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There is only one thing that seems to be certain in these trying times in the events industry: virtual events are here to stay, no matter the state of the pandemic and our personal preferences. And that’s why it’s time to talk about virtual event production -again. The #EventIcons podcast strives to talk to the very best in the events world. And wow, did we deliver this week! Today, we don’t introduce you to one, but two #EventIcons guests: Kara Gladish and Sheehan Hubbard from Socio. For those who might not know: Socio is an event technology company that helps enterprises and SMBs optimize their events in more than 40 countries. Their clients include big names, such as Microsoft, Google, and Pinterest. Join Sarah as she has one of the most insightful, information-packed conversations ever witnessed on this podcast!

Nov 16

38 min 32 sec

Planning a safe event is by no means something that is new in the world of event planners, but it has definitely gained new meaning in the last 18 months. When we think of staying safe and sound at events these days, our minds first go to COVID-compliance officers, screening procedures, and hand sanitizers. And since the #EventIcons podcast is all about talking about the hottest topics in the events industry, we brought on a special guest who specializes in all things event safety and security. With over 25 years of experience in meeting planning as well as public safety, Alan Kleinfeld from Arrive Management Group is the perfect person to talk to about the vast world of event safety. Not only does he comment on the state of the pandemic and the importance of COVID-19 compliance, but he also elaborates on other security issues that the events industry and the world at large are facing, such as the effects of climate change and the importance of cybersecurity.

Nov 16

33 min 33 sec

When we talk about movement at events, our minds might go to walking around the venue at in-person events or walking to the fridge if we’re attending a virtual experience. But what if we told you that a little movement goes a long way even before or during speaker presentations? Taking care of the health of the attendees is a growing trend in the events industry – and we’re not just talking about COVID-19 compliance at events. PCMA EduCon 2021, for example, hosted a gamified health challenge and encouraged attendees to move their bodies. So, we brought on an iconic guest to explain to us what movement at events is all about. Our #EventIcons guest is Lizzy Williamson, an event and meeting energizer who coined the term Two Minute Moves. As a wellness and fitness enthusiast, she knows all about the science behind moving our bodies. Not only is it good for our mental and physical health, but it also boosts engagement at virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. So press play and join Sarah and Lizzy as they talk and demonstrate how to elevate your event with movement!

Nov 16

26 min 39 sec

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Today’s iconic guest, Deanna Nwosu, thinks that all event and meeting planners should nurture an entrepreneurial spirit. She joins Sarah to talk about her vast experience in the events industry, what the future holds for event organizers, and the importance of community engagement. For almost 20 years, Deanna has worked on fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, and other events ranging in size from 10 to 20,000 attendees. Creating an ideal attendee experience is almost second nature to her. As an event strategist, Deanna now focuses more on facilitating the front-of-house experience for attendees through moderating emceeing and public speaking, while providing clients some limited behind-the-scenes logistics support as well. Welcome to #EventIcons, Deanna!

Nov 16

30 min 16 sec

The year 2020 has established itself as the year of the pivot in the events industry. Since then, countless #EventIcons guests were brought on the podcast to talk about how they turned their in-person events into virtual ones and the importance of their community in these trying times. And because no two stories are the same, we’re back this week with another one! Host Events is a Boston-based company that focuses on building community through top-notch virtual experiences. Today, Sarah welcomes two guests, Amy O’Neil and Katie Kosa, to talk about what they do and how they got there since March 2020. Before 2020, they worked exclusively in person, but today, they offer virtual happy hours, various fitness and cooking classes, and games. Tune in to hear this awesome story of success and learn more about the power of a tight-knit community!

Nov 16

28 min 20 sec

Before the pandemic hit us, we took genuine human interactions at events for granted. Attendees mingled, networked, formed everlasting bonds, and had a great time while doing all of that. As the industry pivoted to virtual events, virtual audience engagement became one of the most talked-about challenges. How do we replicate genuine interpersonal dynamics in the virtual world? Is it even possible? Today’s #EventIcons guest thinks that it definitely is. The iconic Steve Gottlieb is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. And most importantly for this podcast, he is the founder and CEO of Shindig, a virtual conference, event, and meeting platform that has mastered the art of online engagement. Just like many of our guests on the podcast, he is a huge advocate for the virtual revolution. Join Sarah and Steve in a lively conversation that is bound to inspire, challenge, and encourage you to keep up with the times and embrace all things virtual.

