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In this chat with Emma Masters we delve into the potential of the exercise experience, something many of us are missing out on. Exercise is one of the greatest medicines on the planet that can give us such a greater connection to ourselves but so many look at it like a chore or a punishment. What if it could be experienced differently to be more of an enjoyable experience? Emma takes us through what trainers, studios and us working out at home can do to immerse ourselves in and receive more of the benefits from exercise. Immerse Yourself In the Experiencing… To find out more about Emma and the work she does check out Instagram: @ema_masters Website: www.experienceageconsultancy.com

Nov 26

29 min 10 sec

I loved this chat with Carl chatting about his exploration into human ecology and how he incorporates the principles into his life and his clients. We chatted about environments, tribes, foraging, NEAT, ancient movements, Re-humanising, ancestral wisdom…… and more. Carl has interviewed some of the best world experts in this area so had a wealth of knowledge to share. Is the way forward the way back?? If you want to stay in touch with Carl you can follow him at https://www.instagram.com/bestmecommunity/ Check out www.healthfitcollective.co.nz and check out Healthfit Love the online platform available to everyone And listen to BESTME Radio - his Podcast

Jul 5

43 min 7 sec

In this podcast I chat to the amazing human and exercise physiologist Suze Cox about her very personal experience with Parkinson’s disease after losing her father to the horrible disease last year. An extremely fit and active man, the prevalence of Parkinson’s is a lot greater than we realise with a lot more that can be done. She is passionate about increasing our awareness of the disease and how we can recognise it early on because utilising the powerful medicine of specific ‘Exercise’ from these stages can change someone’s life. I learnt a lot from this chat and I hope you do too For those interested in more on the disease check out https://pdwarrior.com/ And here is the link to Suze's charity run she did to honour her Dad and raise awareness https://shake-it-up-virtual-challenge.raisely.com/suzanne-cox/

Apr 11

41 min 24 sec

I truly loved this chat with Suzanne, a woman from Montreal Canada who has spent the last 30 years in Asia making a difference to industry and thousands of lives and livelihoods. From setting up the 1st Business Schools in Vietnam to the first fitness conference in Asia now the hugely successful Asia Fitness Conference. Suzanne never set out for herself but she answered asks for help and said YES which has led to truly amazing business success. As she said its never about me, its about we. Some really great insights for those in business and life for that matter. The Asia Fitness Conference is ONLINE this year on the 3rd and 4th April and available to anyone in the world. It truly is an international conference with presenters from all around the world that you rarely get at the 1 conference. A Great opportunity https://www.cvent.com/events/asia-fitness-conference-2020/event-summary-f2e9eddaf8be4403a206d57991cf56c4.aspx You can also follow the conference at https://www.facebook.com/asiafitconference https://www.instagram.com/asiafitconference/

Feb 27

28 min 59 sec

In this episode Angela chats to former mental health nurse now aquarian Shaman Patricia Silverwolf. Patricia talks about how a lot of the mental health patients were actually having spiritual awakenings, the power of breathwork and also kundalini dance. She also talks about that we all have an inner healer (shaman) within and what is possible when we awaken it. You can follow Patricia here https://www.facebook.com/patriciasilverwolf https://www.instagram.com/patricia_silverwolf/ Upcoming Events 5 Week Breathwork Journey https://www.facebook.com/events/476231560037581?active_tab=about Womb Healing Ceremony for Women https://www.facebook.com/events/2811139262547790

Feb 5

29 min 54 sec

In this podcast Angela chats to one of her amazing mentors of the last 4 years Dea Theo. Dea’s work is special. Its transformational. Its made a huge difference to my life and I know it can to yours too. She chats about us accessing our highest wisdom and stepping into our highest self to transform limiting patterns to peak performance. For those that are interested in connecting with Dea’s magic you can reach her https://www.facebook.com/NOW-Neuro-Oasis-Wisdom-107562421206283 https://www.facebook.com/22Transformationfluidflow or join her group https://www.facebook.com/groups/802926387210286 She also has an amazing course coming up in 2 weeks – Creativity is the new Currency. A 5 day course. Details in her group

