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Impact lenders tackle huge problems–the affordable housing crisis, structural racism, predatory lending, and many more. Yet impact lenders are typically locked out of the kinds of growth capital that allow for-profit ventures to quickly scale. Capital Good Fund, a nonprofit loan fund that provides ethical payday loans, energy efficiency loans, and car loans, has created […]

Nov 2020

44 min 27 sec

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet known, but one thing is certain: PPP loans and other short-term emergency loan programs will not be enough to save many small businesses. Community Reinvestment Fund is mobilizing its one-stop-shop business lending platform, Connect2Capital, in order to ensure the survival and long-term success of businesses […]

Jun 2020

26 min 19 sec

As the economic damage of COVID-19 becomes clear, foundations are looking for new ways to support their communities. For many foundations, mission-focused lending to nonprofits is not in their standard playbook, let alone funding small businesses directly. In today’s episode, Deb Markley of LOCUS Impact Investing encourages foundations to find new ways to work. She […]

Apr 2020

40 min 49 sec

As we begin to deal with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, many impact lenders are leaping into action to offer forbearance to existing borrowers and low-interest loans to new borrowers. This is new territory for a lot of lenders, so on today’s episode we talk with two experts from New Jersey Community Capital, […]

Apr 2020

37 min 25 sec

CDFIs have long relied on a few mainstays for capitalization–banks, foundations, and the CDFI Fund. Recently, though, we have started to see increased investment interest from non-bank corporations. Today’s episode profiles one of the CDFIs that has been doing this the longest and with the most success, as demonstrated by a high-profile $50 million investment […]

Mar 2020

35 min 32 sec

CDFIs strive to deploy capital where it is most needed.  Nevertheless, a lot of smaller and midsize cities are left without a CDFI to serve them, even as larger CDFIs seek to continue to grow their markets.  After observing this gap, Mark Pinsky, former CEO of the Opportunity Finance Network, decided to develop a solution.  […]

Feb 2020

45 min 12 sec

Many impact lenders struggle with energy efficiency financing–sure, we all support the idea, but without technical expertise in the area it can be hard to get credit committees comfortable with utility cost savings that justify added upfront costs. Inclusive Prosperity Capital, a spin-off of the Connecticut Green Bank, aims to solve this problem. By specializing […]

Aug 2019

16 min 56 sec

Opportunity zones have been a hot topic in the impact finance industry since their announcement, but do CDFIs and other impact lenders have a role to play?  Michael Swack and Charles Tansey think so.  They join us on this episode to discuss their recent white paper, “The Potential Role for CDFIs in Opportunity Zones,” which […]

Jul 2019

31 min 16 sec

Sometimes it seems like everyone in the CDFI industry knows each other, and that many of us have been committed to the industry for our whole careers. Our guest on this episode is not one of those familiar faces. Jim McSherry is a career entrepreneur and, for two years, took over lending operations at the […]

Mar 2019

39 min 44 sec

Small buildings make up more of America’s housing stock than the large multifamily developments we often think about in the finance world. That means that to serve all the needs of a community, addressing the small building stock is essential. In this episode, two of the leading CDFIs in this space offer the lessons they’ve […]

Jan 2019

27 min 3 sec

Does heightened interest in impact investing present a real opportunity to diversify capital sources, or is it a mirage?  Yuliya Tarasava, one of the founders of CNote, believes CDFIs and other community lenders can seize the moment and expand their capital bases. She joins us in this episode to offer her company’s approach to helping […]

Jan 2019

24 min 31 sec

The grassroots movement that resulted in the creation of CDFIs as we know them today has a deep history.  In today’s episode we explore that history with one of the luminaries of the industry, Cliff Rosenthal. Cliff was there when it all started, and he shares his insights and anecdotes as he takes us through […]

Nov 2018

28 min 40 sec

Mark Barbash joins the impact lenders podcast to talk about the changing landscape of the small business lending sector, and how impact lenders can best respond to it. The declining number of community banks and the proliferation of online lenders has shifted the small business lending environment dramatically. Impact lenders need to understand these market […]

Oct 2018

19 min 12 sec

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) motivates a substantial portion of bank investments into CDFIs, and as budgets for community development programs shrink, its importance continues to grow.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently released an advance notice of proposed rulemaking seeking comment on reforms to CRA, highlighting the likelihood that changes are […]

Sep 2018

34 min 17 sec

The political climate has made diversifying capital sources a priority for many CDFIs.  At the same time, younger investors are increasingly focused on impact. How can your loan fund capitalize on that trend? In this episode, Johan Matthews discusses the insights he and his colleagues have gleaned from interviews with dozens of millenial investors as […]

Sep 2018

29 min 16 sec

Impact lenders serving low-income communities are often working to mitigate the consequences of structural racism–but race is rarely brought to the forefront of discussions in the industry.  Living Cities decided that it wanted to change that, and has embarked on a years long journey to get things right internally as they simultaneously seek to explicitly […]

Aug 2018

27 min 37 sec

Measuring and tracking impact is one of the persistent challenges of impact lending.  We all want to know what our work is really accomplishing, both to improve our programs and to effectively report out to investors and donors.  Community Housing Capital is innovating how they measure impact by adopting the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals as […]

Aug 2018

29 min 29 sec

Peter Schaeffing, President of High Impact Financial Analysis, discusses topics in underwriting in this week’s podcast.  The episode offers lessons to newer underwriters and reminders that will help more experienced underwriters stay sharp.  Specific topics include leasehold mortgages (starting at the 1:25 mark), financial analysis of consolidated organizations (5:28), pension plans (8:30), and underwriting low […]

Jul 2018

18 min 43 sec

The Impact Lenders Podcast goes live at the National Charter Schools Conference in Austin, Texas in this episode.  We speak with some of the leaders of the charter school financing sector to get their take on the trends and risks shaping the industry today.  Tune into this episode to learn from the people who work […]

Jun 2018

22 min 6 sec

Ami Pascual Spear joins the Impact Lenders Podcast to discuss inclusion in the impact lending industry.  As a past founder, employee, and current board member of various impact lending institutions, Ami has broad experience in the field that she draws on as she discusses the importance of inclusion and how the industry could improve.  Ami’s […]

Jun 2018

25 min 59 sec

The CDFI Women’s Network was launched in 2016 to foster opportunities for a diverse and inclusive group of women in community development finance to connect, share, and learn from each other to advance their professional development.  It has grown into an industry-wide initiative that brings together women from CDFIs, foundations, banks, government entities, and other […]

May 2018

27 min 56 sec

Vacant properties encourage crime, create safety hazards, and erode pride in communities.  In this episode, we talk with the President of the New York Land Bank Association to discuss what the land bank solution to vacant properties is and what financing challenges exist for land banks and their property buyers.  Anyone interested in creative solutions […]

May 2018

30 min 11 sec

Small staff sizes, limited resources, and varied borrower needs can make growing an impact lending program a real challenge.  The Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund has grown by 46% in three years and has over $30 million of capital under management today.  Its Executive Director, Greg Maher, joins us for episode two to describe how the […]

May 2018

32 min 25 sec

In our first episode, we explore how foundations can expand their mission by becoming impact lenders.  March Gallagher, President & CEO of Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, tells us how she implemented a lending program in partnership with local CDFIs to amplify her institution’s impact. Today’s Guest: March Gallagher is responsible for the overall […]

Apr 2018

27 min 21 sec

New to the Impact Lenders Podcast? Get up to speed on what it’s all about with our introductory episode.  

Mar 2018

2 min 16 sec