Aug 31

33 min 52 sec

Last year, the virtual revolution completely transformed the events industry. We shifted our focus from venues to online platforms and brainstormed all kinds of ways to keep the audiences glued to the screens. And even though in-person events are making a glorious comeback, virtual events are here to stay. Moreover, they need to keep evolving! That's why on today's episode of #EventIcons, we will talk about reimagining the virtual experience. One size certainly doesn't fit all: when planning a virtual event, you have to talk to your community. Today's iconic guest is Banu Kannu, the co-founder and CEO at Uncommon Conferences. She is a business development professional with over 15 years of international experience. She shares the success story of the award-winning Gas Fest and how they planned virtual workshops that took place in April 2021. Press play and join us for yet another #EventIcons!

Aug 17

34 min 34 sec

Event platforms took the events industry by the storm. So much so that they can be considered as the new venues! There's more of them each year and some of them are even attracting huge investments. We've had countless enthusiastic guests talk about them on #EventIcons before, but today's guest is a little bit different. He says: down with third-party event platforms! Saroosh Gull is the CEO of Eventcombo and he is on a mission to disrupt the entire $1 trillion event industry. He's all about building meaningful relationships and event planners staying in full control of their events. Event platforms unquestionably satisfy event planners' needs, but are they really the only way to go forward? Press play and find out!

Aug 17

31 min 47 sec

We don’t mean to beat a dead horse, yet we’re saying it again: the pandemic has drastically changed the events industry and sped up the evolution of virtual and hybrid events. The process is not over, either. On the contrary: we have just begun! The future of the events industry is uncertain, but today’s #EventIcons guest thinks that it’s going to split into two huge chunks: one belonging to the digital event planner and the other one to the in-person event planner. Jason Koop is a writer, influencer, and the VP of business development at the Canadian Special Events Magazine. Above all, he is a fan of the events industry and is excited to see what the future will hold. Once he tried out VR, his mindset shifted forever. So, press play and get iconic with us!

Jul 29

17 min 55 sec

We’ve all been through a lot in this past year. Health and wellness in the events industry have never mattered more than now, which is why today, Sarah welcomes not one, but three iconic guests to share what they’ve worked on since the pandemic started. Kristin Horstman is a senior director at Salesforce and has been on our show just recently, Johnnie White is the CEO of the American Society of Appraisers, and Rachael Riggs is a WellBeing Leader at Maritz Global Events. And what does this panel have in common? Together, they wrote a guidebook on wellness and health in the events industry and that’s what they’ll be talking about today!

Jul 13

30 min 50 sec

This week’s #EventIcons guest is one of the most respected figures in digital media. He has a 20-year history in thought leadership, experiential events, and technology. Got your attention? Read on! This iconic guest has developed integrated digital video strategies for large media companies, including Viacom and  Discovery. And last but not least, he is the CEO of VidCon, the world’s largest convention for online video creators. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jim Louderback!

Jul 13

30 min 3 sec

#EventIcons podcast is all about talking to the cream of the events industry and getting to know what they do, how they do it, and what the current event trends are. Today’s guest is somebody with years of experience and a lot of charisma. Meet Kristin Horstman, the senior director at Salesforce! Together with the rest of the world, she had to make a quick pivot to virtual events last year. Today, she shares with our audiences what she had learned. As a marketing leader, she focuses on marketing virtual events. And since our host Sarah is the head of marketing of Endless Events, the conversation is all the more worth listening to!

Jul 13

30 min 21 sec

Hybrid events are the perfect synergy between virtual and in-person events, but it can be quite challenging for event planners to put them together. That’s why in this week’s episode of #EventIcons, Sarah welcomes Kelly Knowlen to talk about the most important hybrid event tips and tricks. Kelly Knowlen is the executive director of sales engagement and special events at Hilton where she started building her career 28 years ago. She tells Sarah how Hilton pivoted in March 2020 and shares the resources they created to help their customers. They cover every important aspect of planning the perfect hybrid event: technology, safety measures, and audience engagement.

