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Jamie, Paula and Stephanie are sisters! They host a podcast to share their strong & funny opinions about family, sex, men and more. The stories from their childhood and every day life are not average - their love and loyalty to each other isn't either.

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On this episode, it's the debut of Producer Dub's Cocktail of The Week feature and we are all about it! Plus, let's be honest, a little alcohol adds to our Uglee. We also talk about female power - especially in music - and the TV shows we can only watch on DVR. And, of course, there's some Uglee and Awkward Moments to share.


Nov 21

1 hr 5 min

On this episode the Ugs spout off about afternoon naps, off screen reality TV drama and bald spot concerns. Plus, spa-themed sHUglee and Awkward Moments and so much more. Thanks so much for listening. Please drop us a review and tell your fellow podcast fans about the Uglee Truth!


Nov 14

1 hr 5 min

On this episode, Stephanie attends a children's birthday party, Jamie has the celeb dirt and both Ugs share their hilarious stories of distributing candy to little costumed humans. Plus we've got our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week and don't forget to get yourself some show merch at!


Nov 7

1 hr

Just hours before they're set to give out full-size candy bars, the spouses who podcast sit down to talk slasher films and scare up a Halloween edition of the Good, the Bad and the Uglee along with some Halloween-themed HUglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening and Happy Halloween!


Nov 1

42 min 59 sec

Despite their love for the classic TV show, the Ugs agree they could not have endured living in a little house on the prairie. Plus, Jamie has her take on the recent scandal in the NFL and Stephanie talks about watching scary movies at work. Thanks for listening and supporting the show by shopping at for all your beauty needs!


Oct 24

1 hr

So many questions to be pondered on this episode. Can an Ug be a dominatrix?  Why is having friends of the opposite sex ok for women but not men? Is your childhood music part of the grocery store soundtrack? All this, plus some reality TV and our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the week await you. Thanks for listening!


Oct 17

55 min 53 sec

On this episode the Ugs share what it's like to be members of the Raider Nation. Plus, Stephanie recaps her day at the Air Show and Jamie's daughter gives her a Tinder tutorial which leads to some hilarious "bad date" HUglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. We hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to check out the brand new show merch at!


Oct 10

51 min 49 sec

Producer Dub sits in for an episode "in the raw" after Jamie keeps him up late (he's also her husband) to binge watch a new Netflix show. Plus, our first grandson pays us a visit and we're announcing a new podcast... coming soon to an empty nest near you! Thanks for listening.


Oct 4

44 min

Like every one else on the planet, Jamie and Stephanie have their takes on the Gabby Petito case. But, in true Ug form, they also have thoughts on the Met Gala red carpet and the recent Megan Fox celebrity weirdness. Enjoy the show and please drop us a like or a review on your favorite podcast platform soon!


Sep 26

53 min 14 sec

On this episode the Ugs discuss where they got their vanity from  and their greatest (non-sexual) pleasures. Plus, they try to figure out why men spend so much time on the toilet and share some hilarious Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy the show and check out our NEW show merch at


Sep 19

58 min 9 sec

The Ugs recorded this episode on September 11th and open the show with some of their memories, 20 years later. But it's all music festivals, fancy champagne and awkward moments after that. Thank you for listening and supporting the show by shopping our amazing sponsor at


Sep 12

52 min 30 sec

The Ugs get a little personal when talking about how relationships go through tough times. Plus they've got some reality TV talk as a season of Jamie's favorite show - Alone - comes to an end and Stephanie's favorite show - Below Deck - begins their next season. Thanks for listening. Don't forget to rate and review the show wherever you listen to podcasts!


Sep 5

52 min 59 sec

It's a very special episode as the Ugs are joined by Jamie's daughter/Stephanie's niece/Baby Ug... MacKenzie who, after dropping some young adult wisdom, leaves the show early to go get a Pumpkin Spiced Latté. All that plus the Tale of Ramone the stray cat and - of course - their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening!


Aug 29

1 hr

On this episode, Jamie takes issue with some new fashion trends and Stephanie gets real with some housewives. Plus, you get to learn all about flappy meat in our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week segment. Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the show AND smell better by shopping


Aug 22

1 hr 3 min

The Ugs recall their own back to school days including Jamie sharing the story of why she got sent home early on the first day of kindergarten. Plus, they've got the latest tea in the celeb world and some hilarious Huglee and Awkward Moments. Listen now and support the show (and your B.O.) at


Aug 15

59 min 19 sec

After a brief chat on how we could never be homesteaders, Stephanie gives her take on Dr. Death and Jamie faces the challenge of clothes shopping for big boobs. Plus, we've got HUglee and Awkward Moments to share which leads to the telling of a famous event in Uglee History known as the Fart Date. Enjoy the show!


Aug 8

55 min 32 sec

On this episode we're talking about sunburns, shaving, swimming, smelling and probably some other words that start with "S". Enjoy the podcast and please do us a solid (there's another S word) and leave us a review so we know that you like us. Love you HUgs!


