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If you are passionate about accelerating the growth of your business or advancing your career then you need to listen to the Elite Achievement Podcast. Host Kristin Burke brings over a decade of coaching experience to the show as she energetically shares ideas and inspiration to help you maximize your potential and achieve your definitions of success. Her guest interviews with people who strive for breakout performances de-mystify the goal achievement process. If you are ready to get out of your own way, to establish the habits that lead to success and implement ideas to achieve your dream then grab your journal and get ready to grow personally and professionally.

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On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin introduces Melanie Hurley who started her company based on her desire to create a product that could make a difference, help others and ease her mind while painting her daughters’ nails. Melanie founded Piggy Paint in 2008 on her quest for a safer nail polish alternative for her kids. She has since become a serial entrepreneur and launched two other companies - Sophi Nail Polish and Rock the Locks.  In this episode, Melanie shares her journey as a “mompreneur,” giving us insights on the challenges she faced, the success of her companies and much more. Episode Highlights 2:42 I think the hardest thing was just trying to figure out how to do everything by myself.  4:19 In the beginning, I think the motivation for the company was that we put everything we had into it.  4:51 I’m kind of an “all in” person so when I’m passionate about things, I just go for it.  9:11 You have to have thick skin, be passionate and eventually you’re going to get a yes.  12:55 I think that our biggest mistakes are what brought us to this point of success. 17:19 Another piece of it is the “why.” For me, I’m not just passionate about selling the product, I’m passionate about our products.  Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website) Connect with Melanie Hurley  https://www.piggypaint.com/our-story/ (Website) https://www.instagram.com/melaniemhurley/ (Instagram)

Oct 21

20 min 25 sec

On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes public relations expert Megan Bennett. Megan Bennett is the CEO and President of Light Years Ahead, a full-service public relations and marketing firm specializing in beauty, health, parenting, and lifestyle products and services.  Megan Bennett has been part of the Light Years Ahead team for over 18 years. Her expertise focuses on managing clients and exceeding their expectations on a daily basis. She has spearheaded and implemented countless successful PR campaigns on behalf of numerous brands and is proud of the positive, lasting relationships she cultivates with the media on an ongoing basis. In this episode, you can learn more about when and why you should consider hiring a PR firm for your business or company, what are the components of a successful PR campaign, how to be a successful client, how to build strong relationships, and much more.  Episode Highlights 02:38 - Public relations is a way to gain exposure for your brand in an earned way that is not a paid-for ad.  05:11 - A few tips for building a strong relationship: The most important thing is to continue to reach out to people over and over again, and send personalized messages so they do not think that you’re randomly reaching out.  11:36 - A successful client would be somebody who has all their ducks in a row in terms of having a developed website. 16:14 - You need to have an agency that is devoted to your brand and understands your story, and does not just think of you as another number. 23:30 - Social media is obviously important for every brand to have, including an established Instagram page and Facebook page. Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Connect with Megan Bennett https://www.lightyearsahead.com/ (Website) Email

Oct 7

29 min 45 sec

Do you sometimes feel that your plans are not going according to what you envisioned? Often, we get off-track from our goals in life, our career, our relationships and many more, but what do you do when this happens?  On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin talks about the struggles that come along with being off-track for a goal. She shares what her experience was when facing such challenges. Kristin recommends many things during this episode, but one stands out, which is going back to your long-term vision. Make sure that your goals still connect with what you are truly working for. She shares 4 lessons that helped her in her goal achievement journey. Listen as she discusses the important lessons that we all could learn from in facing the struggle of being off-track. Expect a discussion that will encourage you to keep going even though you face challenges. Episode Highlights: 6:05 If the goal no longer connects with your vision, then you have an opportunity to re-imagine that goal and set a goal that does connect with your long-term vision. 9:16 A competing commitment is an unconscious pact you have made with yourself to do something that will prevent you from reaching your goal.  15:26 I am used to embracing the idea of increasing your activity and focusing on what you can control and pouring more effort into achieving a goal, but that’s not always the best tactic. 17:57 It is an incredible reminder to be mindful of the thoughts I am thinking, the words that I am saying and to take a step back and ask myself, am I self-sabotaging my own results with what I am thinking and what I am believing and what I am putting out into the universe? 20:44 I'm sharing these learnings and my insights today to help you realize that part of that gap closing process is learning how to keep moving forward when you are off-track, and learning how to embrace tracking, reflecting and planning. Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )

Sep 30

25 min 5 sec

Have you ever had that burned out feeling when trying to hit your goals? Have you always felt unsure in trying new things or faced with something unexpected? These feelings are totally normal but there is a way to overcome them. In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin talks to David Shechtman in an empowering discussion on overcoming the roadblocks that prevent us from growing. They discuss how coaching can help you face your fear and harness growth from it. We will learn to ‘sort and throw’ when you have head trash or a negative mindset. Listen as they discuss scaling up without beating yourself up to work. Expect a discussion that will clarify your thoughts and push for self-care to achieve your goals.  Episode Highlights: 14:37 - So there's this sense that I don't know exactly what I'm doing. I am not sure where this is leading, there are no guarantees of an outcome. But I'm confident that I'll figure it out along the way. 22:19 – I actually now believe that self care is maybe one of the keys to making it through the challenges and ups and downs of growth and of transformation as people go through it. 30:20 - I think there's actually a point where it flips and the harder you work, the less effective you become. Because it's draining your energy. 37:25 - We need to be mindful of those negative mental narratives that show up on that pathway for change in growth. Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website ) Connect with David https://evolution.team/david-shechtman (Website)