Jul 13

27 min 43 sec

It's been a while since the industry made a tectonic shift to virtual events, and so far, we have covered the topic from nearly every angle imaginable. From choosing the right platform to delivering the best virtual content, we always first need to think about what kind of an experience we are providing for our virtual attendees. And who better to talk about experiential virtual events than today's event icon, AJ Williams from AJ Events who has been in the industry for over 25 years! Join Sarah and our lovely guest in a delightful conversation about elevating virtual and hybrid events to the next level. They focus on three types of events: fundraising events, weddings, and corporate events. Spoiler alert: the episode includes awesome party in a box ideas and a shoutout to the roaring twenties!

May 4

23 min 23 sec

In today’s episode of #EventIcons, we fix our eyes on the future and talk about post-COVID events. But let’s not leap headlong into how things used to be. After all, we’ve all grown, learned, and changed so much in the past year. Now, it’s time to put all that knowledge to use! Virtual, hybrid, or in-person – it doesn’t matter what type of an event we are talking about – the fact of the matter is that the attendees’ priorities have dramatically shifted. Before we even start considering the event tech side of things, for example, we have to go back to basics. The future of events is human-centric! Today’s event icon is the personable Megan Henshall, the global events account manager at Google who got into events because she was “really bad at sales”. She shares how she experienced the pivoting year of 2020 and explains how to adopt a human-centric mindset in events.

Apr 20

32 min 57 sec

This week's #EventIcons episode is particularly special because Sarah welcomes four of her amazing coworkers from Endless Events to the podcast. They are here to talk about virtual fatigue, one of the first and most talked about challenges of going virtual. As the first point of contact for event planners, Syd Griffith, Karmen Jericevic, John Pistotti, and Ambre Wade know how to decipher what their needs are and how to create solutions for better virtual audience engagement. Not only are they event professionals, but they also know about all the ins and outs of working remotely. They've learned to overcome virtual fatigue long before most people even knew what it was! Once the Endless co-workers started bouncing ideas around, there was no stopping them. The result is one of the liveliest and most interactive #EventIcons episodes so far. Without further ado, meet the charming Endless Events team!

Apr 6

48 min 50 sec

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for #EventIcons! For weeks, we have been discussing virtual and hybrid events, engagement strategies, and all kinds of other pandemic-related issues. Today, it's time for something different, but just as relevant: we will talk about diversity in events as of 2021. The conversations around diversity are quickly gaining traction, but it's important we implement the changes rather than disregard them when they're not hot anymore. And we found just the speaker to talk about it! Today's event icon is William S. Matthews, a connector, corporate event planner, and author of three best-selling books, including Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned from an Event Planner. In his newest book, Corporate America, he writes about the ins and outs of the corporate world as well as race relations and diversity. Our host Sarah talked to him about his work, what diversity in events looks like, and what we should strive for in the future.

Mar 23

34 min 29 sec

Virtual events were all the rage last year, whether we liked it or not. While some adapted fast and organized extraordinary virtual events in 2020, many are still grappling with the new reality. But according to today’s #EventIcons guest, it’s high time we stop reminiscing about the past and start planning for the future! Liz King Caruso is the CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk. She’s a source of wisdom who has been doing virtual and hybrid events for much longer than the pandemic has been around. As an event strategist, she talked to Sarah about the importance of engagement strategies for virtual events as well as their monetization. As you’ll see, the two aspects of event planning are inextricably intertwined. Press play and join Sarah and Liz as they break down all there is to know about this hot topic.

Mar 9

34 min 17 sec

Many of us would give our right arm just to attend a live concert right now. The energy, the connection, the music – to feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves. Song Division knows all about the science of music. And they have good news for us: music for virtual events can be just as compelling as an arena concert. In today’s #EventIcons, Sarah welcomes Andy Sharpe, Sam McNeill, and John Lombardo from Song Division. As professionals in music and entertainment, they know everything about the power of music for virtual events. Engaging virtual audiences can be challenging, but these guys know how to bring smiles to people’s faces even in these trying times. They definitely charmed our lovely host with a song, written especially for her.

Feb 23

36 min 14 sec

How many times have you heard the expression “content is king”? Probably enough that you roll your eyes every time someone utters it. But that’s the thing about clichés – they exist for a reason. And when it comes to the exciting world of digital experiences, this particular saying still applies. Of course, crafting amazing content for virtual events comes with its own set of challenges. Not only is this particular slice of the experience more important than ever, but it can also get tricky. This is why we’re happy to welcome Phil Mershon to another episode of #EventIcons. As the Director of Events for the Social Media Examiner, Phil was also faced with a brand new set of challenges once the pandemic hit. But he was no stranger to creating virtual events that stood out thanks to their smart use of content. So join Sarah as she picks Phil’s brain on how to craft the best content for virtual events in an engaging and unforgettable fashion!

