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Molly McGrath and Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy

The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space. In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach. You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

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Every minute an attorney spends marketing, they are not billing. It's the attorney's responsibility to be the rainmaker, not the marketer. Phil Blende from Law Firm Management Academy is here to discuss how attorneys can leverage their time through their marketing teams. You've invested in a marketing person or team. Now it's time to trust them to do their job. It takes a marketing specialist to know which platforms will work best for your firm and present your message to get the most impact and maximize your presence. A good marketing person will get down to defining your ideal client avatar within your first strategy meeting. Start from a position of clarity. Get clear on your ideal client avatar, which services you're offering, and your target demographics. Until you know who you're marketing to and why you're marketing to them, it's going to be a crapshoot. Invest in your marketing by hiring smart people and then letting them do their job. Let them tell you what you need to do. It’s up to the marketer to gain trust with the attorney by setting clear expectations, giving status reports, and knowing the numbers and analytics related to every dollar spent on marketing. If it can't be measured, it can't be improved. Learn which numbers matter most to your business. It's part of the marketing person's job to educate the owners on what these numbers are, what they mean, and how to improve them. What You Will Learn in this Episode How attorneys can best leverage their marketing team Why do attorneys struggle with controlling the marketing Where to start your marketing conversation How to earn the trust of the attorney Why you NEVER hire your clients to do your marketing We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources Measure What Matters by John Doerr Email Phil:

Oct 8

28 min 10 sec

What is the difference between a marketing funnel and a sales funnel? I’ll break it down for you in ways that are easy to understand and save you the confusion that results when you “google” it. Your marketing and sales funnels are two completely different funnels. They serve people at various points in the customer journey. Therefore, you need a different strategy for each funnel. Let's start with the difference between marketing and sales in your practice. The marketing funnel is typically the entire journey that someone goes through from when they first become aware of your law practice to when they become a customer. Marketing is doing anything and everything you do to make the phone ring or get people into your workshops. Once that phone rings, once they are in front of you, marketing has done its job. The purpose of the sales funnel is to make the offer and get your potential client to commit. What You Will Learn in This Episode What is a funnel Where your marketing funnel ends and sales funnel begins What type of content to share with people in your marketing funnel What to include in your sales funnel Links and Resources

Sep 3

11 min 21 sec

Have you ever felt ripped off by a marketing agency? I’m sharing a story from my own experience where I recently felt ripped off by a marketing agency. I'll also share some tips to help you avoid the same experience. I've been interested in voice search for local services and haven't had the time to research. I saw an offer that said I could show up as number one in local voice-activated search on Siri, Google Home, and Android for digital legal marketing services. This looked like an excellent opportunity to test voice-activated search for local services. I searched and found that there was no competition showing up in my local market. The nearest competitor was about 45 miles away. This looked like an ideal opportunity to check out this local search. I did everything the marketing agency asked about keyword search and getting optimized for the keywords I wanted to show up for in the area. I even offered to figure out a way to partner with this agency if the experiment worked out well. I was told it would take 30-40 days to show up in local search. After 60 days, I still wasn’t showing up. When I started questioning the agency about why I wasn't showing up, they tried to upsell another service to me. They said that what I thought should be simple because I had NO competition would require more money and deploying an additional strategy. They did not mention any additional strategy on the initial sales call. What I Learned from this Experience Get deeply curious about how the process works and what to expect Push the sales rep to get crystal clear on terminology and precisely what is being offered Ask if there could potentially be additional costs We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Aug 27

13 min 10 sec

Brett Trembly, attorney, and founder from Get Staffed Up, explains why it makes sense to bring your legal marketing in-house using a virtual marketing assistant. He shares what held him back from hiring a marketing assistant and why he wishes he would have done it sooner. Brett is a firm believer that the more you delegate, the more you grow. He started Get Staffed Up as a side hustle, and it has grown so quickly it is now bigger than his law firm. You've got to be honest with yourself when thinking about bringing your legal marketing in-house. Is your problem that you're afraid you can't afford a marketing assistant, or is the real problem that once you get that person hired, you're going to have to execute on all of the things you've been putting off? You get instant accountability when you hire someone for this role because you will have to give them content and some direction. There are so many things not being done in every business and every law firm that if you find excellent, relatively inexpensive labor, suddenly everything around you gets better because now these things are getting done. Brett shares what you need to consider when bringing your legal marketing in-house with a virtual marketing assistant. Listen all the way through to the end to hear the special offer that Molly makes if you’re thinking about bringing your legal marketing in-house. What You Will Learn Why you need to get over the fear of hiring a marketing assistant Why hiring a virtual marketing assistant makes sense How to shift the limiting beliefs holding you back from hiring a marketing assistant How to get out of your way to start executing your big ideas The first ROI you should track after hiring a marketing assistant Links and Resources

