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Want to look awesome, feel awesome, be AWESOME? Tune into my show Ben Coomber Radio, a UK #1 rated podcast and top 10 in the world. A show centred around you being the best version of yourself, where I interview the worlds best guests in health, fitness, mindset, career success, business, and personal development, as well as Q&A shows with my co

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This podcast is specific to the fitness industry. CIMSPA are our regulating body, and they have plans for industry reform, and I want to support that. So this podcast is a live Interview with Phill Wright, business transformation manager from CIMSPA - I ask Phill...1. How are CIMSPA changing the fitness industry for personal trainers & coaches? 2. How do CIMSPA plan to improve our industry standards across the sector? 3. What changes have happened recently since the REPS takeover?4. What are the 3-5 year plans for CIMSPA? 5. Who regulates CIMSPA, if they are the regulator? 6. How do coaches get invovled in feeding back their ideas for the sector, so the standards always evovle from the front line? 7. Where do the insurers play a role in covering trainers vs the qualifications they have? 8. How do we find out more, and get invovled? visit: for more info, and join their Facebook group:

Sep 21

54 min

Martyn Kelland is a postman, personal trainer, dad, and The Everyday Athlete. He’s not always been this fit, in fact fitness was always an afterthought, until running one mile set him on course to change his life, a life of suicidal thoughts and depression to conquering some major challenges, both physically and in life (starting with his daughter being born blind), to now be in a position of helping others as a coach. We discuss fitness and its power to start positive momentum, how to curate a positive mindset, what turns around dark thoughts, why life’s challenges need to make us grow as people, why he feels building a business will be his hardest challenge to date, the power of people, and more.Follow or connect with him on IG @martyn_theeverydayathlete

Sep 17

57 min

In this #AskBenLive show I speak to Leia, a wonderful human who is struggling. She feels like she is stuck in a rut, can't get out, and is spinning her wheels in the all the wrong directions and things don't seem to be working. She's not losing weight, she feels frustrated, she's tired, so in this short episode we have a chat, and I try help. Enjoy.

Sep 14

18 min

Back pain, joint pain, just pain, is it in our heads, and if so, how could this be? In a world that is more sedentary, has an increased screen time, coupled with a lack of outdoor pursuits and sport, how is this affecting the way we move, and ultimately how our body works? I chat to Anisha Joshi, an osteopath who likes to look at the skeletal and muscular system like any osteopath, but also your mind, your stress, and overall well-being. We discuss problems she sees in young people, where pain is linked to stress, how to find a good practitioner to work with, how she trains herself knowing what she knows, and more. An insightful show with a new twist and look on pain, movement and physical strength.Follow Anisha @osteoanisha

Sep 10

45 min

I've talked a lot about recovery capacity in the past, but what if you are just unfit, and don't have the capacity due to low fitness, something you've not noticed decline because of recent life events and thinking you were training at the same intensity? Something I'm musing on right now...

Sep 7

11 min

Do you spend enough time in the quiet, in silence, to simply think, reflect, and allow the appropriate change to happen? I've just taken a 6 day break, and before I went into that break I had 5 key questions I wanted answers too. I've got 80% of my answers, and it was only possible by slowing down, spending time in silence, and reflecting that allowed me to do this. In this episode I share my reasons for this, the benefits, the outcomes you might get, the outcomes I've got, how this could change your life, and a future new direction for the show off the back of this period of reflection time.

Sep 3

26 min

When is the right time to quit something, say no, or leave an old habit that's no longer serving you? I've often found this tough as a 'doing' kinda person, and it's common in people with a growth mindset. But it's important to ask ourselves the question "is this serving me right now". I open this podcast feeling overwhelmed, stressed and a little anxious, and explain how I'm working to solve it and help myself, and a good process to use in knowing when to quit things, or say no.

