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Myrna Young, Life Coach

The Transform your Mind, personal development podcast, is a weekly, podcast about life. Our mission is to positively help women, renew their mindset, so they can, transform their lives. We discuss topics on, transformation, how to have, healthy relationships, how to transform your mental health, overcome fear and find happiness much more.

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In this episode of 5 mins with coach Myrna, I teach on Synchronicity. What is it and how it is different from coincidence. Spirituals guru’s like Deepak Chopra says, synchronicity, operates in the spirit realm. Our, vibration, and energy attract people and things to us to help us to carry out our purpose and sometimes to guide us in another direction.

Dec 3

9 min 49 sec

We aren’t in easy communication with, nature, like we used to be, and the reality is our vibration (that is our healthy and healed vibration), is the same as the earth’s vibration. If you go outside and you touch a tree, it feels so good to be out in, nature, because, it’s healing to us. So,  put your hands on a tree, sit down on a park bench, take your shoes and socks off and let your feet touch the earth.It doesn’t even take any time. It’s literally seconds before your body drops into that healing frequency and starts shifting to a different vibration and matching. It’s called, resonance.  Your body finds, resonance, with the other vibrations.I’m very excited to bring to you an, earth, healing expert, her name is Amy Dempster. Today, we are going to be talking about “Understanding the Healing Powers of the Earth”. This is an interview that you have to listen to because I don’t know all there is about, mother earth, but there’s healing in the, earth.

Nov 29

55 min 53 sec

In this episode of 5 mins with coach Myrna, I teach on the topic. You don't need a team to win the Colin Kaepernick story.  Kaepernick decided to do something about the Police racism against black men by taking a knee while the National Anthem was playing.  It cost him his team and his job, but in the end he won.  

Nov 25

6 min 55 sec

I’m talking to Brian Keane. He’s a personal trainer, nutritionist, best-selling author and ultra athlete. Today, we’re going to be talking on the topic; “Rewiring Your Mindset for Fitness.”  In order for you to keep going even when your body tells you to stop, you’ve got to have a, fitness mindset.

Nov 22

59 min 54 sec

The amazing thing about our, imagination, is that our central nervous system cannot tell the difference between what we are imagining and what is actually happening.If you think that there is someone hiding under your bed and as soon as you fall asleep they will slit your throat and your body will stay there and rot because nobody will even miss you; then your body responds to those thoughts like you are actually lying on your bed bleeding to death.Your heart gets heavy like you are having a heart attack. Your breathing becomes erratic, you begin to sweat. You have triggered your, fight or flight, response. Keep that going for any length of time and you will surely die before your time.In this episode of 5 mins with coach Myrna, I teach you how to use your imagination correctly. 

Nov 19

10 min 22 sec

The, good girl, label is not about being morally good, the problem with being a, good girl, is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for anyone.  This isn’t an anti-morality conversation; it’s correcting our idea of what’s good and what’s right.My guest today is Kasia Urbaniak. Kasia is the author of “Unbound: A woman’s Guide to Power”.

Nov 15

1 hr 3 min

Welcome to 5 mins with coach Myrna. Today I want to teach on the topic “Loving Your Enemy”.In the King James Version of the Bible: Jesus Christ, says “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”He goes further to say “do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. ”In this episode I teach why you should love your enemy. 

Nov 8

10 min 32 sec

Entrepreneurship, is the process of setting up a business. For, entrepreneurs battling mental illness controlling their emotions is their superpowers, when it comes to building a business of their  dreams.My guest today is Scout Sobel. She is the author of the “Emotional Entrepreneur” and we are going to be having a very interesting conversation today on, mental health, specifically the mental health of entrepreneurs.  As you consider, entrepreneurship,  you need to understand how your emotions guide you in everyday life.

Nov 2

52 min 34 sec

Emotional intelligence, can be measured but, emotional resilience, is how you emotionally utilize all those components to say – okay life is throwing me a bit of a curve ball at the moment. How do I work with it? I don’t like the situation that I find myself in, but what do I do? If you don’t do anything you’re going to fall over and that’s not being, resilient.My guest today is Robin Hills, author of The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business: Strategies to Manage Stress and Weather Storms in the Workplace.