Aug 20

40 min 49 sec

Is your CTA (Call to Action) intentional and effective? We are discussing CTA best practices in this episode. Crafting a compelling call to action is critical to getting a potential client to take the next step in every place you share your marketing messages. Your website is one of the places where this will have the most impact. Fifty-five percent of the visitors who come to your website will spend less than fifteen seconds there. So you've got to grab their attention and be intentional with what you're offering them when they get there. Creating a valuable offer or downloadable tool is only part of your call to action designed to grow your e-mail list. You also need to be intentional with the language you use when asking visitors to share their e-mail addresses with you. Listen in to learn how to create an inviting and actionable CTA and where you should be sharing it. What You Will Learn in this Episode What is a CTA (Call to Action) How an ugly website can convert better than a beautiful website What is the hero bar, and how to use it effectively Which CTA is the hardest to convert on a law firm website Which CTA is most likely to convert on a law firm website Examples of actionable words to use in your copy Links and Resources

Jul 30

10 min 3 sec

When should you outsource rather than hiring someone for your team? Stacey Lake, the founder of LAWFECTA, is here to help us answer this question. She also shares their process and how they work with attorneys to support them remotely. LAWFECTA, is a virtual paralegal, legal secretary, and assistant support firm offering remote services for attorneys, law firms, and other small businesses throughout the United States. Working remotely with paraprofessionals is something that Stacey had been educating people about for years. She knew this was the way of the future. Since the pandemic, she has had to do much less educating because attorneys and clients are now more comfortable working with virtual assistants and paralegals. Listen to learn when it makes sense for you to start outsourcing. What You Will Learn in this Episode 3:27 How to determine which activities should be outsourced 12:02 How technology is used to onboard new clients 14:48 Why adding to your team should be viewed as an investment instead of a risk 16:05 How one attorney transitioned to a fully remote firm We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Jun 25

20 min 3 sec

If you’ve decided that TikTok isn’t for you because you’re a lawyer, think again. Tik Tok is not an app “just for kids.” It is a great space to shine for all things branding. Attorney Elisabeth Pickle, founder of Mindful Counsel, shares how she has used TikTok to attract new clients and generate referrals while being true to herself and her nature. According to TikTok for Business, it is a space to “unleash your brand's creative side, a fully immersive, no judgment world where there's an audience for every void, no matter how big or small your business…” Elisabeth discovered that there were many other professionals already on TikTok, and it was a place where she could answer audience questions. While some of her colleagues wouldn't dream of using TikTok for marketing, Elisabeth has found that it is a way for her to be there for the client. Ultimately, she is here for the people. If TikTok helps her reach people and gets them thinking about estate planning and intellectual property, then that is what she cares about. What You Will Learn in this Episode 4:24 Why lawyers shouldn’t ignore TikTok 6:52 How Elizabeth created a connection with her audience 15:02 The video production process 16:54 How to get into the right mindset for recording 18:23 Why you need to watch what other creators are doing on TikTok We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Jun 11

27 min 5 sec

Every time we ask our clients to create a video for us, they ask us for a script. We are typically a hard NO on providing a script for them. Your videos should be creating a connection with your audience. When you show up over-prepared and reading from a script, you will fail to make that connection. You want to show up as you naturally would if you were talking to someone at a cocktail party. In this episode, we are sharing our recommended framework for creating YouTube videos rather than scripting them. The YouTube algorithm loves videos with high retention rates. Getting your audience to click on your video is only half the battle. Your goal is to retain your audience for as long as possible with your video. The more value you're providing and connections you're creating, the better your engagement and retention numbers. TubeBuddy is a tool we recommend for helping you determine what video content you can rank for in your niche. We have a training in the Facebook group on how to use TubeBuddy. Please make sure you join our Facebook group and check it out. What You Will Learn in This Episode The recommended length for YouTube videos Our recommended video framework How to “hook” your audience How to choose your video topics How the YouTube algorithm works Links and Resources