Sep 16

39 min 17 sec

We all encounter monsters on our goal achievement journeys. Monsters such as regret, worry, guilt, fear and shame and today’s guest will teach us how to get rid of those monsters. In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes L. Y. Marlow, an award-winning author and empowerment advocate. She will teach us how to reclaim our power and stop letting monsters rule our lives. Learn how L.Y. got to live her passion, her purpose and her power and be inspired to find a way, confront your monsters and take action. L.Y. believes that everything that happens is either a gift, a blessing or a lesson and she challenges us to identify our purpose and calling. Episode Highlights  04:00 - Struggling to build Saving Promise, I started to encounter all of my monsters.  06:54 - Confront your monsters, fight your monsters, and do it anyway. Use those monsters to propel you forward.  07:45 - I created this mindset around what is needed to mobilize you. Because we become stuck. Identify your monsters. Confront it. And then you make your choice.  09:42 - Everything that happens to us is either a lesson, a blessing, or a gift, and most of the time it is a lesson. 14:44 - When you have those sharks, and those jellyfishes, and the stinging, and the burning - find a way. One stroke at a time. Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Connect with L.Y. Marlow: https://www.lymarlow.com/ (Website) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W55V9RB/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2 (Amazon) 

Sep 2

21 min 32 sec

To celebrate this one-year milestone Kristin is highlighting the top three most downloaded episodes. You can hear Shannon Wiley from episode 18, talking about four characteristics of goal achievers: clarity, confidence, courage, and consistency. Shayla Ackerman from episode 10 emphasizes the value of tracking goals. Her story highlights the importance of believing in yourself and finding a way to succeed despite obstacles. In episode 7, Kristin described the morning routine that has helped her achieve a growth mindset. Now, a year later, she still has her morning routine, but with some changes.  Episode Highlights 04:10 – Shannon talks about the characteristics rock stars tend to demonstrate, the importance of vision, and how to find a sponsor. 14:43 – Shayla’s incredible insight into mindset, goal setting, and building an amazing career. 25:55 – Three questions we can all use to understand better why we are thinking what we are thinking.  26:33 – The most downloaded episode also relates to mindset. Kristin shares seven steps of her morning routine.  41:54 – Kristin’s morning routine almost a year later – what she changed and why.   Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Shayla: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shaylaackerman/ (https://www.instagram.com/shaylaackerman/) Website - https://www.shaylaackerman.com/ (https://www.shaylaackerman.com) Shannon: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wileyshannon/ (https://www.instagram.com/wileyshannon/) LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-wiley-clf-8b757b9/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-wiley-clf-8b757b9/) Email - shannon.wiley@nm.com

Aug 26

45 min 18 sec

Talking about business feels easier than talking about relationships. Relationships can be far less predictable and often emotional. In this episode, Kristin explores the personal topic of excelling in family relationship goals. Kristin and her sister Amy Hoelscher reflect on growing up and now raising children of their own. They explore what it means to be a good mom, how to manage priorities, how to handle emotions and challenging days, and how to adjust to your new normal as a working mom.  Whether you are focused on growing your business or growing yourself as a mama, write down your goals to get super clear on what you want and why you want it. Visit https://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) and sign up to receive Kristin’s Breakout Plan to learn how to plan, prioritize and progress towards your most meaningful goals.  L Learn how to plan, prioritize and progress . Episode Highlights 09:19 – Everyone has a different belief of what is a good mom. No one has made a book that says this is how you should be, how you do this. My definition of being a good mom is that a good mom is always there for your child, always puts their child first. 13:27 – Today, it's hard not to compare. Social media is dangerous for that. After I had my son, I needed to figure out what worked for me and my husband, and I needed to figure out what worked for us together. 16:40 – If I am frustrated and overwhelmed, that vibe is pushing back on my kids. I take a deep breath and remove myself from the situation before I get too frustrated. I have found that working out helps relieve some stress.  21:38 - Work and being a mom is one of the hardest things, and personally, work makes me a better mom. I can value the time that I have with my children. But my biggest advice is routine.  28:55 - I have lots of goals. One in particular is being more of a Yes mom. I say No more times than I would like to admit. Why do I say no all the time?  Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Connect with Amy Hoelscher https://www.instagram.com/alhoelscher/ (Instagram)

Aug 12

34 min 18 sec

In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes workplace expert AmyJo Mattheis, the CEO of Pavo Navigation Coaching, which is a unique resource that helps other firms and companies eliminate toxicity from the workplace. Mattheis holds a B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University and an M. Div. from the Graduate Theological Union. She considers it her life purpose to equip individuals, organizations, and companies with tangible, easy, and actionable tools that take the office from a place that is toxic and siloed to one that is collaborative, innovative, and welcoming. According to AmyJo’s belief, the way the world works and how we do things has been shaped and formed through three primary energies – fear, lack, and separation (fliss). The opposing energies are love, abundance, and unity (LAU) – they are the antidote. The workplace is toxic because humans have learned how to behave in a flissy manner. We have been taught that there is not enough of anything, and we have to do whatever we need to get what we need. But when we tune in to our inner knowing, we will always be pointed in the direction that feeds LAU. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. We still have difficult conversations; we still hear things that we don't want to hear. But if we do all of that from love, abundance, and unity, it is a much different experience than doing that from fear, lack, and separation. Episode Highlights 06:45 – Workplaces are so toxic because humans are there. And it is not because humans are toxic. We have learned how to behave in a flissy manner because the driving energy of fear, lack, and separation is lack.  11:27 – The first step (from FLS to LAU) for all of us is to make a commitment to turn up your awareness and look for evidence of the fliss.  The second step is to decide whether or not we want to keep feeding it. Listen to your intuition. It is LAU based.  20.45 – Curiosity is one of the best tools for women. Slowing down would be another tool. The tools from love, abundance, and unity are always simple.  26:44 – The people that I was listening to are telling me I have to do it. But do I really have to do it? I’m not building a FLS (fliss) business, my intention is to build a LAU business. So maybe, in a LAU business, you don't have to have a business plan that looks just like that. And it was the most freeing feeling. 35:57 – One of the primary tools critical for being authentic about creating a truly inclusive, equitable, diverse workplace is that we must create an environment where people get to blow it, make mistakes, say the wrong thing, ask the silly question, or the offending question, and learn how to interact with that in a way that creates dialogue.   Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Connect with Amy Jo Mattheis https://www.pavonavigation.com/ (Website) https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajexeccoach/ (LinkedIn) Email 