Aug 31

15 min

In this episode I get interviewed by Tommy Gentleman on how to achieve work / life balance, how it's been becoming a new dad with my time, energy and attention, where I feel I am at emotionally as a result of these life changes, what I have learnt recently and what Tommy taught me recently. Do check out Tommy's show for more insightful interviews "Tommy G Talks"

Aug 27

45 min

In the process of change, knowing your WHY is key? If you don't know you'll struggle to get to where you want to be, you won't be driven to do what's needed to get there, things will get in the way, temptation will get you. So what do you do if you're struggling? And, what if its not your WHY that's the issue, but something else? How do you know? Listen in...

Aug 24

23 min

You’ve probably seen the rise in popularity of the carnivore diet, but, is it worth trying it, how much different is it to the paleo diet, and the keto diet, and other diets that focus on a low or no carb intake? Tom and I explore the roots of this diet, where the various ancestral nutrition arguments start and stop, whether you can be healthy eating only meat, why it’s good for weight loss, why it’s not medicinal like some preach, where some ‘influencers’ have been caught out with their messages online, and ultimately, where the science lies on this topic.To learn more about evidence based nutrition, visit

Aug 20

47 min

Food should provide for your health, both mental and physical, but also be enjoyable. How do we strike this balance? What if we're busy? What does a day of food look like for me, and why? Find out in this short show. I also discuss tracking calories, saving time, prep, fruit and veg intake, protein specificity, and more. See this written up on my blog:

Aug 17

17 min

At 26 Rob Eades has achieved a lot, and has a lot of wisdom to share. After falling into being a chef at a young age by saying YES when many would say NO, he found a passion he never knew existed. Now he’s helping 1000s see a healthy lifestyle differently, and for less. In this epic show we discuss the cost of food, food inequality, what Rob eats, how he advises people save money on food, our favourite ice creams, his TV show, cooking for his mates at uni, and why the focus on HAPPINESS has to be the path we all chase.Find Rob on Instagram @Rob_Eades and at

Aug 13

45 min

Ever tell yourself you're OK when you're not? Ever get a text from a friend asking if you're OK and you reply "yeah awesome", when you're not? I did this ALL THE TIME, and this contributed to my recent 'breakdown', as you might call it. This therapy reflection outlines why this isn't good for you/us, and the path to truth and honesty, both for yourself, and for others.

Aug 10

12 min

Tom and I finally get around to our final part 3 episode discussing recovery from exercise. In this show we cover the science of DOMS and what affects it, proteins role and where protein shakes can help, recovery shakes, fish oil and curcumins effect on DOMS, where cardio can play a role in testing readiness, why you might choose to question your recovery routine, foam rollering, time efficient training, and a few other ramblings. Enjoy.

Aug 6

53 min

This is a key reason topics like nutrition are so confusing for so many people. One respected scientist says one thing, and one another, such as a recent claim by a respected U.S. cardiologist that said the vegan diet is the cure for all diseases and other researchers that don't agree with him weren't reading 'the science'. In this short show my co-host Tom dismantles why disparities lie between experts and their interpretations of the science. For more reading, here's the blog:

Aug 3

8 min

If you want an insight into the mindset of a world champion who better to speak to than Johnny Nelson who you may recognise from Sky TV, 1986-2005 cruiserweight world boxing champion, who also held the WBO title 1999-2005, British title 1989 & 1997, and European title 1990 & 1998. As Johnny says at one point in the show “Success comes with responsibility”, and for me, that sums up this show. Johnny candidly shares his story of how he was, in many people’s eyes, including his coaches, a very average boxer as a kid, but he had potential, and with the right people, belief and mindset he became a world champion. Johnny outlines his recipe for success, why many see failure in the wrong way, why the eyes show the souls desire and pain, how to work around negativity, the harsh reality of success at that level, and much more. A truly inspiring show, was incredible to have Johnny as a guest on the show. Check out Johnny’s work at: Instagram @johnnyNelsonSky

Jul 30

38 min

I take 18 minutes to delve into a recent therapy session I had where I reflected with my therapist on why I got to feeling frustrated and over burdened, how I now want to try deal with the mental load I have as a dad, leader and husband, and how the coaches of the world need to protect themselves from taking on too many of other peoples problems. Ultimately, if you're too busy fighting and helping everyone else with their problems, you might not have the space and ability to deal with your own.