May 14

12 min 31 sec

Learn how to implement these six steps to manage your law firm's online reputation. These are simple actions you can take to start building trust online in your community. 6 Steps to Manage Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation Look at how many online reviews you have compared to your competition. Ask for reviews Acknowledge all reviews - even the bad ones! Get reviews on as many different platforms as possible Location-based reviews are a bonus Make all your reviews as visible as possible Getting reviews from clients is the most critical element of your online reputation management. Reviews are among the most significant factors in consumer research, especially when it comes to the legal space. What You Will Learn in this Episode Which platform to focus on first for online reviews How to build a good reputation online How reviews impact your digital marketing strategy When is the best time to ask a client to leave an online review We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Apr 30

16 min 12 sec

There seems to be a lot of confusion around tech stacks and what you need for your law firm email marketing. We are getting down to a solution, and what we know works to automate your email marketing as much as possible. We've found that many legal CRMs don't have an email marketing tool built within them. And when they do, they're a little wonky, or they don't integrate well with other systems. The most challenging step is usually getting the leads from your email marketing system into your workflow system. Three Things You Need to Automate Your Law Firm Email Marketing A Platform for building your landing pages like LeadPages or QuickFunnels Email Marketing System like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp Workflow System like Lawmatics or Clio Once a client retains you, make sure that you remove them from your email marketing queue because now you should be having a different conversation with them. Now your conversation shifts to additional ways you can add value for them. If this sounds complicated, reach out to us. We can help you get this process set up. Stay tuned for future episodes when we dive into more tech stacks. We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Apr 9

10 min 49 sec

Chad Hinkle, Director of Marketing at Nifty Marketing, teaches us some simple steps to start using Google My Business. Google My Business is your new home page. We’re going to start with some simple things you can do to your Google My Business page to help you stand out from your competitors. In Google My Business, you are ranking for a reason.  Google has a set of values that they're looking at called web vitals. These vitals help determine where Google will rank you. The first thing you want to do is claim you Google my Business page if you haven’t already. Chad walks us through how to claim your page. After you claim your page, keep an eye out in your mail for the postcard from Google! Chad's second recommendation is that we focus on making sure all our page data is highly accurate. It becomes infinitely more important in a smaller city or a smaller county that you have claimed your page and ensured your information's accuracy because the competition's less, and there are fewer hurdles for you to win that bottom line. Chad also recommends that you respond to every review, particularly any negative reviews. When you don’t respond to a negative review, it looks like you don’t care. Keep in mind that reviews can happen at any point in your process in your law firm. It doesn’t have to be at the end. What You Will Learn in this Episode Where should you start with SEO for your law firm What are "web vitals," and why they're important How to increase your Google My Business Reviews How to claim your Google My Business Page Why you should respond to bad reviews We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources Nifty Marketing Whitespark Google Review Link Generator

Apr 2

43 min 6 sec

Victoria Collier opened up her law firm straight out of law school. She created a niche within that niche by being the very first to teach veteran benefits for seniors to elder law attorneys across the nation. Her mission has always been to help people live the highest quality of life without emotional or physical pain. Today, she coaches attorneys on positioning their firms to either support its owner the right way or allow the owner to sell it and feel good walking away from it. If you're not working to make yourself happy, then what is it for? Because you can't make other people happy. Victoria started designing her law firm in such a way that it could support her financially and emotionally and in a way that she could get some of her time back. It's a problem if your firm can't earn money while you're gone. You’ve got to be intentional about designing your law firm to support the lifestyle you want, or it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and the grind. Not everybody wants to grow. Victoria hears more and more from lawyers between the age of 50 and 55 that they are tired. Sometimes they just want their firms to feel and be different. Keep in mind that you don't have to grow. You can go. What You Will Learn in this Episode The two ways you can walk away happy Why living a nice lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’re actually living the life you want Why you have to set your firm up to function without you How to recognize signs that you’re ready to walk away Why you need a coach that helps you get what you need, not just what the business needs We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Mar 26

30 min 20 sec

Learn how to use a stack at the end of your workshop or webinar to create sales. Don't love your services and your offer so much that you forget to sell them. Your service is not going to sell itself. The stack helps you transition from teaching into selling during your webinar or workshop. We’ve found that attorneys will spend a tremendous amount of time preparing material to educate potential clients. The critical piece that they are leaving out is the close. What is your call to action? What do you want this person to do next? You’ve got to build this into your workshops. Stop treating your close like an afterthought. It is your responsibility to make it crystal clear what people need to do to work with you. You have to outline the process and the value you create clearly. The stack is your opportunity to create additional value in the mind of your attendees. It's is a framework that works. We are challenging you to offer a webinar with a stack and offer the same webinar without a stack. Track your conversion rates and let us know! What You Will Learn in this Episode What is a stack? Why do you need a stack? How to create a stack of offers that shows your value How to structure your workshop to include your stack How to remove risk in your client’s mind We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Mar 19