Jul 29

40 min 56 sec

In this episode of Elite Achievement podcast, Kristin welcomes Dr. Susan Bernstein. Dr. Susan encourages high achievers to dial down stress and pressure and dial up their powerful presence, career satisfaction, and authentic success. She spent over 25 years working in corporate and has both an MBA and Ph.D. in psychology. Dr. Susan shares: What it means to be your sensational self.      What an anxious achiever is. How to grow your confidence when you’ve been told you’re too much.      Some roadblocks that can hold leaders back from excelling in their leadership career. Episode Highlights 02:50 – I work with people to be their most sensational selves, the best version of themselves, the fullest potential, especially in their work. 09:18 – If you find yourself ruminating a bunch of anxious overthinking, stop. Put your hands on your heart – feel the rise and the fall of your chest. Put your attention there. 12:10 – An anxious achiever is somebody who achieves, but underneath there’s an underlying feeling of “I’m somehow not enough, I’m not measuring up, I’m not good enough.”  16:09 – Anxious achievers are moving away from the pain. That’s not very inspiring. What is it that fills you and thrills you? What’s the fire within you that gives you positive energy? 29:37 – In learning to tame down your anxiety, we don’t want this anxiety or anger being contagious. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website) Connect with Dr. Susan Bernstein https://drsusanbernstein.com/ (Website) https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsusanbernstein (LinkedIn) https://www.instagram.com/drsusanbernstein/ (Instagram)

Jul 15

33 min 50 sec

In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes Sara Samuels. Sara is a former practicing attorney turned Wealth Management Advisor who specializes in working with emerging affluent professionals and business owners. Sara's mission is to reduce economic vulnerability and build enough wealth for her clients to live their very best lives now and in the future through financial inspiration. Sara and Kristin talk about taking risks, the importance of advocating for yourself, and how to succeed in a male-dominated career. Money is about confidence. Taking calculated risks is also about confidence. But how to grow confidence, and what it means to be a financial inspirer? Listen to this podcast and be inspired. Episode Highlights 05:46 – Without a solid foundation there can be: 1) significant anxiety; 2) if you do not feel you have a place at the table financially, you may not feel like you have a place at the table professionally; 3) because this isn’t something that’s taught in school, it can feel very foreign. 08:52 – Calculated risk is being informed about the potential obstacles and the opportunities in a situation and eventually just moving forward – a leap of faith at some point. The risk with research. 17:58 – Confidence is more about self, and feeling self-worth, and feeling worthy and deserving of what we’re given, what we have, and what we strive for. 23:22 – Guys make more half the time because they ask for more because they feel they deserve it. 27:45 – Advocate for yourself in your career, heavily in your finances. If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive. And lay a strong foundation. Understand your benefits. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website) Connect with Sara https://www.instagram.com/financialinspirer/ (Instagram) http://www.sara-samuels.com/ (Website)

Jul 1

32 min 10 sec

In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes two accomplished and ambitious women, Lesle Griessel and Nicole Kalil. Leslie Griessel is the owner of LongView Leadership and is on a mission to joyfully inspire and empower people to achieve results on purpose. She is one of Kansas City’s 40 under 40. Nicole Kalil is a speaker, host of the This is Woman’s Work podcast and confidence sherpa. Nicole’s work centers around removing the roadblocks, biases, and challenges that trailblazing professional women face, so they can thrive as their authentic selves. There are questions every ambitious woman has to answer. And there are a lot of challenges ambitious women have to overcome. It starts with ourselves. That little voice, sometimes as quiet as a whisper in your heart of talking to yourself. What is ambition? How can I make a big difference? How can I have a breakthrough in life? How can I get paid for doing things that I love to do? How do we make this equitable in our relationship? How to silence the noise? Does anyone get me? How can I honor my ambition? Lesle and Nicole answer these questions by sharing some examples from their experience and giving some recommendations for people to lean in and honor their ambition. Episode Highlights 03:55 – Ambition wraps up a lot of phrases that are some sort of excitement about the future, a desire for growth, a desire for learning. 21:19 – The importance of communication when it comes to figuring out how to honor your ambition with a partner or spouse. 35:37 – One of the biggest barriers women face when honoring their ambition is their own internal confidence and learning to trust themselves. 41:15 – Recommendations to honor your ambition: take baby steps, set small goals in alignment with those baby steps, take risks to pursue your desires outside of your comfort zone and surround yourself with ambitious people. 46:29 – Have courageous conversations first and foremost with yourself, get into action, find a tribe, invest in yourself. Resources https://honoryourambition.com/ (Honor Your Ambition Mastermind) https://www.instagram.com/honoryourambition/ (Honor Your Ambition Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Kristin Burke Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/lesleqg/ (Lesle Griesel Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/nicolemkalil/ (Nicole Kalil Instagram)