Oct 26

57 min 49 sec

The, words, that I used all the time was “I shouldn’t have eaten that”.  Then I always pray to God for help to stop me from, binge eating.  I didn’t want to, eat, all of that food, so I became like almost obsessive about, dieting, and my, relationship with food.My guest today is Isabel Chiara, author of Eat Your Words. This post is about transforming self-destructive eating behaviors with self-compassionate dialogue.

Oct 12

1 hr 9 min

Weight loss, and related challenges is not about, nutrition, but are projections of deeper rooted emotional and psychological challenges.PAUL SALTER is a Registered Dietitian, Coach, Author, and, Sustainable Weight Loss, Expert, believes that, weight loss, and it’s related challenges, aren’t related to lack of nutrition or knowledge; but are actually projections of deeper rooted emotional and psychological challenges.  We won’t be able to confidently maintain, weight loss, until those challenges are acknowledged and overcome. His passion is helping men and women just like you re-frame their thoughts and reshape their behaviors so that they can transform their relationship with food and dieting, and finally, lose weight,  once and for all.

Oct 4

1 hr 3 min

Will Moore is a serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker and he teaches us how to replace your bad habits with success habits thereby  transforming your life.Habits, are very important. We always say that it takes 21 days to form a bad habit, but now some people are actually challenging that. They’re saying it takes about three months or 90 days to form a, habit.Whatever we do on a consistent basis, it forms a habit,  regardless it is a bad habit or success habit. So, today we’re talking about transforming our lives through success habits and replacing the bad habits. The, habit, that we’re trying to develop is the success habit, that leads to  happiness.Success habits, generally increase your happiness.

Sep 27

52 min 26 sec

When you replace, fear, with, faith, it prevents your, subconscious mind, from going into reflex mode and bringing what you, fear, into your experience.The Bible teaches that, faith, without works is dead. I.E Put your money where your mouth is.Eg. If you, have faith, that God is going bring you the desires of your heart and you desire to have a child; then you don’t do like Sarah and have your husband sleep with Hagar (your maid)  so you can have a child. No you have, courage, to stay the course and in God’s time you will have a child.

Sep 20

10 min 12 sec

It was the first time since I started coughing, I put my hand on my throat and I felt a lump. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with, throat cancer. It was stage two, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I remember asking the doctor what happens if I don’t get, chemotherapy, and she said you’ll be dead within the year. I really didn’t have any choice.  It was an aggressive form of, cancer, and I needed to just stick it out and battle it with the, chemotherapy.I came up with the idea of making a documentary of my, cancer, journey  because that way I could still learn about filmmaking and I wanted to show a story of, survival, because when I turn to the movies, I don’t see any, cancer survivor, stories only stories of, cancer, patients who  passed away. I knew that there were millions of, cancer survivors, out there and I wanted to show a story of, survival.My guest today is Joy Claussen Soto. Joy is a, cancer survivor, filmmaker and author. Today, we are going to be talking on the topic “How to find your, purpose, after cancer or after a major illness?

Sep 14

1 hr 3 min

Inspirational coach, Marcus Bell, created a project called the “100 Dayz Challenge” a ‘Wealth and Impact’ boot camp to guide people to the way to success. This Challenge helps people achieve their goals in life.Marcus Bellringer teaches us how to go from, Success to Significance, in, 100 days. His bootcamp 100, Dayz, Impact Challenge is growing in popularity.  We’re going to straddle the fence today. We talk about music and, life coaching, and  challenge you to make changes to your life in, 100 days.

Sep 6

1 hr 10 min

Dr. Don Wood, PhD, says he made the connection in his mind between unresolved, childhood trauma, and these, autoimmune, problems.  What I mean by unresolved is that the, trauma, is continuing to loop.  The people are continuing to experience it as when the, trauma, was active, that creates, inflammation, in the body. The, inflammation, then compromises your, immune system, and your, neurotransmitters. If your, immune system, is compromised like it was with my daughter, the, inflammation, stays active. Inflammation, is basically a temporary pause in the system to protect the system against a threat.

