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Exploring the pristine mountainsides and kayaking in underground caverns of Slovenia will work up your appetite. Dine on traditional dormouse amus bouche and dumplings with Katherine Parker Magyar this week on Travel Radio Podcast. Her excitement for Slovenia is contgious. If the eye-popping price tags of Western Europe kept you from booking a trip consider this budget friendly, but no less idyllic alternative. #slovenia #easterneurope #travelpodcast #travelradio #travelradiopodcast #travel #europe #budgettravel #familytravel #meganchapa

Oct 28

41 min 18 sec

Opening with a 20 min special segment on unveiling fake travel influencers. Turkey travel content can be accessed by skipping ahead to min market 20:00. For an excellent article on this episode please visit the blog at: #turkey #travel

Jul 16

1 hr 11 min

Emily Swinehart has two cruises booked on Disney; one is for her and her husband and one as a family. Having previously sailed Disney, Emily did not hesitate to book these two cruises. Known as a more expensive vacation investment Emily still booked Disney, even for her couples cruise, because of the quality they offer. I was surprised but really interested to learn more. She has concerns over the sailings and potential masking for her kids but is hopeful for a smooth return to sailing and no cancellations.. This is one of two interviews I recorded for a forth coming article in (Military Families Magazine). The previous interview with cruise agency owner Valery Gossett can be heard here: (

Jul 1

15 min 49 sec

This is a companion podcast for an article printed/forthcoming in (Military Families Magazine) by the same title. Guest Valerie Gossett shares her insights as her travel agency surpasses a million dollars in cruise bookings this month.

Jun 24

34 min 47 sec

Tankah Mayan Village is your opportunity to engage with people who are preserving tradition and inviting you to experience it. More than a water park you will experience the food, bee keeping and village life of the residents of Tanka Mayan Village. Guest Kathy Seifert shares her insight as a former travel professional and current luxury lifestyle writer. Read her insights and show notes at

Jun 17

28 min 17 sec

Why is (San Miguel De Allende) called the Heart of Mexico? You'll just have to listen to find out. Travel, food and culture writer (Katy Spratte Joyce) shares her tips on San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. When planning a travel to San Miguel De Allende consider finding a cooking classes with a local chef. You will start in a market and turn your purchases into local cuisine. Katy always recommends exploring a local culture through your stomach. I agree. Feed me all of the food (and margaritas). Walk of your meal by exploring the white wall mural project. Find a guide to help you navigate as the project is ongoing and murals will change. They will be able to provide you with the connection or significance the art plays to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Katy''s third tip is to explore the iconic city cathedral. My own request is to make sure you tour respectfully and not snap photography while mass is in session. Not ready to leave the San Miguel De Allende yet? Plan a day trip through the local wine region (forth coming episode with Korrine Johnson on this). It's about an hour drive and provides an excellent way to bookend your trip with culinary delights.

Jun 10

19 min 32 sec

Quintana Roo, Swimming with Whale Sharks. Lori Gold, Riviera Maya expert shares her insights from first hand encounters. M: Today we are going to stay in the region of Quintana Roo as we were also in for our last episode. To give us some geographical orientation I want you to picture Mexico as a mermaid's tale. She is doing a little swish to the right. Quintana Roo is at the upper part of the mermaid's right most flipper. The Isle of Mujeres is just off the east coast of that. How do you like my description Lori? L: Totally accurate 😉 M: This is another adventure by water and imagining today's topic I just feel really small. So, can you please introduce today's topic and who the ideal traveler is for this activity. L: Swimming with Whale Sharks and it's for all nature lovers! M: So I imagine you swimming in gorgeous clear waters and then beast of tremendous scale surrounding you on all sides. What is the experience really like? L: The water is dark and it makes you feel very small. M: Did you have any introspective moments during or after your swim? Did you gain any life perspective your would like to share? L:  It really makes you feel small. You have a great respect for nature and your place in it. M: Any tips, warnings or guidance travelers need to know before committing to this daring swim? L: They don't want you to wear sunscreen so that the animals are not exposed to it. Wear a rash guard if you can. Most tours will also feed you after and the setting will be in gorgeous placid water. Its a wonderful ending. M: Is there any sort of eco, educational or conservation component to this trip? L: Not that I am aware of but the guides and locals and invested in their country. For example they will teach you about the sunscreen, what they eat, etc. M: What are we missing? This is your time to share anything I've missed! L: For anyone that wants to visit the Riviera Maya I am happy to help you plan your trip and answer questions. M: Thank you for being my guest once again. Let's plan another recording sooner than later! L: Right oh! M: Bye everyone and thank you for listening! L: Byeeee!

Jun 3

17 min 9 sec

Yes, this actually was the purpose and glory of the game played at Chichen Itza, Yucatan State, Mexico. You strive to win so that you might be sacrificed to the gods. Chichen Itza is a pre-Colombian archeological site in striking distance of many Cancun and Tulum resorts. If you see nothing else in the area, see this while on your next vacation. Katherine Parker-Magyar, (travel writer), rejoins travel radio podcast to provide compelling reasons you need to go and explore this ancient wonder. Look for the episode on Thursday!  See ( for privacy information.

May 27

46 min 10 sec

Just an hour and one half drive into the Mexican border, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico's Napa Valley, awaits you.  Brendan Berkson, or (Hotels Above Par), shares his insights into the region using his 1, 2, 3 signature format. Watch this on YouTube: (  Format: M: Would you please take a minute to introduce yourself and Hotels Above Par? B: My name is Brandon Berkson.  I am a travel and hotel enthusiast, who splits his time between New York and San Diego.  Additionally, I'm the Founder of Hotels Above Par: an expert-curated guide with under-two-minute articles for the hip traveler who is short on time. Hotels Above Pay is known for our around-300-word articles, which are, in their entirety, posted on our Instagram, website, and newsletter.  We’ve had a range of great travel journalists write for us — including Katherine Parker-Magyar and Katy Spratte Joyce. I know they both appeared on this podcast! M: What is your backstory?  Hotels Above Par is a very new but very successful venture.  How did you get from your previous work into Hotels Above Par full time? B: Since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to work in travel and hotels My first hotel job was a front desk associate and bellboy at a boutique property in San Francisco. Eventually, I landed travel and hospitality PR positions in Paris, London, and New York City. Most recently, I was working at a Travel PR firm in New York; however, this was upended in April 2020 as I was furloughed like so many in the industry.  I was devastated, but knew I wanted to support hotels during a time they needed love most. I wanted them to feel relevant and talked about during this dark period.  I created Hotels Above Par’s (HAP) around-300-word format, designed to capture one’s interest in this world we live in; as everyone knows, there is an overabundance of content competing for our attention every day.  One year later (we just had our first birthday), I’m grateful to share we have over 65,000 IG followers, 17,000+ newsletter subscribers, and 23,000+ monthly unique visitors on our website. I was actually brought back to work at the PR firm in August 2020; however, after many twelve-hour working days between both positions, I decided to pursue Hotels Above Par full-time last month. M: Where can people find you online if they want to follow along? B: Instagram: @HotelsAbovePar and at M: Now, where are we going today? B:  Today we are headed to Valle de Guadalupe, in the Mexican state of Baja California. I must say, I consider myself very well-versed on this area. Not only did I grow up in San Diego — twenty-five minutes from the border — but I also, for the second half of 2020, landed a weekly travel segment in Spanish on leading Mexican network, Radio Formula. I talked a lot about travel to Baja California.  M: On Hotels Above Par you are very good at story telling in short character counts.  Today, I would like you to have the freedom to retell your best, favorite or funniest story of Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico in as many characters/sound bites as you like.  Can you tell us your story please? B: Yes, I do have a funny story! My friends and I went to Bruma Wine Garden — a hip eatery where you dine under eucalyptus trees. We asked the bartender to make us a “surprise cocktail,” something “very authentic.” Upon receipt of the drinks, my friend realized there was a grasshopper at the top (this is a common delicacy in Mexico). She screamed so loud — everyone looked at us! So, with that, I ended up eating two grasshoppers — hers and mine. They were so good! M: I have never driven into Mexico but this is a destination that is very road triable from Southern California.  Can you speak to...

May 20

40 min 20 sec

If you watched the YouTube video you know (Tami Santini) brought props and I loved every second of it! This is the first time a guest has brought props to a live with me. Tami Santini was a delight to interview and offered candor on the "well dones" and "needs work" on this property. However, her reflections on her stay were overall exceptional.   This is a replay from the All-Inclusive Winners series as chosen by travel professionals.  Some resorts are going above and beyond during these certain times.  Choose one that has your back.  Travel agents have sorted through the lot and given their approval on this (series of Travel Radio Podcast.) Want to be an expert on Travel Radio Podcast?  Apply here: (  See ( for privacy information.

May 17

36 min 58 sec

What is it like to drive in Mexico?  Lori Gold starts us off with some guidelines to manage expectations and help you successfully road trip through Mexico.  After that we move onto a REALLY FANTASTIC five point round up of Yucatan State attractions. This is also available in a video on YouTube: (  Format: Top five road tripping points for Yucatan state in Mexico.   M: Welcome back to the program Lori Gold!  You can pretty well host the show today because you are super familiar with it by now! L: Lol Megan, you are HILARIOUS 😂 lol M: Lori, for listeners or viewers that have not heard your past episodes can you recap them for us briefly? L: We’ve spoken about the fabulous Atelier Playa Mujeres, about the magical cork forest and the majestic whale sharks! M: Now let's run today's episode a bit like a round up. Let's call it Lori's top five Yucatan State Destinations. L: Okay! Vamos! M: Before we get started can you set some expectations for driving in Mexico? (What side do they drive on?  Is it mph or kpm?  Similar road signs? Signs in English? L: Right side, same as Canada/US. It is Kilometers per hour and it does change frequently and quickly. Road signs are in Spanish but there aren’t many besides just the names of places. Google maps is your friend! M: As far as safety goes can you set the tone or give a few warnings?  I think there are stigmas about road tripping and safety in Mexico.  How can you frame this for us? L: Things to note: speed bumps or topes, no cell phone reception, no gas stations, tolls in cash/pesos only. I think there are definitely areas to be concerned about, but Yucatan is I think the safest state in Mexico so I don’t have any concerns about this area specifically. M: Let's have number five in Lori's Top Five Destinations for Roadtripping the Yucatan State on Mexico! L: Espita M: Come on four!  Where are we headed? L: Ek Balam M: Down to three!  What is this one? L: Rio Lagartos and San Felipe M: Getting close to number one!  What is at two for your top five list? L: Valladolid M: Finally we are at number one!  Where are we and why is this one on your Yucatan state must see list!? L: Holbox M: Anything else we should include before we close out the podcast? L: There are a lot of other places I didn’t mention in the Yucatan state, and also Quintana Roo-Merida, Izamal, Mahaual, Bacalar, etc. This podcast has focused on the road trip I most recently did, but there are so many other incredible places around here! M: How can people contact you? L: Instagram or email! M: Thank you for being here! L: You are welcome it was a lot of fun. M: Thank you for listening or watch and have a great night.  Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode and so that others are prompted to find this great content too!  Blessings all! Byeee L: Byeee  Can't watch the entire video or want audio versions of the travel content you love.  Visit the extended catalog of episodes at .   Sharing is caring!  Please remember to subscribe to Travel Radio Podcast and share it with your travel companions.  Want to share feedback or ask a question?  Please email info #holbox #mexico #tourism #tourist #yucatan #yucantanpeninsula See ( for privacy information.