Jan 19

43 min 6 sec

New year, new trends! That’s right, Endless Events is back at it with the best content to help you navigate the 2021 landscape. And to kick things off, we have a brand new episode of #EventIcons. Now that the new year has rolled in, event profs are eager to know the trends that will shape the months to come. And while there’s a lot to cover, we figured that there’s no best way to start January than by outlining the 2021 event design trends that will define the industry. 2020 was a challenging time for all of us, but now that the dust has somewhat settled, it’s time to up our game. So who better than Nick Borelli, President of Borelli Strategies, Event Brew host, and overall industry icon to get things moving? Join us on this incredible conversation about the 2021 event design trends that are set to become the next big thing!

Jan 6

43 min 17 sec

How does industry advocacy during a pandemic even look like? For as long as it has existed, the events industry has struggled with unity. And it's not because we don't want to come together as one. But rather because we're such a complex mix of professionals that span everything from production to catering, venues, planning, and more. Trying to define the events industry has always been a challenge. And consequently, finding unity during tough times has proven to be particularly exhausting. But we can all agree that never has this topic been more relevant than in 2020. As one of the most affected sectors, learning how to call for industry advocacy during pandemic quickly became a hot topic. And while no one has an exact answer, our amazing guest today, Shawn Cheng of MCI, has a few ideas worth exploring. You know what time it is - it's #EventIcons o'clock!

Dec 2020

42 min 51 sec

Just yesterday, we once again tackled the topic of virtual audience engagement. And one of the points we stressed was the importance of entertainment. The world is always starving for entertainment, and remote attendees are not an exception to this rule! On the contrary - one could even argue that keeping audiences amused is even more crucial in a virtual setting. Plus, with hybrid on an almost certain path to become the norm, it becomes crucial to learn the ropes of entertainment in this new world. So today, we're diving straight into it. Our lovely host Sarah welcomes the iconic JC York from Classic Entertainment & Productions. And JC has quite a lot to say about the topic! As a titan of entertainment, there's no one we'd rather have on board to teach us more about entertaining the new age of attendees. So press play and join us for another #EventIcons!

Nov 2020

42 min 45 sec

It’s time for another incredible episode of #EventIcons! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on bringing to the limelight the incredible stories of event profs who fought the pandemic and came out stronger on the other side. And this week, the adventure continues – with a little spin on the approach to virtual and the role of technology. We’re more than happy to introduce the iconic Scott Lockey, Senior Director of Partnerships at Cvent. As someone who is heavily involved in the technology side of the events industry, Scott has a lot to teach us about our approach to virtual and what we should be looking out for when it comes to choosing the right technology. So join our host Sarah Christl and our phenomenal guest in yet another fascinating conversation about the world of virtual events!

Nov 2020

32 min 59 sec

Another week, another inspiring story about pivoting to virtual events! Now that the industry has come to terms with the so-called “new normal”, we want to bring the best stories to the forefront. All across the nation, event planners have been learning the ropes of virtual events. And they’ve been doing so in order to deliver high-quality experiences with the tools they have at their disposal. So there’s no shortage of success stories out there. On this week’s #EventIcons, we introduce yet another incredible tale of pivoting. Our amazing guest, Magdalina Atanassova, is the Marcom and Brand Manager at Kenes Group. She studied Convention, Event, and Exhibition Management and has been a titan of the industry for years. Today, she joins our always lovely host Sarah Christl to tell us how she went about pivoting to virtual events – and most importantly, what she learned and how the company succeeded. Press play to find out!

Nov 2020

31 min 30 sec

We’re back for another week with another exciting episode of #EventIcons! And we’re excited to be discussing how small event companies can pivot in order to survive the pandemic. Because this has probably been the craziest time ever in our industry. Thousands of event profs saw their projects canceled or postponed within days. But while we’re all still adapting to the new normal, small event companies had to act faster than anyone else. And no one knows that better than this week’s iconic guest. Tammy Dickerson has been in the industry for 25 years and started her own agency two decades ago. As the Founder and President of The Baker Group, she managed to whether the pandemic storm with grace and effectiveness. Today, she’s sitting down with our incredible host Sarah Christl to teach the industry just how small event companies can find a way to pivot when times get rough. Press play and join us for another iconic episode!