Jun 17

51 min 40 sec

On this episode Kristin talks to Arielle Jacobs-Bittoni, a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Arielle is a Chief Wealth Strategist at Refresh Investments LLC, a company she co-owns with her partner, Pamela Chen.  Kristin and Arielle have a lot in common. They’ve both spent their careers in the financial industry, both of them are mothers, married, and they have a mutual friend from the industry who connected them. Therefore, they have a lot to talk about, especially when it comes to finances and goal achieving. Listen to this insightful conversation and get your finances in order. Episode Highlights 03:35 - RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) manages assets for individual and institutional investors. An RIA always puts the client’s interest ahead of his/her own. 11:00 - To be more committed in achieving financial goals, start by defining what’s the most important to you. It is a foundation to be in control of your financial life. Once you’ve identified your core values, you can start focusing on what your purposes are and prioritizing them; what would you be using your wealth for. Finally, specify what your financial goals are for each of those purposes. 16:00 - Trust is a major factor for getting “financially naked”. Each client should ask a series of questions when interviewing financial advisors. 18:30 - People thinking they have time to figure their finances is a big financial mistake. Time is one of, if not the most valuable resource that we have. 21:20 - Lesson from male-dominated industry - being different, or being the only woman in the group is not a bad thing. Women need to trust their gut, stay authentic, and stop apologizing. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  To learn more and register for the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series click https://kristinburke.com/eagss (here). Connect with Arielle https://www.refreshinvest.com/ (Website) https://www.linkedin.com/in/arielle-jacobs-bittoni-cfa-1011927/ (LinkedIn)

Jun 3

33 min 17 sec

On this episode Kristin shares about her most meaningful goal for 2021, The Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series. She details the series and shares about the behind-the-scenes processes and roadblocks that almost kept her from launching the course. The series is dedicated to women who are in the first few years of owning their business. Kristin describes this series as: course meets workshop meets live coaching. Participants will learn how to go beyond goal setting and how to achieve their goals. Episode Highlights 01:23 – Kristin’s first course, The Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series, is officially launched! 11:05 – There is a big difference between the business owners that set goals and the business owners that achieve the goals they set. 13:03 – There are roadblocks that can prevent us from achieving our goals if we do not know how to recognize them and work through them. 13:55 – If you have focused time, you can get a tone accomplished in a 15 minute session. 23:58 – Fear does not go away, so we have to constantly learn how to navigate fear to achieve our goals. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  To learn more and register for the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series click https://kristinburke.com/eagss (here).

May 20

27 min 34 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about what it is we really want from our careers and how to ensure we are living fulfilling lives, with Lauren Hornacek. Lauren Hornacek is an empowerment expert who works with ambitious women who found success in their careers and yet are left feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. She coaches women who know something needs to change, but have no idea where to start. She shares about her personal journey and what she’s learned over the past several years. Lauren leads an intensive program called Finding Freedom, and she offers her Values Assessment Tool for a special price of $99 to the EA community. Episode Highlights 10:05 – Why we are stuck - part of it is the way we are raised in our society. And we do not pause and ask ourselves: Is this what I want? 14:38 – Get clear on the why behind the stuff – who am I doing this for, and why. 20:48 – We can overcome fear, managing our thoughts and having the awareness when fear comes up. – Take one step. Do not worry about all the other steps. Just do the next thing. 24:00 – Warning signs that we are stuck - notice your habits: eating, sleeping, canceling plans with your friends. 25:30 – Do not be impulsive. Gain clarity on where you want to go. And if you do not know where you want to go, on how you want to feel. 31:14 – When you schedule time for yourself it empowers you to do it unapologetically. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website )  Connect with Lauren Hornacek: https://laurenhornacek.com/ (Website) https://www.instagram.com/createanintentionallife/ (Instagram) https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenhornacek/ (LinkedIn)

May 6

36 min 31 sec

On this special episode Kristin and her team are taking the highlights from the interviews with five women who coach, inspire and empower others to launch businesses, grow their confidence, achieve the fitness goals, create and implement financial plans and advance their careers. Jeannie Andresen holds a business coaching program Solopreneur School. Nicole Kalil teaches a course called: This is confidence. Bridget Joy is a CEO and President of Key Life Fitness and Training. Chantel Bonneau is a certified financial planner and author of the book Finding Your Financial Type. Lesle Griessel is trailblazer within her firm and teacher of leadership and growth strategies. They share about mindset, time and strategies needed to launch a business, but also about navigating fear and finding confidence. Episode Highlights 03:40 – Talking about it is the first step - telling somebody “I’m really thinking about starting my own business”. It sounds so simple, but it’s crucial. Second step is to find somebody who’s done it already. It’s inspiration that you can do it too. Third part is outlining what it looks like. 26:40 – Choose it until you feel it; choose confidence over and over again until the feeling arises. 27:50 – You only have one body. Working out is not just so you can look a certain way, it’s for total health: for mind, body and soul. You can be a best version of yourself. You have to set an appointment and you have to make it a priority. 40:54 – Anything that is worthwhile, takes consistency and takes really good habit. The best habits that I think are important for a financial planner are: spending time to review, and make it foolproof.  48:02 – Any form of a vision is a good form of a vision. The first thing is to find as much clarity as you can. The clearer that vision is, the better - even if it’s something short-term.  Resources Connect with Kristin: https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (Instagram) https://kristinburke.com/ (Website) Connect with: Jeannie Andresen: https://www.jeannieandresen.com/ (Website) https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannieand/ (LinkedIn) https://www.instagram.com/jeannieandresen_/ (Instagram) Connect with Nicole Kalil: https://nicolekalil.com/this-is-confidence (Website) https://www.instagram.com/nicolemkalil/ (Instagram) https://nicolekalil.com/podcast (Women's Work Podcast) Connect with Bridget Joy: https://keylifefitness.com/ (Website) https://www.facebook.com/chinafitchick (Facebook) https://www.instagram.com/chinafitchick/ (Instagram) Connect with Chantel Bonneau: https://www.findingyourfintype.com/ (Finding Your FINancial Type Book) http://www.chantel-bonneau.com/ (Website) https://www.instagram.com/chantelbonneau/ (Instagram) Connect with Lesle Griessel: https://longviewleadership.com/ (Website)