May 13

28 min 11 sec

Exploring Cork Forests in Mexico Format: Check out the YouTube video here: (  M:Where can people find you online? L: Probably the place I am most active is my Instagram: @explorewithlor ! M: Where are we going today? L: Two hours west of the Cancun airport to a tiny town no one has heard of which has an amazing cork forest. M: Can you paint a mental picture or "a moment in time" floating through a cork forest? L: It’s magical, mystical, and peaceful. It feels like you are in a fairytale M: This blows my mind.  I didn't realize there were cork forests in Mexico.  I've seen some footage of getting to the cork forest and getting to the tour.  It looked pretty bumpy and  they advised against anyone with back problems or who is pregnant to avoid this tour.  When you visited what was this like for you? L: Yes you are on an ATV type of vehicle and you go pretty deep into the jungle. This part of Mexico is pretty flat, no mountains or anything like that so it’s not crazy wild but there are some bumps in the road M: It looks like there are walking and kayaking options available.  Can you tell us a little more about why you might choose one or the other? L: it’s not a choice-depends on the time of year and water level! M: Now can you describe what it's like to be floating through a cork forest? L: Pretty similar answer to the question above but it’s like you are in a fairytale and nothing else exists. M: Did you come across any wildlife? L: We saw some very cool birds including toucans but that was it. however we saw jaguar and puma prints… M: Was the tour in English? L: It was! Our tour had 2 others on it, and we had 2 guides-one Spanish speaking and one English speaking. They are uncle and nephew and own the property that the cork forest is located on M:It looks like the cork forest is pretty remote - was there a meal provided? L: Its totally remote. They brought us sandwiches, snacks and Jamaica water. We also brought our own snacks and water. M: Talk bugs to me.  What crawled, flew and otherwise attempted to feed on you? L: Getting to the cork forest there were some mosquitoes but once we were in there-it was insectless - something about the symbiotic relationships that go on in there, we saw a lot of dragonflies which eat the mosquitoes and nothing else bothered us! M: How accessible is this from the resort regions of the eastern coast of Mexico? L: 2 hours from Cancun, 1.5 hours from playa-pretty easy to get to! M: What are we missing?  Is there anything else you would like to include about the cork forests of Solferino, Quintana Roo? L: This place is unique and basically untouched by tourism. NO ONE knows about it. not even people who live in the Riviera maya. it’s not offered through any tour operator or DMC that I have ever seen. M: Lastly, can other travel professionals contact you about this and are you taking new clients for travelers that might be listening? L: Yes agents can feel free to get in touch about this, and yes I am taking new clients-especially ones that want to get off the beaten path and explore! M: How do you prefer people contact you? L: Email is best! M: Lori, thank you for being my guest again! L: It's been super totes amaze as I expected 😂 M: Thank you for listening everyone!  Bye! L: Bye!!!! Can't watch the entire video or want audio versions of the travel content you love.  Visit the extended catalog of episodes at ( .   Sharing is caring!  Please remember to subscribe to Travel Radio Podcast and share it with your travel companions.  Want to share feedback or ask a question?  Please email info #Solferino #QuintanaRoo #yucatan #mexico...

May 6

16 min 15 sec (Kristi Mackedanz) is the lucky, luxury travel planner to review Unico 2087!  There is something about this property because the number of agents that wanted to review it was incredible.  This property offers a unique frame work of credits for onsite options making your out of pocket spending for extras very reasonable.  That might lead to it popularity! Enjoy this Monday Replay: This is a replay from the All-Inclusive Winners series as chosen by travel professionals.  Some resorts are going above and beyond during these certain times.  Choose one that has your back.  Travel agents have sorted through the lot and given their approval on this (series of Travel Radio Podcast.) Want to be an expert on Travel Radio Podcast?  Apply here: (  See ( for privacy information.

May 3

42 min 2 sec

Theresa Chu-Bermudez just returned from her professional inspection and experience of Aruba.  This was a fact finding mission.  Should she present Aruba to her clients?  Is this really "One Happy Island"? Aruba won Theresa, the skeptic, over!   She would return tomorrow if she had the chance!   On this episode we talk about: Current entry and exit requirements Types of virus tests accepted Hotel options Should you go all-inclusive? Driving on Aruba, easy and manageable Impolite donkeys A locals dive bar and beer Shopping downtown Architectural Influences  Theresa Chu-Bermudez had also been a guest of speaking on Japan and Scandinavia.     See ( for privacy information.

Apr 29

38 min 39 sec

Lori Gold, rock star Canadian travel professional and on site inspection maven chose Atelier Playa as her winning resort for the review series.  As someone who lives in the region and tours a million resorts a week, you can have some confidence in her selection. (Ok, I exaggerated, she probably tour about 1000 resorts a week...) This is a replay from the All-Inclusive Winners series as chosen by travel professionals.  Some resorts are going above and beyond during these certain times.  Choose one that has your back.  Travel agents have sorted through the lot and given their approval on this (series of Travel Radio Podcast.) Want to be an expert on Travel Radio Podcast?  Apply here: (  See ( for privacy information.

Apr 26

36 min 40 sec

Return guest Emma Major Schroeder recently spent time in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is defined by very distinct geological and cultural influence.  We go into great depth on two of those regions. For this week's (blog) on Costa Rica entry requirements click (here).   Costa Rica loose podcast format includes: Emma's favorite recent Costa Rica story Regional highlights for Papgayo and Arenal regions of Costa Rica Property stayed at Insights or tips for this region of Costa Rica The bumpy journey to Arenal Area from Papagayo Special geological features in this region.  Can you share them with us? Accommodation expectations in this region.   Taking advantage of the geography, hot springs and zip lining Dining, grocery shopping and setting expectations Ideal traveler for Costa Rica Emma Major Schroeder has been featured on Travel Radio one time previously. (  Hello Traveler, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Travel Radio Podcast. It's my hopes that you enjoyed it so much that you will recommend it and share it with a friend. If you have a moment, please subscribe/review Travel Radio Podcast wherever you are listening from. Then, hijack all your friends, family and acquaintances phones and do the same. If you found your next trip, a travel professional to work with or a useful tip please be in touch. I would love to hear about it. Do you want to be on the Podcast? Do you have a partnership idea? Please email Blessings to you! Megan Chapa Host Travel Radio Podcast (#podcast) (#jailbreak) (#bucketlist) (#travelagent) (#useatravelagent) (#tropicalvacation) (#traveldreaming) See ( for privacy information.

Apr 22

33 min 54 sec

Matty K might as well live on these properties.  That is how often he is in the DR!  One time he called me so I could see it live.  Normally the sound of the blender would make me mad trying to fight over the sound to talk.  Not this time.  I just wanted whatever frozen cocktail was whipping to perfection! This is a replay from the All-Inclusive Winners series as chosen by travel professionals.  Some resorts are going above and beyond during these certain times.  Choose one that has your back.  Travel agents have sorted through the lot and given their approval on this (series of Travel Radio Podcast.) Want to be an expert on Travel Radio Podcast?  Apply here: (  See ( for privacy information.

Apr 19

39 min 20 sec

M: Sahara Rose Devore, welcome to the podcast.  Would you please take a minute to introduce yourself? S: I am Sahara Rose, a Wellness Travel Coach and Consultant and the Founder of The Travel Coach Network.  I created and run the world's only ICF accredited certification program for international travel coaches and as a travel coach myself, I focus on the wellness benefits of travel for corporate wellness and business travel.  M: Where can people find you online? S: Instagram and facebook at Sahara Rose The Travel Coach and The Travel Coach Network.  Also, M: I expect the concept of travel coaching is new to many listeners.  There are many travel professionals and agents that listen to this podcast.  Travel coaching may be something that is of interest to them.  Do you have any travel planners in your coaching program right now? S: Yes, there are travel experts of all sorts in my program and the TCN. This ranges from travel agents, tour operators, bloggers, retreat owners, life and transformation coaches, travel marketers, and even doctors! And of course, travel coaches too. M: How is travel coaching different to travel planning? S: Travel coaching is a broad concept.  There is no one thing that travel coaches focus on across the entire board.  What a travel coach helps with or does completely depends upon that person.  When it comes to travel, there are endless ways to use your knowledge, love, and expertise in travel to make and impact in either the lives of others, the corporate space, or the world.  Travel coaches use their specific talents and interests to help their ideal audience in their own authentic way.   They are not limited to just planning and booking. Travel coaches also go the depth to providing actual transformative experiences depending on what their ideal client wants and needs. M: How can adding a Travel Coaching certification to a person's skillset compliment what they officially offer their clients? S:  The Travel Coach Certification adds that deeper layer of connecting to and understanding clients on a more personal level.  It's more than knowing what kind of food that they like to eat most or where they like 3 or 5 star hotels.  Travel coach training gives a well-rounded approach to coaching integrating what you know and love most about travel as the expert.  It is also a way to stand out in a very competitive market and the program teaches experts how to become leaders in the future of travel and travel trends. M: For travelers listening what can they gain by working with a travel coach? S: Since every travel coach is different, the outcomes or results when working with a travel coach varies.  This can be anything from mom's want to learn how to travel better and more effectively with their children to reshaping the business travel world to helping people with a specific disability have the experiences that they always wanted.  Consumers seek travel coaches who they best relate to or who have had transformations that they want.  M: What does training look like? S: The Travel Coach Certification Program is a 9 module program that follows ICF's core competencies and guidelines.  It is prerecorded videos and written copy (because everyone learns differently!) Members have lifetime access to the program.  There are two monthly live trainings available to replay if they can't attend.  Those hours go towards their hours of completion.  In addition to coaching it's training on building and scaling a travel business.  I teach industry insights, marketing, niching, scaling, revenue streams, mindset, media, and more.  M: How long does it typically take? S: The modules are dripped out over 3 months but the members can go at their own pace and have lifetime access. There is no start and end date.  M: If someone

