a long time. He was instrumental in the removal of fluoride from Calgary tap water in 2011, and now in 2021, as the issue is rearing its ugly head again, he is going to bat once more for the people of Calgary to do what he can to keep this toxic waste out of the water supply.Dr. Dickson is the founder of Safe Water Calgary, which has been educating the public on the subject of fluoride and its impact on our teeth and health for over 20 years. He is also a family physician, now semi-retired, and has been active in many other causes over his long career.In this interview we cover the history, the truth and the harms of water fluoridation. Many still naively believe the regulators and and pro-fluoridation propaganda and think that fluoride is a beneficial addition to drinking water. However, the truth is dark and the harms are very real. And not only that, drugging the water with fluoride denies the rights of the individual to be able to choose the quality of water they drink (if they choose to drink tap water...something I personally do not do) or bathe in.In this episode we cover:the history of water fluoridation and how the American people were duped into accepting fluoride in their waterthe history of water fluoridation in Calgary specificallyhow Dr. Dickson got onto the side of informing the public of the dangers of water fluoridation despite originally voting for fluoridationDr. Dickson's list of fluoridation basics, which notably includes the fact that fluoride is highly toxic and a dangerous neurotoxinthe effect of fluoride on the pineal glandthe fact that fluoride is a neurotoxin on par with leadthe negative impact of fluoride on every organthe negative impact of fluoride on bone healthhow fluoride decreases IQhow fluoride is harmful to a developing fetus and triples the prevalence of ADHDthe truth about the source of fluoride and how municipalities pay dearly for fluoride from industries who would otherwise need to dispose of their toxic waste in approved waste facilitiesthe fact that the vast majority of the world does NOT have fluoridated drinking waterand much more!This is an important topic that must be shared. The public has been skillfully duped into believing that the addition of a hazardous chemical can somehow be beneficial to our health. Please take time to research this controversial topic and make a stand for clean and safe water.If you wish to be a part of this movement for safe water in Calgary, please Action Network Fluoride Deception book: you concerned about the future of our children? The world needs more conscious parents. Get your guide here: me:

Mar 7

1 hr 9 min

Elena is a spiritual midwife, travelling the world helping people heal their birth trauma and recode their limbic imprint. This is the second time I've had her on the podcast and to learn more about her work and how important it is to healing the human condition, please listen to episode #13.In this interview we get into Elena's take on the current global situation at this stage of the C0r0na game in early 2021. The script we are seeing being played out before us is nothing new and has occurred in various forms multiple times in the past. If we simply look to history and compare how the people have been duped in various countries to fulfill the plots of power-hungry rulers, we see some very stark similarities to today's events. Of course, the world has never seen a power grab of such immense scale as we are witnessing and experiencing now.In this interview, we get into many topics including:St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in 1572the Russian Revolution of 1917 and how a small group was able to manipulate and control the manyhow Elena compares the average person's response to this current situation to that of an abused woman staying with her abuserhow Americans willingly gave their rights in the name of 'safety' after the nineeleven event and how this pales in comparison to what is being given up nowthe patterns that we can recognize to learn from the past so that we don't fall prey to them again (we can only hope)how a ruling party doesn't have an excuse to carry out their plan, they create the excusehow we have activated global birth trauma and how healing that will be part of the way out of this and into a new paradigmhow one of the biggest forces of nature is the maternal instinct and how history has shown that this can be manipulated out of a mother quite easilyhow connecting to our own sacred sexual energy can help heal the planetThis interview is full of plain common sense and the belief in the human spirit. With her work in the field of perinatal psychology and healing birth trauma, Elena has a unique perspective into the nature of human behaviour and emotion and the potential to heal while we are in this body. And this interview finishes with a surprising candid conversation on the sacredness and power of connecting with our sexual energy after our reproductive years and how this too can help heal the planet.For more on Elena's work: her film: need more conscious parents! Get your guide me:

