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On an all new episode, Abraham talks holiday spirit and when it becomes too much. We discuss the Shawn Mendes x Camilla Cabello Breakup and Billy Porter dragging the gorlz! We recap survivalism and take a moment to check in on the most important person - YOU. Check out more from Abraham on and

Nov 18

47 min 53 sec

On this episode, Abraham finally reveals the secret project he's been working on. Spoiler Alert: it's not a clothing line! Listen for an exclusive incentive for all Gurl.Live listeners as well as a breakdown of what we can expect from this new chapter of creating. Serving as reminder that your creative dreams are waiting for you to bring them to life. If only you could validate the splendor of your subconscious. Check out or

Oct 11

23 min 17 sec

On the latest episode, Vanity returns to dish on a topic a lot of us have experienced before, survivalism. Join Abraham and Vanity as they share experiences and scenarios that beg the questions: What do you do when you biggest obstacle is your own community? Is survivalism an unhealthy product of insecurities and trauma? Listen as these two Capricorns go in and feed the children some wisdom. Follow Vanity at and Abraham at

Sep 21

52 min 52 sec

On the latest episode, Abraham teases his upcoming secret project and asks the important questions: A QUE HUELE?! In the newest mini-series "Questions We Need Answers To", Abraham asks: Could you pass along one of your old 'friends with benefits' to one of your current friends? - Listen to Abraham's argument, his backstory, and then decide for yourself. -- Follow on Instagram @

Aug 20

42 min 57 sec

On this episode, Vanity joins Abraham in studio as they dish on what it is to be a creative. Together, they discuss obstacles and challenges creatives face as well as inspire you to continue your process! We talk about TD Jakes, Oprah and give a special shoutout to creative friends doing the damn thang! Follow Vanity - Jai Garcia - Hello Rainbow Co - Abraham @

Jul 6

1 hr 8 min

In this episode, we ask the question: can you go days without talking to your significant other? Linda and Vanity weigh in with their relationship POV's and Abraham remembers the time he found weenies in his spaghetti! Happy Pride Month! - Follow Gurl.Live on Instagram @

Jun 3

19 min 50 sec

On this episode, we talk about Pride month and giving back to the Trevor Project - the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ & questioning youth. Abraham shares his excitement in a new IG Live segment: Pride Stories. A series where we highlight Houston LGBTQIA+ staples and individuals that are re-defining what PRIDE means and living in their fully manifested identities. YOU can be the reason why it gets better. Donate now at & follow Abraham @

May 23

8 min 21 sec

In this episode, Abraham talks Studio 54 parties, shake & go wigs, nights out with friends and a must read book: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. Together we dive into a mystery of a man Abraham once encountered who was not who he seemed to be. Listen along as we uncover truths and scratch aaaaall the lies! Follow Abraham on IG @

May 14

1 hr 19 min

In this episode, Abraham talks about his experiences with prayer and his journey through mediation. Listen as together we visit a small Texas town in the 90's and meet a man that changed Abraham's life. Follow Abraham on IG @

Mar 11

26 min 14 sec

In this episode, we kick off our brand new season of Gurl.Live: season 2, the next chapter. Abraham explains where he's been, the need for a pivot and what's to come. Follow Abraham on IG @

Feb 28

15 min 11 sec

We are back with an all new episode, introducing @LindaGSanchez. Join us as we lift the veil on Gurl.Live, talk lingerie trips, who would top Joe Biden and being h word for CNN news anchors. Follow us as we dive into the law of attraction & manifestation. Follow Linda on IG @lindagsanchez. A huge thank you to our friends at for sponsoring this episode. Use code Gurl.Live @ checkout to save 15% off your order.

Nov 2020

1 hr 21 min

This week we talk about change, personal growth through uncertainty and choosing to move forward without looking back. Abraham talks about the personal and professional changes in his life and takes us to church. lol. - For more content follow @Gurl.Live on Instagram.

Oct 2020

52 min 18 sec

On this episode, we pivot into a more serious topic: the importance of addressing and facing past traumas with the purpose of healing. We dive into personal experiences that brought hurt and how surviving is more than being a victim... how growth means taking the reigns of manifestation and releasing that which no longer belongs to you.

Aug 2020

1 hr 9 min

On this episode of Abraham catches up with his long time friend Laura. Together they dish about what growing up Apostolic / Pentecostal was really like and secrets they've never shared. Learn how Laura was the first person to ever do Abraham's makeup and just how far the both have come. For more content from Laura click over to www.Gurl.Live

Jul 2020

1 hr 22 min

On this episode, Abraham comes clean about being MIA. We dive into AOL chatroom creeps, Karen's getting knocked tf out and how Black Lives STILL Matter. --- check out the new www.Gurl.Live site and follow Abraham on IG @ Gurl.Live / Twitter @ gurldotlive.

Jul 2020

57 min 54 sec

In this episode, we welcome Carlos back to the studio as we dish on what it means to be plus size and proud. We also dive into sex etiquette and ask the question: to peanut butter or to not? Follow Carlos on Instagram @ VavaVanity and follow us at @ Gurl.Live

May 2020

1 hr 10 min

In this episode, Abraham gives a special shoutout to you - the listeners. We talk about the most toxic thing an ex has done and we continue our 7Men series with The Abuser.

Apr 2020

1 hr 20 min

In this episode, Abraham talks about his breakup, the loss of a loved one, living with Covid 19 and how expectations and faith lead you to understanding that better days are coming.

Apr 2020

1 hr 1 min

On this episode of Gurl.Live we experience major technical difficulties on set that lead to some condensing. Abraham and Rudy dish on catfishing, the moment they knew they were gay, as well as how shoplifting led to friendship.

Mar 2020

48 min 55 sec

On this episode of Gurl.Live, Abraham shares the struggles of being gay in a small town in Texas, spills the tea on his mix-up with and admitted killer and how the mystery ends with toast.

Mar 2020

1 hr 2 min

On this episode of Gurl.Live, Abraham shares his story of the time he dated his boss, we raise our middle finger to ground beef and dive into play for pay.

Feb 2020

41 min 52 sec

On this episode of Gurl.Live, we talk about Capricorn queens and capricorns being the best sign: proven fact. Carlos tells us about the time love (or lust) lead him straight into a ditch and Abraham shares the first time he was ever slut shamed, sorta.

Jan 2020

41 min 28 sec

On this episode of Gurl.Live, Gabriel and Abraham talk about finding Jesus at Montrose, debate over a holy hunk and share a story about an encounter that will have you saying "Dios Mio!"

Jan 2020

1 hr 6 min

Before the premier of S1E1, Brayan and Abraham talk about producing the new show: Gurl.Live. Find out the origin of the show and creative juice behind it as well as where exactly to best listen. This is Gurl.Live

Jan 2020

14 min 46 sec