Aug 1

53 min 20 sec

Just a heads up that this episode escalates quickly. It starts innocent enough with purses, pedicures, etc. but - by the end - the Ugs are telling childhood tales of torturing insects. You've been warned. Enjoy the show and tell your sisters to listen too!


Jul 25

58 min 59 sec

Stephanie is back and she and Jamie discuss perfumes, hormones, boob exams and more. Including the latest on Britney and the Gwen and Blake nuptials. Plus, they both had "moments" this week that were far more Uglee than they were Awkward. Listen Now!!!


Jul 19

1 hr 7 min

As you know, the Ugs try never to skip an episode for any reason - even if that means having Producer Dub sit in. So, consider yourself warned. On #532, the #SpousesWhoPodcast sit down for a chat about Jamie's shower thoughts, the TV shows they're watching together and some nubbin' themed HUglee and Awkward Moments.


Jul 12

47 min 13 sec

Jamie has been following strippers on Tik Tok and Stephanie had the brilliant idea of the Ugs assigning each other a TV show to binge that neither had seen before. This time around it's Bridgerton and Betty Broderick. Don't forget... you can support the show with your follows, subs and reviews - we really appreciate it HUgs!


Jul 4

54 min 44 sec

We chat about how it's suddenly awkward to be in public without a mask. Plus, Jamie discusses her wine-snob weekend with Producer Dub and their friends and - of course - we must give you the Uglee Truth take on Free Britney. Thanks for supporting the show - don't forget to tell your friends and - especially - sisters about us!


Jun 27

49 min

On this episode we talk about which TV or movie dads we like best. Plus, body hair, road rage and even some childhood memories like how we used to kill dolls and have funerals. You know... normal kid stuff. Thanks for listening and Happy Father's Day!


Jun 20

54 min 22 sec

When it comes to the Ugs, they always come back. "They" being old boyfriends... some of which turned into stalkers. We have stories and name names. Plus, Jamie's mid-life crisis progresses and some celeb gossip turns to a discussion about dick size. Come laugh with us on another episode from the #SistersWhoPodcast. And please, while you're here listening, take a minute to drop us a good review!


Jun 13

48 min 44 sec

Broken appliances, fire safety, sex partners, bad birthdays and top chefs. And that's just in the first half of the show! So get ready for a wild episode that concludes with two of our most epic Uglee and Awkward Moments ever. PS: If you haven't already please subscribe, follow and review the show. Thanks for listening HUgs.


Jun 6

1 hr

Jamie and Stephanie drop their take on Chrissy Teigen, Ellen and other "undercover" bitches and that leads to stories about their own bullies. Plus, a discussion about what makes a man attractive and we've got a couple HUglee and Awkward Moments to share too.


May 30

52 min 31 sec

Stephanie tells us about her celebrity encounter with Michael Douglas and Jamie shares all the rum-filled details of her fancy Hawaiian getaway with Producer Dub. Plus, we talk facial threading, boob lifts and - of course - Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Mahalo for listening HUgs!


May 23

1 hr 6 min

On this episode the Ugs remember their mom's bad-assery and then Jamie shares her amazing art experience in San Francisco. And we've got another edition of the Good, the Bad and the Uglee... this time around we're talking cocktails... which somehow turns into a concersation about sex toys. Typical Ugs. Thanks for listening!


May 16

1 hr 9 min

Happy Mother's Day HUgs! On this episode we share the story about the ONE time the Ugs took our mom to Mother's Day brunch. Plus, Jamie's huskies get loose and wreak havoc on the neighborhood and we've got the latest celeb news. All this and some HUglee and Awkward Moments... MOM edition. Thanks for listening and supporting the show!


May 9

56 min 17 sec

In celebration of Star Wars Day (May the 4th) we thought it would be fun to flashback to TWO themed episodes we've done. The first was a recap of Jamie and Producer Dub's trip to opening weekend of Galaxy's Edge inside Disneyland. The other was our movie review of Star Wars IX with special guest (and son) Tyler from the Middle Class Film Class podcast. May the Force Be With You HUgs!


May 4

1 hr 38 min

The Ugs go true-crime to talk about their thoughts on the Kristin Smart cold case. Plus, the celeb chefs they love to hate and a Jamie/Stephanie version our old spin-off podcast, The Little Carnival, where we drop brand new takes on Sister Wives and polygamy. Thanks for listening and supporting the Uglee Truth!


May 2

57 min 45 sec

On this episode, Jamie is relishing some long overdue alone time as Producer Dub goes camping with the guys. Plus, Stephanie is back and has a hotel review that includes using Doordash as room service. And we've got some epic Uglee and Awkward Moments to share before Jamie revelas some sad news about her dentist (who she has a crush on). Thanks for listening HUgs!


Apr 25

51 min 19 sec

Producer Dub makes a rare appearance on this episode so he - and his LOVELY wife Jamie - can discuss their mutual dieting efforts, his disdain for the feline species and his most embarrasing moment. Plus, not to be left out of the rant-fest, Jamie shares her hatred for kids being interviewed on television. You don't want to miss this special #SPOUSESwhopodcast edition of the show!