Jan 28

40 min 13 sec

In a year when many businesses have been forced to change in particularly going online Tanya and Dave Fraser have been at the forefront supporting small business be successful in this time. In this great chat they share what is really working for small business at the moment. And they give a great new take on how to approach sales. It really is a unique approach combining Tanya's experience in banking and Dave's as a Neuroscientist! To Stay in Touch kineticsolutions.com.au And follow them on Linkedin __________________________________________________ About Tan and Dave Tanya's broad depth of experience within one of Australia’s largest and high performing Banks, Westpac Banking Corporation, provides your Board of Directors with the financial aptitude, strategic capability, stakeholder influence and confidence in managing successful and profitable businesses.Tanya was the face for the Ambitious Professionals Market, along with the Face of Ruby Connection for Westpac Queensland – a community network designed to support, inspire, educate and connect business professionals.Tanya's leadership roles included full financial, people, recruitment, legislative and risk responsibilities across Westpac’s multiple retail channels across multiple states.Tanya is also a business owner starting & managing a successful training, coaching and mentoring consultancy firm, Kinetic Solutions P/L (https://kineticsolutions.com.au) David is a trained Clinical Neuroscientist & has conducted extensive research in stress-onset psychological & biological barriers to high-performance. David's professional background is a blend of government, corporate and small business experience. David has also developed, established, consolidated & sold two successful businesses; corporate team development & inbound tourism.In 2005, David's philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Solution Network Australia Foundation (https://solutions.org.au), a charitable trust developed to eradicate youth homelessness. The Foundation has also established a highly successful overseas aid project, Living Water, that is currently active in the Philippines, Ethiopia and Indonesia.David's corporate consultation is diverse and has involved;✔︎ Developing, delivering and evaluating successful in-house training programs for both the community and corporate sectors;✔︎ Conducting competitor intelligence surveys and psychometric analysis to determine competitive market positioning for long-term revenue and profit growth;✔︎ Streamlining administrative procedures & guiding staff development programs that enhance key stakeholder relations, improve financial outcomes & align teams to strategic plans.David provides your team with extensive real-life experience on success strategies the development & implementation of total quality management programs that allow individuals, teams & business to scale performance.

Nov 2020

31 min 57 sec

In this podcast we go all the way to an organic farm in the Margaret River Western Australia and chat to Michelle Emslie owner of Heavenly Scents 7. We discuss her self sufficient lifestyle, how she home schooled her now 3 adult children, her love of oils and her natural approach to health and wellness. Michelle shares with us how she approaches her families health and gives some tips on how we can start incorporating into our life. Michelle was raised with a love for the simple things in life - connection with family and friends, and a passion for natural health and wellness. Plants have always played a big part in her life and she loves nourishing her loved ones with naturally nutritious and fresh food with her paddock to plate farming philosophy Owner of Heavenly Scents 7 and an artisan soap maker, she enjoys a sustainable, slow living and self-sufficient lifestyle ... unprocessed, uncomplicated and just how mother nature intended. Most days you will find her out in the sunshine chasing rainbows on her organic farm She was also recently crowned winner of Doterra diamond club in Australia and New Zealand. Special Offer for Listeners Love to OFFER your members free samples to be posted to them so can enjoy an oil experience first and be supported with ongoing education within our FREE FB Essential oil study for 14 days. They choose which group and PM me You can stay in touch with Michelle FB public page Heavenly Scent 7 Instagram @michelle__emslie You can order oils My website to purchase dōTERRA http://www.mydoterra.com/heavenlyscent7 Email: emslie.michelle@gmail.com