Aug 28

1 hr

We have been in a, pandemic, situation for over 15 months now. Many of you who are listening to  this podcast, have experienced some, personal finance, problems. We know that Amazon, Walmart, Google and all those big brands actually made millions of dollars and were very profitable during this, pandemic. But, it is a fact that ordinary people like you and me had some struggles. Financial planner, Michelle Arpin Begina is going to share with us how to change our, money mindset, by paying attention to our, money story.  Your, money story, shows up in good times and bad times. So, keep listening to understand how your, money mindset, affected whether you thrived in this, pandemic, or just survived.

Aug 18

1 hr 6 min

Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement is a book written to encourage women of color who were born in lack. It showcases my, personal growth, journey and how I got, out of the snares, of poverty and, child abuse. This is my interview on the Books of the Month show on

Aug 14

12 min 53 sec

Have you guys ever wondered why David when he was going to fight, Goliath, carefully selected five, stones, even when he knew that he only needed one, stone, to kill, Goliath? The reason was he was confident. He was confident because he knew that God was with him. It didn’t matter that he was a little person and, Goliath, was a giant. He knew that God would help him to slay that giant, like God helped him slay lions. So he knew he needed one, stone, but he carefully selected, five stones, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.Bishop Anthony Banks is going to talk to us how we can, select, stones, for battle and, cast these stones. We, cast stones,  so that we can too can slay the giants in our life.  Like David we can, slay the enemy, that is coming towards us.  Just be sure, don’t cast stones if you live in a glass house! So make sure you listen to end, because I never heard a message on this topic before and I have been a Christian for over 20 years. This is unique informative and content.

Aug 5

36 min 56 sec

Help me, makeover my marriage, improve intimacy, find personal time and communicate better with my, husband. Communication,  is very important in a, marriage, because you have to communicate to fix problems. It is a man thing, they all shut down and go into their, man cave. In fact, marriage counselors,  say that the worst thing you can say to a man is “we need to talk”Welcome to the premiere episode of, Help Me Makeover My Marriage. Today we are going to talk about, communication, in a  marriage. 

Jul 30

37 min 28 sec

Our, gut, plays a role in weight loss, it plays a role in brain health. Eighty percent of our immune systems is in our, gut. So, if you want to be well you have to have a, healthy gut. Our, gut, acts as a barrier, it doesn’t allow the bad stuff in and it doesn’t allow the good stuff out until it’s ready to be released.  But because we are exposed to things like antibiotics, not only through medications, but through the foods we eat, these things kill our microbiome our good bacteria.A, leaky gut, is where the lining of the, gut, has developed tiny, microscopic holes and now things like undigested food, bacteria, viruses, toxins are escaping into the bloodstream.My guest today is Dr Bill Cole co-founder of Cellular Health Accelerator.  We are talking today on the topic of, gut health, how to prevent a, leaky gut.

Jul 21

57 min 58 sec

When we talk about the, renewing of the mind, it is not simply about changing or adjusting how you think, but renewing your sense of, self-consciousness. Renewing your mind, impacts your conscience, which is your sense of what is right and wrong. It impacts your heart, which in Hebrew literature is the center of your being.Renewing your mind, runs much deeper than simply making confessions and changing how you think upon a thing.  Apostle Paul teaches “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”Pastor William L Glover speaks on the biblical principles of what God meant when He said “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Jul 16

1 hr 1 min

Most of the time our, self-communication, is negative.  Our, negative self-talk, is different from the way we talk to our friends for example.  So we need to tell ourselves “I don’t like the way you talk to me”My guest today all the way from the UK is Cheyne Towers.  Cheyne is a hypnotherapist and, self-communication, expert and we are going to be talking today on, negative self-talk, and, mindfulness.