Apr 18

49 min 55 sec

On this episode the Ugs continue to ask (and answer) the hard questions like... why do our adult children still want Easter candy and how easily do we get annoyed?  Plus we chat about what we're watching on TV and have a family endorsement for our new sponsor Lumé! Listen and laugh with us... and AT us.


Apr 11

54 min 10 sec

Thanks for joing us for another episode! This time around, Jamie gets a root canal, Stephanie visits world famous Mavericks Beach and we've got Ug questions to answer including who would play us in a movie and did we poop while giving birth. Thanks for listening. Please support the show by dropping us a review and sharing the Uglee Truth with your friends.


Apr 4

52 min 6 sec

After a quick dive into Producer Dub's violent dream, the Ugs discuss the perils of growing up as FOUR sisters with ONE bathroom and where "Uglee" comes from. Plus we chat about our love for cars and whether we give off the gay vibe or not. Enjoy the show HUgs - we love you for listening! Find out how you can support the show at


Mar 28

1 hr 16 min

March is National Cheeleading Safety month - and Disneyland will be reopening in a month - so we thought this episode from 5 years ago when Jamie was at Cheerleading Champs with her daughter (at Disneyland) would make for a great #TBT episode. Enjoy and watch for a new episode Sunday. Oh, and don't forget to support our new sponsor at


Mar 25

1 hr 2 min

Jamie shares her love for Batman and gives her take on the new version of the Justice League movie.  Plus, we're starting to see episodes of our trashy TV faves that were filmed at the beginning of the pandemic and Stephanie has some questions for her fellow Ug. All this and some hilarious Huglee and Awkward moments await you. Thanks for listening.


Mar 21

39 min 24 sec

A throwback episode where the Ugs vent about time changes and share Irish facts seemed appropriate for this week. Here it is, from 5 years ago... enjoy and thanks for listening. New show drops Sunday. And don't forget to support the show and deal with your "stinky parts" at the same time with our new sponsor, Lume Deoderant. 


Mar 18

53 min 33 sec

In this episode, the Ugs dish on the J-Lo and A-Rod news and take a deep dive into the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan. Plus, Jamie gets physical with her dentist and Stephanie puts her stamp of approval on our newest sponsor, Lume Deodorant!


Mar 14

55 min 21 sec

We're testing out a new party game Jamie discovered called The Shame of Life plus we've got tons of takes on the celeb world including the Coming to America sequel, WandaVision, Below Deck and much more. And, of course, Uglee and Awkward Moments to share. Thanks for listening and don't forget to grab your show merch at today.


Mar 7

57 min 39 sec

The Ugs are back in action after a rough couple of weeks where they both had their father-in-law pass away. Paula gets the ball rolling with dental disasters, Jamie is facinated by polygamy and they both discuss the real "F" word. And, of course, Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week wrap up the show. Thanks for being patient HUgs... we're so glad to be back.


Feb 28

1 hr 8 min

A special mini-sode where Jamie is joined by her son Tyler who is also co-host of the podcast Middle Class Film Class. They talk movies, TV shows and more. Enjoy and watch for episode #513 of the Uglee Truth with Jamie and Paula dropping soon!

Feb 26

37 min 43 sec

As a tease for the next NEW episode (dropping Sunday), we wanted to share a throwback show featuring Ug Sister #2, Stephanie. This one is from 5 years ago and is hilarious! So, whether this is a blast from the past or "new to you"... we hope you enjoy it!


Feb 19

1 hr 6 min

Happy Pagan Holiday of Love HUgs! It's a special episode as the Uglee Truth's two little love birds (Jamie and Producer Dub) tell tales of past Valentine's days, horribly bad hair decisions and more. Including another round of "Would You Rather?" prepared by Producer Dub especially for his lovely wife. Thanks for listening.


Feb 14

44 min 15 sec

With Valentine's Day and spring training on the horizon, we thought an episode hosted by Jamie and her husband (Producer Dub) where he screws up the pagan holiday of love and talks sports would make for a good throwback. Enjoy this show from 3 years ago!


Feb 11

44 min 13 sec

Hey HUGs... we hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. Here's a little post-game hilarity for ya. Jamie shares her worst Valentine's Day and Paula has a list of fashion trends to avoid if you don't want to look old. Oh and the Ugs have some epic Uglee and Awkward Moments too. Thanks for listening!


Feb 8

55 min 15 sec

Jamie's tolerance for Producer Dub's ailments has reached an all time low and Paula hosts a session of Would You Rather that fires off a wild array of topics and stories. Plus, we've got Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week to share. Thanks for listening HUgs... enjoy the show!


Jan 31

54 min 9 sec

Since we discussed the Inauguration in our most recent show (#509), we thought a good idea for this week's throwback would be an episode we recorded during the last Inauguration. Way back in January 2017. Enjoy and watch for a brand new episode of the Uglee Truth podcast dropping this Sunday.


Jan 29

1 hr

On this episode the Ugs have our take on the performances from the Inauguration and, of course, we have to discuss the exploding Goop candle news. Plus, we take a deep dive into the history of school dances... wow have times changed. Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the show! Don't forget to show your Ug pride with some show merch! Get yours today.


Jan 24

45 min 58 sec