13 min 30 sec

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) are now available for professional services. LSAs have been around for a while in-home services to make it easier to find home services providers near you. Google has now opened this up to professional service providers. If you’re ready to get more leads to grow your business, get started with LSAs right now. Take advantage of the opportunity to start doing this before your local competitors. Google requires an extensive screening process to I've you the green checkmark. That little green checkmark is an added boost of credibility with potential clients. We preach a holistic marketing approach. You want to show up in Google LSAs. This is an effective way to leverage your PPC campaigns and reviews. What You Will Learn in this Episode What is a local service ad (LSA) How to start the Google screening process for certification Why you want that green checkmark certification How LSAs can increase your leads We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Mar 12

8 min 56 sec

Are you on Clubhouse? Attorney Mariam Tsaturyan has used Clubhouse to generate 60% of her law firm leads. She's going to tell how she uses the Clubhouse app to generate leads and make connections. Clubhouse is an audio-chat iPhone app. It is not currently available for Android devices. It's sort of like a social platform, but instead of writing to each other, you talk to each other in rooms that moderators host. Clubhouse is still very new, so there is a lot of potential. In addition to generating leads, being active on Clubhouse has also helped Mariam grow her Instagram account by over 200 followers, get invited to be on multiple podcasts, and grow her e-mail list. In this episode, Mariam walks us through her step-by-step relationship-building process that starts with Clubhouse. You've got to have a process and be intentional with how you're using your time, or you're just wasting it. Optimizing your bio in Clubhouse is critical to your success. Be strategic with the keywords you’re using. You also want to be very clear and concise with how people can contact you because they can't send you direct messages on Clubhouse. Are you ready to join Clubhouse? What You Will Learn in this Episode How to be strategic with your time on Clubhouse How to set Clubhouse alerts for individual accounts Why you need to optimize your Clubhouse bio How to start building relationships with people in the rooms How Clubhouse changed her Instagram strategy We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Mar 5

48 min 43 sec

What is a local service ad (LSA)? How is it different from Google Ads? How is Pay Per Lead different from Pay Per Click? One of the biggest pitfalls for most attorneys regarding Google and ads is that they don't know the right questions to ask. Chad Henkel from Nifty Marketing is here to answer some of those questions, teach us about Local Service Ads (LSA) from Google, and why now is the perfect time to start using Google LSAs. Chad shares insight into the setup process to use Google LSAs. The foundation of all marketing decisions should be your goals. What is the next step you want your potential client to take when they see your ad? You need to have a follow-up process in place for the leads coming in, and you also need to know your current cost per acquisition. Did you know that Google My Business is essentially becoming like the home page for many law firms from an internet marketing perspective? You can almost do anything from the Google page. You can find directions, phone calls, read reviews, and learn about the law firm by clicking on the pictures. Chad also educates us on the power of Google reviews and why your business needs them. What You Will Learn in this Episode What are Local Service Ads (LSAs) Why need a process in place for lead follow-up The difference between Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead Four questions you need to be asking right now Why you need to understand your cost per acquisition We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Feb 12

45 min 9 sec

Your clients are online. There's no excuse for not offering online educational workshops to prospective clients. These are an easy way to bring new people through your virtual doors every month. We like using the term "workshop" because it communicates to the prospective client that it will be an interactive session to work through the material they are learning with the facilitator. Using a pre-recorded workshops and delivering it using a platform like Zoom Webinar is a simple way to get started. It’s also less stressful than teaching live on Facebook or Instagram. Our recommendation is to start small, make it simple, and do it consistently. Pick a date that gives you about three weeks to prepare your workshop and market it. Be intentional with how you structure your workshop. Know what that next step is you want your prospect to take. Give them a deadline and a clear call to action. The more workshops you do, the more comfortable you become delivering the content. Your workshops will start to take on a personality of their own. What You Will Learn in this Episode The benefits of starting with a pre-recorded workshop Why you need a deadline and a clear call to action How to name your One Time Offer Why you should have an assistant run the workshop with you How to structure your workshop to get prospects to take the next step We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Feb 5