Jul 27

19 min

In a special episode on mindset, I speak to Leigh Currie - just an every day girl & teacher to autistic kids who I've spoken to on and off over the years on Facebook messenger, just trying to help her out. Over the last few years Leigh has dealt with PTSD from her work, become a carer for her step-sister who's got Down syndrome, got married, went through a Huntingdons disease diagnosis, and constantly felt the pressure by our industry to be fit, healthy and always look to progress - she tried to do Joe Wicks program to help - but found it added to the problem. We have a candid and open chat about the pressure to live life a certain way, what she's learnt about herself going through all that she has, how she feels I've helped her shift her mindset, learning to WANT to do things over having to do things, how she has realised happiness is in presence, and much more. As listeners of the show you asked for more female guests, and more real life stories, I hope this hits the mark!

Jul 23

56 min

Lockdown seems to have got a lot of people thinking about their jobs, their career, and their overall happiness with work. After all, work is a HUGE part of life, at least a third of life if we think about a 24 hour day - 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for family and play (the 8, 8, 8 principal). Why do I feel I can help you here? I've done many jobs, tested myself in many ways with my career, and have been a self-employed business owner for 14 years. I feel I know a few things about change, risk and the mindset it needs. Plus I'm now an employer of a team, so I'm a leader to others too. In this podcast I cover my 7 top tips to successfully shift your job and or career. 1. Looking at how old you are right now2. If maturity is a good or a bad thing3. What skills are needed4. The transition financially5. Talk to your stakeholders (family, friends etc)6. How to manage your change in identity7. Ultimately, what will make you happy...Hope the show helps :)

Jul 20

19 min

Sleep and stress have a far bigger impact on performance than you realise. In this show Tom and I discuss some recent research on sleep, stress and your gym strength, and how this can impact your recovery time. We were then planning to discuss sleep supplements, but we went down the rabbit hole of discussing how our routines and mindset can give us poor performance outcomes from letting anxiety slip in, RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), gym programming, and how to be more targeted or more flexible for your goals - which is the key thing, YOUR goals. If you're into fitness, training and all things performance, you'll enjoy this show.Our nutrition Nutrition short course:

Jul 16

41 min

Should you eat food to your body type? Aka Somatotyping. Are there clues in your body and its shape with the diet we as humans should be eating? Where did this theory come from, what shaped this train of thought? Co-host Tom goes down the body type rabbit hole....

Jul 13

9 min

What's the mindset of someone that is disabled? Find out, as I interview the amazing Ben Clark, a disabled Personal Trainer who become disabled as an adult after a freak neck injury jumping into the sea. I chat to Ben about the goals of someone disabled and disability stigmas, how he exercises, how we went from needing a carer 25 hours a week to being 100% self-sufficient, what things he has to work on to keep him at his physical peak, how he developed such a positive mindset after being in such a dark place, and more. An amazing show, an amazing human. Follow Ben @AdaptToPerform on all social platforms.

Jul 9

57 min

Last week I felt frustrated, tired, angry, and to top it off exercise felt like it was taking me 2-3 days to recover from. When I woke up in the morning if felt like lifting a lead weight out of bed, it was horrible, I felt horrible, it wasn't me at all. So a radical intervention was needed. What did I do to get myself back to feeling ME? Listen in.

Jul 6

13 min

Fergus Crawley attempted to take his own life, but why? He's a successful guy, what could possibly be wrong? Once it all happened, how did he recover? What does a life of recovery look like now? How does he deal with the dark thoughts that linger? How did this all happen, is society to play in this? These days you'll see him on social media attempting mad charity challenges, like squatting for 24 hours, running inhuman feats, and swimming vast distances, but why, what's his mission, what is he setting out to do? A fascinating chat with an awesome human being. I give to you, Fergus Crawley. Follow him @ferguscrawley

Jul 2

59 min

What do I regret in life? What would I say to my younger self? What would I change about my 33 year journey to date? What advice would I give to someone in their 20s right now? Find out...

