The Perform Younger Podcast

Derek Carter & Scott Lee

Purpose -To help you get back to looking, feeling and performing like a younger you. Chances are you've been fit before.

Maybe you were fit as an athlete in high school or college.

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Here's the best method of working out to get ripped, increase muscle and testosterone. 

Mar 2020

30 min 57 sec

Learn how to eat right to get the fastest results.  

Mar 2020

29 min 4 sec

Whether you've exercised before and have stopped or you've never exercised a day in your life.....It's time you get fit.  Today's episode we give you the best exercises to get started on becoming your fittest self. For more support and info, visit my YouTube channel here:, you can visit my website here: and my private Facebook group "Fitness For The Age Defying Man". 


Feb 2020

41 min 59 sec