Feb 16

1 hr 27 min

Dr. Tommy John is simply real. He is humble, he's a perpetual student who states he has learned more from his patients than he has from any of his degrees, and he commits to living much of his life from the perspective and wonderment of a 12 year old.He is a chiropractor and in his clinic, the Dr. Tommy Johnny Performance and Healing Center, he uses a whole picture approach to help people activate their body's innate ability to heal, touching on movement, nutrition, breath, meditation and more.Dr. Tommy John is in love with life and it is palpable and in this interview I know you're going to feel it too. He is an inspiration to reframe the 'negative' experiences of your life to launch yourself into a better version of you.In this interview we get into:Tommy John's 8 pillars of health and why you can't work on each pillar each dayHis thoughts on where the masculine has gone and what the balance of the feminine and masculine look likeWhy 2020 was his best year to date and has launched him into his greater purposeHow the death of his brother was one of his best years despite losing his best friendHow we can evolve through our injuriesHis non-profit, Health Freedom for HumanityThe most powerful protest we can make as humans during this time of global tyrannySmall steps to take to start taking more control of your health and to build resilienceThe importance of human connectionand moreI know you're going to love this interview. Dr. Tommy John teaches us how to live life with gusto and that in order to grow we must meet some resistance. Well, we're certainly seeing resistance these days, so it's time to transform that into growth!Find more about Dr. Tommy John: Freedom for Humanity: for conscious parents to rise up! Go here to find out how to take back pregnancy and parenting. Your children are waiting for you. me:

Feb 3

1 hr 34 min

Is sustainable enough? Is organic enough? According to Takota Coen of Coen Farm, no, they aren't. He believes we must go once step further and start regenerating our farms and ecosystems, and this is exactly what he is doing and teaching to others.The transformation of Coen Farm over the last decades is nothing short of remarkable. Takota's parents realized years ago that they could no longer ignore the declining health of their land and decided to remove all chemical fertilizers and biocides. Over the years they have seen their land rejuvenate in ways that many would not think possible.The mission of Coen Farm is to provide nutrient-dense food, permaculture education and an empowered community to regenerate the planet and its people.Not only are the massive modern factory farm operations of today not sustainable, they are a scourge on the planet raising sick animals in inhumane conditions and are major environmental polluters. The answer lies, as in so many other cases, in the decentralization of farming operations. To this end, Takota envisions a family farm on every quarter section.In this podcast you will learn about the difference between organic and regenerative farming, why certification is not the best way to go, how government subsidies misrepresent the true cost of food, the main elements and goals of regenerative agriculture, how Takota deals with predators on their land, how to preserve the integrity of soil with cover cropping and more.I really enjoyed this interview and I know you will too!For more about Takota and his farm: me: support@sovereigncollective.orgChange the future now, we need more conscious parents!

Jan 23

1 hr 33 min

Maria Whalen is a pretty private person, but she has shared the stage with many, including David Wolfe, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield and more, and has spoken all around the world. She is a pioneer, an innovator, an inventor and a warrior, and if you are ill, she is someone you want to get know. She teaches you to have invincible health, and in today's world, that is definitely not the standard.Maria is a proponent of teaching you how to be truly free when it comes to your health. She went through her own journey of being unwell to overcome it all, including to have a daughter (and now another baby!) that she was told she would never be able to have.Maria believes that anything the body creates the body can heal. This puts the power in your court, which is not the way the conventional medical system works. And in order to do this, Maria explains the 5 places that your body heals EVERYTHING from. If you are dealing with illness and have not been able to overcome, reach out and I will put you in touch with Maria. But get ready to do the work, because only you can do it for you and only your body can do the healing. If you are interested in connecting with Maria, please let me know and I will pass her information on!To find out more about Maria: the future now, we need more conscious parents! me: me:

Jan 13

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Katherine Kowalchuck is a lawyer and Mike Worthington is an engineer, and together they have taken it upon themselves to help disseminate truth in light of reality not reflecting the facts of the research they are uncovering.Katherine has been practicing law in the Province of Alberta since 2003, and though Katherine's main focus is family law, she has turned her attention to uncover the implications of citizen's rights in the face of C*v1d 19(84). Mike is a practicing professional engineer and business owner who is currently devoting much of his personal time to researching our current government policy decisions with respect to the available data. His research has found that the restrictions and measures are not based on science and causing much more harm than any measurable benefit.We go into many topics of the current situation and to dive deeper into any one of these areas, see the links below:C*v1d-19 politicisation, "corruption," and suppression of science: Flu:“spanish-flu”?fbclid=IwAR1kFEmzizWL2YJIjRt7A84_CtlNz987fUUY16UoYMVxzgifqAUPCR9rA4ACloth masks causing increased rate of influenza-like-illness: peer review of Corman-Drosten paper on validity of PCR testing: Nurses Association wins case against masks in 2015 and 2018:'%20Association%20(ONA,policy%20in%20effect%20at%20St.&text=Michael's%20Hospital%2C%20which%20was%20the,6%20decision%2C%20found%20that%20St.Find more on Lawyers 4 Truth's time for Conscious Parents to rise up! Need help? Get Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide here:

Jan 5

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I recorded this interview some years ago when creating my program, Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide. This is the first part of the interview, the conclusion of which is found inside Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide.I just re-released this program at a fraction of the cost of the original price ($297 down to $47 USD) as I feel that the time is NOW for consciously raising our children, more than ever before.  To get The Guide: There is also a special, TIME-SENSITIVE offer included in this price that expires end of day January 6th, 2021.Daniel has deep knowledge on restoring health and there are so many applicable tips and insights in this interviewDaniel Vitalis is on a mission to re-wild the planet and to continually move towards living on this planet as the original indigenous people did - harmoniously and full of robust vigour. Luckily for us he's educating us along the whole way, providing us with many growth opportunities and tips for improving the quality of our lives and that of future generations. He is a well known speaker and educator, and today in 2020 he is the producer of the show WildFed. This is an interview that covers a lot of ground and can be controversial for some. Note, if you are a raw vegan, a portion of this interview may not please you, but please do consider what Daniel says. Here is some of what you will learn:The main factor governing how indigenous cultures choose their foodsHow we have traditionally supported healthy procreation for generationsThe key to developing a healthy nervous system in our babiesA major factor affecting modern fertility ratesWhy we need to intentionally develop our fecundityHow some men are losing some of their innate 'manly-ness'The power of epigenetics and how gene expression is controlled3 major changes we can do today to ensure the health of future generationsHow to harmonize our 'habitats'Whether raising babies as raw vegans is a good ideaThe multiple benefits of consuming colostrumWhat Daniel the future dad may look like and the environment and experiences he   sees for the healthy development of his future childEnjoy!To find Daniel: learn more about The me: me: support@sovereigncollective.orgWebsite:

Jan 2

47 min 42 sec am excited to announce that I am re-releasing my online program, Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide!This is a program I created after having my son in 2009 which consists of interviews with leading experts in the fields of energy and consciousness, genetics, pregnancy and birthing, nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, parenting and more.You will recognize names such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Naomi Aldort and more.If anything comes out of 2020, I hope it's a re-focus and re-evaluation of how we bring our children into this world, how we raise them and how we educate them. The future lies with our children and every time we interact with them we are literally 'touching the future', as Michael Mendizza says.This program has some new content, with more new content on the way. However, the bulk of the information contained within the program is timeless and is relevant to All humans at any time of their life.I used to sell this program for $297, but now, for a limited time, it is just $47 AND if you sign up by January 6th, 2021 at midnight, you get a spot for FREE for a live online nutrition class I am putting on at the end of January. In my opinion this is amazing value, so I hope you take advantage of it. The field of pre- and peri-natal psychology has given us insight into human development and behaviour for several decades now, but the information is yet to be mainstream. I intend to change that with this program and inspire parents and parents-to-be around the world to make their health, their children and their families a top priority.Thank you for checking it out. If you like what you find, please share around. I've made it affordable so that it is accessible to mostly everyone. This is information that NEEDS to be shared so that we can correct this crash course that humanity is on before it's too late. We have to decide to make it so!Here is where you can find, $47 for a limited time PLUS a free class if you sign up by end of day January 6th.I'd love to hear from you!support me: me:

Dec 2020

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I had the pleasure of meeting Elena almost 10 years ago when I organized a Limbic Imprint Recoding Birthshop. I came across her work in the conscious pregnancy and birthing space when I developed a program on such matters after having my son in 2009 (just getting this material back online by the way), and the wisdom of her work sticks with me to this day.Elena's film "Birth As We Know It" has been translated into 12 languages and has spread into 58 countries. In her film she depicts how uneventful, or even joyful, the act of giving birth can be - a far cry from the dramatic scenes of television and movies.In this conversation, Elena explains the 'limbic imprint' and how it affects all aspects of our lives. The limbic brain is formed is formed while in the womb and in our early formative years, and the quality of gestation, birth and our early years hugely affects the quality of adults we become. In fact, Elena has stated in the past:“…if our early impressions are anything less than loving, then that ‘anything’ imprints in our nervous system as a valid experience of love, regardless of how those experiences might have been. And throughout our life, we will subconsciously recreate the conditions and feelings that were imprinted at birth and early childhood, because in spite of all logic, those experiences are our comfort zone.”Elena is a visionary, filmmaker, author, workshop facilitator and spiritual midwife whose work has directly and positively impacted countless of people across the world. Whether you are a man or woman, a parent or childless, young or old, Elena's message is relevant for all.To learn more about Elena: me: me:

Dec 2020

1 hr 31 min

David Avocado Wolfe is the rockstar of nutrition and superfoods and he has a lot to say. With 2 engineering degrees, a political science degree, a law degree and a masters in nutrition, along with years of questioning, researching, experimenting and travelling the planet many times over, he has gathered much knowledge and continues to educate the public with paradigm-shattering information.We go so many places in this interview. We start out with current events, where David gets into his view of the current world situations, including medical injections, media and politics, and he shares his thoughts on how long it will take to get past this unfortunate time in history.David shares with us a basic tool to help clear infections, the concept of jing (endurance and longevity - something we all need right now!) and which foods and substances to consume to build jing, and the power of incorporating charcoal in your routine. He also gets into 'scientism' and how it is the core of the great modern deception.We go into several other topics and close with David's interpretation of the coming Great Conjunction, what it represents and how it can affect us in the coming days to weeks.It was a great pleasure to be able to spend some time with this man. Enjoy!For a one-stop shop of all the ways you can access what David has to offer, please go to: me: me:

Dec 2020

1 hr 51 min

I love Amandha's brain! She is an intelligent and knowledgeable woman who is unapologetic in her approach to educating the public on the truth of how to cultivate health and uncovering the weaknesses of the modern medical model. She says it like it is and isn't afraid to do so, and that is a quality that I greatly appreciate.In this interview we talk germ theory, the truth around viruses, how dental health is crucial to our total physical health and how the teeth are the 'spark plugs' of the body. We also go into the wonders of DMSO, which is something I always have in my medicine cabinet and have started to use much more freely since recording this interview.We finish with some of Amandha's recommendations of what to do to prepare for what may be coming in these uncertain times. Some great tips and advice here.Amandha creates beautiful, natural and effective personal care products that you can explore in person if you are in Ontario at her store Yum Naturals, or you can shop online at her website.To learn more about Amandha and to contact her: me: me:

Dec 2020

1 hr 9 min

Dr. Barre Lando has a laundry list of credentials and expertise. He knew from early on that the western medical model would not be the path he would ultimately follow as he was interested in health and healing over suppressing and medicating, and sought out education in multiple fields of natural health. He was a high performance athlete in his earlier days and now combines his love for athletics, medicine, farming and his vision into Alfa Vedic, found at www.alfavedic.comIn this interview Dr. Barre discusses the fallacy of germ theory and how resonance and other factors play a role in so-called communicable diseases. We start the conversation talking about one of my favourite herbs that I enjoy regularly as a tea, gynostemma, or jiaogulan, and its myriad of benefits, which notably includes extended longevity.We also get into the topic of viruses and what they are, and finish off with Dr. Barre's tips on creating a healthy terrain. Considering all his credentials and expertise, you will be surprised at how simple his recommendations are.I really enjoyed this conversation and appreciate both Dr. Barre's intelligence and humility. Listen and learn - health does not have to be that complicated!For more on Dr. Barre Lando:website: find Alfa Vedic on Telegram for a great community conversation!Email me: support@sovereigncollective.orgSupport me:

Nov 2020

1 hr 23 min

Warning! This episode may be very difficult for many to listen to. Jeanice Barcelo reveals some ugly truths around how we treat our babies while in the womb and how they are brought into the world. There is also a picture at 1:33:40 comparing a circumcised penis to an intact one for educational purposes.Jeanice Barcelo is an author, speaker, educator and activist intent on revealing the truth about the medical system, with a big focus on prenatal care and birthing procedures.In her first book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine, Jeanice offers a critical analysis of technological interventions during childbirth during childbirth. In her second book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-ionizing Radiation, she analyzes the documented facts concerning the dangers of prenatal ultrasound.Jeanice also offers a 20-week program to prepare parents for conscious conception and birth. In my opinion, such courses could change the fabric of society in one generation without even trying to save the world.We all do the best that we can at our individual level of knowledge. The information presented in this podcast is merely to inform and to never judge. If we know better we can do better, and our babies deserve the best!For more on Jeanice and her offerings, please visit her at: me: support@sovereigncollective.orgSupport me:

Nov 2020

1 hr 42 min

Brett Hawes knew early on that there was something amiss with the medical system as, during his first job in Canada as maintenance in a senior's facility, he watched the health of the elderly slowly decline as a result of the western medical model. This fuelled him to learn more and led to studies in multiple forms of natural medicine.In this episode we dive into many areas, the first being on how to build resiliency and what that looks like for the individual and the community. We are divided in our communities and Brett shares his opinion on how to restore unified communities, and what mental, physical and immune resilience looks like.We also touch on current events and Brett explains the PCR testing for C*V1D and how effective it is (or isn't) and also concerns he has about fast tracking a v@x that is meant to widely distributed throughout the population, when the average time to produce a v@x is about 20 years.Brett focuses on many areas in his practice, including GI health, so if you are ailing in this area, as so many are, he may be able to help you!Where to find Brett: from the show:Vax development: smear campaign:'s Health Defense (Canadian site not yet ready at this date) me: me:

Nov 2020

1 hr 37 min

In this episode Derek Fleming, the founder of New Earth Organics (a tonic herb company in Alberta, Canada) goes into why the western medical system is failing us and what we can learn from traditional medicines and approaches to nutrition.We get into seasonal eating, cultural differences around the understanding of the impacts of different foods on our physiology, why nutrition dogmas are leading us down the wrong path and why going with the flow of nature may better serve us to cultivate robust health.Derek goes into which foods and flavours we should be focussing on for the fall to help you thrive and help you stay healthy this season. He also talks about grains, a vilified food group, and how they can be a nourishing food option at certain times of the year and how the rules that we apply to eating, though may be helpful in the short term, may be causing harm and separation from nature and our hearts in the long term.And so many more healthy nuggets and tips in this conversation, including why tonic herbs can be a wonderful addition to anyone's routine. Enjoy!For more about Derek and New Earth Organics:www.newearthorganics.com me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 24 min

Naomi and I continue our conversation about parenting in today's world, and we learn what she would do if her children were young in this current situation. Knowing that this option is not available to all, she also talks about other ways to ensure that the mental and physical health of our children remain intact.Naomi talks about harms that may come to children as a result of masks and why to encourage them to not take on a world view through the lens of the mask.She explains how children are resilient, how the home environment is key and how our power is taken from us in the areas pregnancy and parenting, and even from our children in how they are raised and educated.We end the conversation around how Naomi doesn't believe in 'believing' and how in order to believe something, it proves there is no evidence that it's true.Naomi is a wealth of knowledge and experience, having raised 3 boys via the approach she teaches. She has helped parents around the world reconsider their ideas around parenting and has helped them transform their family relationships. If you are struggling, or simply want to be the best parent you can be, check out Naomi at: me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 4 min