Apr 29

1 hr

On this episode Kristin talks about growing a business with Tu-Hien Le, Founder and CEO of BeauGen. Tu-Hien Le launched her business from her dining room and has grown it into a seven-figure e-commerce business in only five years. Tu-Hien attributes her success to consistency, focusing on progress, surrounding herself with like-minded people and eliminating stuff that does not move the needle.   Episode Highlights 03:40 – There was a problem that could and needed to be solved. We had to invent the solution. And we ended up creating over 40 prototypes, testing different shapes, materials. 08:04 – Three years of being consistent, writing those emails, showing up, building this momentum, and all of a sudden it starts to keep going, attraction is happening, and people are seeing you, sale’s increasing. That’s when I started to build the team to support the demand that was coming in. 09:19 – I focus on progress (because perfection is the killer of progress), I do a lot of mindset work and I surround myself with people who are similar in thinking. 17:00 – My focus is the value that I can add to my clients and my customers.  It’s not about me, it’s about the value that I can add. 19:19 – If you do not have clarity on why you’re doing what you’re doing and who your customers are, the marketing, the sales, the scales do not really matter.  34:15 – Mom Boss Method helps ambitious moms to grow business. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Tu-Hien Le on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tuhienle (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tuhienle) Tu-Hien Le’s website: https://www.beaugen.com/ (https://www.beaugen.com/) Tu-Hien Le on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tuhien.le/ (https://www.instagram.com/tuhien.le/)

Apr 15

34 min 34 sec

On this episode Kristin welcomes Jeannie Andresen, an Entrepreneurship Coach. After nine years in the financial services industry, Jeannie transitioned companies right before the pandemic. When she lost her job, she found courage and leaned into her intuition and started the business that has always been on her heart. She attributes her success to always having an entrepreneurial mindset, even when she was an employee. Episode Highlights 05:45 - I never made that decision with fear in mind, I made it with my best intentions in mind of getting uncomfortable by switching industries, growing an entirely new skill set. 07:32 – I said to myself: OK, I’m grateful that this had happened, I will figure out why; and it led me to starting a business much sooner than it would have if I had resisted and pushed it away. 13:05 – If you show up feeling as though things are in your control, with confidence, with this mindset that you are a business owner, all of a sudden you begin to make decisions with more confidence. 24:45 – We never know what is holding us back unless we talk about it. 26:45 – The plan and the mindset lead to everything else. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Jeannie Andresen’s website: https://www.jeannieandresen.com/ (https://www.jeannieandresen.com/) Jeannie Andresen on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannieand/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannieand/) Jeannie Andresen on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeannieandresen_/ (https://www.instagram.com/jeannieandresen_/)

Apr 1

33 min 48 sec

On this episode Kristin reflects on the past year and she shares about one of her goal achievement strategies: the quarterly review. People with a growth mindset work on their business and goals by reflecting and planning for the next quarter. There are some important questions you should ask yourself that will help you change your mindset and grow your business while doing your quarterly review.  Episode Highlights 04:10 – The difference between goal setters and goal achievers is in their mindset. The achievers have a great deal of clarity and they work consistently, not perfectly, to achieve their goals. 07:03 – The quarterly review combines some of the elements from my weekly and monthly reviews, but it is an opportunity to pull out of your business and think strategically. Without a quarterly review, you run the risk of doing the same things over and over again. 09:45 – Some roadblocks that might get in the way of your review process 14:00 – Start your review session by reading your long-term vision. 14:55 – Ask yourself a series of questions Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com)

Mar 30

22 min 46 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about one of the most important skills with communication expert Meredith Kasheta. Meredith spent over 15 years in sales and strategic communications. Meredith is an expert at telling stories, she is a published author, speaker and contributor to various magazines, industry papers, book compilations and conferences. Today, Meredith operates Meeting Meredith Creative, an agency that helps businesses grow their brand through website design, content and strategy. Episode Highlights 03:50 – Communication is not just speaking one-on-one, but it’s really how we connect with other people – visually, verbally, nonverbally. 07:15 – A brand is a personality. 13:10 – With communication even though you may be more vulnerable in that moment, and you may have to work through things, you can actually resolve it, and it goes away. 18:57 – When you start to ask open-ended questions and give them space to communicate, you can understand that there are deeper problems they’ve been trying to solve. 32:00 – Practice thinking before you speak – when you give people space to talk and truly be heard, you can create a much deeper connection. Resources Connect with Kristin  https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Connect with Meredith https://meetingmeredithcreative.com/ (Meredith Kasheta’s website) https://www.instagram.com/meetingmeredithcreative/ (Meredith Kasheta on Instagram)