Nov 2020

31 min 59 sec

"Unity in chaotic times". In a time of stress and crisis for many around the world Lawrence Biscontini was one person who stood up uniting the fitness industry in his united nations of fitness. Lawrence a keynote international presenter with nearly every fitness award there is to get chats to us about the benefits unity brings particularly in times like this and his perspectives on navigating the current situation. He also shares some great vision and foresight on the changes and future of the fitness industry for those that want to get ahead of the game. Just a great chat with great insight on life Here is the big deal for our listeners show special: findlawrence.com/thebigdeal And Lawrence is everywhere.... Follow him here: www.findlawrence.com facebook.com/findlawrence facebook.com/lawrencebiscontini1 Instagram: @findlawrence Twitter: @findlawrence YouTube: @findlawrence including a Chi Gong playlist section Zoom: @findlawrence Here is the United Nations of Fitness First, our PSA: https://bit.ly/YTfitnessworks2020 and our episodes appear here: https://bit.ly/fitnessWorksaroundtheworld1 and https://bit.ly/fitnessworksaroundtheworld2_EasterSunday and https://bit.ly/fitnessworksaroundtheworld_3 and https://bit.ly/fitnessworksaroundtheworld_4 and https://bit.ly/fitnessworksaroundtheworld_5 and https://bit.ly/fitnessworksaroundtheworld_6 and our demo reel! https://bit.ly/fitnessworksDemoReel1

Jun 2020

50 min 3 sec

Great to spend the morning chatting to Steve Willis, Australia’s most recognisable personal trainer, author with some great philosophies towards training and life. “Commando Steve“ as he is known was featured on the biggest loser program from 2007-2015 5 but there is a lot more to the military go hard or go home image portrayed. Steve is very insightful and in this discussion talks about Buddhist philosophies, his meditation and yoga practices and how he lives his life. A great listen getting behind the scenes with the essence of Steve. You can follow Steve here https://www.instagram.com/commandosteve/ https://www.facebook.com/stevewillis/ And check out https://www.commandosteve.com/ for the online zoom classes, personal training and mentoring he offers. And when restrictions lift you can go along to one of his training camps 😊

May 2020

47 min 19 sec

In this podcast I am joined by Stav Carrafa owner of Blossom Wellness. Stav works with energy and helps in healing so I guess you could call her an energy healer. She is someone who I have seen personally. In this chat she shares some of her light to help guide everyone through this time, talking about shifting our habits to enter the 5D world and the power of the infinite source available to us If you would like to get in touch with Stav about any of her services or to be a part of the full moon ritual you can contact her on: blossom.wellness@outlook.com +61474183360 You can also follow her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/creating_a_ripple/

May 2020

35 min 26 sec

In this short very impactful discussion Dr Cam chats about the link between our biology and our behaviour and how this plays out differently for different people particularly when under stress. Understanding this about yourself and others is really powerful work particularly at a time like this. If you’d like to find out more about Ph360 and getting your profile done check out www.ph360.me I am also hosting a workshop this Saturday where I will talk about stress responses for all the health types along with other ways to look after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Includes and epigenetic profile

Apr 2020

12 min 40 sec

Mark Davo Davis has been a leader in the Fitness Industry for over 30years. He's done it all. It was great timing to have this chat with Mark in the current changing times with the impact of Corona Virus on many people and trainers business. Mark talks about his approach to both clients and how he looks at things personally. Stepping back, breathing, looking at the bigger pictures, lessons to be learned and that following chaos harmony will return. Here is what Davo is up to :) Davo's PT Tools n Tip. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVEUF7US5M--LtDAd3rz8A/videos mSwing https://vimeo.com/mswingeducation https://vimeo.com/mariettamehanni/vod_pages/page:1/sort:date

Mar 2020

36 min 5 sec

This is a short special interview with Dr Stewart Gillespie re Immune Building considering the current client. I asked Stewarts advice after seeing a lot of people panic buying loading up on a lot of supplements and I wanted his opinion. You can follow Stewart and Perry Nickelston here and access some of the minerals, foods he suggested also https://fhsolutions.net/ and https://www.instagram.com/functionalhealthsolutions/ They are due on Australian and NZ shores in October this year

Mar 2020

10 min 26 sec

In this podcast Angela chats to industry leader Dr Rick Richey about the Big 3 in Recovery Technology – CVAC, NuCalm and Infrared Saunas. With a masters in exercise science, a doctorate in health science an international speaker, NASM faculty, owner of independent training spot, Rick also owns NYC 1st ever Recovery Studio. Rick talks us though some of the science, how they work and the benefits to clients from increased athletic performance, reduced pain and improved mental and cognitive ability. He also chats about some key things we can do daily for recovery. https://www.recover.nyc/ IG: @dr.rickrichey Podcast: The NASM CPT podcast iTunes / Google Play / Spotify / YouTube

