Dr Elena - That Therapist Chick

Elena Sherwood

We spend our lives searching for the best version of ourselves. Therapist Dr Elena Sherwood, 30 plus years in the biz, nudges you down that path.

Dr Elena - That Therapist Chick (Trailer)
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The places within us that we don't go to, have some of our best parts

Nov 23

5 min 16 sec

The importance of digging deep within. 

Nov 19

6 min 56 sec

A result of our great gift of evolving into better selves

Nov 15

6 min 46 sec

Walk with me for a bit, none of us like discomfort.

Nov 3

8 min 38 sec

Naming it diminishes it's power.

Oct 19

5 min 6 sec

They ABSOLUTELY matter!

Oct 12

4 min 59 sec

Showing Up for yourself and as yourself.

Oct 7

9 min 25 sec

It's time to HEAR our inner compass

Sep 22

2 min 21 sec

Do give it a read and contact me at elenasherwood1@gmail.com

Sep 21

5 min 19 sec

We all do it

Sep 6

7 min 2 sec

Let me draw you to hidden you.

Aug 20

6 min 39 sec

If only that was easy.

Aug 1

5 min 39 sec

A moment to reflect

Jul 28

4 min 2 sec

Let's get comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Jul 19

4 min 13 sec

Let us, again, pause to understand what's in our minds.

Jul 4

3 min 35 sec

A quick chat about the word depression - yuck

Jun 30

4 min 40 sec

Let's celebrate our crazy

Jun 16

13 min 21 sec

A personal story about fear and what's on the other side of it.

Jun 12

12 min 50 sec

It's a measly 4 mins, does it really matter what it's about?

Jun 9

4 min 35 sec

There is so much power in taking pen to paper!

Jun 6

6 min 36 sec

Let's take a quick pause to reflect on our "why"; you never quite know what you'll find inside of you.

Jun 5

5 min 31 sec

A casual, multi-faceted talk on the age old topic.

May 29

22 min 47 sec

This is the first of many. Bear with me as I find my podcast rhythm; much, much more to come!

May 28

3 min 59 sec