26 min 48 sec

How will Apple’s iOs 14 update affect your legal marketing ads? In June of 2020, Apple announced an upcoming change to its iOS 14 iPhone and iPad operating system. Users will now get a prompt asking whether they are willing to allow the app to track their behavior. How will this change impact your legal marketing strategy? We really won't know until mid-2021 when we can look at analytics and measure what is happening. We do know that it will impact Facebook's ability to track and give useful data that digital marketers rely on for advertising. We know that putting all of your eggs in Facebook marketing to generate new leads is not a reliable strategy because the ability to serve up ads to your ideal client avatar is going away. You need a marketing plan in place right now that is diversified and includes developing relationships organically with new clients, referral partners, community outreach, and growing your database. We are sharing some ways to lessen the impact in this episode. What You Will Learn in this Episode How these changes will impact third party social media apps Why you need to make sure you have a consistent organic marketing strategy in place Why building your database now is more important than ever How your email list can still help you market on Facebook How these changes impact new lead generation We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Jan 29

14 min 25 sec

Robyn Sechler joins us to discuss how she created a value-add product for estate planning and elder law clients. Our conversation touches on the importance of how recording and tracking memories can benefit you and your clients. Through her touching story, we learn how Robyn came about this impactful idea. What are your family's values? Are they heirlooms?  Whenever a family member passes away, some valuables must be distributed amongst the bereaved. By implementing Robyn's system, there is no more argument about grandma's pictures, but dialogue as to who gets what from grandma herself. Robyn organizationally digitizes memories that way, everyone in the family can experience the past times of being with a loved one by helping families to secure, store, share, and organize family photos.  What You Will Learn in This Episode How the digital age can help your estate planning  Marketing strategies for the value you can provide your clients Ways to create value in your practice that help clients How to turn your client's stories into memories How to add annual maintenance programs to your law firm or business Links and Resources About Our Guest Robyn Sechler is a loving wife and mother of three. Twelve years after her father had passed, she found a recording of their conversation. It changed her life forever. Robyn dedicates her life to helping families secure, store, share, and organize family photos. Robin’s website Securing Memories Facebook Securing Memories LinkedIn Tim Sechler’s Law Firm

Dec 2020

29 min 11 sec

How do you balance making money with doing the things that make the money? This is the big question we are exploring in this episode. Nicole Wipp is a successful estate planning attorney who spends her time between Michigan and Hawaii. She is also a business coach with an entrepreneurial spirit. Nicole is here to share how she and her team created a foolproof process for submitting a successful nursing home Medicaid application. This product is specifically for elder law attorneys or estate planning attorneys that want to incorporate elder law services. Nicole recognized the need for this product because the application process is fraught with fear for attorneys because there’s potential for doing something wrong and causing irreparable harm to the client. This is not Nicole's first rodeo when it comes to launching a product. She has learned that the more competent you are, the more you typically struggle with execution to launch the product because you're second-guessing yourself. The only thing stopping you is you because you think you need to know more or do more. Stop second-guessing yourself and get out of your way. Start small and build from there. What You Will Learn in this Episode How to productize your knowledge Why process is such an integral part of success How to build your marketing message from conversations with your ideal customer avatar How to move from an idea to execution of the idea How to create accountability through establishing processes We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Dec 2020

42 min 41 sec

The phone will make you rich. You have thousands of dollars, just sitting and waiting for you in your database. We recently found a potential $364,000 just sitting in a client's database. In this episode, we are teaching you how and why you need to be using your database to boost your marketing. Keep it super simple and start with your existing database. What kind of state is your database in? The first step is filling in the missing information. The next step is to figure out who hired you and who didn’t. There are people in your database that still need you. Your database is full of low hanging fruit. These are the people that already know you. You need to pick up the phone and call them. This isn't cold calling.  You already have a relationship with them. They want to hear from you. If you only focus on one marketing strategy, focus on your database.  Empower your client services coordinator to clean up your database, pick up the phone, and call the people in your database. You have the potential to find thousands of dollars in business just waiting for you. Join our private Facebook Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group to get access to the training we've done on our Client Connect Campaign. We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Nov 2020

