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Who would win in a bar fight between an ostrich and a zebra? What would be the currency of the apocalypse? Should you hire random children to show up to your

buddy's funeral and weep at the coffin while crying out “Daddy”? The BHHCast is the only comedy podcast to answer life’s burning questions - one lightning round at a time. Each week Jamie Bendall, Jamie Hernan and Adam Haigh (aka The Shepherds) guide top comedians and other funny guests through a set of creative hypotheticals and curious dilemmas. Prepare to have your ribs tickled and your mind expanded – all while joining a growing community of listeners (affectionately known as The Sheep). For a chance to have your own questions featured on the show, follow us @bhhcast.

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Who would win in a fight between a five year old in a Navy Seal's body and a Navy Seal in a five year old's body? An Xbox is transported to the USSR in 1961 and given to the Soviets to do with as they please. As a result, do they beat the USA to the moon? What was the best car and worst car owned by one of your friends as a teenager? These and other great lightning round questions are presented to guest comedian Louis Katz. Seen on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” HBO’s “Down & Dirty with Jim Norton,” and Comedy Central’s “This Is Not Happening" (amongst many other appearances), Louis Katz is a nationally touring headliner that you can catch live in a city near you. Check out his website for upcoming tour dates and be sure to follow Louis across social media. Be sure to like, rate, follow and subscribe. And, support the show through the Buy Me  A Coffee link below or sponsorship on Rizzle. Check us the BHHcast on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and Rizzle to interact directly with the Shepherds. Support the show (


Nov 30

29 min 41 sec

There is a knock at your door. You open it to find a toddler that demands all of the money and blankies in the house? What do you do? Or, you encounter a new dating app that only includes pictures of potential companion's bedrooms. What makes you swipe left and what makes you swipe right? These and other great lightning round questions are posed to our guest comedian Geoff Plitt. Tune in to hear all of the great questions and Geoff's answers. Geoff Plitt is a LA based comedian who studied at Second City and iO in Chicago (not to mention Carnegie Mellon where he obtained an engineering degree). He has performed in festivals and comedy clubs around the world. He co-founded Jetpack, a highly-acclaimed alternative standup showcase in Los Angeles, and he now writes and hosts the weekly YouTube late-night comedy show "What You Need to Know", whose clips have 3+ million TikTok views.Website: can catch Geoff most Wednesday evenings at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood at the Totally Comedy Show. Catch national headliners and other amazing comics performing each week. Be sure to follow Geoff across social media.Support the show (


Nov 23

31 min

What is an after school special that the world definitely does not need?  if you were locked in a dark room with an ostrich, what is your chance of survival and which strategy you would employ?  And, what is something that you can't believe doesn't exist yet? Hear our guest comedian Tammy Pescatelli answer these and other great lightning round questions (such as if she rented a car on the road that was going to be driven by another comic, for which comic would she for certain buy the extra insurance). Tammy Pescatelli has been entertaining comedy audiences around the world for years and is known as arguably one of the hardest working women in comedy.  Leading off Season 9 of the BHHcast, Tammy shows off her alpha-comic side and will have you in stiches. Feel free to "snitch" on the BHHcast and invite a friend to check out Tammy's interview.  Tammy has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (4x), NBC's Last Comic Standing, The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central, The View, Guy's Grocery Games: Comics Compete, A&E, Bravo, CBS, Epix, Hulu and many more shows and networks. She has headlined comedy festivals around the world and is currently touring with comedians Mitch Fatel and Alonzo Bodden on the Cancel This Comedy Tour. You can see Tammy as the lead in the feature film, "That's Amore," available on Amazon Prime. And, catch Tammy's specials "Way After School Special" and "Finding the Funny" on Amazon Prime as well. Check out her website for more great content and her latest tour dates. Website: https://www.pescatelli.comTwitter: the show (


Nov 16

33 min 31 sec

If you competed in the modern pentathlon today and things went terribly wrong, in which event would you be most likely to meet your untimely demise?  Or, who would win in a battle between a man who has all the supplements in a vitamin store (and they all work as advertised) or a man who has read all of the self help books at a bookstore? Our guest this week, comedian Sean Patton, answers these and other great lightning round questions on another episode of the BHHcast.  This episode of the BHHcast was performed live at the All the Laughs Comedy Awards in the outdoor amphitheater of the Role Call Theater (hence the background noise). The BHHcast was honored to be selected as the Best Podcast at the festival from amongst a group of outstanding shows. Sean Patton has performed in clubs and festivals around the world such as The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe , SXSW, The Moontower comedy festival, Just for Laughs Chicago, Just for Laughs Toronto and Just for Laughs Montreal.  You may have seen him on Comedy Central, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, This Is Not Happening, Showtime's Live from SXSW , TruTv's Comedy Knockout, and This week at the Comedy Cellar. On TV, he has appeared on IFC'S Maron, Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer and TruTV's Those who can't. Be sure to follow him across social media and check out his website for upcoming tour dates. Website: sure to subscribe to and follow the show across podcasting platforms. If you would like the BHHcast to come to your town to perform live, as we did in this episode, send us an email to We love feedback and would love to hear from our listeners. Support the show (