Jul 2

58 min 5 sec

My guest today is Sigrun, business coach and mentor. Online businesses, are booming, the pandemic has forced everyone online; so even if you didn’t have an, online business, before 2020, hopefully you have one now, because having an, online business, is the global trend.Sigrun,  is going to give us some information on how to be successful in your, online business.

Jun 23

55 min 28 sec

Can you fix a broken marriage? Laura Doyle best selling author of the Surrendered Wife and the Empowered Wife gives us , marriage advice, on how to get your husband's attention and affection.My guest today is New York Times best-selling author Laura Doyle.  Laura is the author of “The Empowered Wife: Six Surprising Secrets For Attracting Your Husband's Time Attention and Affection” she’s also a relationship coach and a podcaster.

Jun 17

1 hr 4 min

We all know that children from zero to seven are all like little sponges, downloading everything. This is when the, mother wound, gets started. Mothers, are nurturers if the child is not getting nurtured, they fail to thrive.I want to say that I personally have not had a, mother wound.  My, mother, and I are pretty close. I’m the eldest of four children and my, mother, she’s actually my best friend. But I understand the pain from the, mother wound. I adopted three children from the, foster care, system who were heavily wounded by their, mothers.  They all had, abandonment, issues so,  I experienced firsthand how the, mother wound, affected every aspect of their lives.

Jun 7

53 min 25 sec

Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted global, beauty, and wellness experts in the world. He is the best-selling author of nine books, and a TV host who specializes in using food as a natural, facelift. Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program “Face Lifting Food” show viewers how to create quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday foods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age. Having worked in the, beauty, industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that looking youthful goes well beyond waging war on wrinkles: and that how we age is 100% controllable. His natural, face lifting, methods are used globally by models, shown in universities, and recommended by doctors.Listen to hear the foods in your kitchen that can be used for a natural facelift. 

Jun 1

59 min 21 sec

In order to transform your life, you must first transform your, mindset, by getting, back to basics. The principle here is that there’s a, mindset connection, that we need to make for these seven elements to become our, core values.The reason that people are not activating the, basics,  in their life is because there isn’t a personal, connection. The, mindset, happens before any strategy or tactic can form our, core values.My guest today is  T.J Loeffler is a transformational coach and author.

May 26

48 min 22 sec

NYT Best selling author Rob Kenner of The Marathon Don't stop, Shares the principles that NIpsey Hussle advocated in his music and in his daily life and work on self-empowerment, economic independence, owning your own intellectual property, owning real estate investments, financial literacy and also just supporting people who support you.

May 16

54 min 50 sec

Greg Orme, Forbes contributor and Author of the Business book of the Year 2020 “The Human Edge: How curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy” shares, leadership, tips on thriving in a world of accelerating change through, creative thinking, curiosity, and consciousness. Greg shares with, leaders, how to remove the threat of, ai,  machines taking their jobs by excelling at the 4C’s, consciousness, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

May 8

42 min 17 sec

Trauma, is a shock to the, nervous system. And when, childhood trauma, is stored instead of released, it can cause physical and, mental health, issues down the road. When, trauma, occurs,  in an effort of protection, your brain temporarily pauses your memory processing system, and the experience is not stored as traditional memories.Today I am talking with Emily Francis. Emily  is the best selling author of “Healing Ourselves Whole”

May 3

54 min 22 sec

 A lot of times if you believe it and pray about it your, Hollywood movie, will turn out exactly the way that you want it to be. If we use our imagination, we can create our, Hollywood ending. Think of that bad job you are in and create your, Hollywood movie, with your own, Hollywood ending with you in your dream job, in your dream relationship and your dream family.  First you must have the baseline of, self-awareness, then you use your imagination to write the script. Where do I want to get to, what’s my goal?  You are the Director, Producer and star of your Life Movie.