Mar 2020

42 min 57 sec

Amanda Carlile Psychologist - Special Presentation This podcast is a special interview on Coercive Control. After some recent tragic events whereby a woman and her three children were killed by their husband/father there has been a lot of debate. One area brought to the forefront is legislation changes to include Coercive Control as a criminal offence. This podcast is an educational discussion that explains behaviours that are deemed to be coercive control and what you can do if you or a loved one are at risk. Amanda's Business is https://www.thinkpositivepsychology.com.au/

Mar 2020

42 min 51 sec

In this podcast angela chats to 2 leaders in the health and fitness industry, mums, successful business owners Corinne Austin and Ginera Linton Ozich. These girls practice what they preach and are on a mission to make the complex, simple yet highly effective so more people have the tools to shine inside and out and live the life they desire. Great insight and includes some takeaways for you to access wellness now If you're curious in Wellness Now i am co-hosting a 2 day immersion in Auckland March 14-15th with these two awesome women. Practical simple secrets from our 50 years in the industry learning around the world. Its a game changer and a world first. It will be the best investment you make. https://4dwellness.com.au/wellness-now/

Jan 2020

46 min 59 sec

In this podcast Angela talks about something very close to her heart – emotional wellness, an introduction into how emotional events can impact our health and some lifestyle tools to apply to help manage. She is joined by Health and Performance Coach Paul Todd owner of Advanced Fitness in Christchurch to discuss his personal results and management plan following the traumatic events in Christchurch last year. If you live in Christchurch, please see Paul and Women's Health Coach Jane Williams @Advanced Fitness. If you're interested in understanding emotional and 4 dimensional wellness more feel free to contact angela@angelalee.com.au for her programs, retreats and immersions.

Jan 2020

28 min 32 sec

In this podcast Angela chats to Ben Siong where he discusses his approach to bodybuilding which has been very different to some of her perceptions. Ben talks about building a body of health so our body reflects how we are feeling on the inside. In this chat we get into how Ben approaches programming particularly around sleep and digestion. For more information on courses and to register, log on to www.trainasp.com.au/education

Jan 2020

40 min 2 sec

In this podcast Angela chats to Mark Haynes founder of Universal Human Energy exploring the interconnection that exists between our physical and energetic systems. We talk about what it means to raise your vibration, how that is important for health and things we can do physically and energetically to achieve that. Just like we need to practice exercises to improve , it’s the same with energy work – it just takes practice. www.universalhumanenergy.com Check out Mark Here https://www.instagram.com/universalhumanenergy/ https://www.facebook.com/universalhumanenergy/ https://soundcloud.com/mark-haynes-3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdb42yBEDL3ui0wvBPoJ4Yg

Dec 2019

43 min 46 sec

In this podcast Angela chats to the inspiring 89yr old ‘Super Betty’, an international presenter in the fitness industry and voted Centrum Vitamin’s most energised amazing women in America. Betty shares how she started her fitness journey in her mid 70’s reversing her diabetes before becoming an accredited teacher and still now takes 14 classes a week for her students. A walking and breathing advocate of active aging there are some great pieces of advice in this podcast. For those that would like the FREE gift of the active aging class please email Bernadette on Email: superbetty@optimum.net Find me on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/SuperBettyOBrien My Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/257730144274402/members/ Have you seen my Youtube story? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbtSLky5-88

Dec 2019

28 min 26 sec

Self Care is a Life Choice Great discussion with one of the fitness industry godfathers, friend and mentor Ian O'Dwyer. Ian is cofounder of SOMA and owner of OD on Movement Performance centre. With successful businesses, 600 workshops under his belt around the world, keynote speaking, 4 children and the ability to give so much of himself Ian has had to master the art of Self Care. We chat about his philosophies on self care and the great work soma are doing to leave behind a lasting legacy. Ian will be at Fitex 22-24th November 2019, presenting a pre-conference and workshops. To stay in touch with Ian and up to date with all his workshops follow https://www.facebook.com/odomnpc https://www.facebook.com/FEELSOMA/ And here is the Sit and Reach he talks about https://www.facebook.com/odomnpc/videos/419368871839929/