Nov 9

31 min 10 sec

Ever thought about hiring random children to show up to your buddy's funeral and weep at the coffin while crying out Daddy? Or, have you considered who you would want as your celebrity groomsman or pallbearer? And, when you go to prison do you choose top bunk or bottom bunk?  These questions and many more are answered by our guest, comedian Josh Sneed. A native of Cincinnati, Josh is forced to decide for which mascot he would trade the Queen City's beloved hippopotamus, Fiona, and whether Mark Twain was dissing Cincy when he suggested the city is always 20 years behind the times. Which product does he describe as the brown paper bag for middle class white men?  Tune in to the episode to find out. Josh is an acclaimed, nationally touring comedian who has performed at famed festivals around the world such as the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and the Aspen Comedy Festival. He can be seen on Comedy Central and heard on The Bob & Tom Show and satellite radio. Website: consider posting a five star review for the BHHcast on Apple Podcasts and subscribing to the show (  as well as Following the BHHcast on Spotify ( the show (


Nov 2

36 min 54 sec

You are riding on a New York subway train when a horde of toddlers board the train with the intention of hijacking it. Assuming a normal group of riders on an average day at 5:00pm in New York, how many toddlers would need to be in that horde to take down the train?  Or who would win in a battle between someone who could control every pigeon in New York City versus a person who controlled every New York City rat? If you haven't guessed by now, our guest this week is a New York based comedian, Tanael "TJ" Joachim.  Tune in to hear TJ's answers and for more lightning round questions about the New York City subway system, a battle between the people of Utah and New York, the differences between the comedy scenes in the United States and TJ's native Haiti and much more. And, when you are in New York City, fighting off those pigeons, rats or toddlers, you can catch TJ performing at the Gotham Comedy Club, The Stand Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club as well as alternative shows at the Comedy at the Knitting Factory and Night Train at Littlefield. To learn more about TJ, check out's comedy special "January 3rd": for listening, Sheep. Email us your feedback on orsend us your bleats @BHHcast across social media. Support the show (


Oct 26

36 min 29 sec

Who wins in a battle between an army of 50,000 twelve year olds hopped up on Mountain Dew led by Alexander the Great vs. 25,000 average twenty year olds high on cocaine led by Napolean? Just a sample of the lightning round questions facing today's guest, mischievous comedian Mitch Fatel on the award winning comedy podcast, The BHHcast. One of the all time leaders in requests on satellite radio, Mitch has performed stand up comedy around the world, appeared on Letterman and the Tonight Show and is a regular in New York's famed Comedy Cellar. Is the song Kung Fu Fighting the key to solving the world's problems? You find yourself in the midst of the Purge and can bring one animal to defend you, what would it be? And, just who is Kitty Armadillo and what is her relation to biker Mad Dog Kitty?  Hear Mitch's answers to these lightning round questions from the Shepherds and amazing stories from his comedy rock star days. This is a half-hour you won’t want to miss.Mitch's Website: https://www.mitchfatel.comTwitter: (Actually the link, believe it or not)Instagram: for listening, Sheep. Email us your feedback on orsend us your bleats @BHHcast across social media. Support the show (


Oct 19

32 min 43 sec

The BHHcast welcomes prolific content creator and comedian Gianmarco Soresi to the show for another three segments of lightning rounds and fun. Who would win between a self-aware crab the size of the State of Maine and the US Military? Who would win in an all out war between the employees of CVS and the Home Depot? And, who would win in a battle between a person who can read minds and someone who can see twenty seconds into the future? These are a just a few of the lightning round questions Gianmarco answers in this episode. Gianmarco was the winner of Amazon's Comics Watching Comics Season 8, and his comedy has been feature all around including on Netflix, PBS and Vanity Fair.  Catch him on tour in a city near you soon (latest tour dates available at .  Gianmarco is also an accomplished sketch writer and developer of web series content, and a seasoned actor you can see in the movie Hustlers, TBS's The Last OG, CBS's Blue Bloods, Netflix' Bonding, ABC"s Deception, Comedy Central, TruTV and the upcoming Billy Crystal/Tiffany Haddish film called Here Today.  Website: Web Series: Writing: to the podcast wherever you find your podcasts. You might hear a promo in this episode for Goodpods, a podcast app that recently featured the BHHcast. We appreciate your support and feedback. Have a question or comment for the Shepherds? Email us at Support the show (