16 min

How do you know if your marketing is effective? Where do you start? Marketing can be tricky. Which KPIs and metrics should be anchored to your marketing initiatives. Start by creating a marketing plan. It doesn't have to be fancy. You can keep it simple to start by listing each marketing initiative as a line item on a spreadsheet. The first number you need to focus on is your conversion rate. Did you convert a prospect into a paying client? This will help you know how many leads you need to hit your goals based on your conversion rates. The second number to focus on is the number of leads you need. Based on your conversion rate, how many leads do you need to hit your goals? Consider doing an online survey. Surveys are inexpensive and an effective way to communicate with prospects and clients. Learn how they found you and how they feel about your service and their experience with you. And finally, join the Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group to get your marketing questions answered. What You Will Learn in this Episode The number that is the foundation of your marketing plan Which marketing metrics matter Where to start looking for basic marketing analytics How to start tracking marketing initiatives Why you need to join the private Legal Marketing Flow Facebook group We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Nov 2020

12 min 12 sec

We’re diving into how to effectively use the 3-part framework of Hook, Story, and Offer as the core of your marketing strategy. 2020 is not done. Now is the time for you to end the year strong and set up the framework to get your model perfected. Create a message that you can expand depending on where you are using it. Marketing is all about sending your message out to the world. Your message needs to be woven into the fabric of every client touchpoint - website, funnels, webinars, workshops, and client services. Pay attention to the stories you are hearing from clients in the conference room. Have you created your Hook, Story, and Offer?   The Hook-Story-Offer Framework Create a bold hook that grabs attention Anchor your messaging in stories about what it will cost your prospects if they fail to take action right now. Communicate a clear and concise offer   What You Will Learn in this Episode What makes an attention-grabbing hook How to craft a story that resonates with ideal prospects What types of personal stories to share How to communicate a clear and concise offer How to repurpose the stories you are hearing in your conference room   Links and Resources Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson The Membership Economy by Robbie Kellman Baxter

Nov 2020

27 min 10 sec

Many of us suffer from uncertainty fatigue as we try to navigate the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of the pandemic, election, and our businesses. You are always operating in uncertainty, regardless of your area of law practice. It's just the nature of being in business. Start looking for the good and the things that you can control. Stop anchoring in certainty, absolutes, and structure. Anchor yourself in the uncertainty. Your business will always be changing. You’ve weathered uncertainty before in your business. Stop focusing on the uncertainty and start looking for the good and the things that you can control. Become the “uncertainty strategist” for your team and your clients. Get your team together and write down everything that you all feel uncertain about so you can name it. Next, write down all of the things that make your clients feel uncertain. Be mindful of the energy that you are bringing into your team. It's time to step up and be an out front and upfront leader. It's time for you to rise above and show up for your clients, your team, and yourself. What You Will Learn in this Episode An exercise for shifting the mindset of your team How to anchor yourself and your team in uncertainty Ways to lessen your distractions The behaviors you need to STOP now Links and Resources Hiring & Empowering Solutions on Facebook

Nov 2020

24 min 47 sec

It's time to shift your mindset from focusing on your hourly billing to concentrating on the value you provide. "What would be the cost if you do not take action?" is the question you should be asking potential clients. Use this as the foundation of your fee schedule. Charging based on results requires you to have faith in your team, the value you provide, and your processes. It also requires that you go into sales meetings confidently and unattached to the outcome. Pay attention and take stock as we're closing out 2020. Take a hard look at your fee schedules. Are they based on the actual value that you provide? What You Will Learn in this Episode The questions you should be asking to determine your value How to develop the mindset needed to charge higher fees Why you have to set boundaries and maintain them How overwhelm undermines your pricing Why you have to stop looking at what your competition is charging   Links and Resources Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Oct 2020

19 min 13 sec

You’ve made the sale with your client. Now it’s time for the follow-up. Do you follow up with a sales marketing pitch or do you follow up with advocacy?  People say to me, “Clients are not waiting by the phone for my service.” They are. Following up with your client can improve your overall client engagement by an average of 86%. Stop hiding behind your technology. Make that phone call a good experience for your client. When you’re approachable and genuinely demonstrate that you care about your clients, yours will be the name that gets referred to friends and family. Learn how to help your client coordinator structure their sales follow up approach. In the beginning, it’s trial and error. It’s a detailed process, but once you are through the mud and the muck, you learn which questions to ask and what action is the most effective.  What You Will Learn in This Episode How to create an exceptional experience when you do client follow up How shifting from sales to an advocacy approach builds trust with your clients and employees  Comprehensive strategic methods to train your client service coordinator Why following up with your clients by phone is more personable than an email The necessary  steps to provide educational tools for clients to understand how to work platforms like Zoom and Google Docs We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Oct 2020

