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Nadia & Nico Schenk are traveling all the way around the coast of Australia in their motorhome, and just to make a little more interesting, Nico is paddling/running/riding the entire way. Yes, all 16,000km of it (that's 10,000 miles...). Follow @australia.epic.lap on Instagram for more

Jul 2

59 min

Jim Terrell is a four-time Olympian and the founder of Quickblade Paddles. We had a great chat about everything from building canoes to competing in the Olympics, the birth of QB and working with guys like Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton in the earliest days of the sport. We were also joined by Jimmy's good friend and one of the original SoCal paddlers, Dane DeBoer, to chat about the first-ever Battle of the Paddle. This is a marathon episode, hope you enjoy!

Jun 3

178 min

Andrey Kraytor is an Olympic athlete who competed in sprint canoe at the 2016 Games and now coaches the Chinese national team. He's also a total bad-ass on a SUP, almost winning the gold medal against Connor Baxter at the ICF Worlds last year. We had a great chat about the realities of becoming an Olympic athlete (the good, the bad and the ugly) plus the cross-over between canoeing and stand up paddling. Follow @kraytor_andrey on Insta for more

May 11

79 min

Dave Kalama talks foiling, philosophy and the zen of the ocean. It's always a pleasure to catch up with the innovative, insightful and very entertaining master of the sea. Follow @davekalama on Insta

May 2

84 min

Tamas (or just "Tommy") Buday Jr. is a three-time Olympian from Canada via Hungary. We had a great chat today about the Olympics, canoe racing and his first memories of pretending to paddle in the bathtub ### If you're enjoying these "quarantine editions" of Paddlecast then I invite you to join 'Club SUP Racer' on Patreon, which supports the creative work I do including these daily podcasts. There are a few members-only benefits including 24-hour early access to every podcast. Go to to join

May 1

64 min

I'm inviting you to join "Club SUP Racer" to help fund the creative work I do and ensure these daily podcasts keep on rolling. If you're interested in supporting SUP Racer, head to for all the details...

Apr 28

10 min

MacRae Wylde joins me from Hood River, Oregon to chat about paddling, foiling, teaching his daughter Fiona how to windsurf, the legacy of the late/great Steve Gates, and the epic playground that is the Columbia River Gorge. MacRae isn't just a good paddler, he's a great sculptor -- check out his latest work on insta @macraewylde

Apr 27

54 min

Ben Tardrew is the chief designer at ONE Ocean Sports and the man responsible for the magic "rocket ship" race board. He's also a gun paddler in his own right and spends a lot of time riding and innovating foils. Follow @oneoceansports and @bentardrew80 on Insta

Apr 26

56 min

I caught up with my good friend Nicola “Nico” Masci from Italy to chat about living in isolation, craving the ocean and a renewed appreciation of paddling. We also reminisce about the rollercoaster of emotion that is the SUP11 City Tour — Nico joined me in Holland last year where we both tried out the new “rocket ship” race board from ONE. Follow @nicolamasci and @onesupitaly on Insta...

Apr 25

51 min

Fernando Stalla is a master of the ocean who has competed at the highest level in SUP racing and surfing for years, and who is now enjoying his isolation days spearfishing and living the Tahitian life with his wife and daughter. It was great to catch up with an old friend and talk about travel, children and the desire to have more fun on the water // follow @fernandostalla for a glimpse of the island life 🏝️ 

Apr 23

56 min

Take a trip down memory lane to 2011 and hear the story of how/why SUP Racer began. Hope you enjoy this little throwback -- your regularly scheduled "Paddlecast" episodes will return tomorrow ;-) 

Apr 21

45 min

Vinnicius "Vinni" Martins joins us from Búzios to chat travel, Team Brazil and his lifelong love of the ocean (...and gardening). Vinni is one of the hardest-working and most-positive paddlers you'll ever meet. His energy is contagious. He's also a damn fine athlete, having won an ISA gold and Pan-Am silver medal in season 2019. Go follow Vinni on Instagram (@vinmartins) to keep up with his adventures...