Nov 2020

42 min 5 sec

In a chaotic world where the industry sees itself turned upside down at every turn, learning about year-long sponsorships becomes crucial. And while events have always been about creating meaningful and lasting connections, our rush to find sponsors every year somewhat goes against this ideal. The focus is less on establishing a beneficial partnership and more on just getting someone as fast as possible. And this causes planners to not be as creative, forward-thinking, or successful as they could be within the scope of event sponsorships. But what if there was a better way? Taylour Miller from United Planners Financial Services is our special guest on this week’s #EventIcons. At United Planners, the team has crafted an incredible strategy that drives business by creating year-long sponsorships through creative thinking. By tackling the world of event sponsorships with this mindset, United Planners establishes relationships that consistently bring in results to all parties involved. So if you want to learn how you can create year-long sponsorships, press play and join us!

Nov 2020

45 min 48 sec

Another week, another episode of #EventIcons! And since hybrid is one everyone’s mind lately, we thought we’d bring you something exciting. This week, we’ll be talking about interactive gaming experiences for hybrid and virtual events. Yes – because even during a hybrid experience, you still have the virtual aspect! So it seems only fitting that we dive into a conversation about entertainment. After all, who doesn’t love games? It’s one of the best ways for people to connect, engage, and network. Joining our incredible host Stephanie Jayko is the one and only Gary Bordman. And Gary is one of the industry’s go-to when it comes to creating interactive experiences. He’s been “bringing the fun” to events and conventions all across the United Sates for two decades. There’s a reason why people tend to say “just call Gary!” when a cool and out-of-the-box idea is needed – it’s because he’s the man you want on your team. So, as the Chief Interactive Designer for Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services, Gary has a lot to teach about interactive gaming experiences for hybrid and virtual events. Because he too learned to pivot like a champ!

Nov 2020

32 min 31 sec

Over the past year, sustainability has become top of mind for planners. And the events industry as a whole has doubled down on efforts to become greener. It's up to us as an industry that tends to create so much waste to improve. Part of this sustainability trend also refers to food waste in the events industry. And this is an issue that doesn't get addressed nearly as much as it should. So what can we, as event professionals, do to end this practice? How can we contribute towards a better world that uses food in a better, more sustainable way? Well, that's exactly what we're addressing on today's episode of #EventIcons! Joining our incredible host Sarah Christl is none other than Kate Marchini from Replate. And Replate is all about "leveraging technology to match surplus food from businesses with communities in need". This means Kate has quite a bit to teach us about battling food waste in the events industry. So press that play button and join us for another week of iconic conversations and advice!

Jun 2020

33 min 24 sec

Today we’re introducing a success story about a virtual product launch. Socio managed to elevate their virtual event and turn it into a full-scale virtual hackathon. Their goal was to create a collaborative environment and move the community forward as a whole. And not only did they manage to do that, but they became such a success, that the levels of engagement are still up over a month after the event. So how did Socio do it? How did they come up with creative ways to engage sponsors and engage the community at such a high level? Well, that’s exactly what this week’s episode of #EventIcons is all about! Joining our incredible host Will Curran are Corey McCarthy, the CMO os Socio, and Yarkin Sakucoglu, the co-founder and CEO of the company. And today, they’re teaching us all about their strategy to create a virtual product launch and turn it into a smashing success. So if you’re still confused about the ins and outs of virtual event planning strategy and can’t belive virtual events have tremendous potential, stick around. Press play and join this iconic duo as they walk you through a unique way to plan a successful virtual product launch!

Jun 2020

50 min 7 sec

Last week, we offered some pretty good ideas within the scope of entertainment for virtual events. And today, we’re diving even deeper! While virtual happy hours allow you to get extremely creative, they’re not the only way you can get attendees to have fun. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding virtual events. But that’s completely normal – we’re all learning as we go and everyone is trying hard to navigate the new state of the industry. Still, there are some notions you should dismiss entirely. And one of these notions is the idea that a virtual event simply can’t be exciting for those attending. Is it ever going to be exactly like an in-person experience? No. But does that mean it can’t be equally as fun and engrossing? Absolutely not! And if you still have any doubts in your mind, then this is the perfect episode for you. Joining our incredible host Will Curran is Paul Creighton. Paul has been a staple on #EventIcons and our go-to expert on entertainment trends in the industry. So it makes sense that he’d be the one our team would turn to in order to learn everything about entertainment for virtual events. Wait no longer and tune in for this very special edition of the most iconic podcast in the industry!