Apr 16

26 min 38 sec

Journey to Ghana Cultural and Historic Tour Priscilla, (, was always interested in her family genealogy. At family events she could be found drilling the oldest family members on the who is who of her family.  The stream of information dried up with her great-great-grandmother, Easter Roberts.   As an elementary schooler, Priscilla learned Easter Roberts was born a slave.  Records place her as a 7 year old girl and was then separated from her family.  Tragically, the paper trail history stops there.  Likely, she was from another plantation in the area.  Easter could remember a white lady bringing her to the plantation where she lived until she was emancipated.  The clear trail stops there. Ultimately she wanted to trace her lineage back to Africa. When the paper history ended Priscilla picked up with DNA tracing. She started with a general DNA test ( (23andMe)) to find relatives in the the US. That test also had some generalized regions tracing her lineage to Africa. Those results were still very broad.   This test started the germination of an idea idea to discover, face to face, the world of her ancestors in West Africa. A second DNA test for African ancestry, narrowed her heritage to Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. She decided to start her exploration of Africa in Ghana because of the 2019 Year of Return event.  This event is where President Ado (Ghana) invited African Americans to come to visit.   Yet a third DNA test finally allowed her to narrow the results of the first two tests. Priscilla Holmes was finally able to trace her DNA straight to the tribe of her maternal lineage.    Now, she is dreaming of tourism reopening and taking a group of like-minded travelers with her.  Maybe you match her lineage?  Maybe you should consider planning a heritage tour to Ghana. Contact Priscilla Holmes: ( #ghana #africa #traveltoghana #heritagetours #travel #africatravel #westafrica See ( for privacy information.

Apr 9

54 min 34 sec

Elevate your road trip this summer with one of these unique spa experiences.  My guest, Ashley Steinmetz, consults with hotels and spas on how to uniquely raise the bar for their guests.  She is the perfect expert to make recommendations on heightened spa experiences to purposely put onto your road trip itinerary this year. About Ashley: I'm proud to be the founder of Perfect Wave Marketing.  We help hotels get on the map for well-being and become a magnet for wellness seekers. I'm proud to say that my agency is an award winning marketing & PR agency. Ashley Steinmetz can be contacted at: (  America's Top 5 Unique Spa Experiences according to Ashley Steinmetz, Founder of Perfect Wave Marketing, a boutique marketing and PR house catering to hotels around the world that offer wellness.  America’s Top 5 Unique Spa Experiences: 5. SpaTerre: A luxury spa on Little Torch Key Island, Florida (A Florida Key only reachable by seaplane or boat.) Located inside Little Palm Island Resort & Spa Phone: 305-422-4235 (   4: Miraval Life in Balance Spa:  Located in Texas Hill Country tucked away and overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Phone: 833-889-3351 (  3. Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon: 
Located on the 5th floor of Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phone: 610-459-4663 (  2. Ten Thousand Waves: 
Located in a Pinon Forest a few minutes from downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Phone: 505-982-9304 (  1. Hanalei Day Spa: A hidden gem on Kauai on the sands of a secluded beach. Located inside the Hanalei Colony Resort  Phone: (808) 826-6621 ( #spa #spaday #travel #roadtrip #luxurylife #spalife #travelagent #travelprofessionals #travelpodcast #travelradio See ( for privacy information.

Apr 1

38 min 9 sec

(This is a Monday Replay) It is ironic that a play started as means to prevent the plague from ravaging their small town in Bavaria has been halted by one.  However, this Passion Play is not canceled it is only postponed!  You can still make it to the (Oberammergau Passion Play of 2022.) A unique aspect of this play is the casting practice and qualifications to perform in the play.  Only villagers of Oberammergau may participate.  Of the 5k+ village nearly half of them from children to seniors participate. It is a ten year reunion no one misses!   On this podcast I interview Frederik Mayet, one of two actors that, portrays Jesus Christ in this Passion Play.  Enjoy his insight, humble good humor and love for his village and craft. Blessings to you this Easter! ~ Megan Chapa See ( for privacy information.

Mar 29

45 min 38 sec

News Flash: Guest Emma Major Schroeder just received the Conde Nast Top Travel Special 2021 award.  Enjoy her expert advice and keep dreaming up your South African travel! South Africa Podcast Format: M: Emma, welcome to the podcast will you take a minute to introduce yourself? E: Hi everyone! I’m Emma Major and I own Major Traveler. We’re affiliated with Epperly Travel and Virtuoso. I have a team of 4 agents who are all stars and all passionate about different things. As an agency, we plan a lot of honeymoons as well as big bucket list trips for our clients.   M: Where are we going today? E: South Africa! One of my favorite places in the world.  M: Please kick us off with your best South African travel story! E: I went on my first South African safari a few years ago and had no idea what to expect. I heard many reports that a visit to Africa is life changing and will impact you in unimaginable ways. I didn’t fully understand this until we truly experienced South Africa.  So we get to our first safari camp, called Tswalu Kalahari. It’s absolutely stunning, completely remote and right in the middle of the desert. Again, we have no idea what to expect on safari – I think our expectations were set somewhere around a more hands on zoo experience.  We get in our safari vehicle and our guide, Nelson, is phenomenal. He’s asking what’s on our bucket list and immediately everyone says lions. So he lets us know that trackers saw lions earlier today and we’re going to go find them. It takes us about 20 minutes on desert roads to find a full lion pride. We’re immediately immersed into this incredible situation of lions catching their dinner.  Nelson points out that the lion laying across the road is casually hidden by the brush but watching the impalas in the distance. Another lion is creeping slowly towards the impalas about 100 feet away. On the other side of the impalas lies another lion. These three lions have a pack of impalas absolutely surrounded. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so quiet and expectant in my entire life.  All of a sudden, as if the buzzer sounded, the three lions pounce. The impalas run and the lions start sprinting towards this pack. At the same time, Nelson hits the gas and we start flying across the desert. We’re trying to keep up with the lions as they make this kill. Mind you, this is our first 10 maybe 20 minutes into our first safari. It was epic. The lions ended up missing their dinner, but as we came over a hill, we got to witness about 10 lions just hanging out at sunset. It’s one of those top 10 life experiences for sure.  M: What impact did traveling to South Africa have on your life? E: Everyone always says that Africa will change you. I knew this going into the trip, but I didn’t understand it. Africa truly does impact you. I believe it gave me new perspective on travel, people, and culture. It’s the purest, mostly untouched form of travel. It’s a rare experience these days.  We got to witness a leopard scale a tree with his kill. Month old lion cubs with their mothers. A massive herd of elephants young and old. Over 50 giraffes in an open field. We were surprised by a bush dinner in the exact spot that my dad had been talking about watching the sunset all week.  A guide noticed my interest in photography and set me up with a pro to edit my photos. Everything in Africa is done with such intention. The care that everyone has for the land, the wildlife, the experience. And beyond that, the care that everyone has for preserving the culture is incredible.  I think the impact comes from being able to jump right into that intentionality and allow it to change your perspective.  M: When you think about going back what is the one thing that always comes back to your mind? E: I cannot wait to get back

Mar 25

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Live from Dublin Cathy Whelan joins me to talk about St. Patrick the man, the legend, the live events and highlights of the week's activities. Watch over at Travel Radio Podcast of FB for the live interview!  Additionally, sign up for the newsletter for our live tour with Cathy coming up shortly! 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Festival This year’s theme – “Duisigh Eire” – Awaken Ireland The St. Patrick's Festival broadcasting globally Friday 12th to  Wednesday 17th  March, 9.30 am - 10 pm With more than 100 events – music and dance, food, literature and art to virtual tours, sustainability and politics, Yoga for kids and puppet making  St Patrick’s Festival website (Home | St Patrick’s Festival ( The full programme of events (day by day listing.indd ( On Irish TV Station online – RTE (St. Patrick's Festival 2021 - watch SPF TV live ( Suggested Highlights Day by day Friday 12 10am The Book of Kells and Old Library Exhibition at Trinity College Dublin 12pm The Hill of Uisneach, the Sacred Centre of Ireland 14:00  A History of Irish Food with Tadgh Byrne – Follow up sessions daily 14:30 - 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour Saturday 13 10:30 Sean Nós Dance from Connemara with Emma O'Sullivan Episode 1 13.45 The Cobblestone Sessions– available each day 18:15 Irish Legends with storyteller Eddie Lenihan - Episode 1 Lee Bán & The Strange St Patrick's Curse Sunday 14 10:30 RTÉ Virtual Parade: Spraoi Prop Making Workshop 17:35 Irish Legends with storyteller Eddie Lenihan Ep 2 How The Faeries Came to Be Monda y 15th 14:30 Irish Architecture Foundation: We Built This City - New York 16:00 RTÉ Virtual Parade: Cork Puppetry Company - How to Make Props Like a Pro Tuesday 16th 12:00 Oscar Wilde Walking Tour Wednesday 17 12:10 Dúisigh Éire! Awaken Ireland! A Very Special St. Patrick’s Day Pageant Performance 15:05 The Saint Patrick Show - A Musical and Visual Tale from Ancient to Modern Times 16:00 Guinness in the Liberties Walking Tour 20:00 Barróg Lá Fhéile Phádraig from Whelans, Dublin 20:55 Solas: Animating Ireland - Lighting Spectacular 21:00 Soulé - Performs at The Complex, Dublin Adult Content 21:30 The Orchestra of Light See ( for privacy information.

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Top Three Reason To Visit Scandinavia: Pop Quiz! I told Theresa Chu-Bermudez we would both talk about our top three reasons to visit Scandinavia  - I changed my mind!  I gave Theresa a trivia game quiz, you an unconventional way to learn and some great insight into Scandinavia.  Yes, Theresa did eventually get to share her top three reasons for visiting Scandinavia! A Video of this interview is available on YouTube! (  What are some top tips for visiting Scandinavia? What countries are in Scandinavia? Is Iceland in Scandinavia? Is Finland in Scandinavia? What drink is all the rage in Scandinavia? Why is Denmark the fairytale country? . . . #travel #travelageny #travelinEurope #travelagent #travelprofessional #canIgotherenow ? #travelradiopodcast  __________________________ I'm Megan Chapa, host of (  and I am thankful you tuned in.  I truly believe I can change people's live and trajectory by giving them a voice and exposing them to my travel audience. In order to do that I need more eyes and ears. Can you subscribe, review and share the podcast/YouTube with your groups and followers?  All the boats rise together! Want to be on the podcast or YouTube Channel? Please take a moment to fill out this form.  Then you will never miss a casting call or interest inquiry ever again! (     See ( for privacy information.

