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Nathan Spencer

If you want to be better in the sack with your partner, or with multiple partners, turn the volume to max and listen up. Let’s Shag is a podcast that fucks. We talk techniques, tips, tricks and overall sexual education from the perspective of one very sexually enlightened host... Me! I’m Nathan Spencer, and this is your wake up call to get both yourself and your partner off better and more often. So strap in, strap on if you’re into that, because it’s gonna be one hell of a vibrating joy ride.

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Dec 2020

52 sec

Today we back track to the female orgasm in more detail. I discuss basic internal, external and combination routes of getting your lady to cum. We also take a few side ventures on the way.

Dec 2020

37 min 47 sec

In this episode we dive head and hand deep into HJ's, BJ's and Q/A's while I sip my morning coffee. Feel unconfident on top ladies? I have some advice to help. I shout out Call Her Daddy for some tips, and I cannot emphasize this enough... STOP NEGLECTING THE BALLS! Also I forgot to mention ball play orally, so that will have to be a topic for another time. Enjoy sluts!


Dec 2020

42 min 29 sec

This week we start by adding in some things I forgot to mention last week when it comes to BALLS. I’m thirsty as hell and can’t drink enough water. I dive into breaking the stigma of males and butt play. Then we head to brown town where we discuss all things anal. I review a fun product by Everybody Tango. I do some Q&A's about genital hair (where I discuss my dick grooming technique) and premature ejaculation, and once again I get awkward trying to say good-bye. Pens and pads at the ready, because this episode is important for everyone! Also I fail to acknowledge its Christmas this week, so Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 2020

43 min 12 sec

Last episode of 2020 and we are ending on a wet and beautiful BANG! I have finally claimed and named all of you (you'll have to listen to find out what). I address all the a$$holes who hate on mustaches, but still love you. We address the stigmas around squirters, and I break down why you shouldn't be afraid to let Niagara Falls go! I teach a small seminar on how I make women squirt in the bedroom, and how you can too. Lastly, I give you some much needed advice for how to ensure you get your New Years nookie on, and how to beat the hangover come 2021. It's been my pleasure to start this journey with you in 2020 and I can't wait to continue it in 2021!  

Dec 2020

43 min 47 sec

This week I welcome you degenerates to 2021. I briefly talk about my New Years resolution, as well as how to help you keep your own. Then we dive Michael Myers face first into all things period sex! We talk about; how to communicate this with your partners, what to make sure you are and aren't doing, what positions work best for your partner, LUBE, and how to side step the problem if blood is completely off the table. I do a little Q/A about partners who need to help teach their partners how to better get them off, and then I look forward to 2021 with hopeful eyes. Strap in degenerates, its about to get messy!

Jan 8

39 min 29 sec

This week (aside from my horrible audio quality) we dive into all things dirty talk. We have a very special guest Blaire aka Mama B, and we give you the full scoop for all things of the vocal filth. We guide you through dirty talk for dumbies if you are someone who has never tried it before, or maybe you're someone who is a bit curious. We also give tips and tricks to those of you who want to up your already existent dirty talk game. We go over a Q/A where we talk about different vaginal and penis sizes, as well as how to bring up and establish threesomes in a relationship, or as a third party. I hope you brought headphones and a towel because this one is one you're going to want to get personal with, and you may need to clean up a little before its done.  

Jan 15

54 min 33 sec

This week I give you a little update on my life! I plug the hell out of my new website, and if you aren't following you aren't a real degenerate. I dive balls deep into positions, starting with cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then I give you a few of Daddy Nate's favorite finishing positions of all time! Last I do a little Q/A regarding what I can only describe as a fuck boy, and also how to make dirty talk more your own thing/how not to over promise in the bedroom. Tits up and ass out because this ones a wet one. 


Jan 22

45 min 26 sec

Mama B is back degenerates! I'm plugging all my shit with Manscaped.com now. Use code "SHAG" for 20% off your order and free shipping. On this topic we discuss pubic hair for just a minute. Mama B is working with a sex toy company called Bombex, links in her bio. We then dive into the stigmatized topic of not finishing during sex, from the perspectives of both yourself and your partner.  Also say it with me here; "It's ok to enjoy pleasing yourself during sex with a partner!" Stop focusing on the end goal and be present and in the moment. We then do a Q/A section where I learn how hot it can be to send your partner the porn you masturbated to that day. Thank you for all the love in advance and as always, "let's get to shaggin!" 