Mar 18

37 min

On this episode Kristin welcomes her friend and ambition partner Shannon Wiley and they talk about ambition and relationships. Shannon is a Chief Recruiting Officer at Northwestern Mutual in Atlanta and she participates in a National Women’s Leadership Program.  Episode Highlights 5:00 – You’ve got to be willing to step out and meet a lot of people that you’re interested in learning from and friendships may come out of it. 9:50 – Choose three people you trust and ask them how they experience you - what to them is your authentic self. 13:15 – Women often do not take credit for the work that they do. And they do not talk about what they want to do, where they want to go. 16:50 – We are trying to connect today, to the future, with a vision. 19:45 – Find a sponsor not a mentor. 28:20 – Stay more focused on your vision and less focused on the comparison trap, because it is the thief of joy. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website https://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Shannon Wiley on https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-wiley-clf-8b757b9/ (LinkedIn) Shannon Wiley on https://www.instagram.com/wileyshannon/ (Instagram) Shannon Wiley’s email: shannon.wiley@nm.com

Mar 4

35 min 30 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about money with a Financial Education Specialist Ashley M. Fox. Ashley is a former Wall Street analyst, a Howard University graduate, and CEO of her company Empify. Empify represents merging of the words EMPower and modIFY. Empify is an education-based organization created to help both adults and children understand financial literacy. Ashley is an international speaker and financial journalist. Episode Highlights 02:30 – Ashley shares about how you can make yourself feel comfortable to talk about money. 9:36 – There is a mental shift that people have to make in order for them to believe they deserve to be wealthy.  12:35 – You have to invest. 13:35 – The easiest way to start is to think about who do you spend your time, money and energy with. 20:45 – You cannot say that you want to be wealthy but you do not have time to build wealth. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Ashley on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleymfox1/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleymfox1/) Ashley on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_ashleymfox/ (https://www.instagram.com/_ashleymfox/) Ashley on Twitter https://twitter.com/_ashleymfox (https://twitter.com/_ashleymfox) Ashley on website https://www.empify.com/ (https://www.empify.com/) https://wbcommunity.empify.com/ (https://wbcommunity.empify.com/)

Feb 18

28 min 43 sec

On this episode Kristin invited her daughter’s tutor Anna VanNostrand to share about her experience in raising lifelong learners, online tutoring, mindset coaching, and much more. Anna Van Nostrand served as an elementary educator and academic coach for over 18 years and believes that passionate teachers create passionate learners. Her background in mindset coaching helps her embed strategies within sessions to unlock individual potential. Episode Highlights 3:40 – First adjust the student’s mindset. Discuss what is going on that could be impacting learning.  4:10 – Tailor curriculum with interest and skill levels to motivate students not just to do homework or schoolwork, but to live. 6:30 – Our mindset shapes our everyday lives. When we see mindsets so off day after day, that's a sign of a slump.  7:55 – The importance of teaching character curriculum. Discuss with children their visions of success and what they are working towards to create specific goals. Look for progress, not perfection. 14:35 – Remember your purpose and find your balance. 16:40 – Forgive yourself for mistakes that you made and turn them into lessons. 21:50 – Strategies for e-learning. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Anna VanNostrand’s website https://styt.education/ (https://styt.education/) Anna VanNostrand on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vannostrandanna/ (https://www.facebook.com/vannostrandanna/) Anna VanNostrand on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/strongerthanyesterdaytutoring/ (https://www.instagram.com/strongerthanyesterdaytutoring/) Anna VanNostrand on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-vannostrand-9508931a8/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-vannostrand-9508931a8/)

Feb 4

32 min 13 sec

On this episode Kristin talks to Lindsey McMillion Stemann, better known as LinkedIn Lindsey, about growing your LinkedIn network and utilizing the profile to meet your goals. LinkedIn goes great with Google, and your LinkedIn profile will most likely pop up on the first page when you search your name online. Why shouldn’t you use that to your advantage? Lindsey is an expert when it comes to LinkedIn, and she shares great advice on how to grow your network on the platform and stand out from your competition. Episode Highlights 07:15 - Give the visitors on your LinkedIn profile a reason to follow and engage 11:05 - 4 simple steps to grow your LinkedIn network 13:00 - Personalize your LinkedIn connection request. Don’t ask for a meeting in your invitation 15:50 - After your invitation has been accepted, follow up with them. It’s the most important piece of that digital relationship Resources Free Masterclass for Elite Achievement Podcast listeners http://linkedintoit.com/elite (linkedintoit.com/elite) https://www.instagram.com/linkedinlindsey/ (https://www.instagram.com/linkedinlindsey/)Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Connect with Lindsey https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindseystemann?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_contact_details%3Bzz3HM69eTuKBwf7aY8Voqw%3D%3D (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindseystemann) http://www.mcmillionconsulting.com/ (http://www.mcmillionconsulting.com/)

Jan 21

34 min 54 sec

Happy New Year Goal Achievers! Kristin starts 2021 by sharing her 3 favorite practices for developing an achievement mindset. Even though the year ahead of us won’t always be easy, it’s critical that we learn to become committed and determined to what’s important. We have an entire year ahead of us for achieving goals, so let’s get started! Episode Highlights 05:30 - Napoleon Hill’s six steps for turning desires into wealth 02:50 - Practice for developing an achievement mindset number one - write a short-term vision statement 10:20 - Practice number two - implement peer accountability calls 16:50 - Practice number three - establish an intentional development plan Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com)

