The Deep Well with Erin Davis

Erin Davis

God’s Word is a deep well. You can drop down your bucket and pull up Truth every time. Erin Davis will guide women to parts of their Bibles they tend to avoid. As you listen, you'll get to know and apply Scripture to your whole life.

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Erin will share the one item that should be on everyone's bucket list. When you prioritize this one thing, all other activities will fall into place.

Oct 11

23 min 12 sec

Do you ever see ungodly people enjoy great success and wonder why you choose godliness? Erin will remind you that wickedness will only last a little while.

Oct 11

32 min 13 sec

We all know what it means to suffer. But you can suffer with hope because of the suffering Jesus endured for us.

Oct 11

32 min 52 sec

Jesus modeled some important truths about time and eternity. When you learn these truths as well, it will have a big effect on your day to day life.

Oct 11

30 min 16 sec

You do not need to fear the anger of God because of what Jesus has done for you.

Oct 11

38 min 19 sec

For 18 years, a group of people procrastinated an important building project. Their story will tell you something important about your priorities.

Oct 11

38 min 40 sec

There will come a day when all the pain and suffering of this life are called “former things.” In that day, Jesus will make all things new.

Jun 1

30 min 5 sec

If you’re feeling like you lack hope, you’ll want to be reminded of the true hope for the end of the story. Erin Davis will take us to Revelation 21.

Jun 1

33 min 37 sec

Much of the ache we feel in our heart comes from something Erin Davis calls “brokenness fatigue.” Is there hope? Yes!

Jun 1

30 min 53 sec

The church is full of forgiven sinners. That makes relationships in the church challenging. But forgiving those relationships is worth all the effort.

May 1

33 min 8 sec

Are you ever tempted to approach relationships like a bank account? Erin will offer practical advice on dealing with difficult people.

May 1

29 min 8 sec

Erin Davis will explore a paradox: Often, when you are lonely you don't actually need more time with other people.

May 1

45 min 14 sec

You can't develop strong relationships with people if you're trying to avoid messiness. Erin will show you why genuine community is worth the mess.

May 1

35 min 5 sec

Erin Davis shows you the danger of disconnecting with others and helps you begin forging connections with others in the body of Christ.

May 1

31 min 39 sec

Erin will help us know how to start doing some knitting and fight the pandemic of loneliness.

May 1

37 min 21 sec

We read about loneliness in the very first chapters of the Bible, so this is a problem that's been around a long time!

May 1

34 min 37 sec

Erin Davis will explore the pandemic of loneliness and point us to God’s Word to show us how we can be truly known.

May 1

25 min 18 sec

Erin Davis will help us understand the Feast of Booths and discover how it challenges our own sense of comfort and contentment.

Jan 22

35 min 46 sec

It's easy to lose the wonder of the term "atonement." Erin Davis will remind us of the amazing work of Christ to atone for our sins in the Day of Atonement.

Jan 21

40 min 7 sec

In ancient times, a trumpet blast represented more than just a musical crescendo. It signaled victory over enemies. That's why studying the Feast of Trumpets.

Jan 20

29 min 3 sec

We all know what it's like to be forced to wait. Erin Davis will help you focus on the Lord during seasons of waiting by exploring the Feast of Weeks described

Jan 19

31 min 53 sec

Why was Jesus left in the grave one complete day before being raised? Erin Davis says you can find an answer in the book of Leviticus.

Jan 18

40 min 27 sec

Like yeast working its way into every part of bread dough, sin affects all of our lives. Erin Davis shows us how the Feast of Unleavened Bread points to that.

Jan 17

43 min 35 sec

If you have come to faith in Jesus, you have a huge reason to celebrate! Erin Davis reminds you of that by exploring the Feast of Passover.

Jan 16

35 min 16 sec

Erin Davis says the Old Testament shows us the balance of the rhythm between work and rest. She’ll show you by looking in the book of Leviticus.

Jan 15

35 min 57 sec