Oct 12

28 min 17 sec

The BHHcast welcomes the extraordinary retired Marine Travis Ervin, who tells of the amazing story of his quest to obtain freedom for the interpreter that served his squadron while in Afghanistan. While this might be a bit of a departure from the BHHcast's usual interviews of stand up comedians, we want to bring to light Travis' story and he is pretty funny in his own right. Simply watch his viral Momma Dog video taken during an extended post assignment to get a glimpse into his sense of humor. Can humor be found in the midst of war? Tune in to hear that discussion and more about Travis' honorable efforts to secure the freedom of his former interpreter and friend. To learn more about Travis' quest to save the life of his former interpreter and his family, visit: Go Fund Me: Dog Video on YouTube: sure to like and subscribe to the BHHcast. Send any feedback to Support the show (


Oct 5

36 min 39 sec

The BHHcast welcomes 300 Million YouTube views and counting comedian Devin Siebold in Episode 45 of the show.  We talk best songs about about teachers, and the perils of seeing your students Air Drop romantic playlists to each other.  Devin spent over thirteen years in the classroom and has a  wealth of comedic material in his arsenal as a result. Devin has been named 2015 iHeartMedia Monster’s in the Morning Comedian of the Year, won the Boston World Series of Comedy, appeared on Laughs on FOX, won Side Splitters Comedian of the Year 2014, been selected for Comedy Central Up Next, Florida Top 10 College Picks, and a semi-finalist in Florida’s Funniest Comedian. He has opened for Gilbert Gottfried, Pauly Shore, Nick DiPaolo, Adam Ferrara, Ralphie May, and many others.  Find out more about Devin here: Website: @DevinSieboldInstagram: @devinsieboldWe appreciate your continued support of the show!Support the show (


Sep 28

32 min 52 sec

Comedian, writer, panelist, podcaster and actor Amy Lyle joins the show.   Author of Finding the Funny in the Crummy and We're All a Mess, It's OK, as well as the host of In the Burbs with Gina Ryals, Amy is self-deprecating, hilarious and slightly neurotic.Find out more about Amy at, and be sure to follow her on Twitter (@amylyle). If you want exclusive access to special perks, consider a membership with the BHHcast through  We appreciate your support!And, we would love feedback from our listeners, the Sheep. Do you like the show? Let us know your thoughts, good or bad, by emailing Support the show (


Sep 21

29 min 37 sec

Comedian and podcaster Joe Bartnick (and his amazing mustache) joins the BHHcast. Joe is the host of the hockey related Puck Off Podcast on the All Things Comedy Network. Find all of Joe's upcoming tour dates so you can see him perform live, and maybe become his groupie, at: sure to subscribe to the BHHcast and, if you like the show, hit us up with a five star review on Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, Goodpods or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts like The BHHcast. Support the show (


Sep 14

29 min 46 sec

The BHHcast is visited by another guest from across the pond, welcoming Russell Hicks to the show. Russell is an American comic based in the UK, known for his crowd work and improvisational comedy.   If you are unfamiliar with how to clear your orchard of lemon stealing whores or the potato equivalent of a wine sommelier  - this is the episode for you.  Find out all about Russell at the show (


Sep 7

34 min 20 sec

Season 7 of the BHHcast begins with a special guest from across the pond. The Shepherds welcome comedian Ria Lina to the show.  She's fearless, provocative, fierce and very funny. Find out about all things Ria Lina by visiting her website at, if you want to support the show, please consider becoming a member at Buy Me a Coffee (see link below) and gaining access to some incredible perks.Support the show (


Aug 31

33 min 13 sec

Terrific episode this week about the making an excellent mixtape.  What happens in the multiverse?  Which Phil Collins album is 3rd best?  The answers to these questions and more in this episode.The BHHcast is joined by actor, writer, producer and comedian Julian McCullough. Julian has appeared on such shows as Comedy Central Presents, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and is a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately. You can find Julian in the third row of your local Guns N Roses concert, and be sure to follow him on Twitter (@julezmac) and other social media platforms. Interested in supporting our indie podcast? Visit to become a member and gain access to exclusive perks. Support the show (