Jun 29

11 min

Major life trauma can define you, positively, or negatively. After JP got hit by a car and was left in intensive care for weeks, and to this day still limps when he walks one year on, he see's it as a blessing. In this show we delve into JPs journey to discovering himself, what it means to live your truth, how our ego gets in the way and how to solve that, where people go wrong with meditation, the value of stillness, why he's lived his life so intensely and what he was running from, why he loves extreme challenges, and more. This podcast is a rabbit hole, come burrow with us. Follow him online 'Jean-Pierre De Villiers' or find his website here: Watch his crazy documentary here:

Jun 25

73 min

Seen skinny jab on social media doing the rounds? Two 'celebrities' who have openly struggled with their weight are proponents of it (aka get paid to promote it at £250 a month to us) to encourage their followers to take it to aid weight loss. Is this a scandal, or is there some science to the compound found in Skinny Jab? co-host Tom Bainbridge, our Head of Education at The BTN Academy, delves into this topic. Enjoy.Link to the research:,weight%20loss%20compared%20with%20placebo

Jun 22

13 min

You might have seen David Birtwistle on TVs 'Too hot to handle', but TV aside he's a super coach, has a refreshing perspective on fitness, nutrition and life, and is passionate about discussing what it means to be a modern man. On his own journey of self discovery David realised how he could improve, how he could optimise himself, how he could gain perspective on issues of the past, improving his relationship with himself, and others. Society has been good at telling us who to be, how to behave and what is the norm, is that correct, does that need to be challenged? We think so, and that's what we do on this show, enjoy. Follow David online @David.Birtwistle and check out: https://www.endeavourlife.comBooks we discuss on the show were '7 habits of highly successful people', 'The mask of masculinity', 'The Alter ego effect', 'Ego is the enemy', 'How to win friends and influence people'. The personality test we reference is:

Jun 18

53 min

Courage is an important asset, if you had the courage and conviction to go out and fulfil the vision you have for you life, how much happiness would you have? So, how do you develop courage? When everyone else is pushing or going one way, how do you go another? I only re-share interviews I've done if they are unique, different, and can bring you insight and value, and today this is one of those shows. Ollie Jowett, The Health & Happiness show, invited me on to chat all things living an AWESOME life, which delved into the topic of courage and leading your life your way! Enjoy.

Jun 15

43 min

This podcast was SO much fun! I talk to movie star Scott Adkins... LEGEND. We talk about the fear he had growing up and becoming an actor, not becoming a butcher but instead a movie star despite his families wishes, what got him so interested in martial arts as a kid, his approach to nutrition for movies, what his goals are and how he’s set goals in the past, his fast chocolate biscuit grabbing hands, kung fu kicks, and more. PLUS, he does an excellent movie promo voice. Watch his new film 'Payback' available now on digital download and on DVD from 6th July. I had a ton of fun chatting to Scott. Follow him on social media @thescottadkins

Jun 11

31 min

My morning routine involves reading a list of statements, this list anchors who I am and what I want to live everyday. I want to live THE MOST AWESOME LIFE POSSIBLE. But to do this our environment must be just right to live the life we want to live. People, places, your bed, what's in your fridge, in your ears, on your phone, EVERYTHING contributes to how we feel and act daily. I hope you decide to create your own AWESOME morning list, please tag me in it when you post it on social media, if you do (feel free to keep it personal, but I want to inspire others to do the same). I think this will help improve your motivation and momentum daily.

Jun 8

11 min

When it comes to recovery, what are the most important building blocks to have in place? Does CBD fit into this picture, seeing as lots of athletes are claiming it benefits recovery? What can CBD help with, where is the research on it to date, as lots of claims are made? We also discuss adaptogens, melatonin, vitamins, minerals, sleeps impact on 1RM, and more. Enjoy. And for further reading visit: Supplements NOT to take: Supplements TO take:

Jun 4

51 min

Today I'm having more reflections from therapy, at the age of 33, having been on a 15 year journey to date with my body, mind, relationships and career, I'm trying to reach the next level of me. Thus, my goals have changed, BUT, I'm not quite achieving them, why is that? What can I do? And what can you learn today from my deep reflections of self, my goals, and the process we take to achieve them. After all, we all get caught in a rut, its how we get out of it that's key...

