How to Build a Stock Exchange

By Dr Philip Roscoe

I’m Dr Philip Roscoe, and I teach and research at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. I am a sociologist interested in the world of finance and I want to build a stock exchange. Why? Because, when it comes to finance, what we have just isn’t good enough. To build something – to make something better – you need to understand how it works. Sometimes that means taking it to pieces, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this podcast, stripping down finance to reveal it as you have never thought of it before. I’ll be asking: What makes financial markets work? What is in a price, and why does it matter? How did finance become so important? And who invented unicorns? We will see that stock markets have places, and histories and politics, and come to understand just how influential stock-markets are in our everyday lives. Can we fashion a finance that’s fit for purpose and can contribute to a world worth living in? Let’s find out together.

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