Aug 24

30 min 8 sec

The BHHcast welcomes legendary comedian George Wallace to the show in Episode 37.  George Wallace has been performing stand up comedy for more than four decades, having come up the comedy ranks alongside his best friend, Jerry Seinfeld. Known to many as the new "Mr. Vegas" thanks to his long running and highly successful comedy show in the Flamingo Showroom, George Wallace has appeared in countless feature films and television programs and has been interviewed on the Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Oprah and an endless  list of other shows (now including the BHHcast). Be sure to follow George Wallace on Twitter (@MrGeorgeWallace) and across social media platforms. Find out more about George Wallace at in supporting our indie podcast? Visit to become a member and gain access to exclusive perks. Support the show (


Aug 3

36 min 56 sec

The BHHcast welcomes Jeff Leeson to the show. Jeff is a Canadian comedian who has been doing stand up comedy since he was fourteen years old. Known for his tremendous crowd work skills, you will be astonished and amazed at his off the cuff, improvisational style.  Jeff has headlined venues across North America (even in Cuba) and he has two hour long comedy specials available on Amazon Prime.To learn more about Jeff, visit: out an excerpt of Jeff's Comedy Special at: What Happens When a Comedy Club Owner Confronts Jeff: about Jeff's Experience with Some Preshow #2: consider becoming a member of the BHHcast on to gain access to exclusive opportunities and perks. Visit to support the show. Support the show (


Jul 27

32 min 17 sec

The BHHcast welcomes incredible comedian and podcaster Jeff Dwoskin to the show. Jeff is a professional stand up comedian and has appeared in numerous comedy festivals including being a finalist in the Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival in Detroit and the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta. He has performed with an incredible array of talented comedians.  Jeff is also an avid tweeter and the purveyor of the Hashtag Roundup app.  Visit to learn more about Jeff and to find the latest episodes of Live from Detroit: The Jeff Dwoskin Show.Follow Live from Detroit: The Jeff Dwoskin Show on social media…Website: thejeffdwoskinshow.comTwitter’s personal Twitter:'t forget that you can support the BHHcast by visiting where you can make a one time contribution to the show or become a member and gain access to exclusive content and opportunities with the Shepherds. Support the show (


Jul 20

27 min 45 sec

The BHHcast is joined by the wonderful April Macie, hilarious comedian and world traveler. April was a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing. She headlines comedy shows around the world and has appeared on E!, Sirius/XM, Access Hollywood, Talk Soup, HLN, the Howard Stern Show, the Bob and Tom radio show, Comedy Central, A&E and Showtime. April has hosted the AVN Awards, and can be seen on Tiffany Haddish's Netflix series "They Ready." We are not sure you are ready for all that April brings on our show. She is fantastic. Check it out.  To find out more about April, visit her website at, or follow her on Instagram (@aprilmacie) or Twitter (@aprilmacie). The BHHcast is now on Buy Me a Coffee. Visit their website to support the show and have access to amazing extras including exclusive content, early access to episodes, Zoom calls with the Shepherds, the chance to do a lightning round with the Shepherds and more. We greatly appreciate your support. Support the show (


Jul 13

32 min 45 sec

The BHHcast welcomes Jimmy Shubert to start Season Six. Jimmy is a stand up comedian, actor and magician, not necessarily in that order. Jimmy performs on television (King of Queens, Entourage, Monk, 2 Broke Girls, ER, Reno 911 and many more), feature films (Go, Coyote Ugly, The Italian Job, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, was a finalist on Last Comic Standing, has performed countless times on Comedy Central and has a number of wildly successful specials including his brand new hour special "Zero Tolerance."The BHHcast is now on Buy Me a Coffee. If you would like to support the show or get exclusive opportunities to interact with the Shepherds, click the link below to make a one time "coffee" purchase or become a member: Six will include some great interviews with comedians, as well as a continuation of our summer podcasters series of episodes with the hosts of paranormal and film/tv/pop culture podcasts. Be sure to like and subscribe to the podcast to get the latest episodes, which are released every Tuesday at 5:00am.If you love the show, please leave us a five star review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Support the show (