Apr 25

54 min 4 sec

Online dating, during COVID 19 is happening the same way as online purchases and e-commerce. During the last year we have been buying most of everything online. Dating and relationship coach, Anwar White says for his clients, dating apps, are the primary way that they are meeting future partners or just, dating, in general. That's going to be the case after, COVID 19. When things open back and we can date in person again, I thing like e-commerce, 20% of people will remain on, dating apps. Listen to find out how to find success. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 18

54 min 31 sec

When you rewrite your, life story, you can start living on purpose. You can then transcend the negative stuff from your story, all the things that makes you uncomfortable. When you do this as a leader, you can then show up in your organization as your best self and that contributes to, organizational wellness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 5

50 min 48 sec

Tragedy, and, Blessings, both show up unexpectedly. We never know when it is the last time we will hug our loved ones, because tomorrow is not promised. Your big break can happen today or your can break your leg today. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 30

16 min 57 sec

If you are a, job seeker, spend time with God in, prayer; you will get direction on how to get that, dream job, because with God nothing is impossible. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 22

46 min 3 sec

Women entrepreneurs, who feel called to have more wealth and need a, growth mindset, so that she can have more impact and influence and create generational wealth for her family.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 8

56 min 42 sec

If you have, dementia, then there are certain, nursing care, needs when, dementia, presents itself because it goes until death. Let’s say that my mom or someone I’m responsible for starts exhibiting symptoms of, dementia. How do I decide on whether to put them in a, nursing home, or to get, home care? See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 1

52 min 57 sec

Is really important clearly, we’re making some bad decisions around the, coronavirus pandemic, and how we’ll recover from it. We are heading into a new abnormal of, cognitive bias. This is the dangerous judgment errors that people are making around the, coronavirus pandemic, and their false assumptions of what’s going to happen afterward, because we’ll never go back to before January 2020. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 22

1 hr

The, Law of Attraction explained, dictates that you can create, wealth, with your thoughts.  Thoughts do become things, if you believe. The thoughts you believe inwardly and project outwardly will be the things that you attract into your life. If you want to attract something such as, money, therefore, it’s important to visualize it as if you already have it. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 11

50 min 6 sec

Renee Garcia teaches what is, reality transurfing, and how we can use it to improve our frequency, our thoughts and alternate reality. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 1

1 hr 12 min

Oleg Lougheed has a very interesting story of how he turned the, adversity, of his birth in Russia, living in an, orphanage, from 9 years old and then being adopted by an American family at 12 years old. He is now the owner of Overcoming Odds. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 25

1 hr 7 min

A, life lesson, can be defined as something from which useful knowledge or principles for, personal growth, can be learned. When I was growing up my grandmother had a lot of these, life lessons, and principles. One of them was you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink!   See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 18

1 hr 6 min

Does serving a, prison, sentence change your outlook in life? Rocky Singh Kandola talks to us today on the subjects of, rape, child abuse, prison, boot camps, and more. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 11

1 hr 2 min

Daniel Mangena was diagnosed with, Aspergers, in his late 20’s. Asperger’s syndrome,  is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 4

51 min 14 sec

Chemistry, is energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. Some call it physical attraction; but Chemistry is biological. It happens when your DNA gets excited by the other person’s DNA. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

8 min 40 sec

Black Fathers, are so valuable, we are so important. We have to take care of ourselves, we have to get over this idea of stepping back or I can’t deal with this and be there for our black families. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

51 min 17 sec

Worship, definitely brings access because, God loves, worship. He’s our creator and He loves it when we make time for Him. He wants us to actually, worship, and praise Him. To enter His gate with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

54 min 19 sec

We all know that there’s a lot of, tension, right now in the world. We can’t even just say America because this is a global pandemic. There’s a lot of uncertainty so living with, intention, relieves stress. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

57 min 43 sec

Coach Myrna shares what it takes to be happy. We live in a culture where, happiness, is largely based on external forces – like what we get and what we achieve. And when our life conditions don’t match our expectations, we experience pain and fear, we suffer. But imagine what it would feel like to create a constant sense of inner peace and freedom, and live each day in a beautiful state of, happiness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Nov 2020

8 min 38 sec