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In this episode, Sam gets deep with Danny about RCC’s “The Best is Yet To Come” series. From family life to RCC’s future, they cover it all. You’ll be reminded of highlights from the series and be challenged to consider how the best can be yet to come for you too.Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/riponchurchLike us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/rccunscripted/

Nov 26

23 min 42 sec

In this episode, Mike asks Sam his most personal questions yet. 

Nov 18

36 min 40 sec

In this week's episode, Sam and Mike discuss unity in the church, why it's so important, and why it's so difficult to have. To hear what inspired the conversation, check out this 20-minute podcast from Leaders in Living Rooms: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4X8LpHSR5UEhgBZJAPJALk?si=c7e304d68dcc4cb7Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/riponchurchLike us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/rccunscripted/

Oct 21

30 min 26 sec

The Great Resignation have you heard about it? Do suffering and expectations go hand in hand? Sam and Mike talk about it all in todays episode. Follow us on Instagramhttps://www.facebook.com/riponchurch

Oct 7

22 min 58 sec

In this episode of Unscripted Sam brings Shawn and Danny to the "round table". They discuss their unscripted opinions about the end of the world and  answer the question "If the world was ending what would you do in their final two weeks."To learn more about RCC or give online, visit:http://www.rccsunday.com​Connect with us! fill out a Red Card:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqlSu_boxYwE6BaR_JBOsEijpJ3XkVOTUuzObz7FxsEd0tMg/viewformFollow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/riponchurch

Sep 30

24 min 35 sec

In this episode, Mike has one more thing to say about a sermon he's wanted to give for a long time but has yet to bring himself to put on the calendar. Check it out! 

Sep 23

24 min 14 sec

Unscripted is back with a brand new season. Kicking off season 2 with One More Thing. 

Sep 16

26 min 46 sec

Bucks in 6! Sam sits down with Pastor Mike to talk about a moment he has been waiting for his entire life... The bucks winning the NBA Finals! Along with how representation and influence are a big deal on and off the court.

Jul 29

25 min 30 sec

Want to see (notice) God at work in your life? Check out this episode. Sam is joined by Ben Korinek, Teaching Pastor at Christ the Rock Church in Menasha. Ben and Sam discuss Devine moments - How to notice them, experience them, and be ready to participate in them.

Jul 22

41 min 49 sec

Open Communication... It's a buzz phrase used by so many people, yet it's rare to actually experience it. In this week's episode, Sam asks Mike all about the virtue and pitfalls of open communication as well as the ways to help establish it in a business, team, or family. Check it out! 

Jul 8

33 min 18 sec

In this episode, Sam chats with Brian Episcopo, future Lead Pastor of Appleton Alliance Church. They discuss stand-up comedy, leading through change, and their future transitions into the Lead Pastor role. 

Jul 1

52 min 42 sec

In part 2 of this 2-part episode, Sam and Mike continue their unscripted conversation on how to get results. Whether you're leading your family at home, working in ministry, or in a corporation, you'll hear how you can guide people towards results, reinforce the results you're looking for, and how you can create a culture that best creates results.

Jun 24

25 min 16 sec

In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Sam asks Mike all about how to get results. The conversation takes some unique twists and turns and offers valuable insight into how to best get the results you want whether you're leading a business, ministry, team, or family.

Jun 17

22 min 42 sec

In this episode, Sam and Mike discuss a major leadership principle that is essential at every level of leadership. From parenting to coaching T-ball to leading a large church or a successful business.

Jun 10

32 min 12 sec

In this episode, Sam presses Mike on who, when, and how someone should be canceled. Mike gets personal and discusses what difference being a Christian should make when it comes to participating in cancel culture.

Jun 3

30 min 59 sec

In this episode Sam asks Danny about his latest turkey hunting adventure, living in Ripon, and why he leads and cares for the students in Ripon as he does.

May 27

30 min 51 sec

In this episode, Sam welcomes his wife Meg onto the podcast for a candid, silly, and sometimes serious conversation. Meg describes her initial response to the prospect of Sam taking the Lead Pastor role at RCC. She also provides some very honest insight into what's been difficult this past year along with what she's hopeful for looking forward.

May 20

30 min 38 sec

In this episode, Sam and Mike talk about a technical glitch and what they do when things don't go as planned. They also have a very lively discussion about a special night they spent with RCC Student Life.

Apr 29

34 min 55 sec

In this episode Sam and Mike sit down to talk all about the weekend's big announcement, including some of the behind-the-scenes steps and details.

Apr 22

29 min 25 sec

In this episode, Sam sits down with a very special guest: Janette Stone.They talk about Mental Health, having strong faith, and her best advice on how to move forward this coming year.

Apr 14

38 min

He's back! In this episode of Unscripted, Sam asks Mike about his hospital stay, what the doctor said to him, and how that has and hasn't changed his perspective on life.

Apr 7

30 min 5 sec

Easter is the biggest celebration each and every year for Christians. In this special episode of Unscripted, Sam asks Pastor Arica Leonard how she is able to experience Easter instead of just attend the service... and why that matters.

Apr 1

38 min 39 sec

In this episode, Sam chats with Shawn Clauson about his new role as RCC's Worship Director and the amazing journey that led him here. Complete with incredible stories about Shawn's past, lots of laughs, and moving insight, you'll be talking about and thinking about this one for a long time. 

Mar 25

25 min 26 sec

In this episode, Sam welcomes Unscripted's very first special guest. Aaron DeMaster is a church planter and the founding Pastor of Centerpoint Church in Fond Du Lac, WI. Aaron tells an incredible story about his wild first year as a church planter. Wild is an understatement.

Mar 18

19 min 58 sec

In this episode Sam and Mike talk creativity, collaboration, having a purpose for both of those things and there's even a surprise cameo at the beginning of the episode!

Mar 11

37 min 58 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike what he's been most surprised by over his past 20 years of ministry. You might be surprised by his answers.

Mar 4

34 min 47 sec

In this episode, Mike flips the script on Sam, don't miss what happens next.

Feb 25

30 min 47 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike how we should judge people. What follows is the most in-depth, surprising, and helpful conversations on Unscripted yet. PS: Don't miss the bonus content at the end - Sam and Mike literally couldn't stop hashing this one out.

Feb 18

37 min 25 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike what he knows about the GameStop stock market fiasco, which leads to a seriously good talk about what’s worth investing in and what isn’t.

Feb 11

31 min 53 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike about growing up in a boxing home and what it taught him about resilience, being tough, and hope. Don't miss the end of the episode for a behind the scenes, spontaneous boxing lesson.

Feb 4

29 min 2 sec

A contentious nation, questionable football calls, and kids that argue... Sam asks Mike if he thinks there are there really 2 sides to every story.

Jan 28

27 min 33 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike about the hardest three weeks of church leadership he's ever experienced (It was these past 3 weeks) as well as answering one of the first questions submitted (Hint: it's about politics).

Jan 22

28 min 19 sec

In this episode, Mike and Sam recount some of the dramatic, behind-the-scenes moments from Christmas Eve's past. Laugh along and enjoy a little Christmas cheer and Christmas well-wishes.

Dec 2020

30 min 44 sec

In this episode, Sam asks Mike how he's able to genuinely think for himself. They also discuss how sometimes when we think we're thinking for ourselves, we're not. 

Dec 2020

31 min 20 sec

In this first episode, Sam asks Mike how he got here, what the dark side of leading a church is, and how to lead through it. Don't miss this first Unscripted episode. 

Dec 2020

30 min 12 sec