Nov 2019

28 min 40 sec

In this podcast I chat to Jen Dugard who is on a mission to redefine how mums are educated and cared for after entering motherhood. We chat about the reasons behind her movement “no more pre baby body pressure”, what trainers and mums should look for when looking to make a safe return to exercise and some priorities when training mums! Some updates from Angela Retreat For mums who want to "Choose You" and make 2020 their year check out this retreat on Feb 8-9th on the Gold Coast. The week after the kids go back to school, now its your time to get set up! https://angelalee.com.au/retreat.html And don't forget to check out a new and exciting program launching in 2020 www.4dwellness.com.au and join our Will to Liv FREE online community

Oct 2019

26 min 11 sec

In this podcast I chat to Chinese Medicine Doctor Nick Blewett about the different approaches of Chinese medicine (around getting to the root cause….man they were smart back then! ) and what we can do to manage our energy better. Nick talks us through our internal energy system, gives practical tips on how we can access this and manage better to live a vibrant life For those that want to find out more about Dr Nick, Check out www.qifit.com.au www.instagram.com/qifit.com.au IN other great news Dr Nick is delivering education as a part of my 4d wellness program plus will be at the retreat www.4dwellness.com.au And here are some vid mentioned in the podcast from Nick :) https://www.facebook.com/qifit/videos/2256048814503869?sfns=mo https://www.facebook.com/qifit/videos/897662350603930?sfns=mo https://www.facebook.com/qifit/videos/399456364039981?sfns=mo

Oct 2019

33 min 20 sec

We all have a unique natural intelligence and are all here for a unique purpose. In this podcast with Kyle Riley we delve into some of the science of how our structure (genes) determines our function (purpose). We talk about how our embryological development gives us certain strengths and how we can utilise them to fulfil our purpose. Some great examples of how different make ups are connected to different purposes. Cracker of an interview For those wanting more information on the awesome education by Ph360 check out https://education.ph360.me Insta: ph360hp Facebook: ph360 Health and Medical Professionals If looking to connect the dots for you I also have a workshop and a retreat coming up where we delve into some of this :) Purposeful Performance - Auckland NZ Nov 2019 http://www.cvent.com/events/fitex-awards-2019/custom-35-d0a06e955f114cada72dbdaca5b36cf6.aspx Retreat - Gold Coast Feb 2020 https://angelalee.com.au/retreat.html

Oct 2019

33 min 16 sec

This is a snapshot of a recent webinar Angela ran to health and wellness professionals introducing 4 DImensional Wellness - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. She discusses why she believes this is the way forward and some simple things we can do personally in each area and some tools wellness professionals can use for their clients. Are you ready to grow 4D? If you'd like to find out more about 4Dimensional Wellness and the various programs check out www.4dwellness.com.au , www.angelalee.com.au or email angela@angelalee.com.au. And don't forget if you haven't already come and join us for a heap of inspiration and great stuff around mindset, lifestyle exercise and emotions at the Will to Liv online Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/518960028249395/

Sep 2019

45 min 45 sec

For those interested in behaviour change this is a must listen. Bobby talks about his originating intention and how that drives him to do what he does. He chats about some defining moments in his career and how they shaped him for today. He also talks through some of the key steps and also a great in-depth example of how to approach changing behaviour. His outward focus towards other people is really inspiring. Enjoy For more on Bobby check out https://www.robertcappuccio.com/ And if you would like behind the scenes snippets of podcasts, along with movement mindset and lifestyle inspiration and education come and join our Will to Liv online community https://www.facebook.com/groups/518960028249395/

Sep 2019

55 min 40 sec

In this episode I chat to Nikki Williams owner of Positive Choice and BDM for Exercise NZ who has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. Nikki talks about how connecting to her values literally changed how she showed up in the world and impacted her business in amazing ways. She also talks about the power of connecting to likeminded people and the wonderful support there is available for trainers with the PT council of NZ and progressive organisation Exercise NZ. If you want to stay in touch with Nikki on facebook check out https://www.facebook.com/The-Nikki-Williams-Page-186360505631947/ and this is her positive choice community https://www.facebook.com/groups/457245534356186/ And for those wanting more information on Exercise NZ, Reps and the PT council check out http://exercisenz.org.nz/ http://www.reps.org.nz/ and don't forget to come and join our Will to Liv Online Facebook Community for a heap of behind the scenes discussions on the podcasts, inspiration and tips to liv your most fulfilling life :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/518960028249395/