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A hotelier crashes his motorcycle shortly before his wedding.  At the same time, one American family arrives at their summer villa rental.  It is not as advertised...  Seeking new accommodation they fatalistically meet the afore mentioned hotelier, wearing his neck brace.  The Americans are both chiropractors!  A chiropractic adjustment, one fabulous wedding and several guide books later, Mr and Mrs Italy was formed! This is an episode on Puglia, Italy not to be missed.  The seaside adventures are exactly to the cure for this lockdown life.  Plan now, when the flood gates open we all want to go here! See ( for privacy information.

Mar 8

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Join Lori Gold to share in her experience and even her WEDDING on Atelier Playa Mujeres! I am little sad because this is the last of the series in the All-Inclusive Resort Reviews series. I saved a good one for last!  Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  M: Where are we going today?   L: we are going 35 minutes north of the Cancun area to the gated community of Playa Mujeres where we will be at in my humble opinion, the best resort there- Atelier Playa Mujeres   M: When were you last on Atelier Playa Mujeres?   L: I was last there in August, when I actually got married there!   M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country?   L: As of now, and throughout the whole pandemic, Mexico has not required any testing to get in. they require just a health form to be filled out.   M: So, you visited during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving on the resort? Has the process changed?   L: I did! My only times staying at this resort were both during covid so I don’t have that much to compare it to but they definitely had covid protocols similar to other resorts. Temperature check, luggage sanitation-the works! We also had to fill out a health form.   M: Now when I made this casting call for resort reviews I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  You chose (fill in the blank).  In an elevator pitch summary, why was this your choice?   L: To me this is the perfect resort. It’s close to the airport, is new(ish), adults only, has delicious food, a beautiful beach, gorgeous pool and luxurious rooms-and the prices are awesome!   M: Let’s talk demographics.  Who is the best L for this resort? (Coupes, families, etc)   L: Since it is an adult only resort, I would say couples of any age, or even a group of girlfriends.   M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a gluten work out? Taxi/shutle service?   L: Atelier Playa Mujeres is basically flat and not too spread out. There is no shuttle service, and no need for it!   M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? Dollars or local currency?   L: Dollars or pesos are fine. I always recommend tipping as the hard working Mexicans do not make a lot. I would say it depends on the service you receive but a few dollars at breakfast, $5-10 at lunch, $10-20 at dinner, etc.   M: One thing I like when I’m on a resort property, is to relax, like ultimately relax.  One thing that will blow my blood pressure through the roof is a hard or constant sales pitch.  What is your experience with this on site?   L: I did not experience or see any sales pitches on site-thankful for that!   M: While we are on the topic of relaxing… did you get to experience the spa?  Do they have any signature treatments?   L: I didn’t experience the spa but I do hear that have a massage table with a place for the “ladies” to go when you are face down-unique!   M: If this is family property  - did you bring any kids with you?  What was that like?   L: It’s not but they have a sister property next door called Estudio which allows families. It is quite a similar experience   M: Is there butler service available? Did you experience this?   L: There is not traditional butler service, but they do have an upgraded service...

Mar 4

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Those gentle thumps are not the sky falling. Those are passionate emphatic first taps.  Matty K is nothing if not passionate about these the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara.   Thought he couldn’t pursuade them to give him kys to the calssic cars they did persuade him that these properties are great client choices.  Enjoy this episode of Trave Radio Podcast on the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara in Cap Cana. Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  M: Where are we going today? MK: We are going to the Beautiful Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cap Cana M: When were you last at the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cap Cana? MK: November M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country? MK: No Visa, and No COVID Test M: So, you visited during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving at Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cap Cana? Has the process changed? MK: I have been 4 times since COVID Has begun. M: Now when I made this casting call for resort reviews I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  You chose (fill in the blank).  In an elevator pitch summary, why was this your choice? MK:  One of the newest and best All Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean for the cost, value, with amazing food, service , rooms.  M: Let’s talk demographics.  Who is the best guest for this resort? (Coupes, families, etc) MK: So the beauty of this is that the Ziva and Zilara are connected. With Zilara being adults only, and Ziva family friendly. Perfect for ANY occasion. M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a gluten work out? Taxi/shutle service? MK: No issue getting around, flat and extremely both wheelchair and stroller friendly M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? Dollars or local currency? MK: USD are fine M: One thing I like when I’m on a resort property, is to relax, like ultimately relax.  One thing that will blow my blood pressure through the roof is a hard or constant sales pitch.  What is your experience with this on site? MK: No sales pitch at all M: While we are on the topic of relaxing… did you get to experience the spa?  Do they have any signature treatments? MK: Yes I went to the spa, and the grotto experience is amazing. I did not partake in any of the beauty items but a great deep tissue massage was had. M: If this is family property  - did you bring any kids with you?  What was that like? MK: I have never been with my kids, it is very family friendly. Water park and great water activities.  M: Is there butler service available? Did you experience this? MK: Concierge Service for Club Level Guests.  M: Are there water sport options on site? MK: Yes non motorized sports. M: How would you describe this beach?  MK: Breathtaking M: Is golfing an option at Hyatt Cap Cana? Is it included? MK: Not on property but nearby for a fee. M: Everyone loves a swim up bar.  Does this resort have them? MK: Yes, currently as With most resorts, the swim up bar is closed,  M: Please share your favorite meal on property? MK: The Indian Restaurant. M: Check out process.  How are they handling testing? MK: Done inside the Conference Center and its seamless and easy. M: Current US reentry requirements? MK: Same for all other islands.   #capcana #domincanrepublic #hyattziva #hyattzilara See...

Mar 2

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So, you want to start a travel podcast? In this episode, I sit down and have a candid conversation with travel industry veteran Podcaster Megan Chapa on what travel pros need to consider before they start a podcast. Podcasting is a great and accessible way to reach an audience who is interested in the type of travel experiences that inspire you and that you like to share. Maybe you have been looking for a new way to reach an audience outside of social media. Maybe even a way to develop your creativity in audio form. Today's marketing requires a deeper connection with people and podcasting is a great way to connect with your ideal clients. Megan and I are hosting a podcast masterclass on March 12th, 2021 where we will dive deep into helping you figure out if podcasting is right for you, and if so, how to get started. Get details on the masterclass here: ( Find us on Instagram: @nicolesbarrett, @heytravelpreneur, and @travelradiopodcast See ( for privacy information.

Feb 27

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This was the most elected resort for the All-inclusive Review Series.  Travel Agents love this Unico 2087.  Thank you Kristi Mackedanz for sharing such great information about the resort.  This is on my wish list for future vacations. I can envision salsa lessons and spa treatments right now... ZZZZ.  Oh, I fell asleep thinking about the spa treatments... Kristi did such a great job describing them.  But I'm back and you should  now - PRESS PLAY!  This is an excellent. Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  Loose Format: M: Where are we going today? K: UNICO 2087 Riviera Maya                                                                                                                           M: When were you last on property? K: November 2020 M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country? K:  No travel restrictions for travel into Mexico. You will have to test 3 days prior when heading back into the US. M: What was it like arriving on the resort with Covid protocols? K: Arriving at Unico was very easy. They did spray down the luggage, take your temp, sanitize your hands and shoes before walking into the hotel. M: I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  Why was Unico 20 87 your choice? K: I LOVE UNICO and have since it opened. It is a mix of modern with local culture. A lot of hand made/local art and furniture through the property. The Spa is the number one reason. So relaxing at this resort and feel like I can fully relax here. I have traveled here with friends and by myself.. Both have been wonderful times. M: Who is the best guest for Unico 2087? K: Couples/Honeymooners/Destination Weddings/Girls getaways/Yoga retreats/Spa weekends M: What about accessibility? K: It is a fairly “small” property with 448 guest rooms. Flat with only 6 floors. 90% of the rooms are Ocean view. M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? K: I will usually suggest to my clients to bring small bills and you can tip in USD. $1 per drink $3 for breakfast $4 for lunch $5-$10 for dinner $3-$7 for room service or more depending on how much you order LOL $3 for the mini-bar person for refilling it everyday $5 a day for the housekeepers $ up to you for your host/butler M: What is your experience with sales desks at Unico? K: I didn’t experience a huge sales pitch but I know they do ask. I haven’t had any clients feel really pushed with this property. M: Did you get to experience the spa? K: The SPA is one of the reason why I LOVE Unico 2087 They have a resort credit that will give you HUGE discounts at the spa. So I do suggest clients take advantage of the spa and salon. The best one I have had is called the Escenia massage. It is where there are 2 people working on you. With COVID that one is not available so then I will do the Hot Stone massage and do a facial.   M: If this is family property? K: This is adults only. They have a sister resort called Hard Rock Riviera Maya that is about 15 mins away that is family friendly. M: Is there butler service available at Unico 2087?

Feb 25

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Ocean Coral Spring is a brand new family friendly resort in Jamaica.  The lazy river is a family treat and the fruit plates are delightful.  Join group travel expert Kelley Woods as we discuss her report exploration during the time of Covid. Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  M: Where are we going today?   K: JAMAICA!!!   M: When were you last on Ocean Coral Spring?   K: I was in Jamaica December 10th-14th, 2020.   M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country?   K: Have to get tested for COVID 9 days prior to departure. No rapid test is allowed. Have to have test results on paper, in hand before you board your flight. Travel authorizations have to be filled out and submitted online 5 days before departure. They will send you confirmation whether you’ve been allowed to enter the country.   M: So, you visited during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving on the resort? Has the process changed?   K: Temperature checks and sanitizer EVERYWHERE! You’re getting your temp checked at the gate and at the resort entrance.   M: I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  Why was Ocean Coral Springs your choice?   K: I chose Ocean Coral Springs because I knew it was the newest resort on the island. As well, I was pitched on Ocean resorts years ago and I made it a point to at least stay at one, no matter the location. I had to make sure it was luxurious and modern.   M: Who is the best guest for this resort?   K: I would definitely say it’s family-friendly, they do have a adults-only resort that will be opening soon right next door. But, they have a water park, lazy river, a huge pool, and entertainment. A bowling alley, theater, a kids club, just so much stuff.   M: What about accessibility?   K: Ocean Coral Spring a flat property. If a guest needs assistance, there is plenty of assistance that is accessible.   M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate?   K: I’ve tipped bartenders, the guy that brought my luggage to my room, the cook at the Teppanyaki restaurant and the waiters from other restaurants. I paid it all in US dollars. I’ve definitely made sure I tipped my drivers.   M: Did you get to experience the spa at Ocean Coral Spring?   K: I didn’t experience the spa, but I did get a tour and I hate I missed out on it.   M: If this is family property?   K: Yes, families are welcome! I didn’t bring my kids this trip. It was more of a mental escape for me, so I didn’t want my kids to tag along.   M: Is there butler service available?   K: Butler service is available, but I didn’t take advantage. But, it was limited due to Covid.   M: Are there water sport options at Ocean Coral Spring?   K: I didn’t see any water sport options onsite.   M: How would you describe this beach?    K: There are 2 sides to the beach. One side for those that have booked privilege and those that didn’t.   M: Is golfing an option on this property?   K: I didn’t see any golfing on the property.   M: Everyone loves a swim-up bar.  Does this resort have them?   K: Yes, they do have a swim up bar.   M: Please share your favorite meal on property?   K: The fruit was my fave. They should’ve never given me access to sweet sop lol.   M:...