Jan 7

24 min 44 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about her favorite topic - goal achievement. She shares the goal setting formula she uses in her business and recommends to her clients. The pursuit of goal achievement is often not glamorous. It’s hard work and commitment. If we want to achieve the goals we’ve set, we need to let go of limiting beliefs. Set your meaningful goals for 2021 and achieve them with Kristin’s help. Episode Highlights 03:05 - Break your goal setting into three parts: reflecting, brainstorming and planning 03:30 - Reflecting on your long-term vision ensures that it still energizes you and resonates with you 11:20 - To brainstorm goals, Kristin outlines important categories to her: personal, professional, financial, family and health 13:50 - Narrow the goals in each category to: meaningful, doable, measurable, and specific goals 16:50 - Vague goals will likely lead to vague results 18:20 - Rate the goals you’ve listed on a scale 1-5. Once you’ve identified your most meaningful goal, start planning on how to achieve them Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com)

Dec 2020

21 min 18 sec

On this episode Kristin celebrates one year in business! To commemorate this milestone, she reflected on the past year and created her top 10 list of lessons learned. Reflection is a key component of Kristin’s goal setting formula. She shares this list to help you advance on your goal achievement journey!  Episode Highlights 01:20 - Lesson #10 - Establish a bounce back plan 05:55 - Lesson #9 - The power of following up 08:50 - Lesson #8 - How to grow your business during a pandemic 15:15 - Lesson #7 - Stop the storytelling 19:25 - Lesson #6 - Working through fear. Kristin’s favorite acronym for FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real 23:00 - Lesson #5 - Repurpose or repackage content 25:35 - Lesson #4 - The power of planning 28:25 - Lesson #3 - The power of perspective 29:30 - Lesson #2 - The difference between believed and actual expectations 30:25 - Lesson #1 - The power of intentional goal setting  Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com)

Dec 2020

36 min 52 sec

On this episode Kristin welcomes Macey Miller, a Brand and Website Designer for female entrepreneurs, and an owner of Be Bold Design. They talk about branding, motherhood, entrepreneurship and how to be more productive. Episode Highlights 09:20 - Branding is not just a logo, colors, or fonts. Branding begins from the very first touchpoint that a customer has with you 12:00 - Consistency creates authority 13:30 - Figure out your mission statement, the vision for your business and find out who you want to serve 15:50 - Trust in yourself and in your business because it does take time to make it 18:00 - Advice for entrepreneurs: Do not quit. Keep pushing through and be patient because you will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Connect with Macey https://www.instagram.com/macey_miller/ (@macey_miller) / https://www.instagram.com/bebolddesignstudio/ (@bebolddesignstudio) on Instagram and on her website bebolddesignstudio.com

Dec 2020

29 min 41 sec

On this episode Kristin conducts her first international interview with Shayla Ackerman, a successful businesswoman and Real Estate Agent. Shayla built an award-winning real estate career, placing her in the top 2% out of 18,000 agents in her brokerage, all in under a decade. Listen to this episode to hear Shayla's incredible insight into mindset, goal setting and building an amazing career. Episode Highlights 03:45 – Building a career is little by little, taking it year by year step-by-step 08:30 – Growing yourself to grow your career 11:40 - The power of having a support system and how to find one outside of your immediate circle 17:55 - Motivation comes if your career genuinely makes you happy 24:20 - Be adaptive! Goal achieving is a journey, so we need to adapt and change along the way Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Shayla on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shaylaackerman/ (@shaylaackerman) Shayla’s profile on Ackerman & CO. official website https://www.shaylaackerman.com/ (https://www.shaylaackerman.com)

Nov 2020

32 min 17 sec

On this episode Kristin talks to an expert on confidence, Nicole Kalil, a podcast host and a Founder of an organization helping women to thrive as their authentic selves. According to Nicole, confidence is a skill that can be developed, not something that we’re born with. She also shares tactics on how she grows confidence before a big event that makes her nervous. Stay tuned and learn how to be more confident. Episode Highlights 07:06 - Building a confidence is taking one step at the time 08:30 - Confidence is a skill that can be developed. It’s built only through action 13:30 - Top 5 confidence derailers 21:20 - Several tips on growing your confidence 26:05 - Advice on raising daughters to be more confident Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Nicole Kalil’s Website https://nicolekalil.com/ (https://nicolekalil.com) Nicole on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nicolemkalil/ (https://www.instagram.com/nicolemkalil/) Nicole’s Podcast “Women’s Work” https://nicolekalil.com/podcast (https://nicolekalil.com/podcast) Stay tuned for upcoming online course “This is Confidence”

Nov 2020

28 min 13 sec

On this episode, Kristin invited a special guest, Lynn Casaletto, to talk about clarity, leaning into your intuition and trusting yourself. Lynn is an Executive Coach and a Founder at Core Growth, a corporation helping individuals grow by increasing emotional intelligence, maximizing strength and managing blind spots. Intuition is there for a reason, so learn to trust yourself. Episode Highlights 01:40 - Each success starts with a clear vision and a strong urge to execute it 03:25 - Intuition is getting louder and clearer over time. Acknowledge it and start planning 05:45 - When you’re making a big decision, like career change, leave from a position of strength. Leave like you’re walking towards something, not away from something 08:25 - “What do I want?” - question with a life-changing potential 18:02 - Intuition is there for a reason, so learn to trust yourself. Resources Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website http://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com) Lynn Casaletto’s website https://www.coregrowthconsulting.com (hwww.coregrowthconsulting.com) Lynn Casaletto on instagram @https://www.instagram.com/coregrowthconsulting/ (coregrowthconsulting)