Jul 6

38 min 55 sec

The BHHcast welcomes nationally syndicated radio host and comedian Griff to the show.  Griff is the co-host of Get Up with Erica Campbell (@GetUpErica - can find Griff across social media as @2trillion.  If you are just stumbling across the BHHcast, be sure to check out our most recent episodes. The show has definitely improved over time, and the new format is a bit easier to consume. We would love to get the feedback of our listeners. Be sure to like and subscribe to the BHHcast to get the latest content.  New episodes are released Tuesdays at 5:00am.  Feel free to line up the night before to beat the crowd.  Support the show (


Jun 1

49 min 17 sec

Season Five of the BHHcast gets off to a great start with comedian Paul Virzi. Visit for the latest on Paul's tour and latest releases, and click here to check out the trailer for Paul's new special on Comedy Central. Be sure to like and subscribe to the BHHcast to get immediate access to the latest episodes, which are released every Tuesday morning. Support the show (


May 25

50 min 23 sec

Comedian Tom Rhodes wraps up Season Four of the BHHcast. Be sure to check out his latest albums Around the World and The Honky Motherland.  Be sure to like and subscribe to the BHHcast to get the latest content which drops every Tuesday morning. The BHHcast returns with Season Five on May 25, 2021. Support the show (


May 11

57 min 41 sec

The BHHcast welcomes comedian and advocate for teachers everywhere, Hank Denson, to the show.  Hank has been a stand up comedian for over twelve years and has opened for Jamie Foxx, Cedric the Entertainer, Amy Schumer, Caroline Rhea, and George Wallace. Hank is a regular guest host on the NBC daytime show Atlanta and Company – and has appeared in Barbershop 3, and the Tupac biopic All Eyes on Me.After an experience as a chaperone on his child's school field trip, Hank went on a rant that has gone viral and been viewed more than ten million times.  Learn more about his crusade to get society to #PayTeachersMoreMoney, visit his website at  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a five star review if you are so inclined.  New episodes come out each Tuesday morning. Support the show (


Apr 27

37 min 41 sec

It doesn't matter why Corey Ryan Forrester's wife threw him out on the porch, we're just glad it gave him some time to chat with us for Episode 4 of Season 4 of the BHHcast.  By second grade, our guest knew that he wanted to be a stand up comedian and by the age of sixteen he was sneaking into clubs to do open mic gigs. The poster child for the "Don't Read a Book By It's Cover" campaign, Corey Ryan Forrester is known for his biting political humor and the mismatch between his accent and expected point of view.   Check out all things Corey Ryan Forrester at his website ( - not sure how that domain was still available).If you are a die hard fan of muskrats, you might take offense to this episode; however, if you have always respected the criminal capabilities of the mink then you have found the perfect way to spend the next one hour and twelve minutes of your life.  The guys discuss whether they would rather be Johnny Carson or Ed McMahon, and the show ethicist is called into action to determine just what are the parameters for the "free" vacuums at the car wash.  Corey Ryan Forrester discusses how much hard work goes into his craft, and gives some insight to how he comes up with characters and viral videos (such as the mock-political ad for Gerry Mander), which might just involve 4:30am bathroom breaks.  He might be selling out shows across the country, but he definitely is not selling out and stays focused and committed to remaining true to himself.  Corey explains why his success is not predicated on a certain person occupying the White House and how important it is to be well balanced and avoid the pitfalls of being a one-trick pony.  If you liked the episode, be sure to subscribe to the podcast across all platforms and leave us five star reviews if you are so inclined. If you want to drop us a line, send us a message to We love to talk to the Sheep. New episodes drop every Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning.  If you get up at 5:00am when the new episode drops,  you never know you might just think up the next great comedic character or bit. Support the show (


Apr 20

1 hr 12 min

The BHHcast welcomes comedian Eddie Ifft to the show. Just don't tell the New Jersey State Police.  What is the largest animal Eddie Ifft would share an inflatable raft with in the middle of a bay while sounding an air horn at 3:00 in the morning? Once again, the BHHcast is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Eddie Ifft ( has been seen on Comedy Central, the Joe Rogan Experience, Last Comic Standing, Chelsea Lately, Getting Doug with High, Showtime, FX's Legit and his new album Sweet Home Malibama is available now.  Also, check out his Wodcast Podcast. In this episode, the guys start with a discussion of Bendall's two dogs - Good Dog and Bad Dog.  The other Jamie is starting a #FreeBadDog campaign.  In our interview, Eddie describes how one man's party foul is another man's (or the same man's) eight outstanding warrants.  We were waiting to see how long it would take for someone to bring up the rat guy. Now we know.  And, Eddie makes it clear that the BHHcast needs to find a niche, and the three guys chatting with a guest idea might not be original. Be sure to like the podcast and subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they are dropped.   Support the show (


