The Nomadic Mindset Podcast


In TNMP, we will discover together the Why, What, Where, and How of global thinkers, most of who have a dominant Nomadic Mindset.

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Tagline: Leverage the Wisdom Of Crowds

Jun 2020

37 min 13 sec

Tagline: The navigators of the future is the millennials and Z’s.

Apr 2020

45 min 13 sec

Tagline: ‘Go Where No One Else Has Been Before.’

Apr 2020

33 min 31 sec

Tagline: Being a digital nomad builds confidence 1, The life of a digital nomad 2, What are the challenges/limitations of being a digital nomad? 3, How do you get clients on the road? Referrals, Outreach, Slideshare 4, Keep your connections and keep growing them 5, Education doesn’t prepare you for this – it comes from the mindset. 6, Being a digital nomad builds confidence

Apr 2020

31 min 21 sec

Tagline: The more I know the more I know what I don’t know

Mar 2020

45 min 58 sec

Tagline: Biggest Gift of Life is to Feel the Beat of your Heart

Mar 2020

31 min 20 sec

Every leader stumbles, the great ones learn how to recover.

Mar 2020

31 min

Tagline: Trust the Creative Process – Let it Flow!

Mar 2020

53 min 5 sec

Tagline: Mindset is the Differentiator

Mar 2020

36 min 12 sec

The Life of a SuperCreativity Keynote Speaker

Feb 2020

45 min 34 sec

Discovering the World of Service Excellence and Care: Humanity

Feb 2020

32 min 48 sec

The Future of Work is but a Myth

Jan 2020

30 min 52 sec