Feb 24

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This is the first time a guest has brought props to a live with me. I LOVED IT.  Tami Santini was a delight to interview and offered candor on the "well dones" and "needs work" on this property. However, her reflections on her stay were overall exceptional.   For the luxury appreciating, discerning travelers this is a resort to consider! This is part of the All-Inclusive Resort Winners Review series.   Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  This is the first time a guest has brought props to a live with me. I LOVED IT.  Tami Santini was a delight to interview and offered candor on the "well dones" and "needs work" on this property. However, her reflections on her stay were overall exceptional.   For the luxury appreciating, discerning travelers this is a resort to consider! Tami is available for both travel professionals to run questions by and is also accepting new clients. ( Clubhouse @tamnisantini Instagram @tamisantini Facebook @destinationweddingcoach  Format: M: Where are we going today? T: Grand Velas Riviera Maya M: When were you last on property? T: The first week in December 2020. M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country? T: A covid test is not required to enter Mexico.  M: So, you visited during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving on the Grand Velas Rivera Maya? Has the process changed? T: They had temperature screening as well as they checked our oxygen levels. They gave us fresh towels to clean our hands and even wiped down our passports and credit cards before putting them on a tray to give back to us.  M: Let’s talk demographics.  Who is the best guest for Grand Velas Rivera Maya? T: Discerning travelers looking for an elevated experience. Adults, families, groups.   M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a glute work out? T: The property is flat. Since the Zen Ambience was closed, I was not able to walk back there to get a better feel for walking distance. I know there are golf carts available if needed. M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? Dollars or local currency? T: Yes, tipping was appropriate and expected since it is a high level of service.  M: One thing I like when I’m on a resort property, is to relax, like ultimately relax.  One thing that will blow my blood pressure through the roof is a hard or constant sales pitch.  What is your experience with this on site? T: We were not approached about a membership and I am unaware of any program they offer to guests.  M: While we are on the topic of relaxing… did you get to experience the spa at Grand Velas Rivera Maya?  T: The spa was not opened, so they were offering services on the beach or in your suite.  M: Is there butler service available? Did you experience this? T: There is a personal concierge and the concierge was very attentive. All the staff was willing to go the extra mile. One time we wanted a fresh coconut because we saw other guests with some, and the bell man was on the hunt to help us. They ended up delivering them to our room because they couldn’t find us. Then, when we left, the bellman had two waiting for us for our drive.  M: Are there water sport options available at Grand Velas Rivera Maya? T: Yes, they have non-motorized...

Feb 19

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What is it like to stay at the Palmaia during the pandemic?  Or, what is it like to be lit on fire during one of their daily rituals?  Explore with us on this video episode of ( ) This is part of a series of all inclusive reviews.  Subscribe for notifications! The YouTube Video an be viewed here: ( Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  Joni's journal entry on her own experience can be found here: ( FORMAT: M: Where are we going today?   J: Palmaia, the House of Aia in Riviera Maya, just outside of Playa del Carmen – less than an hour from Cancun airport (cue photo of Sobrero/beach)   M: When were you last at Palmaia?   J: I was at Palmaia in October and August of 2020   M: Now when I made this casting call for all-inclusive resort reviews I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  You chose Palmaia. Tell me why.   J: Palmaia is special. It’s like a fancy mini-burning man if you want it to be in that it can be a transformative experience. Instead of bocce ball and Zumba classes, they have what they call rituals. Things like meditation, sound healing, tai chi.  I went in with an open-mind and kind of let the transformation happen. Being set on fire helped, like the proverbial light a fire under your ass, but literal.   M: Tell me more about these rituals, this is definitely not what you expect an all-inclusive resort to be.   J: Well I started with a morning meditation and I hate meditating.Then It invloved me being awkward, a lot of waiting in silence, a feather and then fire!   Then there was rock stacking – balance.  I didn’t understand it until much later.  I get it now.   There were also fun creative rituals like arts and crafts. Coloring mandalas, etc. and a horoscope reading     M: Please share your favorite meal at Palmaia?   J: All of them, they’re all about using as much locally sourced sustainable ingredients as possible. They are vegan/plant based but there are meat/seafood options. It’s probably less so than I normally would have but I didn’t feel like it missed anything. It’s delicious, gourmet, hippie food.  Dinners are chef’s tasting menu. Tell them your dietary restrictions and they prepare the most incredible dishes and wine/drink pairings. Breakfast/lunch are a la carte. Everything is made with the freshest high quality ingredients.   M: How would you describe the beach at Palmaia?    J: Heaven – white sand beach, no vendors, turquoise Caribbean water   M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a glute work out?   J: It’s small compared to most AIs. But it’s long connected by a main path. There are bicycles for guests to use and you can always call for a golf cart shuttle but nothing is that far. Besides the beach, my favorite part of the property is the on-site swimmable cenote. It’s small but magical, and right next to the spa.   M: Did you get to experience the spa?  Do they have any signature treatments?   J: They have your traditional spa services but with a local unique healing twist therapies rooted in Mayan culture. Each treatment room...

Feb 18

50 min 41 sec

I'm very pleased to have Olivia McKerley on the podcast today to talk about Sandals Grande Antigua. Voted most romantic resort in the Caribbean honeymooners and lovers should tune in to discover why! This is the second installment of the Travel Radio Podcast All-Inclusive Reviews Live series. If you would like to view the live video replay here is it on YouTube.  I have my most epic gaff ever. Please skips to about minute 3... (Live Replay Grande Antigua Review) Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  M: Where are we going today? O: Sandals Grande Antigua M: When were you last on property? O: Late January 2021 M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into Antigua? O: All I needed was a negative covid PCR test taken within 7 days of my first date of travel.  M: So, you visited Sandals Grande Antigua during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving on the resort? Has the process changed? O: The Antigua airport did a phenomenal job as far as sanitizing, social distancing, etc. Everything was extremely clean and well organized. They just asked us a few health questions before we headed out front to catch our shuttle to the resort. Our luggage was wiped down before being put in the shuttle which was nice. When we arrived at the resort, they checked our temperatures as soon as we got out of the shuttle. They had us sanitize and brought us into the lobby to check in. We broke the seal before entering our room so we knew that no one else had been in that room since it was cleaned. Everything was smooth.  M: Now when I made this casting call for resort reviews I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  You chose (fill in the blank).  In an elevator pitch summary, why was this your choice? O: Sandals Grande Antigua is the Caribbean's most romantic resort with its stunning waters, powdery white sand, beautiful landscapes, and plenty of places to unplug and reconnect with your loved one.  M: Let’s talk demographics.  Who is the best guest for this resort? (Coupes, families, etc) O: Adults (18+) M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a gluten work out? Taxi/shutle service? O: The property is flat for the most part. It is very large though so it takes longer to get to some of the restaurants and amenities.  M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? Dollars or local currency? O: We used dollars to tip the shuttle drivers. No other tipping is allowed for Sandals unless you are tipping your butler or for a spa treatment.  M: One thing I like when I’m on a resort property, is to relax, like ultimately relax.  One thing that will blow my blood pressure through the roof is a hard or constant sales pitch.  What is your experience with this on site? O: There were some peddlers on the beach which did annoy me at times. Different staff members wandered through the main pool area each day to meet guests and see if they could assist in making their vacation even better. No hard sales pitches at all though.  M: While we are on the topic of relaxing… did you get to experience the spa?  Do they have any signature treatments? O: They have over 75 treatments to choose from. I did get a tour of the spa and one of the treatment rooms. I can definitely see myself relaxing with a massage the next time that I am there. It...

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Marival Punta de Mita, A Brand New All-Inclusive Resort Opening During Covid... and Flourishing! Catch the Video Playlist of All-Inclusive Review on YouTube: ( An Audio Playlist is Available with 8 New Reviews Here: (  Everyone is looking for resources about All-Inclusive resorts right now.  What is it like on site?  What precautions are they taking?  Will they provide exit testing.  This series of Travel Radio Podcast is designed for you! I'm interviewing #travelprofessionals​ that have been on location during the time of Covid.  Enjoy this first of the series.  View the rest 8pm live on FB:​.  Audio Podcast Available Here:  M: Where are we going today? Guest: Marival Punta de Mita M: When were you last on property? Guest: About a month ago M: What can you tell us about travel requirements headed into the country? Guest: You need to wear a mask while in the airport and inside stores. You also have to complete a health questionnaire. That's about it. Now, when you return to the US, you need to provide a negative covid antigen test within 72 hours before your flight departs or they won't let you on the plan to return home. M: So, you visited during the time of Covid… what was it like arriving on the resort? Has the process changed? Guest: Yes. They have more diligent cleaning procedures. Max capacity was at 40%. All staff was wearing masks. Guests are encouraged to wear masks in close quarters with other guests, but it's not required. M: Now when I made this casting call for resort reviews I only allowed each participant to choose one resort.  You chose (fill in the blank).  In an elevator pitch summary, why was this your choice? Guest: Well Punta de Mita is such a nice relaxing area with very nice beaches. Marival is the newest resort in the area. It opened in 2020 and is really polished. Plus the spa is incredible and very unique.  M: Let’s talk demographics.  Who is the best guest for this resort? (Couples, families, etc) Guest: Families who want to get away and be in a more secluded area. M: What about accessibility? Is this a flat type property or will you be getting a glute work out? Taxi/shutle service? Guest: It's fairly flat with some steps here and there. M: How about tipping?  What is appropriate on this resort? Dollars or local currency? Guest: I always recommend local currency so they don't have to go through exchanging the money, but if all you have is dollars, they will still appreciate it. M: One thing I like when I’m on a resort property, is to relax, like ultimately relax.  One thing that will blow my blood pressure through the roof is a hard or constant sales pitch.  What is your experience with this on site? Guest: No sales pitches unless you consider them encouraging you to get dessert a sales pitch. The service is fantastic.  M: While we are on the topic of relaxing… did you get to experience the spa?  Do they have any signature treatments? Guest: Absolutely! I love SPA's. Marival has a very unique SPA with 9 different treatments representing different countries. I've been to a lot of SPA's and have never seen anything like it.  M: If this is family property  - did you bring any kids with you?  What was that like? Guest: Yes. It is. I didn't bring kids. M: Is there butler service available? Did you experience this? Guest: No. M: Are there water sport options at the Marival Punta De Mita?...