Apr 19

64 min

Two of Europe's finest paddlers (and two of its finest people), Susak and Paolo, join us from their island isolation to chat racing vs relationships, running an ultra and looking forward to the day we can all meet up on the water again

Apr 18

54 min

I caught up with Daniel Hasulyo to chat about the allure of the 11 Cities, SUP11x, competing against his brother and being "stuck" in isolation paradise. Daniel and his brother Bruno are two of the finest athletes in paddling, and it's always a pleasure to hear their thoughts on the sport and life in general.

Apr 16

62 min

I was joined in the studio by local legend Bob Margetts, a paddling fanatic and all-round inspirational guy.  It was a pleasure to chat with Bob about how paddling has changed his life and share his enthusiasm for the ocean.

Apr 16

48 min

My guest today is a great paddler and an all-round great guy, and he's someone I have a great deal of respect for. Kenny Kaneko is Japan's long-time number one, but he's also a fantastic ambassador for paddling in general. We chatted about his love of Molokai, outrigger and his original plan to become a pro football player. Kenny also shared his thoughts on the power of paddling, the future of the sport and life as a family man in the quarantine era. Follow @kenny_kaneko on Instagram...

Apr 14

63 min

"King of the Ultras" Bart de Zwart joins us from Maui to preview tomorrow's Midnight Sun watch party and chat about the raw attraction of paddling the Yukon River. Join us tomorrow for a special screening of our Yukon River Quest documentary with bonus commentary from Bart and I. We'll be live-streaming "Chased by the Midnight Sun" on the SUP Racer Facebook page and adding our comments/stories as we all watch it together (go to for global start times or to watch the replay)

Apr 12

18 min

Casper Steinfath joins us from his isolated hometown of Klitmøller, Denmark (aka Cold Hawaii) to chat about hitting pause, crossing oceans and the excitement of marble racing. We also discuss Viking’s new gardening live show that’ll be hitting your screens soon 😜 // Oh and make sure you go to to watch his epic film “Skagerrak” about paddling from Denmark to Norway...

Apr 11

70 min

Seychelle is a Paddle Monster coach, the reigning APP world champion and current world number two on the SUP Racer World Rankings. She's also won the famous SUP11 City Tour three times, including a very emotional come-from-behind victory in 2018, which we chat about on today's episode. The Floridian has been more active most during this coronavirus downtime -- we joked that she's busier than ever now that she's out of a job for several months. Sign up for Seychelle's coaching program on, follow @seychellesup on Instagram and tune in to the Paddle Monster Facebook page for their daily live shows.

Apr 10

46 min

Master coach Larry Cain talks quarantine, training and the "zen" of cold-water paddling. We also watch some classic footage from Larry's gold medal-winning canoe race at the '84 Olympics. Larry is the co-founder and head coach of Paddle Monster -- join today on if you want to step up your paddle game, and follow the Paddle Monster Facebook page for free daily live shows ✌️

Apr 9

85 min

Fiona Wylde joins us from Hood River, Oregon, to chat downtime, downwinding and living the dream. Are you enjoying the show? The SUP Racer podcast is now a DAILY SHOW -- I'll be doing a new episode of Paddlecast every single day for as long as we're all stuck indoors. That's my commitment to you and my way of giving back to the SUP community ✌️

Apr 8

76 min

Connor Baxter joins us from Maui to chat fatherhood, Fortnite and what the future holds for the greatest paddler of all time. Paddlecast "Quarantine Edition" is now a DAILY SHOW -- listen and subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and WATCH every episode on YouTube. I'm also inviting you to join 'Club SUP Racer' next week -- a special "Insider's Club" where you can pay a few bucks a month to support the creative work of SUP Racer (and score some cool bonuses while you're at it)

Apr 7

62 min

Welcome to SUP Racer’s new weekly recap show, The ONE Review. Paul Jackson from ONE Ocean Sports joins us in the studio to recap the big 12 Towers Ocean Festival. Young guns, grassroots and some good times on the Gold Coast.