Apr 6

43 min 58 sec

That's right, sheep.  It's a bonus episode for the Flock.  We have compiled an entire episode with the best of the BHHcast's unscripted, one-take improv fake promo ads for your listening pleasure.  This will be one set of commercials through which you will not want to skip forward. Be sure to like the podcast, give us a five-star review and subscribe to get the latest episodes.  New episodes are posted each Tuesday morning at 5:00 am ET. Support the show (


Apr 5

1 hr 1 min

The BHHcast welcomes Joe Bolter to the show.  Joe is the co-host of the Question Guys Podcast and the Executive Producer of the Netflix is a Joke Radio show What a Joke with Papa & Fortune on Sirius/XM. He has also been a writing partner, director and producer for Craig Ferguson's comedy specials and the producer and on air co-host for the Craig Ferguson Show.  But, until now, Joe had not been on the BHHcast - not even once. The BHHcast had managed to get through three seasons without the scourge of scandal, but alas it has now hit - and twice in one episode.  First, Adam and Jamie accuse the other Jamie of being a bit on the grumpy side.  And then, maybe proving that he was a bit on the grumpy side, the other Jamie accused Tom Papa of fake baking bread during the pandemic. When will it end? The shepherds managed to do not one, but two improv, one-take fake promo spots on the topic of celebrity bread and drag them out to the length of a mini-episode, but why do a mini-episode when the BHHcast can make this episode that much longer.  This episode is long, but you should listen to it twice. First, to truly get the essence of the show, and the second time to pump up our download numbers. So, what will you learn by listening to this episode? How about what the currency of the apocalypse will be and what the odds are that Bendall's family makes the cut to join him on the ship to populate Mars. If that wasn't enough, you might learn a thing or two about the man of the hour (and a half), Joe Bolter. Finally, Craig Ferguson isn't Craig Ferguson without Joe Bolter.  Tom Papa is not Tom Papa without Joe Bolter.  Fortune Feimster isn't Fortune Feimster without Joe Bolter.   Netflix is not Netflix without - well, that one might be a stretch.  But, the BHHcast knew it wasn't the BHHcast without Joe Bolter, so enjoy the show!Be sure to like the podcast, follow us, give us a five star review and subscribe so you don't miss any episodes. Support the show (


Mar 30

1 hr 25 min

Season 4 of the BHHcast is here.  Sheep, hitch yourself to the fence post and get comfortable for this episode with video game designer and licensed therapist, Howard Scott Warshaw, author of Once Upon Atari - How I Made History By Killing an Industry, available now wherever books are sold (and in twenty-seven different locations worldwide where books are not sold). Howard Scott Warshaw will tell you that he is the most famous person you've never heard of.  He was a video game pioneer and alleged video game company assassin.  Currently, he is a psychotherapist in Silicon Valley, serving many of same type of game designers that he was at Atari years ago.  Some kids, like your shepherd Bendall, were given Intellivision gaming systems as a kid, and other kids' parents loved them.  Those that actually received the Atari 2600 gaming system were no doubt delighted to play Howard Scott Warshaw designed games, such as Yars Revenge and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Maybe not so much with his infamous ET video game, ripe with pit falls (and not the Pitfall Harry variety), that some accuse (falsely) as the catalyst to the collapse of the video game industry In this episode, you'll learn about Adam's potential addiction to Fortnite, the many posthumous travels of Atari illustrator Jerome Domurat and where best to sit when heckling at a funeral.  Prepare yourself for life advice, wonderful anecdotes and plenty of puns from Howard Scott Warshaw.  To learn more about him, visit great slate of guests are coming in Season 4.  Be sure to like the podcast and subscribe so you can be notified as soon as new content drops.  New episodes will be released each Tuesday.  If you would like to email the show, please send a message to   Support the show (


Mar 23

1 hr 6 min

The BHHcast wraps up Season 3 with a fantastic guest in Gaby Dunn.  The Sheep are constantly amazed that the Shepherds are able to get the quality of guest that regularly joins the Flock.  With Gaby, we stepped it up a notch - essentially employing the same tactics to land the interview that she did with her 100 Interviews project.  Oh, and it helps that she is kind and generous with her time.  Gaby is a writer, actress, journalist, comedian, LGBTQ activist, and podcaster. She hosts the Bad With money podcast (, which returns on March 31, 2021.  Gaby also co-hosts Just Between Us with her comedy partner Allison Raskin ( Oh, and we'll throw in that she is a New York Times bestselling author. As your shepherds learn during the interview, Gaby just gets stuff done. But more important that all of that, Gaby is kind and funny and interesting.  And, that is exactly the type of person we like to have as a guest on the BHHcast.  Season 4 will be starting in just a week.  We don't like to keep the sheep waiting, so like and subscribe the podcast wherever you consume it so you will get notified as soon as another episode is posted.   Support the show (