Jan 29

47 min 51 sec

This week I talk about fucking every where BESIDES the bed and the bedroom. I discuss different positions and obstacles that you can enjoy fucking on. Then I dive balls deep into PUBLIC SEX! We start small at the beginning stages for those of you that are wary about it so don't worry. I discuss ways to break up the fear that surrounds public sex and then we dive in head first! From car sex, to fucking on a golf course, I try and touch on as many possibilities as I can think of, but the world is your sex oyster, so use it to your advantage! I cannot emphasize this enough though, if you get caught ITS NOT MY FAULT. I wrap up with another Q/A section that was a little long winded but its great information if you're an infant in the sexual realm. Haven't gotten anything for your partner for Valentines Day yet? Head over to MANSCAPED.COM and use code "SHAG" for 20% off your order and free shipping. Have fun, be safe and happy shaggin!  


Feb 5

42 min 56 sec

Even though I'd prefer you listen, if you hate me shamelessly pushing merchandise onto you, go ahead and skip to 03:02. That being said my merchandise finally dropped at LETSSHAGPODCAST.COM so go snag a hat while you can. Also if you're trying to trim ya man's balls, check out MANSCAPED.COM and use code "SHAG" for 20% off your order and free shipping. This week I decided to do a whole episode talking about CONSENT. It is a topic that came up recently on TikTok and I just NEEDED to get the information out there. We talk about consent when trying to get/receive a blowjob, during sex, while drinking, and all things in between. Then I do a Q/A section on STD/STI's and also a question someone had about trying to get her partner to go down on her more. This episode isn't pretty. It's raw and it's intense. Consent is not something to be messed around with. I want you to OWN your consent and use it whenever you feel necessary. Be empowered by it, embrace it, and most importantly enjoy the sex you are having and have fun. Now let's get to shaggin'!!!  


Feb 12

39 min 3 sec

In the height of the winter fuckary that is Texas weather, I found time to do a little episode to tithe you over. I just answer a bunch of the Q/A's that have been flooding my inbox. We talk selfish partners, toys, consent and how to help in a lot of different and individualistic ways. Next week we will be back full swing with a bondage episode so stay tuned and stay safe!


Feb 19

42 min 58 sec

Today we dive deep into Daddy Nates past and talk about purity culture. We discuss how you can love Jesus and also enjoy a great sex life. Tara gives us all the little insider scoops on embodiment as a practice, and how we can all use it to better ourselves in our every day life. We then dive into some introductory bondage talk. We discuss how much more important communication and consent is regarding these aspects of sex. We talk the top 3 things you should use or start when thinking about bondage play. I also learn that there are necklaces for just about everything! Lastly, we each share a Q/A and our thoughts on the topics. This episode is so fun and so full of life, it was an absolute joy for me and Tara to do and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Don't forget your discount at MANSCAPED.COM, use code "SHAG" for 20% off your entire order and free shipping at checkout. Also check out Daddy Nate's merch at LETSSHAGPODCAST.COM and use code "GrabMyBalls" at check out for 10% off your entire order. To follow Tara on Instagram search @misstarateng As always degenerates, Daddy Nate loves you and let's get to shaggin'!!!


Feb 26

55 min 16 sec

Today I dive into breaking the NORM! Literally! The only thing normal about anyone in regards to sex is that we are all alive. I want you to get out of your own head space, stop feeling those insecurities that may be holding you back, and get back to loving yourself first! Stop being so hard on yourself about not fitting the mold society has laid out as acceptable and appreciate your own uniqueness! I do a more extensive Q/A session this week (because I can only preach for so long) where we talk about all kinds of things. I hope this episode brings you some peace, some self love, and most importantly some better sex! Let's get to shaggin' degenerates!


Mar 5

37 min 16 sec

This week on the podcast we start by talking about this douche bag who has nothing but bad things to say about single mothers (please don't follow him or add to the fire he started). Then we bring back your and my favorite friend, Mama B., to dive balls deep into threesomes. The focus of this episode is more of a "how to" guide if you will, for anyone considering it in their lives. We break down the different dynamics a threesome can have. We talk perspectives on being the third versus being the couple looking for a third. Mama B gives her top 3 favorite threesome positions, and then we talk after care. Lastly we do a couple Q/A's where Mama B realizes just how aggressively I beat my dick and we talk about how to finish a blowjob if you hate swallowing cum. Buckle up buttercups because this is a hilariously great adventure in the Let's Shag saga and I'm so happy you're here for the ride. 