Mar 10

64 min

It was a pleasure to have James "Jimmy" Casey in the SUP Racer podcast studio today. We're getting ready for the big 12 Towers Ocean Festival this weekend, and there aren't many paddlers on this planet who've mastered the ocean as well as Jimmy has. The humble Aussie is the reigning Molokai-2-Oahu champion -- an emotional victory that he dedicated to his cancer-battling father -- not to mention one of the world's foremost foil fanatics. 

Mar 6

65 min

Paul Jackson from ONE joins me in the studio for a look back at the month in SUP. We talk GlaGla, Iron X and upsets in Florida. We're also joined via phone by James "Jimmy" Casey who just completed a 100km foil challenge for charity.

Feb 12

78 min

17-year-old superstar Noic Garioud talks travel, training and why he refused to try SUP in the early days. Plus: What it's like to compete against Titou, Boothy, Connor and the rest of the world's best...

Feb 10

59 min

Ocean legend Travis Grant talks Molokai, motivation and if he'll ever race again...

Feb 7

83 min

Jackson Maynard is a professional Ironman, part-time SUP racer and all-round legend from the Gold Coast of Australia who's had to overcome some extraordinary setbacks in becoming a world-class athlete

Jan 13

71 min

Ocean legend Dave Kalama joined us live from Maui to chat foil addiction and the future of the sport. Hear stories from the early days of foiling, the zen art of wave riding and why Dave feels like a little kid when he goes surfing

Jan 10

75 min

Mike Jucker from Stand Up Magazin – one of the oldest and most respected outlets in the SUP media world – joins us to chat “Chaos of Champions,” world titles and the future of the sport. Give Mike a follow on Instagram (@standupmagazin) and help him celebrate 10 years.

Jan 9

45 min

I sat down with Paul "Jacko" Jackson from ONE to debate the new-look SUP Racer World Rankings. We take a look at each of the top 10 athletes and predict who might be on the rise in season 2020...

Jan 3

69 min

Welcome back to Paddlecast!  My guest today is one of the most experienced (and opinionated) paddlers on the planet. Over the past 15 years, Paul "Jacko" Jackson been a pro kiter, paddler, foiler, team manager, retail store owner and now co-founder of a board brand: ONE Ocean Sports, which is producing some of the most innovative race boards in the world. In this episode, we had a good chat about building a board brand, the endless saga of Olympic paddletics and how to make racing more interesting and exciting.  The "big new idea" we chat about is @ the 28/29 minute mark. Very excited to try this new format next year... On a side note: This is the very first episode recorded in the new 'SUP Racer x ONE' podcast studio! We're currently building this into a (semi) professional recording space that'll become the new home of SUP Racer and Paddlecast. Very excited, and very grateful to ONE for hosting me.

Nov 2019

75 min

I sat down with veteran athlete and co-founder of the 'ONE' brand, Angie Jackson, to chat about her recovery from injury, her crazy first race, the special collaboration between SUP Racer and ONE ...and what really gets said on the water ;-)

Sep 2019

45 min

I’m very excited to share the second episode of Paddlecast with you because it features my new favourite race – The Yukon River Quest – as well as a guy I’ve got the world of respect for, Bart de Zwart. I sat down with the four-time Yukon champion and king of endurance paddling in Canada six weeks ago to record this conversation. We went into great detail (sometimes too much detail) to describe the physical highs and mental lows of this insane, 715km race. We actually did this podcast just 48 hours after the race finished — we were both still utterly exhausted (as you can hear in our voices) but also still buzzing from what is one of the most incredible paddling adventures imaginable. Thanks, Bart, for taking the time to chat with us about this fascinating event.

Aug 2019

101 min

 The very first episode of Paddlecast! Thanks to Casper Steinfath for having a chat with us (twice) in Denmark. We talked about his new film "Skagerrak" plus our thoughts on the future of the sport and his love/hate affair with racing. 

Aug 2019

96 min

 Paddlecast is a place we can share longer, deeper and richer stories, news and opinions about the sport of stand up paddleboarding.

Aug 2019

4 min

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