Mar 16

59 min 57 sec

The BHHcast welcomes comedian, writer and producer J Chris Newberg (@thechrisarmy) to the Flock. Just when is it appropriate to say "I Love You" and can it lose its luster (such as when you say it angrily to a telemarketer)?  Your shepherds decide that self-promotion marketing on funeral online guestbooks is maybe inappropriate.  We'll bet you had not thought about being baptized after your death.  Adam has (and Bendall now can't stop thinking about it). We'll bet you had not thought of the cadence of comedians and the connection with musical time and comedy.  J Chris Newberg has.  We'll bet you had forgotten about the Foo Fighters story told in the Lino Rulli episode.  Hernan hopes you have. When you are not listening to the BHHcast, check out J Chris Newberg's own podcast, Heroin Has a Great Publicist ( Check out our other episodes of the BHHcast, including interviews with comedian Craig Gass, the Kulmers (power couple responsible for taking the shirt right off Charles Barkley's back), Rob "The Marquis" Messel, the reigning World Champion air guitarist, John Heffron - winner of Season 2 of NBC's Last Comic Standing, Taylor Williamson - runner up on Season 8 of America's Got Talent, Marcus Harvey - The Barber Star and host of Ghost Hunters, and more.   The BHHcast  has many fascinating interviews scheduled for Season 3.  Be sure to subscribe so that you get the latest episodes.  A great lineup of guests are queued for our Sheep in the Flock.  We love to hear the comments of the Flock, so let us know how we are doing.  Five star ratings are always appreciated from our Sheep.  Support the show (


Mar 9

54 min 12 sec

The BHHcast returns with special guest Lino Rulli, host of the Catholic Guy Show on Sirius/XM.  Your Shepherds, Jamie Bendall, Adam Haigh and Jamie Hernan are pleased to welcome the Bud Light drinking, Foo Fighter listening, Vikings supporting, amateur curling  Lino Rulli for the listening pleasure of the Sheep.  Don't ask Lino for a business card, but he won't mind if you ask him if aliens can be Christians or what is his drink of choice.  Hernan tells a delightful, underrated story about the three tiered, 72,000 square foot concert venue erected by Direct TV/AT&T to host a Foo Fighters concert during the big game in Atlanta in 2019 and then destroyed afterwards.  Really, it was a lovely story.  Don't miss it.  The other guys loved it.  Really.  Tune in for discussion of destination funerals, whether people from Minnesota or Florida are better, Tom Brady (of course, ugh) and confession tourism.  And, find out if Lino knows what it means to be human.  Check out our other episodes of the BHHcast, including recent interviews from Season Three with Craig Gass and the Kulmers (power couple responsible for taking the shirt right off Charles Barkley's back), as well as previous episodes with Rob "The Marquis" Messel, the reigning World Champion air guitarist, John Heffron - winner of Season 2 of NBC's Last Comic Standing, Taylor Williamson - runner up on Season 8 of America's Got Talent, Marcus Harvey - The Barber Star and host of Ghost Hunters, and more.   The BHHcast  has many fascinating interviews coming up for Season 3.  Be sure to subscribe so that you get the latest episodes.  A great lineup of guests are queued for our Sheep in the Flock.  We love to hear the comments of the Flock, so let us know how we are doing.  Five star ratings are always appreciated from our Sheep.  Support the show (