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During this very trying time in world history faith is more important than ever to many people.  This episode highlights a very important path for Catholics wanting to connect with their faith via historical sites of religious importance.  Post pandemic travel your clients or even you, dear travelers, will find the information on this podcast useful. Judy Yirsa has a heart for faith pilgrimages.  She wants to connect with her Creator in the places He performed miracles and revealed himself to his people.  Even her honeymoon was tracing the path of Fatima. For Judy there is an aspect of God being elusive and the need to see and touch proof of his existence.  Judy plans these trips to deepen her own faith and the faith of her clients.  Enjoy this throw back to "Perfect Paths For Catholic Pilgrims". An estimated 168 Million Christians take faith based trips each year! The events of the Easter season and their locations are among the most popular destinations. As the Easter season approaches and Christians set off on their travels, maybe you are feeling left behind. Are you wondering where they are going? What are they doing? What is so important about Easter? Today's episode will shed light on these locations and thier historic significance. Judy Yirsa, St. Christopher Mission's Travel, specialises is Catholic Pilgrimages for faith based groups and families. As a past guest on Travel Radio Podcast, Judy has shared a selection of Catholic Pilgrimage routes. Of particular interest is her episode on Oberammergau, a Passion Play, only performed every ten years - don't miss it! Listen to that episode (HERE.) Don't forget to enter the Cozyphones giveaway for April 2019! (Read Megan's Review) and (Subscribe to Newsletter) Today Judy joins Travle Radio to explore Catholic Pilgrimage options as related to the upcoming Easter Holiday. From land to sea there are MANY options available to the faith curious tourist. We will explore some of those options on this episode including, guides, mobility concerns, language requirements, travel cash, visas, etc. FUN FACT: Judy loves planning pilgrimages so much she and her husband honeymooned to Catholic Pilgrim destinations in Europe! Episode Topics Include: A 5 Star Review Judy's experience with Cozyphones History of Easter Pilgrimages Judy's Recent Family Pilgrimage to Paris Potential Routes and Locations for Easter Pilgrimages Addressing Mobility Concerns Language Concerns Money Exchange Visa Requirments Cruise and River Cruise Pilgrimage Options The FANNY PACK IS BACK! Alternatives to the Fanny Pack Lara Croft Would Wear Thank you and good bye! Special Guest: Judith Romera Yirsa. Links: (The "Lara Croft" fashion accessory leg bag!) — It's an Amazon link - I'm not getting paid. Just pointing you to an option slightly more motorcycle gang and less "1989 Mom in Spandex". In the words of Maui, "You're Welcome!" (Suede Backpack Bag | M&S Collection | M&S) — The gold leather bag I took to Vegas. Despite feeling like I was always being robbed I think this was a good purchase. I like it more now that it is a little distressed. It has GREAT pockets and is cute enough to wear with dresses! (Easter - Wikipedia) — The history of Easter! (Contigo | Travel Mugs, Water Bottles & Kids Water Bottles | Contigo®) — The travel mugs I brag on! (Travel...

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Introduction M: Welcome Frederik Mayet to Travel Radio Podcast. Thank you for being my guest today! F: M: Where in the world are we going today? F: Oberammergau, DE M: …and I am excited to get into my questions for you!  Specifically, we  are going to be talking about Oberammergau’s Passion Play 2022.  Frederik, for listeners/watchers of the podcast unfamiliar the Passion Play performed in Oberammergau, can you give us some context and history of the event? F: M: How does this effect the time line going forward? Will it resume at 2030 or 2032 for the next play? F:  M: How is ticketing working for those who has ticket for 2020 compared to people who have no tickets but would like to participate in 2022? F: M: How many times in the history of the Passion Play has it been cancelled of rescheduled? F: M: The play is performed in the German language.  Do attendees need to know German to enjoy the play? F: M: The venue is very unique in that it is an outdoor theatre.  Is that always in place or does it come down on years the play is not in motion? F: M: How long is the play for 2022? F: M: I was watching some short recordings on YouTube about changes to the costumes, the venue and even the revising of racial or anti-semetic undertones to the script.  Can you speak to why visitors that have attended the play in the past will find it refreshed but still the Passion Play? F: M: What opportunities are available for guests to have refreshments on site or near by? F:  M: You can give you favorite place to dine a shout out?  Where is your favorite place to eat in Oberammergau? F: M: Where would you eat, besides your mother’s house, for traditional Bavarian cuisine? F: M: Are guests allowed to eat at their seats? F: M: Are seats reserved or it is first come first seated? F: M: About how many people live in Oberammergau? F: M: When you say the entire village participates you really mean it.  What is the most people you have put on the stage at one time? F: M: What age were you when you were first in the play? F M: What roles have you played in the Passion Play? F: M: How are the actors for each role decided? F: M: Is there stiff competition to portray Jesus?  Or is this such a big role intimidating for actors? F: M: What does preparation to play Jesus look like.  I know that for about a year before the play all the men start to grow their hair out.  But do you have additional preperations or research that you do? F: M: Do you consider yourself to be a very Spiritualy person? F: M: Did your spiritual life change as a result of portraying Jesus?   F:  M: Are there any other tips or advice you would like to give listeners/viewers before we close out the program. F: M: Thank you and goodbye! See ( for privacy information.

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Here is a throwback to the times of cruising!  Ahhh, the brand spanking new cruise ship inspection (sigh).  Keep travel dreaming friends.  I hope cruisers will get to cruise sooner than later.  Until then, you can reminisce on this episode. Valerie and Shari are two lucky gals! They were invited to an inaugural sailing of the Norwegian Bliss. Purpose built for Alaska there are some unique features that gives new life to exploring familiar ports. Topics include: Itineraries/ Destinations Observation Deck Casino Innovations focusing on smoking areas Dining styles and options The Haven Suites private club area Family Rooms for families of four and five Extra entertainment Go Carts and Laser Tag Beach club adults only club area! Future developments Multi Generational Travel Shows and Entertainment BBQ AT SEA!!! Every episode features a new type of travel, location or supplier and pairs it with travel professional that is available to help you sort out your options. Make you bucket list travel happen this year! Discover new adventures here - the water is fine! Special Guests: Shari Kavalin and Valerie Gossett. Links: (Travel Radio Podcast - YouTube) — Travel Radio Podcast is on YouTube! Please like and subscribe! See ( for privacy information.

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You can't believe this is the US! Spark envy among your friends with a trip to the Tip of the Mitt in Michigan. M: Hello and Welcome to Travel Radio Podcast. I am your host Megan Chapa. Before we get started I just want to give a shout out to the other podcasts on the Travmarket Media Network.  I'm loving your content!  Listeners, please take a minute to leave a review for a podcaster today!  It is the highlight of a podcasters day to get a review. I would love it if it could be mine or one of the Travmarket Podcasts. Now - let me welcome today's guest, Katy Spratte Joyce. Katy, Welcome to Travel Radio Podcast! K: Thanks so much for having me Megan! Excited to be here.  M: Katy, will you take a minute to introduce yourself? K: Sure, hello listeners, I’m Katy, a freelance travel, food, and beverage journalist based in the Midwest. I write for publications like Eating Well, Travel+Leisure, Chilled Magazine, and more ( ( This year, I’ve been able to write a lot more about my home region and focus my writing on lots of Midwestern content which has been really lovely and fulfilling.  M: If people want to follow along online where can they find you? K: I’m most active on instagram, where my handle is @katysjoyce  M: Ok Katy, let's not beat around the bush, let's get to it!  Where are we going today!? K: Michigan, the tip of the mitt! (You can explain the shape of MI better if you like here. Some listeners will not get it.)  One of my favorite midwestern-isms is how Michiganders will hold up their hand and point to where they’re from on the mitt. I was lucky to be able to explore four beautiful destinations in Northern Michigan, including near the tip of the mitt. These spots were Traverse City, Petoskey, Beaver Island, and probably the most well-known Michigan destination…. Mackinac Island.  M: This is a region I've not spent much time in.  I've been there for weddings and to see family but never for more than a day or two at a time.  On those type of events you mostly focus on family.  So, tell me all the things I've been missing!  How about is there an over arching thing the region is know for, or not known for but maybe should be? K: Everyone knows Michigan has lots of coastline...after all its comprised of two peninsulas, but I don’t think people realize how jaw-droppingly gorgeous it really is.  I have to say the water makes the whole region stand out, the insane beauty of the lake views (including Michigan, Huron, and inland lakes) is really special, which makes outdoor fun a great option. And the region also has my favorite Midwestern wines and some of the best dry rieslings in the world. My husband was also blown away by the golf courses up there. In his words “I was not expecting such high quality golf, there were several PGA level golf courses with beautiful views on every hole” ….which helped him take his mind off of hitting so many into the lake haha.  M: I'm going to start us off at our southern most destination and then act as though we were road tripping and head north in order.  That means Traverse City is first on the list.  They claim to be a destination for four seasons and the pictures tell a pretty compelling story.  When were you there and what was in season to do at that time? K: I was there in September, which was perfect cause most of the summer crowds had dissipated. The hiking was awesome, especially at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (which is celebrating its 50th year this year!). I also liked the trails near the Old Mission Lighthouse...and I found out you can actually play lightkeeper there, which I wrote about for (Thrillist.) And...