Jun 1

15 min

How often do you challenge your comfort zone, and should you? Lockdown has spurred many interesting conversations, and today is one of those. As people have stayed at home for a long time now, how will that effect us mentally? Have our comfort zones now diminished? Are we aware of it? Are we stronger as a result of Lockdown, or has the fear weakened us? Are we anxious? The 2nd part of this show looks at compartmentalising different emotions so it doesn't take over your whole life, after all, should something like grief change you as a person, or just change part of you as a result of a life event? Dave and I also share our personal approach to managing lockdown so we stayed mentally strong. Join us as we go down a complex mindset rabbit hole, but one crucial to peoples future mental health. Check out Dave online @MindsetByDave

May 28

59 min

Moving forwards in life means we have to problem solve, but are you using the right people, are you leaning on the right relationships with others to effectively solve those problems? Some people are more logical, some are more emotional, some are impulsive, the key is knowing how we usually behave and having that person that compliments how we think and feel and thus, over the course of a chat, leads us to a better outcome. Effective problem solving, essential for living an AWESOME life.

May 25

13 min

Social media usage is at an all time high, and people say its addictive, but is it? Or are we distracted by it for other reasons? And thus, is procrastination a real or imagined problem? As an expert in behavioural psychology and as someone who has helped tech companies develop such ‘addictive’ apps, I speak to Nir Eyal on the fascinating world of technology, a huge part of our modern lives. We discuss life traction vs distraction, procrastination, time blocking, life systems for better control, if a % of the population are pathologically out of control with such devices and technology, and more. I loved this chat, I know you're gonna love it too!! For advanced reading click here: is the schedule maker tool Nir mentioned: link to a cool distraction guide here: Habits vs routines article here: follow Nir @Neyal99

May 21

45 min

There are times we need to GO GO GO, to take ACTION. But also times we need to rest, recover and get our AWESOME back. This was me this weekend, but I struggled, I struggled due to not knowing the root cause of the problem and then trying to fix something that wasn't broken. Hopefully from todays short show it will help you know when to put your foot on the gas, know when to chill, and know when and why you need fluidity vs structure. Enjoy.

May 18

14 min

Alcohol, a huge part of our culture, not just in modern times, but in past times too, what TV program doesn't show everyone enjoying their drink in their downtime even in bygone eras? But, is it serving us? Is it having a positive impact on our lives? Chris Williamson, todays guest after his first appearance on the show thinks it should be a class A drug, but why, how is it affecting us and does it allow us to live our truth? We drink it to relieve stress, to be more confident, to be sociable, and to escape, but, the big question, is this serving us? Time to go down a rabbit hole.... enjoy. Find Chris online on IG @chriswillx - find his podcast Modern Wisdom - and his sobriety course -

May 14

76 min

The future of fitness right now is looking bleak, gyms are still closed, coaches are doing the best they can training clients online, but there is a complete unknown what fitness will look like post lockdown. Especially as other countries like China have closed their gyms again in fear of a 2nd wave, and many countries in Europe lifting lockdown slowly have kept gyms closed. So what can we do, what might the future of fitness be? How do we as coaches keep our jobs? In this podcast I discuss the future, what trends I have observed and studied, what other countries are doing, what we as fitness professionals could do, what opportunities there will be, what future skills coaches might need, how roles might change, how gyms might change, and essentially how we need to adapt for the future, with us essentially having a Plan A, B, C and D. Enjoy, and I hope this gives some honest and realistic, but optimistic inspiration to the coaches out there in the fitness and health industry. FREE copy of How to be An Awesome Personal Trainer:

May 11

64 min

We're born barefoot, then as we grow older we wear more and more types of shoes, a shoe for school, a shoe for sport, a shoe to go out, there is a shoe for everything. BUT, are all these shoes built to allow us to move naturally, do they look after our foot biomechanics, the part of our body that connects our movement with the ground? With many people with lower limb pain, and a culture of a shoe for every job, and fashion over function as most peoples primary concern for a shoe, I speak to Galahad Clark, the founder of VivoBarefoot about shoes, movement, evolution, pain, nature, foot science, cultural adoption of shoes in the west compared to the east, and much more. Check out VivoBarefoot at:

May 7

43 min

Last week I restarted therapy. Why? Find out....

