The Ruth Stone House Podcast

Ruth Stone House Podcast

Bianca Stone and Ben Pease feverishly record this podcast while their daughter is napping.

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In this podcast I’m talking with the poet Chariot Wish and their editor, the poet Ben Fama, about Chariot’s new chapbook called: a new heaven…

Nov 29

48 min 49 sec

like a spree of free association that comes to make meaning Talking with the acclaimed poet, Sarah Arvio about her beautiful new book. Cry Back…

Nov 3

49 min 54 sec

Talking with the New York City based poet, Anselm Berrigan about his amazing new collection of poetry, Pregrets–our relationships to visual arts, interacting with it…

Oct 21

1 hr 7 min

Riding Bareback on a Good Associative Leap! “But as soon as I notice how happy I am. how close to the sun, there I go…

Oct 14

54 min 49 sec

Well, this ongoing saga continues. I’m talking with the psychotherapist, Nathan Rice, who I connected with on Twitter this past year. What caught my eye…

Oct 4

57 min 52 sec

This a recording that happened after the poetry reading at Next Galaxy writers retreat, between Bianca Stone and Arisa White. Here we talk about what…

Sep 29

25 min 54 sec

Many exciting things happen in this conversation with Matthew Zapruder (forgive the audio!) starting with discussing self-inquiry in poetry, poetry as a reaction against power,…

Sep 22

58 min 27 sec

I’m always lucky to be with my dear friend and mentor, the poet Sharon Olds. I sat down with her during a visit to New…

Sep 13

1 hr 15 min

I’m thrilled to have had a conversation with two incredible minds, at different stages of their career, Mark Wunderlich and Shanta Lee Gander. Mark talks…

Sep 3

38 min 27 sec

HEALTH / POETRY / CARE / CONSCIOUSNESS / DYAD / INFINITUDE / BODY MIND “Having spent most of his life exploring the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and…

Aug 12

1 hr 2 min