Mar 12

1 hr 6 min

In today's episode Daddy Nate does another giant Q/A section for all of you that continue to fill my inbox with joyous questions. If you have a question you want featured in the podcast, head over to our website at LETSSHAGPODCAST.COM and leave it in the Q/A section. I try to get to as many as I can, and if yours hasn't been answered yet you can always resubmit in hopes of gaining my attention. I love all you Degenerates and I hope you enjoy the episode.


Mar 18

41 min 59 sec

This week we go face down ass up into all things PORN. We start by discussing the negatives of porn and how it can effect your everyday life (especially your sex life). Then, we talk about how you can use porn as a tool to help yourself. We discuss Mama B's and my own's journey through porn from our humble beginnings and laugh all the way through it. Who remembers two girls one cup? Still wishing I could forget. Then we answer a couple Q/A's about sex addiction and asking your partner to be a little rougher in the sack. For anyone looking for more ethical porn to utilize in their everyday lives, here are the sources brought to you by Mama B herself: FROLICME.COM, SSSH.COM, LUSTCINEMA.COM, MAKELOVENOTPORN.TV  Also don't forget to head over to our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM, check out their incredible products, and use code "SHAG" for 20% off your purchase and free shipping. All degenerate merch will also be going on a massive sale at some point this week so make sure you're signed up for our emails at LETSSHAGPODCAST.COM  I love you and I hope you enjoy the episode! Let's get to shaggin' 


Apr 1

1 hr 1 min

Welcome back ya degenerate FUCKS! This week we are discussing the art of the nude. From what to do for both men and women, to what to stay away from. Here's a hint, clean your nasty rooms, clean your nasty mirrors, and be a damn freak with that shit! We also talk a little about hickeys, why they suck, alternative areas to nibble on, and how to take care of them in the most efficient way possible. Daddy Nate is single and that means he now has an OnlyFans! To see his mature content head over to ONLYFANS.COM/DADDYNATELETSSHAG Also don't forget about our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM use code "SHAG" at checkout for 20% off your order AND free shipping. I love you all to death, thank you for being so patient, and DAMN does it feel good to be back!


May 27

54 min 8 sec

As you listen to this episode Daddy Nate is on a much needed vacation in Turks & Caicos, and he's stopping in Miami for a night out on the way! This week we do another Q&A session where I answer a bunch of questions. If you're down in the dumps on yourself, skip to the last half for my little pep-talk. I came into this game with the intention to touch lives and I think it shines through towards the end. Big shout to our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM, use code "SHAG" at checkout for 20% off your entire order plus free shipping. I know Daddy Nate can be demanding of you at times, but it's only because he cares. I love you all and hope this brings your week up just a little bit. Let's get to shaggin' degenerate fam!


Jun 3

31 min 53 sec

Daddy Nate is back in full-swing after finding the person that breathes life into him and his dreams. I give you the full insider scoop about your new Mommy Rachel, and how she helped me back on my journey to bring you the best content I can (and also how she's just an amazing person I absolutely love and adore). We talk about how to get the most out of yourself and your partner by putting forth your most authentic energy. This will help you attract, or draw from your partner, energy that will match yours and set your sex game on a whole new level. We look at a passage from "The New Topping" book to draw on how we can all be better in the bedroom as a team, and stop ascribing blame, and lastly, I answer some questions about how to have multiple orgasms, and Daddy's favorite lingerie at the moment (DR.HARNESS.COM). Don't forget to check out our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM and use code "SHAG" for 20% off your entire order and free shipping. I love all you Degenerates and stay tuned for what's to come because it is going to be epic   


Jul 15

43 min 52 sec

This week Daddy Nate and Mommy Rach break down how other factors in your lives and relationships could be affecting your sex life. Daddy Nate shares an epiphany he had while taking the dog to take a shit this morning, and somehow manages to make it sound semi-spiritual. Mommy Rachel shares her thoughts on why her and Daddy Nate work so well in their relationship, and then we shift to the SEX. Mommy breaks down her BDSM obsession and Daddy talks about how he supports that. We discuss how the "WE" mentality in the bedroom is soooo crucial to everyone's success, and also in not isolating your partner; placing all the weight on an individual's shoulders, but rather shouldering the weight as a unit. The entire episode is full of gooshy shit between Mommy and Daddy, but the message is one you need to hear! Lastly, on top of MANSCAPED.COM Daddy is adding other sponsors to the show (ADAM & EVE + PJUR). Use code "SHAG" at MANSCAPED.COM for 20% off your order plus free shipping, and for ADAM & EVE and PJUR Daddy will have those codes available for you by next week so you can explore the world of toys and lubes they both offer! Seriously all amazing products and I can't wait for you all the try them out (at a discounted rate of course). I see a product review feature in future episodes my little degenerates! Daddy also dropped several coaching packages if the Q/A's aren't enough for you so listen up for info! Remember Daddy loves you, and life is short so you owe it to yourself to be having good sex!