May 4

12 min

We're deep into lockdown life now in the UK with no end in sight, and thus there are some key struggles for people. Motivation to eat well and exercise, snacking too much through boredom, balancing work with kids, staying positive, keeping energy output high when at home, drinking in the evening more, and the uncertainty of the end. This podcast gives you a battle plan to combat this, but it starts with accepting the new norm, only then can we progress. So if you're struggling right now, get this podcast in your ears, I PROMISE it will help!

Apr 30

42 min

I say AWESOME a lot, but why, what does it mean to me? Many people have words and stories they live by, and part of my story is the word AWESOME. Why am I so passionate about it? Listen for 11 minutes and find out...

Apr 27

12 min

I've been struggling with something recently that I've only just figured out. Hateful comments online were bringing back memories of being bullied at school and my craving to be liked as a kid. In this short 20 minute podcast I explain the steps I went through to get under the skin of this problem, how I've dealt with it, and how you can work to overcome a past of bullying and negative people on and offline, and live a life where fears don't get in the way of the goals you have.

Apr 23

22 min

In the last 3 weeks we've given away £400,000 in free education, and I want to explain why, and thank everyone that's supported it. And, off the back of that, offer a unique opportunity to study with us on this May 4th Academy for only £50. If you know anyone that this podcast could be of interest to, please share. For more on the FREE Schools initiative, check social media, and for details on The BTN Practical Academy, visit:

Apr 20

8 min

James Haskell, the man, the myth, the legend, joins me for appearance 3 on the show, chatting about lock down life and keeping fit, his mindset now the world is in this pandemic, his transition from being a professional rugby player to his new life of DJ and MMA fighter, what he believes is the secret to success in unprecedented times, his routine now he’s a solo athlete, conjecture, modern media, and more. This show has laughs, insights and wisdom abound, enjoy.Check out James work at: out his books at: out “House of Rugby” on all podcast platforms and YouTube.Check out his House music podcast “BackRow Radio” (edited)

Apr 16

55 min

In this short Monday show Tom shares his thoughts on the current lockdown situation and what it means for your strength and fitness. Will you lose progress, and if so, how should we think about that?This show also touches on the 'fallacy of relative privation'. This situation is not the worst thing that has ever happened, but does that mean we're not allowed to find it a struggle?A lot packed into a short amount of time today - as always let us know your thoughts!

Apr 13

13 min

How often do we hear the deep back story of the people we look up to? Not often online, but often on this show. In this amazing episode I delve into the life and story of Sophia Ellis, a GB Powerlifter, 2x Commonwealth Record Holder and all round inspiring human who once was hospitalised due to years of disordered eating. She claims 3 things saved her - a innovative intervention, a will to fight and thrive, and the gym. Hear her amazing story.Check her out on the gram @sophiastrength

Apr 9

37 min

In this really short Monday show, Tom outlines a really common mistake he's seen in the home training programs that many people adopt when equipment is scarce - such as now during the covid-19 self isolation period. Sure, doing squats for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off will get you tired but if your aim is to maintain muscle mass is that really the best way to get it done? Listen and find out...

Apr 6

5 min

Ready for a story of great inner strength, power and vision? Chloe Prince suffered with anorexia for 14 years after being abused at a young age. Hospitalised and controlled, Chloe actually healed herself for the most part, seeing the life she could lead if she accepted change, decided to love herself, learn about food from an evidence based perspective, and seek control in her life aside from food. In this show we discussed her journey, the 4 types of people we see and the steps to change, vulnerability, authenticity, self-love, the importance of the right education in nutrition, and more. An incredible story from an inspiring soul. Find her on Instagram @chloejaneprince or online at:

Apr 2

45 min

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