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Travel may be canceled but travel dreaming and travel planning is full force.  Mentally cooking up adventures is healthy.  On this replay episode I interview Katheryn Parker Magyar who's bylines include: Departures, Architectural Digest, Forbes, The Daily Beast, The Week, TripSavvy, Business Insider, World Travel Magazine and more. Our conversation is a sample collection of popular destinations and then the alternatives you might try instead.  Trust me, this conversation could have gone on ALL DAY.  WE get along like a house on fire.   Katherine is a delight.  Her writings can be found at (  ----------------------- Original Episode Notes: New Destinations For Experienced Travelers (INSTAGRAM) (WEBSITE) If I had to assign Katherine Parker-Magyar a spirit animal it would be a youthful pup caught in a "full-body-wag". "You love travel? I love travel! LET'S TALK TRAVEL!" That is my experience interviewing Katherine. Katherine Parker-Magyar has the accomplishments of a rigorous academic, a sense of adventure rivaling Lewis and Clark and stamps on her passport to brag about. This episode will expose you to the joy Katherine brings to travel writing and perhaps pick up a few new destinations for your bucket list! We cover the world by region and explore alternative destinations for travelers that have trekked the well-worn paths of popular destinations. In additional to her bylines (Architectural Digest, Forbes, The Week, Business Insider and more...) Katherine shares her love of books and her favorite charities. The Amal Foundation aims to support young Palestinian refugees seeking higher education. Amal, in Arabic, translates to "hope" in English. That is exactly what this foundation does and for a staggeringly affordably cost. (See link below.) Podcast Topics Include: Where are millennials from China traveling? The friendliness and culture of Dominica Santa is from Finland! Vet what you read and choose reputable travel journalists writing Choose to consume reputable travel products When in doubt, ask a professional. Find and travel agent with experience in the region you want to travel in. Tips on travel writing The art of hoarding and moving books Art of Blenheim Palace and the Birth Place of Winston Churchill Bring a portable charger Register for travel rewards! Travel to build relationships and goodwill The Amal Foundation What is Katherine’s favorite state? WYOMING! New locations to visit for the seasoned jetsetter Alternate locations to popular tourist spots 350th Anniversary Rembrandt, an artist for our time... selfies and naked women! Where to see live bears in a city center! Swim in ancient thermal spas formerly home to mythical dragons... Katherine's closing words, "I don't want to play favorites... but everyone should go to Dominica and Kenya!" Special Guest: Katherine Parker-Magyar. Links: (Katherine Parker-Magyar) (Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann | Books) (The Amal Foundation) (Where to Take Your Wild Child on Vacation | PoP 383 - How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Private Practice| Practice of the Practice) — Joe Sanok's episode of Travel Radio! (Travel Radio Podcast - YouTube) — Travel Radio Podcast is on YouTube! Please like and subscribe!   See

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Hell Yeah - Up Helly Aa! (I couldn't resist...) In my mind... If 2020 was a Viking Ship bound for a fiery end, Up Helly Aa would be its doom.  I would cathartically burn its losses in licks of flame.  This is not the right festival for that.  That is the energy fueling the procession of Burn The Clocks Festival in Brighton, UK. I digress...   Up Helly Aa is CELEBRATION!  This is a glorious fire festival celebrated across Sheltand, Scotland.  It is actually a night that culminates a holy season and is celebrated through, fire, post parties and performances.   Did I mention Viking garb?  I think they must have a costume director employed at the bigger festivals.  The attire is made for block busters destined cinema. Much like Germany's Oberammergau, not just anyone can don their best Viking attire and participate in the larger Up Helly Ah festivals.  There are birth right requirements, residency requirements - even some heavily contested gender requirements.  Thankfully, you can spectate with little requirements or cost. As of the date of this recording there are eleven Up Helly Aa festivals in Shetland, Scotland.   you can read a historic origin account on the Wikki here: ( The adventurer and 2020 cathartic Megan is like, "Let's go burn this 'mother' down".  Then the other part of me is like, wait, flaming torches being thrown to a center point from a circle of partially inebriated men!?  This is a recipe for burned hair and singed beards or worse.  What could go wrong? #letsdothis Celebrate and light something on fire - it's time for this interview on Up Helly Aa! Shetland webcams as promised in the interview: (  Interview: M: Hello and welcome to travel radio podcast. I am your host Megan Chapa and today I am privileged to have a new guest on the podcast. Welcome Zachary Burns! Z: Hi Everyone! M: Would you please take a minute to introduce yourself and how you got into travel. Z: Absolutely! As Megan said my name is Zach and I am the owner and founder of Royal B Travel and I specialize in luxury travel in the UK. I have been in the travel industry for 9 years, however, the industry chose me, I did not choose it. Tell story.  M: How can people follow along and find you online? Z: Absolutely! People can follow me on Instagram @royal_b_travel, Facebook (, and my website is (  M: Now, I need to be honest that we lived in the UK for three years and visited Scotland several times but I have never heard of the festival we are going to talk about today.  To paraphrase Jack Black's frequently used expression... this festival will literally "melt your face off." Zach, what is Up Helly Aa? Z: Up Helly Aa or Up Holy Day is a 200 year old fire festival celebrating viking heritage. However, not everyone in the festival is dressed up as a viking. Additionally, the festival is celebrated in 12 communities throughout the Shetland Islands the largest and more well known being in Lerwick. M: Have you actually been to one of these festivals? Z: I went to Up Helly Aa when I was 7 with my family and it is crazy to think it was 21 years ago. How time flies. The festival is absolutely brilliant due to the flames and spectacular as to how many people are involved. My favourite part was the burning of the Viking ship. M: How many eyebrows did you see burst into flames during this event?  How about beards? Z: Haha! No one was burned in the making of the festival at least I don’t think so. I did not see any beards or eyebrows get burned. That would be a sight in its own right haha. M: As I eluded to this is a...

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I love the idea of taking a new language home from a memorable vacation.  I would love to see more travel planners do these sorts of trips.  Enjoy this throw back episode with a great friend and human, Therese Lafleche. Take A Vacation, Take Home A New Language Therese Lafleche created her language retreats to be efficient in time and value for your monetary investment. She credits their success to a combination of fun, relaxation, time and immersion. You will be out of your everyday life routine in a space with no interruptions, no rushing off and more importantly not allowing time to go by before the next lesson. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a lesson only to realise you have forgotten half of what was learnt the week prior. These retreats don't allow for that. The speed of learning and understanding increases each and everyday as there is no time to forget anything. Instead Therese creates a nice relaxing environment to just concentrate on the language and have fun! Basically, it's a vacation where you would walk away with improved language skills as a bonus. Everyone will be learning everyday expressions that they probably would have never covered otherwise. The goal is to have so much fun that you don't realise you are learning every minute of the day. Theresa hopes for a chain effect in learning. The more students learn, the more confident they are. With confidence comes more practice. The more they practice the more they learn… Often the progress we make in one week, is similar, if not better than the progress made in a year of once a week lessons. Hopefully, after the third day participants will be thinking, even dreaming in the target language. Therese believes this style of learning is powerful and something I think everyone needs to experience! Special Guest: Therese Lafleche. Links: (Passport Lifestyles) (Travel Radio Podcast - YouTube) — Travel Radio Podcast is on YouTube! Please like and subscribe! See ( for privacy information.

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M: Welcome to Travel Radio Podcast.  Today I am please to have Julia Matheson on the podcast with me today. Welcome Julia! J: Hooray!   M: Julia, would you take a minute to introduce yourself? J: I’ve been in independent travel advisor since 2013, but I started my time in the industry back in 2009 helping European travel agencies organize trips for their clients coming to the US and Canada. As a French major in undergrad and an International MBA grad, my first four years in the industry solidified not only my French language skills but also my passion for helping my fellow Americans get out and explore the wider world – specializing of course in France. M: It's in the show notes but if you wouldn't mind... where can people find you online? J: ( and @TravelJuliasWay on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. for email. M: So then - Where are we going today!? J: France! M: Yes, let's break France down for the newbies, or even people who have been there, let's say about three times, went to Paris twice, Normandy once, Paris Disney, basically, seen the places, ate and drank a lot of the French culture but still don't know what's up.... (spoiler it's me.) How should we approach France and make it's regions tangible and mentally retainable for listeners? J: Besides the fact that I really think Normandy deserves a few more days than just one day to see the D-Day beaches, there are so many great areas to visit in France, with diverse experiences – always with great food and wine though! M: Where should we go first? J: Provence! This amazingly rich and fabulous area found more or less in the triangular area between Avignon (home of the Palace of the Popes and the high-speed rail connection to Paris), Arles (home to both Roman Ruins and scenes from Van Gogh’s paintings), and Aix-en-Provence (charming university town, home to Cezanne’s workshop). Major activities: seeing fields of lavender &/or sunflowers, drinking wine in either Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Cotes-du-Rhone wine regions, visiting Roman Ruins, market hopping in the villages of the Luberon valley (made famous in Peter Mayle’s books like “A Year in Provence”). Special tip: canoeing down the river to see the Pont du Gard (famous massive Roman Aqueduct) M: Where do we head from here? J: It’s a short drive east to the Cote D’Azur, or French Riviera. **Note- you could stop at the Gorges du Verdun for some nature adventures like canyoning – it’s about half way between Aix and Nice.** Nice is the most central and largest town (and best airport for easy Paris connections), though St. Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco are also beautiful options. Major activities: beach time (usually through a hotel or public beach club as most of the beaches are pebbles, not sand), yachting, art museums and galleries (like the Musee Chagall or Musee Matisse in Nice, or galleries all over Saint Paul de Vence), and perfume factories (in Grasse, notably). Special tip: don’t miss incredible views (and dining options) in the cliff-top village of Eze, halfway between Nice & Monaco. M: How about our next region of France? J: Over on the west coast, the region around Bordeaux is amazing. The city is full of beautiful charm, and then there are the wine regions of the Medoc (west bank between the city & the ocean) or around Saint Emilion (east of the city & north of the Dordogne river – adorable village surrounded by vines!). Besides wine tasting, which is the dominant activity, you could also do some cognac tasting, or visit the giant sand dunes on the coast. Note: The buzzy new “Cite du Vin” wine museum may be overrated, but they have also just opened a cool new digital art experience called “Bassins de Lumieres”. Special Tip: The exciting “4.5...