Oct 2020

24 min 9 sec

This episode is all about morning routine and achieving a growth mindset by practicing a morning routine with consistency. Kristin describes a morning routine as a series of activities and practices preformed regularly to set your day out for a success. She shares what her morning routine looks like and encourages you to start one for yourself. Episode Highlights 03:20 - Morning routine - a series of activities and practices preformed regularly to set your day our for success 03:45 - Benefits of a morning routine 08:00 - Kristin’s morning routine steps 19:10 - Start with one thing as a part of your morning routine and grow consistency 20:00 - Use reminders on your phone as a trigger to build a habit before it becomes a morning routine Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website https://kristinburke.com/ (kristinburke.com)

Oct 2020

22 min 41 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about her Friday Ritual and how it can affect your mindset so you could build a stronger and more stable business. Friday Ritual is a business improvement practice executed at the end of each week. In it, you’re celebrating your weekly wins, you identify the lessons you’ve learned for that week, as well as identifying priorities for the next week. Kristin shares her experiences with Friday Ritual and how it affected her business. Episode Highlights 01:55 - Three parts of the Friday Ritual: 1) Weekly wins; 2) Lessons learned ; 3) Intentional priorities for the next week 03:00 - Weekly wins is celebrating the things you’re doing right so you could feel grateful for the things you have 04:00 - Identifying the lessons you’ve learned makes you shift the trajectory of your business by implementing the things you’re doing right and not repeating the mistakes 05:20 - Identifying priorities for next week is creating a plan of execution for the next week. It improves the mindset and sets up the goals for the next week 10:00 - Be consistent with Friday Ritual and the results will follow Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Sep 2020

12 min 2 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about consistency and how it relates to goal achieving. By being consistent we improve skills needed to achieve our goals. “All or nothing” mentality can easily destroy consistency, therefore Kristin shares a few tips on how to act consistently. Episode Highlights 03:25 - Consistency is repeating the habits, actions and beliefs in the direction of your goals to build momentum 06:50 - “All or nothing” mentality can be a consistency destroyer 11:40 - If you don’t see instant results from new ideas, give it a bit more time or few more attempts. Consistency is the key 13:18 - The clearer your vision is, the easier it becomes to act consistently Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Sep 2020

16 min 29 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about courage and fear. Courage plays a crucial role in our goal achievement journey, because courage is taking an action despite the discomfort and fear you might feel. Kristen also shares a couple of techniques on how to identify and minimize fear that’s keeping you from achieve your goal. Episode Highlights 01:15 - Courage in the goal achievement journey can be defined as embracing discomfort to grow in the direction of your goals 01:55 - Fear represents false expectations appearing real 04:25 - It’s important to identify the fears that are getting in the way of achieving your goals 06:20 - We can demonstrate courage by being ourselves, in our businesses and on our goal achievement journey 12:10 - Consistency is the key in goal achieving process Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website www.kristinburke.com

Aug 2020

16 min 32 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about confidence and how to gain more of it. A lot of achieving your goals has to do with confidence, so Kristin wants to teach you how to grow confidence so you could reach your goals. We can destroy our confidence with our mindset by ruminating, overthinking and future thinking. Kristin offers solutions to minimize those negative mindset products. Episode Highlights 01:45 - Confidence is about blending thinking and action together 03:04 - We can destroy our confidence by ruminating, overthinking and future thinking 05:45 - Future thinking causes fear and anxiety 07:05 - Concepts to minimize overthinking, and future thinking 12:45 - Think less and take more action to grow your confidence Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Instagram and on her website www.kristinburke.com

Aug 2020

14 min 47 sec

On this episode Kristin talks about clarity. She explains why clarity is so important and how it helps achieving our goals. If you’re trying to create more clarity in your life or business, Kristin recommends you start with a “big picture vision”, and from that vision you can narrow down goals that you can pursue. Build a clear plan, focus on few key action items and be consistent. Episode Highlights 01:30 - If you’re seeking more clarity with your goals, start with the vision 03:25 - Our visions are our roadmap 05:05 - First rule of creating a vision is to treat it like a draft, the second rule is to dream as big as you can dream 07:10 - When creating a vision make a list of wants which is going to be your “why/Y” and your motive to pursue the vision 09:42 - The clearer the goal that you set, the more successful you will be achieving it Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke) on Intsagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Aug 2020

12 min 37 sec

On this very first episode of your new favorite podcast, your host, Kristin Burke, introduces herself as well as the podcast. Kristin is a goal achievement coach who collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. That’s exactly the same goal of this podcast. Become acquainted and enjoy! Episode Highlights 01:45 - Elite Achievement Podcast will be your place to learn about and set your goals which will ultimately help you advance your business and your career 02:02 - Three reasons why Kristin launched this podcast: To give back To extend her impact To help her grow 03:32 - By listening podcasts regularly your potential may evolve and change - 07:30 - You can grow only when you’re outside your comfort zone and you’re uncomfortable Connect with Kristin https://www.instagram.com/meetkristinburke/ (@meetkristinburke )on instagram and on her website www.kristinburke.com

Aug 2020

11 min 10 sec

Introducing the Elite Achievement Podcast! Your place to learn about goals, get inspired to set goals, have impact and grow your business. My hope is that my message will impact you on the right day at the right time to inspire change. I'll lead some episodes on my own and I'll invite guest experts on other episodes. You can expect to learn concepts and strategies to help you maximize your potential and achieve your definition of success.

Aug 2020

57 sec