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Jiewen Zhong

You Say Hello, I say Nihao is a podcast that brings you language learning tips and gives you an insight into the translation and interpretation world. If you are a language lover, speak multiple languages, or if you have ever considered using your language skills to bridge the gap in human communication, you will find many useful tips and fun st

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Working in house vs. working as a freelancer, which one would you choose if you have an option? In this episode, I will explore this topic, which is of great personal interest. Although I will discuss it from the perspective of a language professional, a lot of the things talked about here can also be applied in many different professions and industries. If you work as a freelancer, networking and self-marketing is crucial. Social media is definitely one of most powerful tools today, such as a Facebook page or an Instagram account. You can even start a youtube channel or a podcast like me. I recently discovered Buzzsprout, which is one of the best platforms to host your podcast. And it helps you distribute your podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google podcast and many others. I would encourage you to start your own podcast too. If you are interested, here is the sign-up link: Buzzsprout offers to give you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan through my link. 

Aug 8

12 min

Note-taking is kind of like magic.  With the aid of a few symbols and notes, a consecutive interpreter is able to recount a long message accurately in the target language.  How does the note-taking work? In this episode, you will learn all the tricks of note-taking. Check out my Instagram account to see what the notes look like @jiewen_tiAlso, here is a link to a TED talk given by my MIIS professors and fellow students. You will be able to see the consecutive and simultaneous interpreters in action. 

Jul 25

10 min

Welcome to the first episode of You say Hello, I say Nihao. Do you speak more than one language? Do you desire to be the bridge connecting people from different language and cultural background? If so, becoming a translator or an interpreter may be your calling in life. In this episode, you will get a glimpse into the world of translation and interpretation.

Jul 18

8 min

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