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Shower beers from vending machines are her "jam" when in Japan.  However, Theresa, warns eating on the move is a major "NO".  She recommends trying all the buttons in the hyper advanced toilet facilities. From serene sites to bustling cities Japan is a country of dichotomies.  This is why so many people love it and return as often as they can. M: Hello and Welcome back! For listeners who did not hear your last podcast, would you please take a moment to introduce yourself? T: I'm Theresa, owner of Get Out! Custom Travels. I specialize in custom trips and many of my favorite destinations are in Europe and Asia. I'm also the creator of FAM with Intention which is a course that teaches travel advisors how to improve the way they market their FAM trips on social media. M: Where can people find you online? T: The can find me on Facebook and Instagram @getoutcustomtravels and on my website ( M: So then - Where are we going today? T: Japan! M: Ok, I have no idea where to start on Japan.  I have never been to Asia at all. So please talk to me like a child and like a need everything explained in detail because... largely both of those things are true... If you had a client say, "What is there even to do in Japan?" What would you highlight real look like? T: Japan is a country full of dichotomies, and I think that's why people love it so much. On one hand you have the quiet temples and gardens and on the other hand you have Pokemon and quirky cafes. There is something for everyone. No matter how long you plan on staying in Japan, you're never going to be able to experience it all. There's always going to be something else to see and something delicious to eat. For a first-timer in Japan, I would put as many iconic elements of Japan into the itinerary as possible. I would recommend 10 days MINIMUM. The sweet spot seems to be around two weeks for Americans who aren't able to get any more PTO in a row. The typical first-timers journey will start and finish in Tokyo with stops in Hakone, Kyoto, and Osaka along the way. The main form of transportation will obviously be by bullet train. Tokyo offers the metropolitan experience with all glitz and shine of technology. Hakone is the national park area which is a good respite from the city. I will typically book a traditional inn, or ryokan, here for clients. Kyoto is one of the cultural capitals and here is where you'll find the beautiful temples and gardens along with Gion which is Geisha District. Osaka is like Tokyo's rebellious sibling. It doesn't feel as strict here and the food is absolutely incredible. From Osaka you can take some day trips to Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. M: I know you plan travel for a lot of millennials.  What kinds of things are drawing millennials to Japan? T: Millennials love going out of their comfort zone in terms of food and culture. They tend to be more open-minded and they like being immersed in a destination. They also like doing new things. Many millennials grow up watching anime (and many of them still do). There are also many brag-worthy things to experience there that make for amazing photos on social media. Japan is place where you can be really connected or not. M: Can you simply tell us you favorite memory of traveling in Japan? T: I have two favorite memories. The first one is that I ran into Norman Reedus at Shibuya Crossing and got a selfie with him!  The second is more destination related. Japan is known for their amazing vending machines. They are EVERYWHERE. You can even buy hot drinks out of there! My favorite memory happened at the ryokan in Hakone. I went in the spring so it still very chilly especially since it is a bit higher up in elevation. Ryokans are known for their onsens which are typically hot spring-fed baths. I always book my clients in a room with a private onsen on their balcony. These...

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Podcast topics include: Athens, Greece Three islands for day trips from Athens City layout Accessibility History Food Wine Itinerary suggestions The original show note can be found here: (  See ( for privacy information.

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M: Ashwani, would you take a moment to introduce yourself? A: Hello, My name is Ashwani. As you mentioned, I am from Delhi, India. I do food tours, photography tours and heritage tours in different cities of India. I studied MBA in tourism. M: What is the story behind "The Horses King"?  How did you get this title? A: In India, everyone has a meaning to their names. My name is Ashwani, it's a sanskrit word, which means, 'the king of the horses'. My mom gave me this name. It suits me, because being a tour guide this name gives a sense that I am funny and a royalty, showing my kingdom to my guests. M: For people that would like to follow along online where can they find you? A: They can google up "TheHorsesKing" or find me on any social media. M: My understanding is that you did not start in the tourism industry.  What was your path to the tourism industry and leading food tours? A: This is the story of my transformation. I am a mechanical engineer, and worked as an engineer for a few years. I did like the work, so I quit it and went to volunteer at Gandhi Ashram. There I used to teach kids, work in the farm and with the community. There I met a tour guide from Italy, she shared her amazing stories with me. So, I realized I could also be a tour guide and started working in the tourism industry. After that I went to pursue an MBA in tourism to overcome my engineering background. M: Now, we have delayed the topic long enough!  Ashwani, where are we going today and what are we talking about! A: India and specifically, India For Foodies! As I am a food tour guide in India. We will talk about food and India. M: Now, where do we even begin!? At some point we are going to do a second episode reading through a menu.  But for today - let's just make people drool!  Let's start with what characterizes Indian food? A: India is known for its spices. It is the land of spices. Even colonizers came to India for the spices like black pepper. Black pepper is native to India like many other spices. So, Indian food is full of spices. I would say India added flavours to most of the cuisines of the world. M: Will you find raw meats on an Indian Menu? A: In India, you don't find anything raw. We have been using spices to cook our food for 3-4 thousand years now. So, we cook food with spices, not raw. M: Will you find beef in Indian cuisine? A: India is a diverse country. We eat all kinds of meat in India. From a western perspective, India is a religious country. It is, but food is not related to religion but to geography. So, in some parts of India, people eat beef. M: I think the stereotype Americans, and likely Europeans have is that Indian food is spicy.  This can be a barrier to entry for many people.  Can you give us some beginner/entry level Indian foods for the first time taster? A: We break the stereotype regarding Indian food on our food tours. Indian food is spicy but by spicy people mean that it is chilli hot, which gives a burning sensation. And chilli is not native to India, so we recently started using it. We don't use green or red chilli, we mostly use black pepper in our dishes. So, yes Indian food is spicy, or to say it as full of flavours not just hotness of chilli. Adding extra chillies doesn't make it Indian food. We also add black pepper in our drink like buttermilk, and use it to cure sore throat. Another stereotype is turmeric latte. For Indians, turmeric latte is nothing. My mom is giving me turmeric milk since I am able to drink by myself. So, it is very common in our homes. I don't why they are charging so much for that. If someone wants to try Indian food, they can have samosa or pakora in snacks; curries, lentils and breads in main course; kheer or gulab jamun in sweets; lassi(buttermilk) in drinks. M: Now, as far as the more experienced Indian food lover goes, what is a dish that will amaze them that they may not have tried...

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Colesville Travel – Trip to India – Cynthia Amin – November 25, 2020 Podcast M: Hello & Welcome.  Today I am pleased to have a brand-new guest on the podcast, Cynthia Amin.  I put out a call for new voices in November on the podcast and Cynthia I am so glad you responded. Welcome to the Travel Radio! C: Thank you so much for the invitation   M: Cynthia, would you take a minute to introduce yourself? C: Again, thanks for the invitation.  I am excited to share my experiences in India.  Yes, my name is Cynthia Amin of Colesville Travel and we are located in Silver Spring, MD -  M: If listeners want to follow along or connect with you where can they find you online? C: I am on all the social media channels –  FB: ( ) IG (@colesvilletravel)  Twitter: (@colesvilletrav) LinkedIn: ( M: Now, Cynthia, what are we talking about today! C: INDIA!  How to approach planning a first trip! M: Let's first get people excited by sharing a few stories on India.  What is your single most vivid memory of your travels there? C:  I have so many fond memories so it is hard to say just one – I would have to say the people  The local people - kindest and most hospitable people I’ve encountered in all of my travels But I would have to say the service in the India was amazing – everyone was so accommodating and helpful.   When you walk into the hotel, they open the door and greet, when you enter the restaurant they immediately greet and makes you feel so welcome – they put a bindi on your forehead if you like  If you call for something in a hotel – they come immediately  M: What surprised you the most about India? C: – I always tell my clients that no one could ever prepare you for a trip to India.  I have traveled all over the world - But I must say that I have never seen such crowded cities and so much traffic.   If you travel to India, you must learn to embrace chaos  Embracing the chaos is an important part of any trip to India!  What I mean  by that is -- there will be endless traffic jams, crowded streets, delays, incessant honking of horns, swerving motorbikes and rickshaws and many invasions of personal space. Learning to relax, going with the flow and being at peace with things happening on ‘Indian time’ will facilitate a much deeper understanding of the nation and culture. I remember going shopping, but I would have to say that shopping in India was amazing.  I will never forget arriving in Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi in a rickshaw – I was surrounded by thousands of people.   M: How did you find the food? What types of dining experiences did you try?  All planned restaurant meals or did you get to try street food? C:  Some people say that the food alone is reason enough to travel to India I sampled a lot of the food. Indians take their food very seriously and the cuisine, just like the country itself, is incredibly diverse. And it also takes a long time to prepare.   In the North, you’ll taste lots of thick, creamy curries that are moderately spicy. mutton rogan josh, parathas, and tandoori chicken.  Southern Indian cuisine is commonly characterized by the use of ingredients such as coconut, seafood and rice and is spicier than food in the north.  Lots of Vegetarians dishes in India, due to the large proportion of Hindus who are vegetarian. M: Now let's take a quick minute for a word from our sponsors M: ... and we are back! M: Now moving towards

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Cold travel may be just the ticket this year.  Be outside.  Breath the cold air or plan out your future Polar Bear scouting adventures.  Don't us this local driver.... Polar Bears and Exploring Abandoned Mining Towns in Alaska with Stephanie Lee Would you pet a Polar Bear? Would you fly to an abandoned mining town in Alaska just to poke around? If yes, this is the episode for you! Cold weather lovers, feast your ears and call your travel professional (if you don't have one email us, we'll point you in the right direction). Full show notes from original podcast here: (  See ( for privacy information.

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We've partied like it's 1999 and now we have the hindsight of 2020.  What does that mean for 2021?  Here's what we, the podcast hosts at Travmarket Media Network, are hopeful for and resolving to do in 2021.  Happy New Years! ~ The Hosts of (Travmarket Media Network) See ( for privacy information.

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Cloe Jager: Aussie | Journalist | Travel Lover | Podcaster Journalist by day and podcaster by night, Cloe Jager joins the podcast to talk about traveling in Australia. She is also the host of the Travel Lust Podcast. Cloe brings her passion for travel to Travel Radio Podcast this week to help travelers manage expectations and travel smarter while touring in Australia. Episode Topics Include: Is Cloe an Aussie criminal? Local weather trends Making sense Aussie Cuisine Read more and original show notes here: (  See ( for privacy information.

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2020 years ago a man changed the world. We mark our calendars by the birth of a child who treated people with kindness, recognized indignities and lifted people up.  He healed the sick and united people groups previously alienated to each other.   How does this relate to travel?  This man walked miles and miles. He sailed the region and droves of people swarmed him wherever he went.  His Goodness was contagious. He was comfortable on land and on sea, in any country. So, as you snuggle in with your family...  Or, as you make your path out of lockdown. I ask you to think about the goodness and kindness that is traveling with you.  Be the kind of person that attracts people.  Be generous. Be patient. If you need examples there is an excellent text widely available.   Merry Christmas! Megan Chapa See ( for privacy information.

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