18 min 25 sec

Stop Going Out to the COLD World. Start Going to the Warm World for PNCs How much money do you pay in leads and traffic for your blog or website?  Today we’re talking about shifting from the cold world of paying for leads and traffic to looking at the warm world. What clients are already in your database? Who has already hired you? They are waiting for that reconnection. In this episode, we’re exploring how to create a warm reconnection with your clients by utilizing the data you already have so you can stop spending money chasing new leads.  What subject line do you have on your blogs? Is it written like a professional or someone who is interested in finding a solution for your clients?  In this personal service industry, when you're selling relationships, you're marketing safety and selling trust. If your blog's subject line is stiff and comes off as money-hungry, your clients pick up that you aren’t coming from a genuine place. By designing a warm database, you create value and continue to develop worth for the people who are already willing to do business with you. They're just waiting for you to tell them how to take the next step. Together we will do that math, find your nurturing approach for existing clients, and build your business from the inside out.  What You Will Learn in This Episode How to nurture your relationship with existing clients  Why it is essential to create value with clients in your database How to distinguish yourself from other legal service providers How what you are sending to clients is impacting your relationship with them How to stop spending money on paid traffic We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Oct 2020

15 min 58 sec

How much money should you be spending on your Facebook ads to get the conversions that you need? In this episode, we compare two different approaches to ad budgeting based on the conversations you want to create. We're looking at budgeting for an event like a seminar or webinar versus budgeting for conversion to book a direct consult. Typically, in the legal arena, the cost per click is higher because your client's lifetime value is much higher. This is why you need to be clear on the outcome you want when budgeting for Facebook ads. Determine the number of people you want at your event, or the number of consults you want booked, and worked backward from that. Keep in mind that booking straight to consult is tough. Those ads are typically more effective when served to a warm audience that already knows, likes, and trusts you. They’ve seen the value that you create. Which Facebook ad strategy is right for you? We're here to help you create your budget and map out a Facebook ad strategy to get results. We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Oct 2020

8 min 26 sec

How do you keep your law firm relevant during a pandemic? Attorney, Russell Knight, shares how creating Bonkers Content has helped keep his practice relevant this year. We discuss how to keep the content coming and keep it relevant during a pandemic. His advice: be specific, understand Google, and take the time to create content every week. How can writing about your local laws drive traffic to your blog? Russell shares his formula for taking a local law, breaking it down, and explaining how it impacts his audience. Writing about local laws will help you learn the minutiae while deepening your understanding.  We also discuss how knowing specific Google features can help generate traffic to your blog. There is more to it than stuffing content with keywords. Listen in to learn how Google features can help generate blog traffic. What You Will Learn in This Episode The importance of consistent content creation How to use Google to your advantage Why writing content geared specifically to your audience matters How to ditch the jargon and write for your audience How to use content to build trust with a potential client We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources About Russel Knight Russell Knight is the owner of the law offices of Russell Knight, and he specializes in family law in both Naples, Florida, and Chicago. He was born in Canada, and he moved to the United States in 1991. Russell graduated in 2000 with a BS in business, computer systems and worked for a Fortune 50 company. He then decided that he wanted to work with people rather than machines. Connect with Russell Knight

Oct 2020

18 min 31 sec

What value are you really providing to your clients? You're missing the mark in your message if you're focusing on the features and the benefits and the legal services that you provide, rather than the human stuff. Your messaging needs to connect, communicate, and engage with clients by starting with your presence. Begin by shifting from the "Problem Solver" mindset to one of "Counselor." Provide a space that allows clients to get radically honest about what has to change for them. You are creating “Peace of Mind” for clients when you can identify problems and help people move through them. Your value is increased when you know what role you play in leading your client down the path to Peace of Mind. Clients don't hire you because they think you're the best attorney. Listen to this episode to find out why they are really hiring you. It's not what you think it is. What You Will Learn in this Episode What clients are actually buying How to determine the value zone of your legal practice How to shift out of the “Problem Solver” mindset to the “Counselor” mindset Ways to create emotional messaging that communicates your value Why you need the right balance of stories and data We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources


Sep 2020

21 min 36 sec

Are you having trouble with your business’s social and digital marketing? Are you not getting the traffic you initially wanted with your law firm’s page? In this episode, Roslyn guides you with four important ways that will help your law firm be able to retarget the traffic you desire. She also touches down on how you can connect with your audience through education. She explains what it is to educate to motivate and how doing so can be an effective tool for making that connection with your audience. It will also help direct you, and your firm, to retarget that social media engagement. Roslyn unfolds the analytics behind posting a graphic and why that can be the most beneficial. When you post text, what type of data should you be receiving back in order to enhance your social strategy? By the end of this episode, you will learn how to gather significant data, and in return, help get you and your law firm get back on the social media map. What You Will Learn in This Episode How to start a social campaign Four ways of re-targeting traffic The importance of posting a video on your page versus text Knowing when your audience is online Why building trust with your audience is significant on social media! Links and Resources

