Hope Walking with Wendy L. Macdonald

Hope Walking with Wendy L. Macdonald

My faith is not shallow because I've been rescued from the deep.

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How do we keep trusting God when the wicked win? I was asked this question way back when I was a brand-new babe in Christ. First, before I share that story, I want to mention we’ve all lived under the title of wicked. We’ve all sinned and gone our own way. Not one of us … Continue reading Trusting God When the Wicked Win →

Nov 8

5 min 36 sec

One of the biggest challenges to faith is trusting God when we witness suffering. This scenario is also an opportunity to strengthen our faith muscles. I’ll explain what I mean about this spiritual workout later. First, I want to share a personal story about suffering. Several decades ago, I deeply mourned for my grandmother. She … Continue reading Trusting God When We Witness Suffering →

Oct 11

5 min 2 sec

Something funny happened after I wrote the first draft for this podcast. I’ll share it with you later. In the meantime, I have a question for you. Are you having trouble trusting God when prayers seem unanswered? I have one especially puzzling unanswered prayer that’s testing my faith to its outermost limits. How do I … Continue reading Trusting God when #Prayers Seem Unanswered →

Sep 9

7 min 10 sec

  A song came to mind when Deborah, a friend from HopeStreamRadio, answered my request for a suggestion of what to podcast about. The song I was reminded of was one I had listened to and literally danced to while praising God in the privacy of my home. It happened only a few minutes before … Continue reading Trusting God When Life is Complicated →

Jul 20

4 min 43 sec

My grandson knows how to turn fear into a friend. Before I share his secret with you, let’s talk about 2020 for a bit. Fear is more prevalent in the world thanks to a certain virus that chased us into separate corners. Although 2020 was an anxiety-inducing year, I still believe fear can be either … Continue reading Is Fear a Fiend or Friend? →

May 24

5 min 8 sec

With all the stuff that happened in 2020, I found myself thinking about a certain passage of Scripture more and more often. I even looked up the meaning of one of the words in it when the COVID-19 virus strutted its awful stuff across our entire planet. But before I share that verse with you, … Continue reading Is Fear a Sin? Hope Walking with Wendy #Podcast →

Jan 18

5 min 34 sec

This is one personal story I didn’t want to share. When a silly conversation led to serious consequences, I couldn’t help but write about it. One of my favorite topics to read and write is recovery. In fact, I’m presently editing my eating disorder recovery memoir. One thing I learned the hard way about recovery … Continue reading A Silly Conversation & its Serious Consequences →

Jan 1

7 min 51 sec

When I came across an evocative sentence in the Psalms I hadn’t paid much attention to before, I felt uncomfortable writing it down as my verse of the day—so I didn’t. The reason I was drawn to it was because sometimes I battle fear others will get away with evil words spoken against me. That … Continue reading Why We Can Forgo Bitterness →

Dec 2020

6 min 13 sec

  One of my favorite things about being a follower of Jesus is brought to mind each time I suffer insomnia. I’ll share it with you in a moment. (If you prefer, you may listen to this as a podcast via the player at the end of this post.) Waking in the middle of the … Continue reading Hope Instead of Fear →

Dec 2020

4 min 10 sec

  A Christmas carol that was brought to life also brought tears to my eyes. Although we didn’t attend the Campbell River Baptist Church at the time, word reached us that they hosted the best Christmas event of the season. We anticipated the 30-minute drive to get there would be worth every kilometer. Some events … Continue reading A Christmas Carol Brought to Life →

Dec 2020

5 min 40 sec