Jun 2020

55 min

Even though most events are now going virtual, designing events for introverts still remains a relevant topic. And arguably, it becomes even more important. It’s a matter of fact that virtual events make the experience more accessible to a larger number of people. For those who can’t travel due to disability, for those who are all the way across the world and, in this case, for introverts. Plus, another thing to keep in mind is the fact that in-person events will come back eventually. And when that time comes, we as planners can’t forget about all of these people. So discussing the best practices involved in designing events for introverts is not only pertinent but also necessary, Which is why we’re dedicating this week’s #EventIcons to the topic! Joining our incredible host Alex Plaxen is the wonderful Leanne Calderwood. Leanne is a self-proclaimed introvert and an icon of the events industry. In fact, she’s meeting planners’ go-to expert in Canadian hotel site selection, helping hotel sales connect better with planners. And today, the two of them will debate how planners can go about designing events for introverts so that people on this spectrum can enjoy and be a part of the experience just as much as any extrovert would. So grab on to your seats and press play – it’s about to get iconic up in here!

Jun 2020

1 hr 1 min

This week's #EventIcons is all about Remote Design Week. Because now that everyone is jumping into the virtual event bandwagon, this is something we had to talk about. Remote Design Week managed to do exactly what planners everywhere want to do. It was a massive virtual event with over 50 speakers and a whopping 3,000 attendees! And with such a successful event being planned in six weeks, we wanted to know more. More about the planning process. And more about everything it took to make it happen, so you could take some notes. So, joining our amazing host Will Curran is Chantel Megaffin. Chantel is the Events & Community Manager for DesignX Canada. And DesignX is the company behind Remote Design Week. So she's better equipped than anyone else to give us the best tips on virtual conferences. Everything from how they quickly pivoted to the virtual sphere to best practices, Chantel is a true well of wisdom. So, are you ready to learn how you can go virtual as well and be successful at it? Press play and join us for another epic episode of #EventIcons!

May 2020

54 min 48 sec

Have you been looking everywhere for tips on engaging virtual experiences? And do you feel a bit lost in the midst of all the craziness? Well, you’re not alone! With everything going on in the industry, planners are facing several challenges. But thankfully, not everything is lost. Because thanks to virtual events, planners everywhere can keep on doing what they do best. And that is, of course, bring people together and create amazing experiences. The paradigm might have changed, but if there is something industry professionals know how to do, it’s keeping up with the motions. So this week, we’re continuing the trend of bringing you exciting virtual event tips. And we have a very special guest to help us out! Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist and full-time keynote speaker who’s here to share his knowledge about engaging virtual event experiences. Joined by our incredible host Sarah Christl, Brian has quite a bit of good stuff to teach us. So press play and join us for another amazing episode of #EventIcons!

May 2020

40 min 17 sec

Working with committees is something many event planners are familiar with. And anyone who’s been a part of one knows just how complex things can get. So on this week’s episode of #EventIcons, we’ll be providing you with some tactical tips to work inside a committee, on a board, and everything in between. No more miscommunication, no more frustrations, and no more second-guessing yourself. Because after this edition of the podcast, you’ll be left with all the best practices you need to be successful at working with committees as an event prof. But we couldn’t do it all alone! And this is why we invited a very special guest. Joining our always wonderful host, Will Curran, is the only and only Kristi Casey Sanders. Kristi is quite the powerhouse when it comes to the topic. She’s the Senior Director of Community Engagement for Meetings Professionals International, and she’s been with MPI for almost five years now. This means Kristi is one of the best people out there to empower you with all the strategic knowledge you could hope for on the topic of working with committees. So, are you ready to learn all about it? Press play, we’re getting iconic today!

May 2020

58 min

Today we’re talking about sponsorships for virtual events! Because sponsorships and exhibitions are a huge source of revenue in the industry. But now that planners are trying to figure out how to turn in-person events into virtual ones, things get a little bit confusing. How can they replicate this? What are the best strategies? Overall, is it even possible to create such a thing as sponsorships for virtual events? Well, the short answer is – yes, it is. But in order to help us figure out how, we have a very special guest. On this week’s episode of #EventIcons, out amazing host Will Curran welcomes Peter Poehle. Peter has been on the show before. And he is one of the biggest sponsorship experts in the industry. So this means that he has a lot of tips and advice for planners that are going virtual with their events. If you’re curious to learn how all of this will work, then join us for another iconic edition of #EventIcons!

