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Todd Saylor

This show is to help inspire you... to help you challenge the status quo by tapping into your wired differently way of thinking. This show is to help you succeed in any aspect of your life by daring you to not be average.

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On this episode we'll dive into RICHES vs WEALTH, what does "RICHES" really mean and what does WEALTH really mean! Do you want to be RICH or do you want true life changing wealth and how do you get there, what are the steps you need to take as a business owner or an entrepreneur!  

Nov 14

27 min 8 sec

It's time to VIEW things in life DIFFERENTLY! From going through the daily grind of life with a boss, a spouse, children or relatives to sitting a Stop Light waiting for it to turn green! "We clearly don't understand what we don't know until we open our view, our view must be broad and open." Todd Saylor it always affects your mind

Oct 26

34 min 13 sec

The Mark is the second trait of Supremely Purposeful people and it comes from the first chapter of my book "Drift Again" In this episode I am going to dive into who your  "mark" is! Its this idea of setting a goal, setting a target of a person good or bad that keeps you competitive! 

Oct 23

28 min 5 sec

When I talk about being Wired Differently,  I challenge you to be NOT be Insignificant!!  There are 3 Stages of being Wired Different and the framework of it!  The Trait that we have being Wired Differently is the we all DON'T WANT TO BE INSIGNIFICANT!! Thanks for listening and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to share this with someone who need to hear this message! #WireddifferentGenetics & Being Created by God - Attitudinal Disorder  - ActualizationToddSaylor

Oct 15

22 min 16 sec

"Til Def Dew Us Part,"  is about 3 Types of Partnerships in your Life! 

Sep 17

41 min 9 sec

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Mar 19

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Feb 18

27 min 29 sec

As leaders and as human beings we all need to be willing to work on our bias in order to move forward in life! Todd Saylor takes the football game approach to explain how we do this effectively!

Jan 18

39 min 22 sec

Jan 18

41 min 14 sec