Aug 2019

32 min 24 sec

A great frank discussion with Women’s Health Expert Thea Baker who is bringing a fresh energy and approach to women’s health. Thea chats about the current status of women’s health, the top complaints she sees women are struggling with from periods to perimenopause but importantly what we can do for ourselves and what health professionals can look to do differently to help. For those keen to learn more in the Women's Health Space check out Thea's mastership programme: http://www.theabaker.com.au/totally-brave-tb-mentorship/ And the book she mentioned is Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez To follow a fantastic womens health expert stay in touch here... https://www.facebook.com/TheaBakerWellness/ https://www.instagram.com/theabakerwellness/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/thea-baker-30452aa9/ PS and im very excited to have Thea a part of my 4D Wellness - Coaching and Mentoring Programme. Pre-launch out now https://angelalee.com.au/Mentoring.html

Jul 2019

44 min 39 sec

A great chat with the passionate Jan Hutnan from Institute of Motion opening our eyes to a new way of approaching training. No exercise or training philosophy is right or wrong. Its about structuring the variability and delivering the dose that is most suited to the individual. Some fantastic takeaways for trainers, wellness professionals and people at home that you can start implementing now into your training to build health, resilience and sustainability. Check Out these guys awesome movement workshops - https://www.healthybeforefit.com/iom-workshops More about IOM IoM: https://instituteofmotion.com/ and stay in touch in their FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/IoMworkshopsuite/about/ ______________________________________________ And in other exciting news Jan is also featuring in my new mentoring program coming out soon - delivering some World Class Education https://angelalee.com.au/Mentoring.html

Jul 2019

45 min 54 sec

These two guys are taking the world by storm with their integrated movement and medicine course that delves deep into the complexity of the human being to find the cause yet simplifies the process in an easy to use blueprint. Looking globally at health problems and at the underlying inflammatory cause these guys are providing solutions where there were none. Definitely some gems in this one! FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE and MOVEMENT WORKSHOPS $200 off any FM course in Australia, the Melbourne and Perth courses. The coupon is FHSAUS that can be used at checkout on https://fhsolutions.net Melbourne October 26th/27th 2019 Perth November 02/03 2019 Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/functionalhealthsolutions/

Jun 2019

44 min 49 sec

For over 30 years Michela has worked with clients at a deep level to free them from the buried emotion which can impact our ability to find joy, peace, love and affect our health in many ways. Michela shares so many gems from her experiences to enable everyone to step into their highest self. For those wanting to explore a session with Michela she can be contacted through her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spiritua or email michela@creativeevolution.com.au Mention “Will to Liv” to receive a $150 gift voucher towards a Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH) session with Michela or a $500 gift voucher towards a Quantum Leadership Program. Michela's FREE gift to you - Equilibrium Breathing .http://www.creativeevolution.com.au/downloads/EquilibriumBreathing.mp3

Jun 2019

53 min 50 sec

Caroline, the Queen of breakfast radio starts her day at 330am and has done so for over 20 years at the helm of mix fm. She has done this while raising 3 kids who turned out staying being happily married, tirelessly working for charity, always active and has a very healthy social life! So in this episode Caroline shares some of her experiences and how she approaches and embraces such a full life. To follow Caroline and her insta diary check out https://www.instagram.com/carolinahutch And June is the month for Give me 5 for Kids!! SO check out this https://www.mixfm.com.au/give-me-5-for-kids/

Jun 2019

31 min 12 sec

In this podcast Angela gives some insight into her real life story behind the podcast. In 2015 Angela’s life changed forever when her son Will passed away at 104days old. A year to the week later her daughter Liv was born and unbeknown to Angela at the time the “Will to Liv” movement had been birthed as well. I'd love for you to join our "Will to Liv" online facebook community for a heap of inspirations, tools, support and behind the scenes snippets https://www.facebook.com/groups/518960028249395/ Also Angela can be found at https://angelalee.com.au/home.html

Jun 2019

10 min 5 sec