Feb 27

56 min 12 sec

Self-titled by Craig Gass himself, the Craig Gass Doesn't Know When to Shut Up and Makes Us Hear Voices in Our Head episode is here.  The BHHcast welcomes comedian Craig Gass to the BHHcast, and learns that Tracy Morgan's voice thinks the BHHcast is sexy as hell.   Does the Bills Mafia really body slam tables as part of their tailgate ritual? Just what did Adam do at not one but two super fantastic football games to end the NFL season?  Will Bendall survive the trauma of the football season ending?  Does Hernan actually admit respecting Tom Brady? Known for his guest spots on The Howard Stern Show and his spot on impersonations, Craig Gass has been performing stand up since 1993.  Craig also has the distinction of seeing more "Big Games" (final game of the NFL season) than most mere mortals.  We'll bet you can't guess why Craig started doing "voices."  You'll have to tune in to find out, but it is certainly a twist.  Craig tells us the heartwarming story of his fan turned buddy, Bob Miles, and how Mike McCready ended up writing a song for Bob to hear on his deathbed.  That's right, this is a comedy podcast!For more info on Craig Gass, visit  We visited his site to steal info from his bio page and learned this interesting fact about Craig: 404 (Page Not Found) Error. Check out our other episodes of the BHHcast, including interviews with the Kulmers (power couple responsible for taking the shirt right off Charles Barkley's back), Rob "The Marquis" Messel, the reigning World Champion air guitarist, John Heffron - winner of Season 2 of NBC's Last Comic Standing, Taylor Williamson - runner up on Season 8 of America's Got Talent, Marcus Harvey - The Barber Star and host of Ghost Hunters, and more.   The BHHcast  has many fascinating interviews scheduled for Season 3.  Be sure to subscribe so that you get the latest episodes.  A great lineup of guests are queued for our Sheep in the Flock.  We love to hear the comments of the Flock, so let us know how we are doing.  Five star ratings are always appreciated from our Sheep. Celebrity voices are simulated and no endorsement is implied by the inclusion of some kick ass impersonations by Craig Gass.  Really, he sounds more like the celebrity than the actual person themselves.  We will be waiting on Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, Tracy Morgan, Morgan Freeman, Bobby Slaton, Lars Ulrich, Tom Arnold and Gene Simmons to come on the BHHcast and do their best Craig Gass impression.  Support the show ( Support the show (


Feb 5

55 min 42 sec

Comedian John Heffron joins the BHHcast, adding another credit to a long and successful career which includes winning Season 2 of Last Comic Standing against stiff competition from Gary Gulman, Alonzo Bodden, Bonnie McFarlane, Kathleen Madigan, Todd Glass and more.  He has appeared on The Tonight Show , Chelsea Lately, The Late Late Show, HBO, FX, VH1, A&E, and CMT, has two separate Comedy Central specials, his hour special “Middle Class Funny” can be found on Netflix, and he is the author of a mystery novel, The Holding Deal.  After accidentally exposing to Adam that Bendall is texting pictures of old trucks to other men, Heffron chimes in on the discussion of the car as a musical instrument, celebrities joining Cameo, the experience of being of Last Comic Standing, why he ended up in a bar drinking the night away with Roy Wood, Jr. after an appearance on Star Search and the perils of single life at fifty years old.  Twitter: @JohnHeffronWebsite: johnheffron.comBe sure to like this episode and subscribe.  We love to hear the comments of the Flock, so let us know how we are doing.  Five star ratings are always appreciated from our Sheep.  Support the show (


Jan 29

18 min 11 sec

We welcome World Champion air guitarist Rob "The Marquis" Messel to the show.  Rob "The Marquis" Messel, the first World Champion to be interviewed on the BHHcast, joined the Flock to tell how it was he became "The Marquis," an internationally known air guitarist and the reigning World Champion after his win in Finland in the 2019 Air Guitar World Championships (still holding the title due to the cancellation of the 2020 event).  Rob helps the guys understand how air guitar helps promote world peace and just what is "airness." Tune in to learn how you could possibly go from playing the air guitar in your bedroom to rocking on the stage in Finland for the world title.Find out more about Rob at Be sure to like this episode and subscribe.  We love to hear the comments of the Flock, so let us know how we are doing.  Five star ratings are always appreciated from our Sheep.  Support the show (


Jan 28

18 min 55 sec

Welcome, Sheep, to the BHHcast (pronounced "Bah"-cast), with your Shepherd Jamie Bendall, Adam Haigh and Jamie Hernan.  This is an interview style, comedy podcast in which we interview stand up comedians and special guests with incredible back stories.  So, it is only fitting that we have no guest on episode one. You'll learn a little bit about the origin story of the BHHcast.  Who is that Terry guy and will he someday be referred amongst the likes of Pete Best. We learn that Bendall already has an exit strategy - maybe taking the "Always Be Prepared" mantra a bit far. The BHHcast is here for your joy and entertainment.  Please like and subscribe to the podcast wherever you consume it so you will be alerted whenever a new episode is dropped.  You can expect that episodes will generally be released on Tuesday mornings; however, we hope to also have bonus content released from time to time. This is the BHHcast.  Please enjoy.  Support the show (


Jan 5

17 min

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Jan 2

2 min 16 sec