May 2020

52 min 7 sec

Canceling an event is never pleasant. However, considering the current state of things, it’s necessary. And while a lot of planners’ attention is focused on virtual events, a part is also concerned with cancellation. So, what do you have to do? Can you simply send out a mass email? And is that even advisable? Is there any way you can repurpose the costs of your in-person event? These are only some of the questions that have been floating around in the events industry. But we are here to help! This week’s incredible episode of #EventIcons will walk you through the ins and outs of canceling an event. And in order to do so, our amazing host Will Curran is joined by Josh Grimes. Josh is an attorney who’s specialized in the area for events. With 23 years of experience in the business behind him, there’s a lot we can learn from Josh. So press play and let’s dive right into today’s edition of our iconic show!

May 2020

56 min 17 sec

Now that virtual events are the talk of the town, it’s time to consider a virtual emcee. Especially because one of the biggest concerns with virtual events is audience engagement. So considering a virtual emcee is definitely something you want to do. Not only will one keep your event interesting, but it will also make your audience happier and eager for more. But where to start? And why should you really consider hiring one? What are the tangible benefits brought to the table? To help answer all these questions, we’re happy to introduce Dan Ram. Dan was a previous guest on #EventIcons. And as a remote emcee, world traveler, and industry icon, he has plenty to teach. So if you’re curious to learn how a virtual emcee can help ensure the success of your remote event, wait no longer – press play and join Dan Ram and Will Curran on a brand new, exciting episode of #EventIcons! Be sure to head over to our blog to check out the amazing resources! 

Apr 2020

55 min 25 sec

The talk of the town in the events industry is converting in-person events to virtual. But where to even begin? Should you choose a platform first? And how do you even figure out pricing? Because this is relatively new, planners everywhere are scrambling to make it work. And we just so happen to have been lucky enough to sit down with Mark Hillenburg. Mark is the VP of Marketing of Digital Monitoring Products (DMP). And boy, does he have some things to teach us! DMP has the art of converting in-person events to virtual down to a T. So much so that they converted their in-person event in a whopping 24 hours! And because we know you’re looking for some tips, we invited Mark to be our iconic guest in this week’s episode of #EventIcons. Will Curran will ask all the questions you want to see answered. So press play and join us! Read the full Blog here! 

Mar 2020

56 min 34 sec

Have you heard about the Sustainable Event Awards? It’s probably old news to you that sustainability is a topic we love discussing. Because we’ve covered it several times here at Endless! And today we’ll be dabbling on it again but in a more exciting way. It’s not just about how to plan sustainable events. But rather, how to push the trend forward and make sure everyone jumps on the bandwagon. And that’s exactly where the Sustainable Event Awards come in. So joining our incredible host Brandt Krueger is Adam Parry. And you might know Adam as the co-founder and editor of the event industry’s global online magazine, Event Industry News. He is also the mind behind the Event Tech Live Awards, and, more recently, the Sustainable Event Awards. Adam has a lot to tell us about this new endeavor, and the potential it has to push the industry forward. So let’s get iconic – press play and join us for another episode of #eventicons! Blog here! 

Mar 2020

57 min 10 sec

This week we’re diving into the dozy topic of how to plan a virtual event. And we’re not strangers to futuristic events here at Endless! We’ve covered topics such as how to plan an event without visiting the venue, how Virtual Reality can impact the events industry, and much more. So today, we’re diving deeper. Because we figured it’s high time to actually get into tactical tips related to events that don’t adhere to the in-person model. And learn how to plan a successful virtual event that your attendees will never forget! As per usual, our incredible hosts Brandt Krueger and Will Curran are here to guide the conversation. But our super special and iconic guest of the week is none other than Lori Pugh Marcum! And we’ve had the pleasure to welcome Lori on the show before. Only this time around, she’s the one who’ll be teaching us everything there is to know about planning a virtual event. So, are you ready to jump in the virtual bandwagon? Press play, it’s time to get iconic!  