Sep 2020

9 min 40 sec

This legal marketing stuff is freaking hard. We are sharing five steps you can take to remove the overwhelm associated with marketing your law practice. There's no magic bullet. The closest you will get to a magic bullet is a system with processes, deadlines, and accountability.  We are sharing five steps you can take to remove the overwhelm associated with marketing your law practice. When you bring your marketing ghosts and wounds from failed attempts to produce marketing results, you're bound to get the same lackluster results. Let's start with your mindset. When you say that something is hard, you mean it affects you in a way that is likely to cause damage or suffering. You've got to change your thinking to produce better outcomes. Feel the negative feelings. Identify them. Name them. Then figure out which part of the process is making it hard to move forward. When you start to take action toward solving a problem, your mindset begins to change. Start with the steps that feel easy, quick, and light so that you are taking action. What You Will Learn in this Episode How to de-energize the problems in your marketing 5 steps to get your marketing process moving How to show up in the world Why you need an accountability team How to approach your marketing challenges with curiosity We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Sep 2020

27 min 56 sec

What are Facebook Pixels and how can you use them to market your law firm? Learn how to use them to optimize your Facebook campaigns, create your audience, target your audience, and track your data. If you’re using Facebook pixels (even if you’re not yet) you need to listen to this episode because we’re covering the basics of how you can use them most effectively. And if you’re running Facebook ads, but not using pixels, you’re throwing mud at the wall and money down the drain. A Facebook pixel is a data compiling machine. When you run an ad on Facebook, you send traffic off of Facebook to a landing page. In order to track what happens when the user leaves Facebook, you need to have the pixel installed on your landing page. Do you know what your audience is doing when they leave Facebook? What You Will Learn in this Episode What is a Facebook Pixel How can you use it to create your audience What happens when a user goes to your landing page Why you need to ask your marketing agency to show you pixel data Where to install our Facebook pixel How using pixels gets Facebook to work harder to get the right audience for your ads We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Sep 2020

13 min 55 sec

Vanity metrics measure many things, but they're most valuable when used to test and improve how your target audience is reacting to your content on different channels. Using vanity metrics to measure the performance of content campaigns on social media is probably one of the simplest things to do. What's tricky is that they're often ambiguous when it comes to ROI. Here is a list of common vanity metrics: Impressions Likes Shares Comments Followers E-mail open rates Video Views Traffic time on site Bounce Rates Your metrics might look great on paper, but if you don’t take it a step further, they mean nothing. Traffic metrics only tell you half the story. There is no point in counting traffic unless it's paired against your objective. So you need to make sure that you're clear on the outcome you want to achieve. The goal of your content should be to get someone further along in their journey with you. What is the next logical step? A good open rate is one thing, but higher click through and conversion rates are the ideal objectives. If you use vanity metrics for anything, use them to improve the content on your channel and your marketing campaigns over time. Always have a goal attached to them. What You Will Learn in this Episode What are vanity metrics What you can learn from your vanity metrics How to get your audience to take the next step Why more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more conversion We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Aug 2020

12 min 23 sec

Your law firm needs to be more visible than ever, but how do you market and communicate with clients and prospects in today's climate without looking insensitive or out of touch? We're teaching you how in this episode. The world isn't going back to "the way things were." You've got to be intentional and have a plan for how you're going to communicate with clients and reach new prospects. People need to know about your legal services and the value you create. They are online to do their research. If you're not showing up, you can bet your competitor is. Now is your opportunity to help your audience by educating them with niche-specific content that is discerning and decisive. You can show up online and in your community without using a call to action. Be present. People will remember when you show up to serve. What You Will Learn in this Episode What kind of content to share with your audience right now How to adapt your messaging When to take a pause and re-evaluate your message Why you must continue to communicate using multiple channels Ways to show up and serve your audience We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us! Links and Resources

Aug 2020

17 min 24 sec

Welcome to the Legal Marketing FLOW podcast, where you will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespead Impact. Get to know your hosts Molly McGrath and Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy in this episode.   Connect:

Jul 2020

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