When I think of advocating for our children, which I find is lacking at this particular time in the world, I think of Naomi Aldort, world-renowned speaker, author and parenting guide.In this first part of our 2-part interview, Naomi explains her approach to parenting, how that approach can be applied to closing the divide in these divisive times, how self-directed learning is not 'wishy-washy' parenting, what one of the most harmful aspects of conventional school is and so much more.Naomi's approach honours our children and leads to raising resilient humans, rooted firmly in themselves.Her book, "Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves" will guide you to transforming the relationships within your home, giving you insights that many parenting coaching approaches do not address.Naomi is available for private session, workshops, public speaking events and more. A very important resource in these trying times!For more information on Naomi: me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 11 min

So many in Maria's position have been marginalized and their horrific stories go unvalidated. I hope this episode gives hope to some who have experienced damage from v*cxines in their family so that they can know that even if the medical system has failed them, that other options are available and there is possibility for at least some recovery.Maria, against her inner guidance, v*cxinated her healthy first son, who, at his 18-month v*cxine appointment, became so damaged that he lost all speech, started to escape from his mother 50 times an hour, could not clear his bowels and was in constant pain, engaged in self-injurious behaviour, barely slept before he would wake up with night terrors, and more. Maria was told that her son would be institutionalized and may never speak again, but she would not accept that and gave up everything to dedicate her life to find healing for her son.We must share these stories - they are not rare and they don't get the recognition they deserve. Maria's story is real, and if you are in the same position, know that you are not alone and there is hope.Links: me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 42 min

Imani has been busy moderating and organizing conscious conversations with world-renowned experts to bring inspiration and the most up to date, groundbreaking information in a time of disinformation and perpetual media fear-mongering. Through her book, The Presence/Absence of Soil, she addresses the key topics that are limiting and harming the health of humans, and more importantly, our children. We get into many topics in this conversation, including the role of mothers, why we need to connect with like-minded people, ideas to navigate these days, and more. Imani can be found on facebook and on several sites, see links below. Please check these resources out and sign up for their mailing lists. Life might get uncomfortable in the near future, so we must stay connected to help us get us through these uncertain times. I do have faith that we will overcome!Links:www.newearthproject.orgwww.bravenewlife.netwww.reclaimyourlives.comSupport me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

Some may say that we only are only as strong as our microbiome - it is that important. So what does that mean for our health in todays' world of sanitizing, masking, social distancing and so on? In this episode, the lovely Luka Symons, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, gives us tips on how to achieve health and her top four tips for supporting a thriving, diverse microbiome. (Spoiler...none of the tips she gives correspond with any of the recommendations being touted today for virus protection.) This one is a tear-jerker at times as Luka gets into how taking care of our health and our children is key in being a good ancestor - a view we need to take, in my opinion, if we are to survive this 6th greatest extinction that we are currently in.One of Luka's specialties is helping clients with histamine intolerance, so if this describes you, check Luka out!Find Luka at:www.lukasymons.comSupport me: me:

Oct 2020

1 hr 27 min

Reinette Senum stepped down from her 3rd term as the mayor of Nevada City, California so that she could step up for humanity. In February 2020, she was conservative in her views of the rona virus and encouraged protective measures to be taken, such as distancing and masking. However, she very quickly discerned that the measures being mandated did not add up and at their root, did not seem to be about health or in the best interest of the people.We go into what she saw as a politician and what she is doing now in the plight for maintaining our rights and freedoms. Reinette is a strong voice in this era of government overreach and censorship. She has started her own podcast, Western Women Save the World, found on YouTube. .Links:Western Women Save the World podcast:

Oct 2020

1 hr 12 min

I introduce myself and give some insight as to why I created this podcast and what to expect from it. My background is holistic nutrition, health coaching and a degree in chemistry. I love to question everything and love sharing what I learn. When we know better, we do better.

Oct 2020

9 min