Mar 2020

57 min 53 sec

It's the episode you've been waiting for, the one packed with remote work tips! Because as event professionals, we spend a good chunk of our time on the road. And in the case of Endless, the entire company is remote. So learning how to balance work with life, fighting isolation, making sure we do our best without working too much are all key aspects to master. And that's exactly what we bring you on this week's edition of #eventicons! Joining Brandt Krueger and Will Curran are Kaitlin Colston and Mariana Fernandes. Both Kaitlin and Mariana work at Endless as the Content Alchemist and Content Chemist, respectively. And the four of them have enough experience working remotely to share with you the absolute best remote work tips! So, are you ready to get iconic? Press play and follow us on this journey!

Mar 2020

1 hr 3 min

We're very happy to announce that today we're talking about the SEARCH Foundation. And if you've been following us for a while, you've probably heard of it. But even if you haven't, this is definitely an episode you want to watch. Because the SEARCH Foundation showcases event profs at its best - by getting together and being there for each other. By providing financial aid to events, meetings and catering professionals who are battling very complex illnesses. Because this is a topic so near and dear to our hearts, we decided it was more than time #eventicons did a whole show on it. And to help us out, we welcome two guests who know all there is to know about the SEARCH Foundation. Kate Patay, Patrick McMichael and Bobby Dutton join our lovely host Will Curran to let you know all about this incredible cause. Press play now and join them on a brand new edition of #eventicons! Follow the full story here!

Mar 2020

1 hr 1 min

Welcome to this week's #eventicons, where we'll discuss the topic of diversity and inclusion in events. And if you've been following us for a while, you know this isn't new. Because we find this to be such an important conversation, we've covered it a few times already. However, things like diversity and inclusion in events will always remain extremely important. Plus, we're happy to have as many perspectives as we possibly can on the matter. So joining us today are our lovely hosts Brandt Krueger and Alex Plaxen, along with two special guests. Hilary Howes and Risha Grant are two icons of the events industry that can't wait to share their opinions. And this will be one of the most in-depth, interesting conversations you've ever witnessed. So press play and join us on the path to a better world! Pave the way here!

Feb 2020

1 hr 5 min

Get your green smoothie ready to go, because it’s time to talk about staying healthy in 2020! So, it’s no secret to anyone that event planners have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. And it’s not uncommon for the events industry to be considered one of the most draining. But our health is something we should always prioritize. So much so that we’ve even done an episode in the past tackling the topic of burnout. And is there a better time than the year 2020 to start getting serious about your health goals? This is why we’re happy to welcome Kelly Treadway on this episode of #eventicons. Kelly has been featured on the show before, and she’s here today to expand on the topic of staying healthy in 2020. Today, she joins our lovely hosts Brandt Krueger and Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey for an exciting hour-long conversation packed with tips and advice. So, are you excited to learn more about how you can stay healthy and be better at your job than ever before? Press play and let’s get iconic!

Feb 2020

1 hr 4 min

Welcome to another episode of #eventicons, and this time around we’re talking 2020 event tech trends! If you know Endless, you know we love talking about event tech. So much so, we have another podcast entirely dedicated to the topic. And we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring you a crossover episode. In recent past episodes, we covered several 2020 trends in the industry, including marketing and design. So now it’s time for the 2020 event tech trends to shine! Joining our amazing hosts Will Curran and Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey are two veterans of the show. We’re very happy to once again welcome Corbin Ball and Jim Spellos. Make sure you take some time to check out the previous episode where we had the pleasure to welcome these incredible people. And once you’re done, feel free to press play and join us on this 2020 event tech trends focused conversation!   

Feb 2020

57 min 50 sec

Welcome to today’s exciting conversation about MCs for events! And more precisely, how they can make or break your event. Before you join us on this wild ride, make sure you check out one of our previous episodes. It’s all about panels and moderation, and it will serve as a nice prequel for today’s show. Because this week, we’re diving even deeper into the topic of MCs for events. And how you can ensure you choose the absolute best that will help your event be remembered as incredible. Joining our lovely hosts Will Curran and Alex Plaxen are two amazing guests. First, we have Samme Allen. She is a multi-award winning professional MC, facilitator, and moderator. And her infectious high-energy and positivity have a reputation to get the best out of people. Plus, we also welcome Dan Ram. He is an incredible MC, who’s done incredible things. And these include some pretzel throwing and introducing Will to Ireland. So, click here right now and join us!

Jan 2020

1 hr 6 min