By Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

Be a fly on the wall for intimate conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs who are changing the world. Your host, Stephanie Benedetto Padovani is a business coach, storyteller and (Un)marketer at The Awakened Business, where she helps coaches, therapists, healers and change-making entrepreneurs unleash their message and share it with joyful (un)marketing. This isn’t a typical interview-style podcast. Here’s what’s different: #1 - We’ll embark on a curious conversational adventure to see what we can create around the topic, question, challenge or idea of the guest's choice. #2 - Stephanie will ask curious, playful questions that challenge us to explore uncharted waters and connect to the deeper purpose and joy of what we’re here to do. We may experience one or more of the following: - Articulation of their soul’s message and mission - Life-changing stories - Insights, ahas and wisdom nuggets - Ideas for new products, services or businesses Anything can happen when we step into the unknown of infinite creativity -- and that’s where we're going to play.

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