Jul 23

46 min 13 sec

This week we talk about all things revolving around ED (erectile dysfunction).We talk about the statistics revolving around ED. Daddy Nate gives you his story of the first time he had this happen and how he figured out it was stemming from sexual performance anxiety. Then we dive into ways of how you can aid your partner in overcoming this issue (AS A TEAM). Then I give the men a little advice and pep-talk on how they can go about handling this if it is an issue for them. There is no shame here, it happens people, so stop making the stigma worse. Then we dive into Q/A's, where I inform you about how you can GUARANTEE your question will get answered on the podcast, as well as talk more about a particular ED situation and some more male butt stuff! Shout out to our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM as well as ADAMANDEVE.COM, use code "SHAG" at both for a special discount at checkout, and go check out the lubricant products at PJUR.COM if you're experiencing a dry spell he-he. Remember Daddy loves you and let's get to shaggin!


Jul 29

30 min 38 sec

This week Daddy Nate has a very special guest on the podcast, Amir Yass! Amir is a huge personality and activist within the LGBTQ+ community and runs a podcast called “The Take On,” where he interviews fan favorites from popular Bravo shows. Amir has a growing  following of over 23k on Instagram (@amiryassofficial), and he also has over 100k subscribers on TikTok (@amiryassofficial). Needless to say this man is an entire vibe. Listen up ladies because we talk about all things how to please your man from both Daddy Nate and Amir's perspectives. We also discuss the stigma surrounding a lot of the issues we all face in the bedroom surrounding shame and societal pressures. In the advertisment section Daddy talks about him and Mommy's new favorite toy the WeVibe Chorus avaliable at ADAMANDEVE.COM (use code "SHAG" for 50% off one item as well as 10 free gifts, including free shipping. While we are here a big shoutout to our partners at MANSCAPED.COM (use code "SHAG" at checkout there for 20% off your order and free shipping). And don't forget to check out all the great lubricants PJUR.COM (pronounce "pure") has to offer. Daddy loves you and I hope you enjoy the episode my little degenerates! Let's get to shaggin! 


Aug 5

47 min 39 sec

This week is a very important episode of the podcast. I tell you the full Daddy Nate sexuality story, and why all this stuff is so important to me. Why I think it is important to discuss these things. How I even got here in the first place. Mommy Rachel holds my hand and adds some much needed perspective to some of the stuff I needed to say, and the episode is beautiful in its entirety. So listen up, because this just may be what you need to hear. Daddy loves you! And as always, let's get to shaggin! Shout to our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM, use code (SHAG) at checkout for 20% off your entire order plus free shipping, as well as our partners at ADAMANDEVE.COM use code (SHAG) for 50% off one select item, plus 10 free gifts to include free shipping.  


Aug 20

42 min 21 sec

This week Daddy got to sit down with Alexis Fire, Assistant Project Coordinator and one of the main writers, for "Your Best Kept Secret!" We discuss why it is important to have audio erotica as an outlet for your sexual journey, how it can be used as a tool for sex sexual exploration as well as partner exploration, and how it varies from mainstream erotica in a very important way. Honestly there are too many facets of this episode to even begin typing them all out so just listen the f*ck up, Daddy commands you! Check out "Your Best Kept Secret" on Instagram (@yourbestkeptsecret__) *two underscores*. Also don't forget to utilize our HUGE discount at ADAMANDEVE.COM use code (SHAG) at checkout for 50% off select items, plus 10 free gifts, to include free shipping, courtesy of Adam & Eve. If you or your man need a new body trimmer, or just grooming products in general make sure you check out our sponsors at MANSCAPED.COM and use code (SHAG) at checkout for 20% off your entire order, plus free shipping. Daddy loves you, and let's get to shaggin!   


Aug 26

47 min 40 sec

On this episode I discuss some of the things I have used to help couples and people better their sexual communication from the aspects of a sexual coach. This episode is full of good nuggets for all you out there trying to improve your already existing relationships, or just establish a great new one! Listen carefully and take notes. Don't forget to go get your 50% off toy + 10 free gifts at ADAMANDEVE.COM by using code "SHAG" and in a new edition to the sponsors list, we have IOBATOYS.COM that's right! Daddy is going to be giving a detailed review of their most popular product the OhMYC on the next episode, but for now you can head over to their site and use code "SHAG" for 30% off your entire order. What the actual fuck are you waiting for, go get cheap fun shit to try by yourself, with a partner, or with multiple partners. Daddy commands you! As always I love all you degenerates, and let's get to shaggin!


Sep 9

32 min 43 sec

Today Daddy Nate has his best friend in the whole entire world on the show, Easton Santos. Easton is the Founder and Co-Owner of Out and Proud Live. Check them out at OUTANDPROUDLIVE.COM We also have a very special review of the OhMyC from Ioba Toys. Check them out at IOBATOYS.COM you can use code "SHAG" at checkout for 30% off your entire order, and we are also doing a very special giveaway with them. If you want to know how you can win your own OhMyC by Ioba, listen to this podcast for the ways you can enter. This is Daddy Nate's special finale gift to you! We also talk a lot more about culture and the labels we ascribe to in this episode and how we can all come together to break these stigmas! Lastly, Easton and Daddy Nate answer a few questions and offer advice. This is not the episode to miss degenerates! Also shout out to our sponsors at Adam & Eve, check them out at ADAMANDEVE.COM and use code "SHAG" for 50% off one of select items plus 10 free gifts from Adam and Eve, to include free shipping. So listen to your Daddy and do as he says! Enjoy your bodies and all we talk about on the podcast today and let's get to shaggin'


Sep 16

1 hr 12 min

On the Season 3 opener of the podcast I interview author Kristopher Lovestone about his book "Conscious Cock." There's a link in the bottom of this bio if you're looking to purchase it. If I had to summarize Kris's book I would describe it as the "male masculinity manual!" Seriously this is the book your man has been waiting for, to shift from the lack-luster-lover, to the truly in-tune sexual animal. Kris's book discusses all things sex and how men can be better at it; from connecting with your partner in communication, to how to eat a pussy, this book leaves no male-based stone left unturned. So listen up and take notes! Maybe send the episode to a special someone hahaha. Shout out to our sponsors at ADAMANDEVE.COM use code "SHAG" at checkout for 50% off select items, plus 10 free toys to include free shipping. Season 3 is here and I am so excited for all the content I have for you all, so buckle in, take notes, and as always, let's get to shaggin!!! https://www.amazon.com/Conscious-Cock-Empowered-Masculinity-Communication/dp/1771434074


Oct 28

54 min 42 sec

Today is a big day degenerates! Not only do we have our absolute favorite Mama B back for season 3 of the podcast, but we are also talking about a brand new sex show that just aired on Netflix. That's right! A whole Netflix show about sex, how progressive Netflix (and thank you). This episode has a lot of information for you. If you want to take the quiz prior to listening, so that you can follow along, Daddy will put a link at the bottom of the page for you (what a caring Daddy). Buckle up sweeties because this episode is all sorts of gooey and goopy and in all the right ways. Don't forget to hit up our sponsors at ADAMANDEVE.COM and use code "SHAG" at checkout for 50% one of select items plus 10 FREE gifts. Daddy loves you, and let's get to f*ckin' shaggin" https://missjaiya.com/ (GOOP QUIZ)


Nov 4

48 min 19 sec

This week on the podcast we talk about how you establish wholeness with your consent. We discuss pre-sex care, during-sex care, and after-sex care. Yes, they are all important and they are all different. This episode is a wonderful conversation about how to get in line with your inner sexual being, and how making that shift brings nothing but sunshine and good vibes. Remember, honesty is your best friend, and ignoring the truth is what will hold you back from your true potential. If you want to see more of Tara or Rachel's content here is their Instagrams: https://www.instagram.com/rachelgibler/ https://www.instagram.com/misstarateng/ Don't forget to check out our sponsors at ADAMANDEVE.COM and use code "SHAG" at checkout for 50% off one of select items from Adam & Eve, plus 10 free gifts to include FREE SHIPPING. Daddy loves all of you and is so stoked to guide you on this journey this week. Grab a pen and some paper and let's get to shaggin"


Nov 12

58 min 30 sec

Today, in the midst of the colossal shit storm that is "moving," somehow Daddy Nate still found time to be productive. Here are 5 things women want in the bedroom that men aren't doing (well, not enough anyways). I'm not going to give you a short list here because the men would just screen shot that shit and not actually listen, so sorry. Also don't forget to check out our sponsors at ADAMANDEVE.COM and use code "SHAG" for 50% off your order of one of select items at Adam & Eve, plus 3 free gift toys, 6 free adult movies, AND free shipping (did you catch all that big guy? lots of discounts for you to save money and please your lady... do it). Remember, Daddy loves you and let's get to shaggin'! 


Nov 19

20 min 2 sec